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Erotica Sex Story: The claim is often made that someone knows you better than yourself. Sometimes you have to start the ball rolling and be prepared to be persistent until they see things your way.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Cheating   .

My Mum’s story starts with an exchange between her and myself, recorded on my tablet.

[Erect dick pic]

“Billy, seriously what the hell? This is not funny, call now!”

“Relax, it’s just a dick pic.”

“But I’m your mother; you shouldn’t be sending me anything like that! Now answer your phone. I’m trying to ring you!”

“Technically you’re my foster-mother.”

[Erect dick pic]

“Are you drunk? Pick up your phone!”

“Not drunk, have another. Your turn.”

[Erect dick pic]

“What are you thinking? This is not funny, have you lost your mind? Call me right now!”

“Something just came over me; I want to be closer to you. And I’m not being funny.”

“Are you listening to yourself? I think you have lost your mind! This is NOT OKAY! Never send me anything like this again! And answer my calls!”

[Erect dick pic with hand around it]

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.  It’s just some harmless fun.”

“This is not harmless, this is horrendous. Are you on drugs or something? Explain yourself!”

“I don’t know. I just think it could be fun to be sexual with you. I’m sorry if you’re mad. Maybe it was a stupid idea.”

“You shouldn’t send me those kind of pictures; you should talk to me like an adult.”

“Are you going to tell Dad? Please don’t. He will freak out.”

“I’m not going to share this with anyone, least of all your father.”

“Thanks Mum. <3 I’m sorry.”

“I don’t understand what you were thinking.”

“So? Did you like it?”

“Stop right now. I need to get ready for work. I’m not continuing with this!”

“I’m sorry; you’ve just been stuck in my head. I don’t know why. I know it’s not normal.”

“You are done, right now! No more!”

“Please, just send one picture of you while you’re getting ready. Dad won’t know.”

“Where the hell do you come off making that sort of request? Who do you think you are? I’m not comfortable with this. I asked you to stop!”

“See, I’m getting ready. I’ll stop with the pics when you send me something.”

[Seated naked from waist down, side on pic. Followed by Bra pic]

“There! Happy now? Are we finished? We have quite a lot to talk about later. I am not happy with you. Please, no more. I have other things to do.”

“I promise. I thank you. You’re the best, Mum.”

“I expect you to delete this conversation.”

“You look great. :-P”

“Delete it! Thank you! What has gotten into you?”

“I’m not sure; I guess we have some things to talk about.”

“Yes, we do.”

“I just want to try, at least once. You’re so attractive.”

“Look, I don’t know what is going on here, but I expect you to treat me with respect!”

“I’m not sure about this. Let’s just talk.”

“I am not doing this right now! I will call you later.”

“Alright. Thank you for being so understanding. I love you.”

“Please, take today off or something. I need you to sit down and think about what happened this morning. I love you too, but I’m concerned.”

“Maybe we should both take the day off.”

“I am at a loss for words.”

“I’m getting carried away. We’ll talk later.”

“Thank you. I don’t know what’s going on with you, especially this week when you know I’m preparing for Easter and the dinner we’re having with the church parochial council.”

“I don’t know. I’ve been getting this urge and I had to tell you. I couldn’t help myself.  I didn’t even think it through, really.”

“You are going to have to start. Because this is not okay and it’s not going to continue.”

“Have you told Dad?”

“I told you I wouldn’t, though you’re testing my patience. Why?”

“I don’t know. You two tell each other everything.”

“Usually I would, but I don’t know how I could possibly explain the young man whom we brought up as a son sending me pictures of his penis!”

“You sent me a picture of yourself in a bra.”

“The picture you are going to delete as you promised!”

“I will when I’m ready to.”

“No, you’re going to delete it today! I shouldn’t have sent you it at all!”

“But you sent it, so you can’t be completely against it.”

“You pressured me to send it!”

“Mum ... seriously, you knew what you were doing.”

“Will you let it go? Seriously, you are making me very upset.”

“Are you upset because you’re unhappy with me or yourself?”


“Well I have been re-reading our texts from this morning at work and it’s been driving me wild.”

“I don’t know how you expect me to handle this.”

“Enjoy it. I am.”

“I am not. I still can’t tell what you are doing. Is this some sort of elaborate joke? I am going to call you now, answer please.”

“We had a good talk the other day. I guess what I couldn’t articulate was that I always looked for a woman like you. I’m sick of imitations. I don’t know if I could love someone more than you. Do you think you could send me another pic?”

“Billy! It’s the middle of the night!”

“I want to see more of you and want you to see more of me.”

“Have you been drinking?”


“Then you should go to bed.”

[Dick pic with hand around it]

“Oh my God! You aren’t going to stop, even after what we talked about yesterday! Your Dad is right in the other room on the computer by the way!”

“We can wish.”


“That you’ll send me a pic of your pussy before he walks in.”

“No! Now you are really crossing the line. I might have to tell him if you don’t stop with this! I can’t believe you’d even say that to me. We’re elders in the church! We brought you up better than this!”


“It is not an acceptable thing to do!”

“I suspect it turns you on. Would you like to explain to Dad about you sending me that pic of you in a bra?”

[Full frontal erect pic]

“Screw you; seriously screw you. I can’t believe you have done this to me. I hope you are ashamed of yourself. Your Dad is sleeping now by the way.”

[Erect dick pic]

“So we can continue.”

[Topless boob pic]

“Fuck you! I’m going to bed, leave me alone!”

[Erect dick ejaculating pic]

“But we just got started.”

“Good! Night!”

“Just one pic of your pussy, please.”

“No, I feel horrible. What have you made me do?”

“Mum, first thing you have to realise is it’s not unnatural nor uncommon. Most cultures outside of western ones do it and always have. It’s even in the bible; it’s drawn on cave walls. Let’s just test it out under your rules.”

“I feel so guilty, please let me sleep.”

She awoke and stretched and immediately winced. Then her thoughts caught up with just what she’d done and inside she cringed.

The Parochial Church Council Easter dinner was a traditional event passed from one house to another and this time it had been their turn. It was a struggle to cater for thirty people, but where there’s a will etc. The problem had been that Billy was there and she’d been unable to figure out any means of keeping him from attending. Not that he’d done anything untoward, if anything he’d been polite and attentive, though had been constantly topping up her husband’s glass after the social part had ended and their guests left for home. She’d tried to stop him, even raised her voice, but to no avail and her husband had eventually slumped on the sofa and Billy had taken him upstairs and put him to bed whilst she nervously tidied up and hoped to avoid him. However, Billy was on a mission and she’d found herself trapped by him leaning on the kitchen door as she washed the glasses.

“You are so beautiful,” he murmured.

“Billy, no, behave; I don’t want this!” she snapped back.

“Then why did you keep replying?”

“You’re my son ... someone I think of as my son, I just wanted you to stop, to become ... normal.”

“I told you, this is normal, just not around here.”

“You made me feel sick!”

“Why? Because you were tempted?”

“No, because it’s wrong. I’ve never cheated on your father and I’m not going to start now!”

“I think you are.”

“No! Keep away from me this is wrong! Mmmmmph,” his lips met hers and she tried to fight him off, push him away, but he was just too strong.

“So sweet,” he murmured when their lips parted for a second.

“Billy ... mmmmmph,” she started to object but his lips met hers again, this time with a touch of his tongue pressing just inside her own lips.

“I suspect I’m going to enjoy this,” he stated.

“You can’t. You mustn’t!”

“But we will.”

“Billy, no!”

But he unceremoniously picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and carried her upstairs, her hands hammering a useless drumbeat on his back until he dropped her on her back onto his bed.

“I ... I’ll scream!” she whispered, not entirely sure why throughout the whole ... business she’d kept her voice down.

“No you won’t, you’d have done that before this,” he replied looking at her with sheer lust in his eyes.

“If ... if you let me go to my room, I ... I promise we’ll say no more of this,” she practically begged him.

“No Mum, far too late for that,” he stated as he slipped out of his clothing.

“I ... I’m a married woman!”

“With needs and desires,” came the reply as he slid his pants off and stood before her, naked, his cock fully erect, the tip glistening slightly as pre-cum dribbled from it.

“You can’t make me break my vows, you just can’t!”

“I’m not going to make you break anything,” he replied with that boyish grin that she remembered so well.

“Please Billy, no, mmmmph,” her words stilled by another kiss, this time her mouth parting slightly to allow his tongue to slide inside.

To her horror he started to unpop the buttons on her blouse, taking his time as her hands fluttered seemingly helplessly as her ability to control her movements seemed to be lost to her. Placing a hand behind her neck he raised her body and slipped the soft material off her and used his fingers to undo her bra before slipping it off and onto the floor to join the blouse. She frantically tried to cover her breasts, though too late, as his lips latched onto one, suckling the reluctant nipple into an erect state only to move onto the other.

“No Billy, please,” she gasped.

His hand reached down and unclasped her skirt before drawing the zip down, causing her to stiffen in panic.

“Billy, please, this isn’t right.”

Releasing his mouth from her breast, he simply winked and drew down the knee length skirt, taking her tights and panties with it, leaving her naked for the first time as an adult before a man other than her husband.

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