Penny Got Pregnant

by Mystic47

Copyright© 2017 by Mystic47

Fiction Sex Story: He discovered his married sister having an affair with his best friend. Instead of being shamed or apologetic, she asked him for help finding someone who could impregnate her.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

I arrived at my friends apartment unannounced, late and half drunk. I’d been drinking and after starting to drive home decided I’d better not. Bob’s apartment was in a direct line from where I was to my own place so I stopped to crash on his sofa. I knew where he kept a spare key so I let myself in quietly then settled down to get some sleep in his front room. I didn’t even know if he was home but it didn’t matter, wouldn’t be the first time he came in and found me in his living room. After I kicked my shoes off and stretched out I began to listen to the night around me. I heard street noises, the hum of a noisy electric clock and the not so faint sounds of a woman getting well fucked. I focused on the female voicing passion, it was coming from Bob’s bedroom. Well, I knew then that Bob was home, and he had some feminine entertainment with him. I was too woozy to care so I drifted to sleep with the sounds of bodies slapping and murmurs of passion drifting on the night air.

I was jolted awake when the overhead light went on, shocking my eyes even through the closed lids. I heard a sharp gasp and a girl utter “Oh, no. No fucking way!” I opened my eyes to see who was there and got a severe shock to my nerve central. My younger sister was standing in the archway wearing only brief panties, staring at me, “Oh my God Travis, what the hell are you doing here?” she wailed.

I was quickly coming fully awake, my mind kicked into analysis mode and promptly analyzed the situation so I responded “Trying to get some sleep, I certainly wasn’t expecting to find my married sister sneaking around an apartment that isn’t hers dressed in only underwear. What the fuck are you doing Penny!? You’re fucking Bob? I don’t remember him slipping the ring on your finger!”

Penny’s face fell apart, she looked like she wanted to cry while looking for an escape. Just then Bob stepped up behind her “Hey Trav, I wasn’t expecting you tonight.” Even though he was nude he seemed a lot calmer than Penny who was panicking in place.

“I’d say not, but I see you’re staying in touch with my family anyway.” My sister picked up her blouse and skirt which were laying crumpled on the floor and fled the room. I hadn’t noticed the discarded clothing in the dark.

Bob stood his ground “Is this going to be trouble Trav?”

I looked at my lifelong friend, he had known me and Penny our entire lives but I never expected to find the three of us in this situation. “What the hell is going on here? She’s married Bob, remember, you were at the wedding three years ago.”

From the back room my sister called out, “We have to talk Travis, don’t blame Bob, you can’t be mad at him. I’ll be right out.”

I looked at my friend, “Go put some fucking clothes on, your dick doesn’t excite me like that.” He grinned, flopped his hand in acknowledgment and went to put something on.

Penny came back into the room dressed and timid. She glanced around as if looking for the quickest escape route before sitting an arm of the easy chair. I looked frankly at my sister, still shocked to find her fucking my best friend, cheating on her spouse.

“I’m trying to get pregnant” she started, “I haven’t used birth control since I got married but Ross hasn’t done the job. I think there is something wrong with one of us and we can’t conceive. I don’t want to cheat on him but I have to know if I can’t get pregnant because of him or me. We don’t talk about it, mostly because he won’t admit he might not be a ‘man’, she hooked her fingers in pantomime quotes,”he’s too fucking macho to think he might not have the balls to make a woman pregnant. It irks the shit out of me because he’s so selfish about it. I went for a check up and was told everything seems to be normal so it might be Ross who isn’t fertile.”

I was flabbergasted “You’re letting Bob dick you so you can get knocked up? How long has this been going on Penny? And why him, he’s like a brother to us, how could you two expect to keep this a secret?”

My sister shaded red again, looked around to see if her lover was near then said quietly “Bob thinks I’m here for fun, he doesn’t know what I hope he can do for me.”

I sat back and stared at my sister and played back what she told me. Bob thought he was on a joy ride while she was actually on a mission, he was a tool to get the job done. I started to laugh “You’ve got to be kidding, you mean...” just then he came back into the room wearing a morning robe as if everything was normal, he didn’t have a worry in world.

He approached me, “So Travis, are we right?”

“I’m still a little unnerved about finding my sister in your bed again, I thought you two got over that when she was fifteen.”

Penny jumped up, “You know about that!? Did he tell you?” She looked pissed, Bob grinned.

“You tried hard to keep it secret but you acted like a cat in heat every time he came over for a long time. It didn’t take me long to figure out you and him were fucking every time my back was turned, I think that lasted a little over a year. And just before you got married you screwed him again for about a week. Bob must have been your extended bachelorette party. I thought you were done with him after you married Ross but I guess not, huh. And no he didn’t’ tell me either time, didn’t have to, you were so obvious.”

Penny was over being embarrassed, “Well if you know our history then you can’t be judgmental now. I’m having a fling and once I get it out of my system I’ll stay home again.” I noticed she was careful to avoid the word pregnant in front of our friend.

“Why him, you seem to be attracted to him but I don’t think you love him like that, what keeps you coming back?” I was curious but Bob just settled down on the sofa and listened to my sister and me talk about him.

“I don’t know, maybe because he’s easy; I don’t have to go out and play the courting game with him.”

“I’m easy?” he asked her.

“Hell yes, all I have to do is twitch my ass you and you get hard, that’s part of the fun, how fucking turned on you get even before we touch.”

His mouth turned up in a salacious smile “You mean I’m the best fucker you know? Come on, you can say it girl, you like what I do with you.”

Her eyes crinkled with fun, “I get off on what you do but don’t think you are some kind of awesome stud that I am addicted too, you aren’t the only one that can make me happy.”

I was forgotten as the two parried words “Ha-hem –, if you two are working up to another bounce I can leave.”

Penny swiveled her head back to me “No, I have to go, I told Ross I’d be home by midnight, he thinks I went to see Passengers with Rachel.” She got up, gave Bob a light kiss then said to me “Walk me to the car.”

We were standing on the darkened street beside her car, she had clicked the door locks open but stopped to face me “Please don’t tell Ross about us, I know its not right but I need this. I’ve been screwing Bob hoping to get pregnant but I don’t think he’s any more useful than my husband. We’ve been at it for two months now and I haven’t had any luck. I need to find someone else, I need to get away from Bob or he’s going to start thinking we are exclusive or something. He doesn’t know I want a baby and he’s getting into the habit of us, I don’t want a commitment; I did when I was fifteen, but not now.”

“Then what the hell are you going to do, start flopping for anybody with a set of nuts?”

“Can you come by tomorrow about three? I have another guy in mind but I need to talk it out first, I just can’t walk up to him and say ‘Hey you, knock me up’, I’ll need your help.”

Actually my sister was alluring enough to say something like that and get results but I told her “Yeah, okay I’ll come by, and remember, you’re my sister, our bonds are stronger than Ross’ and mine.” I teased her, “Your depraved lifestyle will by our secret, fuck Ross.”

Penny snickered lightly “I have been but it doesn’t do me any good, see you tomorrow.” I left her and returned to the apartment.

I got to Penny’s place at the appointed time, 3 pm. Ross was gone somewhere so my sister and I were alone and I knew she arranged it that way so she could tell me what was on her mind. When I opened her door she smiled prettily and gave me a nice sisterly hug and kiss on the cheek “Want to get high?”

Penny and I had been recreational tokers since we were teens so her offer was not unusual “Sure, yours or mine?”

As I followed her to the back yard she told me “Ross got some awesome Canadian Wild the other day, you’ll like it, it’s nice and mellow.” We sat side by side on patio lounges where she pulled up a freshly tamped mini hookah and fired it up. Penny took a deep hit then passed it to me, I settled back to get stoned with my sister.

She and I relaxed back on the lounges in silence for a few minutes, the only interaction was to pass the weed back and forth. When it burned out she set the pipe aside then started “I have something I need you to do.”

I was feeling pretty damn good just then, the stuff she lit up was good. “You said need, not want, what do you need me to do for you Penny?”

She started “I want to meet that guy --” but paused, her eyes went out of focus for a moment as if something unbidden invaded her thoughts. Penny looked back at me sharply then asked “Do you remember those times when we had sex?”

Of all the things she could have said, that was pretty much the last thing I imagined she would bring up. Instantly I became wary while I flashed back to a family vacation we were on and got a little carried away. Penny and I were bored, restless teens and ended up screwing a few times. We never went back to each other after the vacation was over and we never talked about it.

“Well, yeah, sort of.”

She rose up to an indignant half sit, “What the hell do you mean ‘sort of’? You fucked me eleven times in four days, how in hell could that be a ‘sort of’?”

“You kept count?”

“Of course!” she looked me puzzled for a moment then conceded, “I guess you wouldn’t, guys only remember getting the noodle wet, not how many times it got wet.” She snuffled a quick laugh, fell back to the chair and reminisced, “Four times we did it in the room right next to mom and dad, remember how hard it was to be quiet?”

I did remember. I never told Penny that I thought she was the hottest fuck I ever had up to then. What the hell, we were stoned and living memories so I at last told her “You were the best piece of ass I had all through school, you were awesome.”

She smiled delightedly, “Yeah, you sling cock pretty well too, it was fun.” As I watched her lips moving, forming words, the memory of our sibling affair rose from the hidden secrets to become vivid images of my sister and me. We got caught out in a fast swirling dust devil and clung to each other as the strong wind buffeted us. Afterward I started pulling leafs and bits of grass out of her long tangled hair, that progressed to tickling, laughing, playing, wrestling, stripping each other then screwing. We had found a mutually satisfying way of dispelling the boredom of the vacation. The visions reflected into my hormone pool and my cock began to alter its state.

My sister and I stopped talking, I looked into her face and saw my feelings mirrored in her eyes. As our minds linked I stood beside her and offered her my hand. Her gaze drifted down my body until she was looking at the results of my memory and the nearness of her. Penny stood, kissed me softly on the lips and said “Ross won’t be home until after six.”

As she led me from the patio I had a thought “Did you invite me over for this?”

She turned to face me, took my hands in hers and continued to walk backwards, pulling me along, “I asked you here to do me a favor, not this, but, what the hell, let’s screw again, it will be fun, come on!” She spun around and dashed toward her bedroom, laughing happily, just as she did when we were teens.

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