Damsel in Need - Grace

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Toby and Grace were thrown together on an extended work assignment away from home. Toby attracted women easily - they threw themselves at him, and he fucked them rather than send them away. Grace was sexually innocent, and became curious at what was happening between Toby and his women - listening and masturbating next door. Her curiosity got the better of her, and her sexual education was rapidly expanded by Toby.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Workplace   Cheating   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Size   .

This is the story of Toby and Grace, workmates who were thrust together to install a new computer system, and to train the staff in its use. The difficulty for both of them was that the location was on the other side of the country, and the engagement time was 4 weeks.

Their employer placed them in a hotel for the 4 weeks.

For Grace it was the first time that she had been away from her husband of 10 years. Steve and her had been high school sweethearts from the age of 15 when they started dating. Grace was now 30 years of age and very inexperienced in the world, having always had Steve at her side to guide her. Four weeks away was going to test her ability to cope.

Toby on the other hand was 35 years of age, and had seen and experienced the world. He was a humble man, and the man that would give the shirt off his back to help his friends. He was single and enjoyed it that way.

Looking at them physically they were poles apart (besides being male and female). Toby was 6ft 4ins tall, with a finely chiseled body courtesy of hours in the gym ... and he was a black man. Grace on the other hand was a beautiful slim white woman with minimal curves standing 5ft 8ins tall in her bare feet.

Grace’s husband Steve was a little annoyed that his wife would be in the company of another man for substantial parts of the next 4 weeks, and especially peeved that the guy was a black man. Grace assured him that Toby was no threat - she told him that he respected all the women in their workplace not having made any advances on any of them.

However on the plane trip Grace saw another side of Toby. She saw him flirted with and pursued by one of the flight attendants. He was kind and paid her attention but did nothing to encourage her.

They had adjoining rooms with a connecting door at the hotel, and later that night as Grace lay in bed she heard the unmistakeable sounds of sex coming from the room next door - Toby’s room. The lady was making lots of noise - moaning, groaning and screaming when she orgasmed which she did a number of times over a period of two hours.

Grace’s sexual experiences were very limited - she was a virgin when she married Steve and she had remained faithful to him for the last 10 years ... and sex with him was never like what she heard through the wall.

Over the course of the next five nights Grace heard the sexual coming together repeated each night. The lady’s voice was different each time leading her to believe that Toby was entertaining a different lady each night.

During the course of the day at work she noted women flirting with Toby, and looking very satisfied the next day.

“Oh my god ... most of these women are married” she thought to herself.

Listening to the sex next door had an effect on Grace. She found herself waiting for the sex to start, and then listening intently. By the third night, Grace was slipping her fingers down into her skimpy panties to play with her own pussy whilst trying to picture what was happening next door.

On the fifth night whilst she was waiting, she turned on the tv and the DVD player. It started to play - and it was hardcore porn movie that burst onto the screen. She stood there transfixed but what was on the screen - an interracial fuck scene involving a black guy and a young blonde.

She sat there and watched it all ... with her fingers bringing her to her first self-induced orgasm. She was well primed when the sex started in the next room, laying naked in he bed playing with her pussy and grabbing at her hard little nipples.

It was Saturday when Toby sheepishly asked her if the noise from his room was being heard in hers. The look on her face told him what he wanted to know. He apologized for disturbing her, telling her that for some reason the women in the workplace seemed to be throwing themselves at him, and turning up at his room at night.

Rather than cause a scene in the hallway he let them in ... and sex has been the end result.

“I’m so tired” he admitted to not getting a lot of sleep over the last five nights.

Saturday night was a repeat of the other nights - even more noise, and what sounded like the voices of two women.

On Sunday morning Toby came into Grace’s room looking very tired.

“Can I ask a big favour ... can I borrow your bed for a couple of hours ... I need to get some sleep and I’m afraid that I’m going to get visitors during the day today” he pleaded.

“Sure ... I’m going out for a while so you’ll have the room to yourself for a few hours” Grace responded.

When Grace returned she found Toby still asleep on her bed dressed in just his boxer shorts which did little to disguise the large lump in them. He had a partial erection courtesy of his current dream. She watched as he slept.

After about 15 minutes she did something that was totally out of character for her - she undressed down to her skimpy panties and a crop top. She climbed onto the bed and laid beside him. Within minutes he moved onto his side, and was soon spooning behind her.

Grace could feel his erection through his shorts pressing against her firm ass. She was just a little more shocked when his hand moved to rest on her bare tummy just below her little breasts. She allowed it to stay there for a few minutes before she inexplicably moved it up to cup her little breasts through her top.

He squeezed her breast and ground his cock against her ass in his sleep.

They stayed this way for about 15 minutes before he stirred and realized where he was and what he was doing. He went to remove his hand but Grace trapped his hand against her breast saying “Don’t move please”.

He left it there, and was a little shocked when she pushed his hand off her breast for a moment before placing it back on her bare one after pushing her croptop up over them.

“Play with them” she whispered.

This is the story, as told by Toby, of what happened from that time onwards.

I ran my free hand over both of them. They were small firm perfectly shaped domes topped with a hard little rosy red nipple. The contrast between my black skinned hand and her lily-white skin was amazing.

She wiggled about until she was laying on her back and I could see them perfectly whilst I played with them. I wiggled about on the bed bringing my face level with them. With my hand caressing one I licked the others nipple before gently sucking it.

“Oh ... oh ... oh shit” she moaned whilst I worked back and forth between her breasts.

My free hand in the meantime slipped down across her flat tummy and rested on her panty-covered mound with my fingertips resting just over her clitoral hood.

I nibbled too whilst I sucked her nipples - her arousal levels just went through the roof. She was moaning and groaning ... and pushing her pussy mound against my hand. I flicked my fingers back and forth across her hood until I had her squealing with her first orgasm.

I slipped my hand even lower, with my fingers finding a very wet gusset in her panties.

With Grace panting and trying to catch her breath, I slipped further down the bed, and climbed in between her parted thighs. Hooking my fingers in the waistband of her panties I drew them completely off, briefly smelling them and their amazing sexual odour before dropping them to the floor.

I moved until my face was inches from her pussy ... I could smell her arousal and I could see the trickle of her juices from between her engorged lips. I ran my tongue along the split between her lips.

“Yum” I muttered.

“What ... what are you doing?” Grace gasped.

I licked her again ... she moaned even louder.

I looked up at her from between her thighs ... she was watching me intently. I licked her again ... her eyes closed and she moaned again.

“That’s dirty” she whispered.

“Whoever told you that?” I asked.

In a soft and meek-like voice she answered “My husband”.

I shook my head in disbelief.

“The man is a fool ... an ignorant fool if he’s never licked your pussy”.

I waited for a second or too then added “Your pussy is beautiful ... wet and tangy ... and I love your taste”.

I returned my tongue to her pussy, using it to part her wet lips and finding a veritable river of her juices there for the taking ... and I took them ... and swallowed them. Every couple of licks I would allow my tongue to wander up and flick her erect clit.

“Oh ... oh fuck ... oh my god” she moaned.

For the next few minutes I increased the attentions that I paid to her clit, whilst introducing a single finger into her hot tight pussy canal.

She was close to another orgasm ... I kept pushing her up to the brink, and easing off. I repeated that quite a few times until she was begging me to allow her to cum.

“Please ... please ... let me cum ... please” she yelled.

I teased just for a few more seconds then I concentrated solely on her clit. That tipped her over the edge ... she orgasmed long and hard ... and very wet ... squirting her juices all over my face and fingers.

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