A New Arrangement

by QM

Copyright© 2017 by QM

Erotica Sex Story: Dave is a man who puts his love for his family first, even his ex-family.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Cheating   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

I opened the door at the first knock and gazed at her, tall, despite the flat-heeled knee-length boots, a magnificent bosom too, under the tightly drawn nondescript coat which accentuated her shapely form, all capped off with tied-back dark blonde hair held up in a bun by a pink clasp.

“Going to invite me in, Dave?” she asked with a sultry knowing smile.

“Yes, Marion,” I replied with a smile of my own.

Call me Dave, just about everyone I know does, save for my Mum, naturally, and possibly the Inland Revenue. I’m single (sort of), 36-years-old, tall, dark hair, blue-green eyes, work muscles and an eye for the ladies as one of my nephew’s girlfriends put it. So much of an eye in fact that I’m living with and bedding one of my sisters (Paula) bedding my other sister (Megan) on an as and when basis, Paula’s daughter (Kerry), Paula’s ex-mother-in-law (Maggs) and a few others, including my ex-wife Sharon.

It was with Sharon that my current opportunity sprang up; Marion is Sharon’s mother and similar in looks (if older) and a serious tease as a series of texts from her showed. The first text contained a picture of her in a bikini, demonstrating that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her figure, even at the age of fifty-six. The next had asked with a wink if I’d like to see more, hell I’m only human, so replied that of course I would but that I’d also want to do a lot more than see.

Turns out Marion liked the way my thoughts were focussed and the probability of a no strings ‘arrangement’ came tentatively into being.

Since then, though, for all we texted frequently, there had been no more pictures just occasional flirting because what visits I had made to the North East had concentrated around getting to re-know my kids as their Dad and, occasionally, Sharon (in the biblical sense) who was coming out of her prudish nature and becoming a very sensual and sexually adventurous woman. The healing process that she’d taken upon herself when she sought to correct the terrible injustice she’d done to me was coming along fine. There had been a little bit of a hiccup when her husband Ben, the man who’d stolen her off me and poisoned the well to a certain extent, buggered off, leaving her with a mountain of debt to pay. Fortunately I was still part owner of the house Sharon and the kids lived in and we were able to re-mortgage the property to cover the debts Sharon was liable for; leaving the debt collection agencies to track down her now other ex-husband.

That’s not to say that Sharon and I were getting back together. Actually, scrub that. Sharon and I now frequently shared a bed when I was working in the North of England. Paula and I shared a bed when I was in the South and at weekends. Sharon believing the partial lie that I had to visit the office on a regular basis (true) though the CEO wasn’t bothered when particularly, just so long as I did. The kids were not too hot on the idea at first, but were gradually coming to see me as not the monster they had been brought up to believe.

Yes, I was having the best of all possible worlds in getting to fuck some extremely lovely, bordering on beautiful, women and occasionally a lovely and charming friend or two. Both Paula and Sharon knew I wasn’t a saint, though it did not bother them so long as I didn’t bring problems back to them, though Sharon was not aware (as far as I knew) that I was fucking Paula, Kerry and Meg.

Still, this had put a potential conquest of Marion on hold, at least until things had settled down, though the desire on both our parts was still very much active. Our chance came when Marion herself had to attend some sort of conference to do with her company in Manchester, where I’d also managed to arrange some work for myself during the time I knew she would be there.

“So, we meet at last,” Marion almost purred after she’d stepped into my room.

“Without the rest of the family, yes,” I chuckled.

Marion just gave a wicked smile and shrugged her shoulders, allowing her coat to drop to the floor. I gave an audible gasp of pleasure, her large D-cup breasts were held up by a pulled-down bra, knee-length boots, stockings and suspenders and no panties made up the stunning view. This was not the conservatively dressed woman whom I remembered; this was the woman in the bikini who loved to tease.

“Wow!” was all I could think to say.

“Well, I did promise you one day that you’d get to see more,” she giggled blushing slightly.

“I remember a promise I made in return,” I chuckled as the increasing tightness in my pants was now becoming uncomfortable.

“And what promise might that be?” she asked with a sultry smile as she ran a fingertip downwards on my lips, down my chest and towards my groin.

“That I’d want to do a lot more than look,” I replied as our lips met and she flowed into my arms.

“Mmmmmm,” was all the sound she made as she slipped her fingers over my straining cock while I dipped a hand downwards to brush against the soft hairs of her neatly trimmed pussy.

“So, so nice,” I breathed as our lips parted.

“So, so hard,” she replied before we kissed again, our tongues boxing gently.

“Been waiting too long,” I breathed finally, once our lips parted.

“Yes, I need a good seeing to. Been far too long since I’ve been fucked. I daren’t stray too close to home,” she sighed as arm in arm we slowly made our way to the bed.

I didn’t enquire further. It was simply enough to know that a still good-looking mature lady wanted to be fucked by me ... good and hard it would appear.

“Oh, I suspect this won’t be the last time we fuck,” I chuckled, seeing a glimmer of joy in her eyes at the statement.

“Good, now take me hard. I need it so badly,” she murmured in my ear as she just unclipped my belt, undid my pants and tugged them down along with my underwear as we fell onto the bed.

She was clearly more than ready as, without removing any other clothing, she grasped my cock to guide me into her. One powerful lunge later I was balls-deep in her wonderful-feeling pussy and thrusting away in long rapid strokes, my balls slapping against her bottom as she matched my every move.

“Yes!” she moaned as our bodies slammed together in joyous, if forbidden, union and used her internal muscles to grip and release my cock with every stroke as our pleasure built.

“God, you feel so good!” I gasped in return, enjoying once again the pleasure of forbidden fruit.

“So do you! Oh, fuck!” she almost screamed out as her first orgasm washed over her, her legs crossing over my own to get even more of me inside her.

Within seconds I joined her when the anticipation of the day blasted a veritable torrent of my cum into her accepting pussy as I groaned out my own delight in our coupling.

“Fuck, I needed that,” she almost whimpered in my ear.

“Was great for me too,” I chuckled.

“Been wanting to jump your bones since before you and Sharon got married,” she added with a little smirk of pleasure.

“Doubt I would have gone for it then, though I always admired your figure when I thought you weren’t watching. You were always a fantasy of mine too for the odd session with Sharon,” I chuckled.

“Figured that. Lots of guys have a few fantasies about the mother-in-law. After all she is often close to the daughter,” Marion giggled.

“Seen and fantasised over often,” I chuckled. “But definitely not as good as the real thing.”

“Mmmmm. Now, how did you want me,” Marion purred as she began slipping her clothing off, save the stockings and suspenders.

“Was always a fantasy of mine to take you round the world,” I chuckled, caressing her soft skin.

“Well, you’d be the first ... if I let you. But for now, my pussy has been neglected too long and needs a lot of cream,” Marion giggled.

“I’ve got just the equipment to deliver it too,” I replied, before kissing her and already feeling myself rising to the occasion.

“Good, now let’s make love, not just fuck.”

The kisses became prolonged and our hands wandered over each other’s bodies, touching, teasing and caressing as we explored what we had to offer. Soon I was suckling on a still firm breast as my fingertip slowly swirled over her nub, making her legs twitch and tremble with each circumference.

“Oh, that’s so good,” she moaned as the trembling increased.

“Enjoy it, bonny lass. That’s why we do it,” I replied as I moved to her other nipple bringing it to engorgement.

“Yes ... Oh YES!” she gasped, all her body suddenly stiffening as she pushed her pelvis up hard onto my nimble fingers.

The trembling went on for almost a minute before, with a sigh, she collapsed back onto the bed.

“Oh, I’ve so missed this in my life,” she said, before drawing my head up to kiss me.

“I’m surprised George can leave you alone,” I mused.

“Erectile function disorder. Silly man refuses to get it sorted as he doesn’t want to admit there’s something wrong with him,” she replied as I moved on top of her again.

“That is silly,” I agreed as with a firm thrust I mounted her.

“Oh God, yes!” she moaned. “Much better than my bloody vibrator that I don’t like to use when he’s around.”

“Embarrassed? You?” I chuckled remembering some of the texts I’d gotten.

“Face to face I am,” she giggled before giving out a low moan as the feeling of being fucked started to overwhelm her.

“Don’t seem too embarrassed now,” I replied as our lips met and my thrusts became quicker and more powerful.

“Just embarrassed over what to say,” she gasped as she began counter-thrusts of her own.

“Like ‘fancy a fuck’?” I chuckled, trying to take my mind off my impending orgasm.

“Something like that,” she giggled then gasped out a low moan as she gripped my body as close to herself as she could. The moan became a scream of ecstasy.

I took that as my cue to unload another salvo of male delight into her. If anything it was more powerful than the last time.

“Oh Dave, why the hell did Sharon drive you out of her life?” Marion moaned.

“Past is best left forgotten and I doubt I’d be the man fucking you now if I’d stayed,” I chuckled.

“True, so I should be thankful, though all I want now is a shower,” she giggled as she got up on slightly wobbly legs to head into the bathroom.

Biding my time, I allowed Marion to get into the shower before following her in and started to take some pics of her with my phone as she lathered herself up.

“Not planning on blackmailing me are you, Dave?” she said with a smile as she posed for me, legs akimbo.

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