Come Get Me

by Victor Echo

Copyright© 2017 by Victor Echo

Erotica Sex Story: With nowhere else to go, she asked me to come and get her even if it was only for a few hours. This is a story about sex and love between two consenting adults. There is toy use and ass play. This happens between consenting adults. If this upsets you, please find another story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Cheating   Anal Sex   Analingus   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   .

Saturday was a day to sleep in and relax. I came home late on Friday after dinner with friends in DC, yet here I was, a little after 7:30 and not only was I awake, but I had started a load of laundry, and I was on my second cup of coffee. I had just pulled out my laptop when my phone rang.

“Yeah?” I said, a bit of grouch in my voice.

It was election season, and the spammers and scammers were in high gear, so regardless of what the number claimed, I did not believe it.

“It’s me,” Susan’s voice said, small and distant. “Can you come and get me?”

“Come and get you where?” I asked with no grouch in my voice at all as I moved to the bedroom to start getting dressed.

“Well, that’s a funny story. I am at Vienna.”

“I am going to assume the Metro station and not the city.”


“When you came out of the turnstiles, did you turn right or left?” I asked as I pulled a clean shirt over my head.

“Right, I think.”

“OK. Where you are standing now, the tracks end a bit beyond the station. Looking across the highway, is the end of the tracks on your left or your right?”


“OK. Make yourself comfortable. I will be there as fast as I can, but it will still be a half-hour.”

“Drive safe. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I disconnected and tried to find my sandals and the car keys. And only a small part of my mind wondered what was going on. Susan’s voice was distressed. I found my keys and hustled out to the Jeep.

At this hour on a Saturday morning, the traffic was light, even if the number of State troopers looking to catch up on their quotas was unreasonably high, which meant the 20 odd miles were going to take all of the thirty-five minutes to traverse. It was faster than the ninety minutes it might have taken if this was a weekday. So I set myself up in the slow lanes and watched the troopers go after the soccer moms who should have know better. Marc Cohen just saw the ghost of Elvis as I turned the corkscrew off-ramp that dumped me into the kiss and ride lot on the south side of the Vienna station.

She was sitting under a shelter and stood up as I maneuvered the Jeep to the curb and unlocked the door. She opened the back door and put a small bag on the seat before she climbed in next to me and closed the door.

She did not put on her belt. Instead, she leaned across and pulled herself as tight against me as she could and kissed me as hard as she could. Her tongue plunged into my mouth, and she hung onto me like the last stable thing in her world. Our kiss was interrupted by her sudden tears.

With one hand holding her I moved the Jeep into a parking spot and put it in park before twisting myself enough to hold her until she stopped crying.

“You OK?”

“No, but I am better,” she said dashing tears from her cheeks.

I fumbled behind my seat for the tissues in the pocket and passed them over to her. She blew her nose and dabbed her eyes before she squeezed my hand and looked at me.

“We had a fight. A big one.”

“Well I know he doesn’t like me much, but I was polite last night.”

“Apparently I was ‘overly flirty.’”

“Good thing he was still asleep when we had breakfast then,” I said with a wicked grin.

“I wasn’t being flirty,” she said.

“I did not say you were because you weren’t. At least above the table.”

She gave me a look, and I just smiled.

She leaned in and kissed me again, her hand resting on my thigh and her fingers by no means still.

“They are off to look at who knows what. Take me to your place and let me have my way with you.”

It was a demand. She turned and pulled the seatbelt on, and I put the car in gear and made my way back to the highway.

“How’s the traffic this morning?”

“Not bad. It’s early.”

“OK,” she said and moved a hand to my bare leg.

In the summer I wear shorts on the weekend, but I had been doing laundry, and rather than dig up a pair, I had wrapped my kilt around my waist for the quick trip to the station. Susan had not said anything, but as I made my way through another stoplight towards the on-ramp, she turned towards me and both her hands were on my thigh and moving under the hem of my kilt, her nails riding along the tensing muscles of my inner thigh. I spared a glance out of the corner of my eye as I came out of the curve and started accelerating as I merged onto the Interstate. Her hand reached my balls as I settled us in a lane and set the cruise control.

“Having fun?” I asked.

Her hand had wrapped around my stiffening cock, and she was leaning against my seat as her other hand played with my balls.

“I have always wanted to do this,” she said.

My cock was now a firm pole in her hands, and she stroked it gently. I had to pay attention to my driving and merged around a driver going even slower than I was and had just settled back in my lane when her mouth engulfed my cock and she sucked her way down its length. She bobbed her head several times before sitting up and adjusting the shoulder strap again. A Jeep is not designed for this sort of activity.

“I will finish when we get there,” she said, her hands going back to playing with my cock.

The trip back felt faster than the trip out, even with a stop for coffee on the way. I unlocked the apartment door and indicated she should enter as I carried her bag in and locked the door behind us.

She was back in my arms before I put the bag down, her kiss fervent and deep. I held her against me, and we kissed for several moments, our tongues battling with each other for dominance before giving into the other. She broke the kiss with a sigh.


“Through there,” I pointed toward the bedroom.

She took her bag and kissed me again.

“Give me a moment?”

She closed the bedroom door, and I went into the kitchen and swapped out my laundry.

“You weren’t kidding about only having one pillow were you,” she said as she came into the kitchen.

She had brushed her hair and taken off her shirt and shorts. She stood before me in a pink bra and thong that I had given her.

“Now why would I kid about a thing like that?” I asked as I pulled her into my arms for another kiss.

“We will have to remedy that,” she said, “but first, I want to suck your cock. I want to feel your hardness in my mouth. I want to touch my nose to your skin and make you moan as I suck you into my throat. I want you to fuck my mouth.”

I kissed her again, and we walked to the bedroom.

“Stand here,” she said as she positioned me at the edge of the bed.

She climbed on and placed herself in front of me. Because the mattress is on the floor, I had to bend down to kiss her, but that was not what was on her mind. To suck my cock, she was at the right height. She popped the catches on my kilt, and it fell away. I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it on the floor as she let her hands run over my length before she sucked it into her mouth. She did not swallow me in on motion, but it was close. She backed off and looked up at me as she swirled the head of my cock with her tongue and then sucked me again, this time, her nose hit the skin over my pubic bone, and we both moaned as the tight ring of her throat squeezed me. She backed off again, licking my length and idly stroking the base of my cock.

I ran my hands through her short hair, luxuriating in the feelings and she sucked me into her mouth again. I pulled on her hair, and she moaned a bit. I held my hand behind her head and pulled her tight against me. She moaned more and swallowed harder, her mouth sucking me inside out. Her hands gripped my ass as she tried to suck my cock off my body. She pulled back and licked the gooey head, her tongue slipping over it as she licked me up. She looked up and me again, lust flaring in her eyes and she sucked me back into her mouth again, her head bobbing as she did. With each motion, she took more of my cock into her mouth. Her hands were rhythmically pulling against my ass, and I got the message. I began to fuck her mouth, my hips pushing more of my cock into her with each thrust. The deeper I went, the more she sucked until I slipped into the back of her throat. She grabbed my ass and held me, and my cock swelled and exploded in one motion, my cum pouring out of me and down her throat. She backed off slightly but that only served to make the feeling more intense, and I came harder. She sucked and gobbled me up before falling back on the bed a moment before my knees gave way and I fell beside her, panting heavily.

I reached out a hand for her, and she took it in hers squeezing it before she let go and forced herself to roll over and rest her head on my chest, her breathing returning to normal, despite the pounding of her heart. We kissed softly.

“I see you were inspired,” I said.

“I see you haven’t cum in a while,” she said.

“No incentive. You weren’t here.”

“Well, I am now.”

“Yes, so I see. And leaving me breathless.”

While I was recovering, my hands had not been idle as they traced lazy patterns across her back and hips. I could not reach all of her, but I could reach enough to touch. As my own heart returned to a more regular cadence, I turned and kissed her while my hand moved to stroke her leg and arm.

“Mm, I miss your touch,” she sighed.

“Well, then, let me touch you.”

I pulled her against me and undid the bra, slipping it off her shoulders. She rolled back again and smiled as I dragged a hand over her pert nipples. Her breath caught as I pinched one, then the other and her hips moved of their own accord. I teased her a little, letting my fingers roam across her soft skin. I teased those areas that I knew were ticklish and felt the muscles clench before I moved on to other regions. I traced the muscles of her leg, going down the outside and slowly back up the inside. Her legs parted as I got close to her. She moaned as my finger grazed over her clit, her panties wet with her desire. I kissed and nibbled her neck and shoulder as her body writhed under my hands. In concert, I brought my hand up and squeezed her breast as my mouth descended over her nipple.

“So long,” she moaned.

I licked and sucked her nipple, feeling it get larger and harder as I did. She pulled me down, and her body urged me to take more of her into my mouth, to suck her harder. I pinched her opposite nipple, and she gasped and moaned deeper, her legs rubbed against each other. I could smell her desire, her excitement. I moved my mouth to her other nipple and slid my hand down over her abdomen. She thrust her hips up to meet my hand, her mound full, desiring its own pleasure. I massaged it, my fingers outside her lips as she tried to move her hips to where my fingers would touch her more directly.

I slipped a finger under the thong and dragged it up towards her clit in agonizing slowness. When I finally rolled over her clit, she screamed and bucked. I kissed my way down and across her abdomen before I slide her thong off her legs and put my face between them. My tongue flicked her clit, and she cried out again. I started sucking her clit. I slid first one, then two fingers inside of her and twirled them around. She was making low noises now, and I could feel the muscles clenching as her orgasm quickly built up inside of her. I bore down on her clit, pinching it with my lips as my fingers raked over her insides and she came. Her muscles clenched my fingers, keeping them locked against her as her hips convulsed. She had shivered several times before she went limp, my fingers almost expelled from inside of her. She was wet and panting, and I rested my head on her thigh and stroked her hip as she recovered.

“That cock better be hard,” she said.

“It is,” I said, moving against her foot.

She moaned slightly.

“Have the energy to roll over?”

“If you had more than one pillow,” she teased.

“Put it under your knee and lean against the mattress,” I suggested.

She tossed me the pillow, and I put it on the floor as she oozed herself into position, her he ass sticking up just enough. I played my hard cock against her puckered ass and she shivered.

“Later. I need you inside me now.”

I easily slid into her pussy, and she pushed back against me sighing in delight at the feeling. I settled inside of her, and we rested there for a moment, luxuriating in the feeling of being joined again.

“Now. Fuck me,” she said.

I pulled back and started with little, teasing strokes, but she was having none of it, shoving her ass back against me with every stroke, trying to consume my cock with each and ever thrust. I gave up on the short game and slammed into her hard with each thrust. My balls slapped against her clit, and she moaned with every penetration until we were both breathless and covered with sweat. She twisted her hips, and her muscles gripped me tighter. I could feel my cock swelling, and I am sure she could as well as she redoubled her efforts just a moment before I came inside of her. Susan cried out with lust and rammed herself back against me, holding me tight and feeling every one of my explosions. I held tight to her hips, not willing to let go of this feeling until I was too small to stay inside of her. We crawled back up onto the bed and held each other close and kissed.

“We need a shower,” she said after a while. “And we need to get some more pillows.”

“Done with me so soon?” I asked, teasing.

“No, not even started. But I am pretty sure we are going to want to sleep at some point.”

I kissed her again and held her close against me. I did not ask how long she was staying, or when she had to leave. She was here now, and that is what mattered. I kissed her, and we did not immediately get up to shower.

By the time we got out of the shower, the morning had all but evaporated. Not that we cared. Once we had decided we had recovered enough that we would not fall under the hot water, we got up. I found towels while she started the shower. She was already under the spray when I joined her.

“I have so missed this,” she said as I pulled her into my arms again and kissed her.

I picked up the soap and spun her around and started massaging her shoulders and upper back as she braced herself against the wall. I let my hands slide down her back and over the gentle curve of her ass. From there I washed each leg carefully before standing up and spinning her around. I washed her shoulders and chest and paid particular attention to the ticklish underside of each breast before moving across her abdomen and between her legs. I made a sure she was clean there before handing her the soap.

Her strong fingers and kneaded the muscles in my shoulders briefly before she massaged the muscles in my ass and thighs. Her hands took care of my calves in short order before she had me turn around. By now my cock was standing proudly in front of her. She lathered up her hands and wrapped them around my shaft and stroked and twisted it. I thrust into her hands as she did this. She slid one hand down over my balls and between my legs before she stepped close and kissed me.

“I love the feel of your cock,” she said.

She gave it one more squeeze and finished washing my chest and arms before declaring me done. A quick once over with the shampoo and we hopped out. I moved to dry her off, but she stopped me.

“We have lots of time,” she said as she kissed me before she started drying herself.

I quickly followed her example.

She picked up her bra and thong and with an economy of movement put them in her bag and pulled out a new set that I had given her.

“Do you only wear those around me?” I asked.

“Who else would appreciate them?” she asked.

I shook my head and folded up my kilt.

“You are not going to wear it?” she asked.

I looked at her, and she was serious. I had never worn it to more than the Renaissance Faire, but if she wanted me to wear it, I guess I could. I moved past her and looked in the closet for a shirt and pulled on a simple t-shirt.

“This way I get to play too,” she said as she kissed me and we pulled on our sandals.

“Food?” I asked.

“Pillow and then we can get some food.”

We pulled up in front of the local dry goods store. It was busy, but it was Saturday, and there were some soccer moms, some with kids in tow, some alone trying to get through their shopping lists. We crossed the threshold and moved through the kitchen supplies on the way to linens.

“Need one of these?” Susan asked me, holding up a honey jar.

“I don’t have honey in the apartment. Honey dust, but not honey.”

“What’s honey dust?” she asked as she wandered around looking at kitchen gadgets.

“Remind me to show you when we get home.”

Finding nothing more exciting in kitchenware, we moved through glassware, picking up some wine glasses. I am not fussy what I drink my wine out of and had never gotten around to getting wine glasses. Now seemed the appropriate time. She pulled me into bedding and kissed me before turning me to look at the sheet sets. All very innocent except for her hand on the back of my thigh and sliding higher.

“Minx,” I said casually.

“You should get the gray set,” she said as she squeezed my ass and pointed with the other hand.

They were a lovely pattern, so I pulled them down and bent over to look for another set of pillow cases. Susan slid her hand between the cheeks of my ass and dragged her finger over my ass. My cock sprang to hardness instantly.

“Having fun,” I asked as I slowly stood up.

“Yes,” she said with a smirk. “Oh, satin!”

She pulled down a cream coloured satin sheet set and turned it over in her hands.

“Want to make love on satin sheets?” I asked.

“Yes please,” she said smiling brightly.


“Lots of pillows!”

We picked up three substantial pillows and the associated covers and checked our inventory to make sure we had everything before we checked out. In line, she kept sliding her hand up and down my leg, successfully distracting me and keeping my cock erect beneath my kilt. Just to occupy her hands, I gave her the bag of pillows, and we walked back out to the Jeep.

There was a mini-van on either side of us. We were hidden from view. I opened the door and put the bags in the back and Susan slid her hand up my thigh and over my ass again, pushing me over slightly at my shoulders. Her hand played between my legs for a few moments, brushing my ass and rolling my balls between her fingers. I moaned my enjoyment and closed my eyes as she did this.

“Turn around,” she whispered, “and lean against the seat.”

I opened the passenger door and leaned back against the seat and her hands slid up the front of my thighs and quickly wrapped around my cock. She kissed me, looked me in the eye, looked around the parking lot quickly, and then slipped her head under my kilt and sucked my cock into her mouth. The feeling was incredible, heightened by the chance we could get caught. She only sucked me enough to tease, and she spent a few extra minutes licking the oozing head dry before she stood back up, pressed against me and kissed me again.

“That was very erotic, and why am the only one wearing a skirt?”

She giggled and kissed me again.

“Let’s get wine and cheese. I have never been drunk and had you within hands reach and I so very much want to do that.”

We got in the Jeep, and I soon had us heading to the grocery store. Things only intensified. Susan’s hands were never far from legs or arms, and somehow she had slipped the hem of my shirt out and could slide her hands along my stomach or back to her heart’s desire. My cock was hard and barely contained as we picked up finger foods and several bottles of wine. How we managed to get out, without being thrown out I will never know and I still get looks from some of the staff.

I put the wine on ice and the groceries out of the way while she disappeared into the bedroom again. She came out as I finished washing the wine glasses. The new sheets were already going around in the washing machine.

“Got anything to put in those?” she asked, pointing at the glasses.

She had changed again and was wearing my green poet shirt. It hung to the middle of her thigh and off one shoulder. Her breasts hung loose, so she had lost at least her bra along the way. She had a small cosmetic bag in her hand.

“Wine? I do.”

I pulled out a cold bottle and poured it into our glasses.

“Got any porn?” she asked after we toasted and kissed.

“You know I do.”

“Good. Something not artsy. And lose the shirt.”

She picked up the bottle and walked into the living room and made herself at home on the couch. It was a very lovely image, and I took a picture of her as I pulled a disk out of a drawer. I flipped on the televisions and wired it to the PC and slipped the disc in before settling myself at the other end of the couch. She sipped her wine and looked at me and then over at the television. She had one leg cocked, and the other hanging on the floor, and the hem of the shirt slipped closer to her waist, exposing her sex and the wet, swollen lips. I smiled and took another picture before turning to look at the screen. Two actors were already pounding away at each other. I watched one of Susan’s hand squeeze one of her breasts, and she watched the action. Her glass was already empty, and I refilled it.

The movie rolled on, and Susan continued to touch herself, teasing me as much as she was teasing herself. I reached out with my foot and started tracing the inside of her foot. She looked up at me and passed me her empty wine glass before standing up and indicating I should sit where she was. I refilled her glass and sat down and then she sat between my legs and curled up against me. Her hand slid along my leg, and she kissed me before she turned her attention back to the action on screen. I let my hand wander over her arm and through her hair as her hand wrapped around my cock.

On the screen, a woman started playing with a guy’s cock and Susan began to match her motions on my cock. It did not take the actress long to inhale the guy’s cock, and Susan sucked my cock likewise. I moaned along with the soundtrack although with more realism. She attacked my cock with gusto and was rolling my balls with her hand, a finger seeking my ass as she played. She sucked and played for several minutes. I was close several times, but she backed me down each time as she kept me on edge. The scene shifted on screen, and she took one more long, deep suck and popped up. She kissed me and sat up, took a drink and opened the cosmetic bag she had brought with her.

“Put this in me,” she said passing me her metal plug, “and get yours so I can do you.”

I quickly retrieved my prostrate massager from the bedroom, a blanket, and some lube. She was laying on the couch when I got back, one leg thrown over the back, the other foot on the floor, her pussy open. She teased her clit as she watched something on the screen. I took another couple of pictures and slid the blanket under her ass as I picked up her plug and the lube. I started to play with her ass as she stroked her clit. She was wet and relaxed. I added some of the slick stuff to my finger and got her ass covered. I slipped a finger in and she squeezed down on it before relaxing; her visage changed from surprise to lust. I slid another finger in, and she moaned deep in her throat. I slicked up her plug and teases the rosebud of her ass, watching her face. She smiled at me and the muscles relaxed. I slid the plug in swiftly, and she clamped down on it. I looked at the lips of her pussy flutter as she gripped it.

“Wow, that feels wonderful,” she said, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the sensations.

Her eyes opened, hazy lust evident as she looked at me.

“My turn,” she said picking up my toy.

She pushed me back against the arm of the couch, and I opened my legs up so she could get at me. She pulled my kilt off and tossed it on the floor before she ran her fingers over my cock and balls and ass. She got her hands slippery and slowly stroked my cock and then played more with my balls before she teased my ass. She pushed a finger inside, and my cock jumped. She smiled at me, grabbed my cock and put another finger inside, twirling them around and gently stroking in and out. She raked her nails over my cock and pulled her fingers out. A bead of clear fluid appeared on the head as she did. She flicked her tongue over the head and licked it up before she turned back to pick up my toy. She got it slippery from head to base and reslicked her hands. She got my ass all slippery and slid her two fingers back inside of me. I relaxed and watched the concentration on her face as she played. She pulled her fingers back out and lined the toy up with my ass and slowly pushed it in. The first angle popped in, and then the second before it settled completely inside of my ass. My cock was oozing as she did this and once it was seated, she sucked the head of my cock into her mouth and stroked my cock. On screen, two guys were fucking a woman, one in her pussy and one in her mouth and Susan watched the scene while she idly squeezed my balls.

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