The Introduction

by Marduk

Copyright© 2017 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A decision to finally get to know a woman who had been chattered to for ages was going to open a chapter that would have desired results - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Interracial   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Petting   .

Mick knew that he had to do something with his hopeless marriage, for two long he had expressed the loathing he had for it, but he also knew that a formal break could be very, very expensive. ‘If I could just get her sexually active, get her to fuck and suck, I would be satisfied. I then could take the constant whining of ‘do this or do that’, or ‘that wasn’t done etc. etc’. But how was the question, especially now that he had finally introduced himself to a woman he had been saying ‘good morning’ or ‘good afternoon’ too now for some time and she had responded.

It had been on the spur of the moment that he decided to duck into the local shopping mall, it was quite early, barely anybody around and it was as he was heading for one active coffee shop that he decided to finally get to know this woman who he had been ‘greeting’ for ages. She was coming towards him, she smiled as she saw him and as they came level, he said. “You know we have been greeting each other for quite some time now and I don’t even know your name”. She smiled and replied “I’m Belinda”. He followed suit and exchanged his name and in those seconds wondered if the name changing could be pushed further, after all she wasn’t un-attractive and did have a nice set of tits. “I was heading for a coffee, would you care to join me?” he asked. He had no idea of her situation but her face seemed to light up. “Oh! Mick I would really like that”, she replied but the one thing that took him by surprise was the moment they began to head towards the coffee shop was that she gripped his fingers and squeezed them.

This was the first time they had actually had a real chat and time did slip away. “Cripes!” he grunted. “We have been chatting for nearly an hour. I hope I haven’t upset your shopping agenda”, he said. She smiled and told him that she just visited the complex because she had nothing else to do and was bored. “Would you like lunch at the local club?” he asked. “I’m a full member; however, I don’t get there that often, not much fun in going by one self”. Her response was hindered by a little hesitation but finally said. “I ... I would really like that Mick but I’m not dressed for a club acceptance, for I know they are rather particular”. What she said he knew was true for he had to ask if shorts and long socks were accepted. “Perhaps we could make it another time”, he said as he got up. She reached up and gripped his fingers.

“I could go home and change, but then I came by bus today for my car is being serviced.”

“I could drive you home”, he said. “That would give me the opportunity to book for sometimes lunches can be quite popular”. Her smile was one of relief.

“Here we are”, he said as the car opened on the release touch on his keys. No sooner were they in the car than her years of loneliness exploded. She almost smothered him in kisses, certainly opening the book for a close encounter. Sex in a car wasn’t new for him for one of his very first fucks had been in a car a long time ago. With what one could call ‘an attack’ he responded. He felt her tits, giving them a decent massage and then worked her dress up, revealing very white thighs. Instead of a halt to the procedure she only increased the activity by gripping his groin but when he slipped under the elastic of her panties and entered the forest at her groin and began to pump her cunt, the grip at his groin made him give a grunt for it hurt. He whispered. ‘I think I can improve on what you are doing’. He didn’t wait for her to question his statement but when he removed his trousers, freeing his throbbing erection, she gave a soft murmur. He didn’t say ‘suck’, he didn’t have to for within seconds her mouth had closed over his cock and as it disappeared he wonder where women could put a cock that when fully alert was a good seven inches in length, yet Belinda like other women who had sucked him took the entire length and it was his turn to enjoy the sensation while slipping under her bra and squeezing her erect nipples.

He came with a gush, but held her till she had drained him. Like all women she did struggle but when released her mouth was a fountain. He handed her a few tissues and after wiping her mouth managed a smile and the comment that he usually got. “Enjoy that”. Such a question always got the same response – “Very much”.

As they drove towards her place she told him briefly of her existence. He learnt that she had been married; it didn’t last and although she had, had a few male friends there were none that she fancied on a permanent level. “All they were interested in was sex”, she said as they stopped outside her accommodation. “Will you come in and advise me on what to wear. It is a long time Mick since I was invited to a ‘club’. Her home was very neat, certainly a bit big for a single person but there was no clatter or any dust, her housekeeping was spot on. “Come in”, she called from the bedroom. “Save me from running back and forth”. She took out a number of dresses and skirts and then without any further ‘a do’ began to undress, till she just stood in bra and panties. He smiled before commenting. “If I was the club manager I think what you are wearing would get a VIP entrance”. Whatever she thought he had no idea but she responded. “I am a bit fat but what you said was really nice Mick. I haven’t had such words of phrase for a long time”. He remembered her comment about ‘men being just interest in sex’, something that was also on his mind, but she had invited him into her bedroom, stripped to her underwear so in his mind the ‘come on’ sign was fully displayed, so he threw the dice. “You are very nice now Belinda, you must be superb nude”.

For seconds he stood on the abyss, would she accept what he said, or throw him out; those seconds took what seemed like ages before she responded. “Would you like me nude?” she asked. His safest bet was just to nod. She didn’t say anything but unclipped her bra and removed her panties and his only comment was. “Fuck you are attractive”.

“Thank you Mick”, she smiling said. “But aren’t you overdressed?” There was now no need for hesitation the ‘fuck door’ was fully opened and it was her turn to make an encouraging comment. “You are a man, your cock is enormous”. No further words followed. She massaged that throbbing length while he kissed her tits and fingered that very hairy crack. “Give it a suck before we fuck”, he gasped. No sooner was that said then he just let his cock slide down her throat till he stopped and without thinking she may not like the word gasped. “Now let me fuck that cunt of yours”. She didn’t orally reply, just lay back, thighs well spread and the only oral response as he drove his cock up to his balls was a “Ahhhhh!”

In and out his cock slid. ‘Make it last’, she gasped as he gave a thrust that sent his cock to the utter depths of her cunt. He paused, burying his mouth over her erect and saliva covered nipples. For minutes, only the muscles of their appropriate organs showed any activity, till he gasped. ‘I ... I can’t hold any more’ and gave the thrust that sent gush after gush flooding into every section of her throbbing cunt. “Don’t go ... don’t go”, she pleaded. “Harden and fuck me again”. A request that he fully adhered to, so by the time he had emptied his load, exhaustion took over and it was well past lunch time at the club when he finally rolled off. He lay, panting for several minutes till she lifted herself up. “Fancy a shower?” All he did was nod.

The hot water and the closeness of their bodies as they soaped and massaged each other again had a naturally response. Belinda smiled as they dried themselves. She sat down on a small bath stool; his cock was level with her mouth. He didn’t say suck nor did she ask but her mouth opened as he pushed the cock head against her lips and this time, like it was in the car, she drained his balls and kept sucking, despite the flow of cum and saliva from her mouth till every drop from his balls had been delivered into her mouth.

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