So I Married My Own Daughter

by Severusmax

Copyright© 2016 by Severusmax

Incest Sex Story: Otto Schaefer is in for a real shock when he learns that his wife Nadia is actually his firstborn daughter from his not-so-ex wife Carmen. The bigger shocks come soon afterward, when Carmen herself moves back in to share their husband's favors and his bed.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Workplace   Cheating   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   Rough   Group Sex   Harem   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Analingus   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Big Breasts   Public Sex   .

I was busy helping my four-year old twins decorate the Christmas tree when Nadia, my wife of five years, asked me to join her in the master bedroom for a moment. Being a little curious about her intentions, and fixing little Eric and Erica a quick lunch to feed and distract them, I made my apologies to the children and joined their mother on the bed, whereupon she took off her glasses and kissed me very deeply before looking me intently in the eye.

“Honey, there is something that I need to tell you, and I want you to promise to try and understand. If you get mad, I will understand, too, but please remember that I love you,” my lovely young wife (23 years old to my 46 years) pleaded with me.

“Okay, I’m all ears,” I said as I stroked her cheek, wanting a moment of tenderness before what big shocking confession might shake me up ... Nadia had to physically jerk herself away from my touch despite her obvious desire to simply enjoy it.

“Honey, I married you under false pretenses. I’m not just young enough to be your daughter. I AM your daughter. Yes, I know that you will have a hard time believing it, but it’s true. Why do you think that you haven’t met my mother yet? It’s because I wanted badly to be your wife and have a life with you before she told you the truth. I know that I made up excuses and stuff, but, yes, she and I have spent time together. And she’s ready to meet her grandchildren, honey. I couldn’t keep this a secret any longer, because she wants to meet you again. And frankly, it’s time that you reunited with your wife, Carmen. She very much wants to see you again and I’ve wanted her to, but only once I had a few great years to remember you by, just as she had, in case you got angry and chose not to preserve the family and the marriage,” Nadia really shook me up with her announcement.

“Wait, Carmen didn’t tell me that I knocked her up and that you were my daughter! Why not? And she’s my ex-wife, not my wife. We both cheated on each other, you know. Repeatedly. She would get insanely jealous and yet she would cheat on me just as badly as I cheated on her. We loved each other like crazy, but we were both terribly jealous and immature about it all. We should have just had an open marriage, but we had no concept of it and we were both such hypocrites about the adultery thing. Nearly everything else was perfect in our marriage but that. And I must admit that when we fucked, we went wild in bed together,” I recalled.

“Daddy, Mama already told me all about it! She admitted that she was very ‘difficult, jealous, and unfaithful wife, ‘ in her own words, and she also told me that you were the most loving, caring man that she ever knew, and that no one else measured up after you left. All of the other men proved to be very disappointing, but she was often involved with someone and she felt that she would find me a new father, but none of them were either interested or worthy to be with her and help her raise me. Anyway, she never filed the divorce papers, in fact, so you’ve still been married to my mother for the past twenty-three years! So, not only is our marriage incestuous, it’s bigamous as well! Doubly illegal!” Nadia admitted as she wept on my shoulder and kissed my neck repeatedly.

“What about the blood test? That’s required!” I asked her.

“I switched blood samples with someone else and you passed with flying colors. Namely, with Mama, since she’s not related to you. She wanted this marriage to happen, because it should. You have two wives and one of them is your own daughter, Daddy. And Mama wants to reconcile with you, if you’ll let her. I know that she did you wrong, but can you please forgive her and give her another chance? You can have both of us, in your bed, whenever you want us. You can make love regularly to two or more women for the rest of your life,” my daughter/wife urged me, stroking my cock through my pajamas.

“You’re serious about this? You want me to take your mother to bed and have my way with her. What about her jealousy? Won’t she try to drive us apart? And isn’t this wrong, me taking my daughter as my wife?” I was full of questions, reeling with shock and reverting to knee-jerk reactions that many men might have in my position.

“Yes, it is wrong by the standards of the Eastern Orthodox Church to which I belong, and to which my mother belongs. You’ve never been that religious yourself, so I think that you’re just throwing up society’s inconsistent values, mostly borrowed from Christianity, most of which you’ve already rejected, but apparently not its objection to incest. Personally, I don’t see a problem with it. It’s love ... so much love, and it allows us to bond in a way that we couldn’t as father and daughter because of how my mother behaved, for which she wishes to atone, by the way. Oh, and she’s taking back your name, legally, which means that all three of us will be named Schaefer. Otto Schaefer, Carmen Schaefer, and Nadia Schaefer. Sweet!” Nadia told me as she now freed my cock and began to suck it hungrily.

“So, by now, you probably know what kind of husband I really am,” I observed, hoping that she didn’t suddenly change from penitent to angry, aggrieved woman if she already understood.

“Yes, the loving, caring, sweet, protective kind. Who just happens to spread the love a little further than even most men. I’m not my mother. I’ve learned from her mistakes. Hell, she has also learned from her mistakes and won’t be nagging you about the other women ever again. Besides, if you know my genes, you must also realize what kind of wife I am. I haven’t exactly been Miss Fidelity, either. I got the double whammy of adultery in my bloodline, dear.

“You’ve been oblivious to that, since you didn’t know my ancestry, but I was well aware of your philanderings. I have to admit that most of them are sexy as hell. I mean, Mrs. Patton, our kids’ preschool teacher? She’s hot as hell and her husband’s an ass wipe, so why not bang her? Granted, she’s pregnant and I don’t think that hubby’s the father. I hope that she divorces him and moves in with us. That would be terrific, especially since she’s carrying your spawn inside her womb,” Nadia purred as she slipped down her pajama bottoms and invited me inside her freshly shaved twat.

The next thing that I knew, I was now deliberately, well aware of the consequences of my actions, committing incest with my daughter, who also happened to illegally be my second wife. After all, I had already knocked her up once and I was actually pleased with the results, fraternal twins Eric and Erica Schaefer. Under the covers, I slipped her my “winter sausage,” as I often jokingly called it, much to her delight, even though by society’s rules, I should have been sickened by the reality of what I had done and was doing all over again, this time with full knowledge of my “dirty deeds.”

“Oh, fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me, honey! Fuck your naughty daughter and spank my butt as you do it!” Nadia urged me, now getting on her belly in front of me and egging me on to spank her as I took her from behind.

“I’m not going to get an annulment. It would be stupid on so many levels. I’m not leaving you, baby. So you’re my daughter! I didn’t get to raise you, but I get to spoil you and love you and keep you by my side for the rest of my life! So, you’ve cheated on me! I’ve cheated on you repeatedly, and yes, I screwed the hell out of Mrs. Patton, and what’s worse, I haven’t stopped it! She and I meet regularly and fuck like bunnies!

“I won’t apologize for that, but I won’t ask for your apologies, either. We’re the same kind of person. We love so much that we can’t stop with one person. I never wanted to leave your mother, but things were just so rough back then. If she and I can work it out, I’ll take her and you to bed at once and dare the world to stop me!” I decided firmly to accept my daughter as my second wife and I told her such.

“Oh, Daddy, you’re the best! Much better than the neighbor, Mike, though he’s great in the sack, too! His wife doesn’t fuck him often enough, but I do! And then there is the paper delivery boy, Tim, whom I fuck during his route, even though it makes him late to the rest of it at times. It’s worth it for both of us. He also confessed to me his fantasy of getting caught in bed with you and fucked by both of us. Would it turn you on to bugger Tim as he fucks me, and then to sodomize me, too? That’s his fantasy, dear!” Nadia encouraged my lust.

“Yes, it would! Incidentally, I’ve fucked his mother a few times and she keeps dropping hints that she wants me to start again. Actually, I don’t think that she’s ever wanted me to stop it! But single moms are like that! Once you fuck them, they often don’t want you to quit, because then they have to seek another source of dick,” I chuckled.

“So, you fuck his mother, I fuck him, and someday you catch us and fuck us both! And then I catch you with Tim’s mother, what’s her name?” Nadia asked me as I kept taking her sweet slit and spanking her buns.

“Jennifer,” I groaned as I enjoyed my wife’s cunt and her sweet ass.

“Yes, Jennifer, and I join both of you in the sack for a threesome. Imagine the look on her face when I catch you two and just start undressing to slip it into bed with the both of you,” Nadia giggled as she added, “By the way, if you do the math, I was just seventeen when you and I first became intimate, same age as little Tim.”

“It wasn’t statutory rape, thankfully, because we live in a state where the age of consent is just sixteen,” I observed, gladly, as I screwed her even harder.

“True, but we did fuck a couple of times in a state where it was illegal. And incest is always illegal. Think how hot that was, you and me together, in defiance of every law on the books, just as you fucking me right now is a crime! Especially since I’m fertile right now!” my daughter encouraged my burning passion as I fucked her good and hard.

“Oh, fuck!” I shouted as we came together, her moans growing more intense as she squirted, a trait that she inherited from Carmen, and I spilled my load inside her.

“I wasn’t kidding, Daddy. You just knocked me up again! You made me a Mommy once more! I hope for even more twins! By the way, my twin died years ago, but I had one. Her name was Samantha,” Nadia thought sadly as she kissed my face and then wiped away my tears.

“How old did she get to be?” I asked my wife about her sister, my own daughter.

“Sixteen, before leukemia killed her, poor thing. I regret that you never got to know her and she never knew her Daddy’s love. Mama regrets it most of all and it changed her deeply, made her realize even more than she already had that Samantha needed her father in her life. Can we name our next girl Samantha and love her even more for her sake? Maybe Samantha will see it from Heaven or wherever she is and know that you know about her and love her now,” my daughter begged me as we snuggled under the comforter.

“Sure, sweetie. Why not? Samantha Carmen Schaefer has a nice ring to it, the Carmen so that her grandmother knows that she’s forgiven. Yes, what she did was wrong, but I have no doubt that a pain like losing her daughter to cancer would have made her suffer enough and learn her lesson. I’m letting go of my anger and forgiving her, as I hope that you will, if you haven’t already,” I assured my Nadia.

“Yes, I have, dear Daddy. That I have. Mama really wanted us to be together, you know. She wanted it a lot. So, may I call my mother and invite her over for Christmas at last, let her meet her grandkids? Can the family be whole again at last?” Nadia pleaded with her soft, hazel eyes and the lovely Romanian peasant face that she inherited from her mother.

“Yes, dear. Call your mother. Let’s not do to her any longer what she did to us. What she did was wrong, but so is keeping a grandmother away from her grandchildren. They need their grandmother. Besides, I got a strong urge to grudge fuck her first, to get all of the anger out of me, and then I can make love to her ... and you, afterward,” I said as I got up, got dressed, and went to check on the toddlers.

Erica had eaten somewhat neatly, though she still got some peanut butter smeared on her chin, whereas Eric’s face was messy as hell from the jelly on his sandwich and the greedy way that he ate it. They both rushed to hug me, though, and I didn’t hesitate to pick them up in my arms, sticky faces though they had. My wife’s laughter from the background showed that she had stopped to take a photo before calling Carmen up. She was thankfully dressed again, of course.

“My mother needs to see that picture. She’ll love it!” Nadia said as she dialed and I told the kids to be quiet.

“Why, Daddy?” Eric asked me.

“Because Mommy’s calling your Grandma! You want to meet your Grandma?” I asked them both, and to their credit, both nodded yes.

“Pammy said that every kid has a grandma and grandpa. Where’s Grandpa?” Erica repeated her friend’s words, unaware that I was her grandfather as well as her Daddy.

“Well, he’s in Heaven right now, okay?” I meant it, too ... my own version of Heaven.

“Okay, I’ll ask Jesus to tell him I love him,” Erica smiled, making me smile, though part of me wanted to cry ... I didn’t believe in Jesus, but it was so sweet of her.

By now, Nadia had slipped back into the bedroom and closed the door for privacy, as she spoke to her mother, and it occurred to me that our children were also her brother and sister. They didn’t need to know that yet, of course, but they would eventually find out. I had become husband to my own daughter and grandfather to my own kids. It was bizarre, but I had honestly not known about it, and the deed was done. I certainly wasn’t going to drop a woman that I deeply loved again over what some would argue was a sin. She loved me. I loved her. Who cared if it was illegal under state law and immoral in society’s eyes? Fuck society and the state, I wasn’t going to break up my family over raised eyebrows about our accidental incest!

An hour later, while I watched “The Grinch” with my twins, Nadia emerged from the room, dressed in her pajamas (which smelled of sex, but the twins were none the wiser), and gave me a big grin. She slipped onto the couch next to me and put her head on my shoulder, taking full advantage of her newly discovered status as my firstborn daughter as well as my wife to charm me all over again. She clearly wanted my body for warmth and I wanted her body heat as well, not to mention her long, lovely brown hair on my flannel pajama top.

“Mama can’t wait to see you again, and yes, she wants to make it up to you as best as she can,” Nadia whispered in my ear, “She’ll be on the red eye and she’ll be here tomorrow, even though Christmas is three weeks away.”

“What does she do for a living that lets her do that?” I asked Nadia quietly.

“Stewardess, excuse me, flight attendant,” she said in hushed tones, putting a smile on my face ... I could easily picture Carmen Nicolescu as an airline stewardess, especially so long after we parted.

As for me, I had reached fourteen years with the Navy before asthma ended my military career, six years shy of my pension. I still managed to do fairly well by means of using my experience as a mess cook to line up diner work and eventually start my own catering business, ultimately specializing in Eastern European cuisine (a love that I had picked up from Carmen, of course). I was especially proud of my borscht (chilled beet soup) and my goulash (a Hungarian stew often confused with a pasta in the States). Of course, catering had lined up some connections by now and I had done quite well financially for myself, due to the right kinds of investments and securities.

“Just wait until she’s here and tastes your kielbasa!” Nadia whispered again, and I knew that she wasn’t just talking about my cooking.

I blushed a bit, right as the Grinch’s heart enlarged to beyond its “two sizes too small” and he rescued the gifts from the disaster that he nearly caused. Despite my dislike of Jim Carrey’s anti-gun and anti-vaccine views, I still admired his comedic genius and the message of the film (as well as the works of Dr. Seuss generally). In any case, it was a worthwhile movie for the children to see.

After the kids went down for a little nap and Nadia joined me in decorating the Christmas tree, I got a call on my cell phone and it was from out of state. I showed the number to Nadia and she mouthed “Mama.” I nodded and answered it.

“Hello,” I said nervously.

“Oh, my sweet man! My dear husband! It has been so long! Far too long, my sweet! I should have stayed with you and been your wife all these years! I was wrong ... so wrong! Please forgive me, my sweet, darling man!” Carmen’s unmistakable Romanian accent came through.

“You are forgiven. You need to forgive yourself, and yes, I know about Samantha. Now, when we divorced, you said that you were pregnant to another man. Are you telling me that these were not his children, but mine? Were you pregnant with Nadia and Samantha back then, because the math suggests it?” I asked her directly.

“Yes, yes, I was. They were not Dale’s children. They were yours. He tested it and proved it to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt. I actually thought that they were his, but I was wrong about it, and by then, well, I would have had to track you down, but I should have. And I should have tracked you down when she was in need of donors, but I feared doing so would create a mess that would have upset her and actually hurt her chances of survival. It’s my fault that she died and I can never forget that! I will try to forgive myself, but I will never forget it!” she wept over the speaker phone.

“Mama, cut that out! Samantha was already at stage III, nearing stage IV, when we learned about the leukemia. It was already too late to save her, donor or not. Please stop blaming yourself for her death! Yes, Daddy was a perfect match, but you didn’t want to bring a new person into her life right then, with all of the stress of meeting her father for the first time. Plus, you didn’t have the time or money available to track him down just then. Besides, I did that for you later,” Nadia spoke up now.

“Yes, what Nadia said. Now, quit beating yourself up. Samantha’s spirit is still with us and she wouldn’t want her mother upset, would she? I am going to name our next girl Samantha Carmen Schaefer in her honor and yours. She will be a very loved little girl, too, because we will love her with our love and her namesake’s. You know me. I am a man of my word,” I assured Carmen, who then began flirting with me over the phone just like that, “We are a family now and you are welcome to stay with me for life. Our home is your home, the family home now, for you are still my wife, after all.”

“So, you want me back for real? Nadia was right about that? Oh, thank you! I will be so good to you forever, I swear it! I have missed you for so long, my dear husband! Those years without you, they were horrible, my love, absolutely desolate! I was such a fool, especially thinking that I was carrying Dale’s twins when they were yours and trying to be with him instead of you. I almost filed more than once, especially when I was planning to marry him, but I never did. Now I am glad that I didn’t, of course.

“Trust me, I do not care who else you bed anymore, though I hope that you will not dismiss Nadia. She is your wife, too, as well as your ... our daughter. Love her the same as you love me. We will make a happy, what’s the phrase, ‘menage a trois, ‘ right? Three to a bed, man, wife, and daughter. Just as it should be. You know, I was wrong to be jealous, though I wasn’t wrong to have other men. It was just how I was. I should have not been such a hypocrite and so unreasonable by acting jealous of you when I had other men. I think that it was fear of losing you, and in the end, it caused me to lose you, so that was a self-fulfilling prophecy, that fear and jealousy. I will be good in the future, at least with the jealousy.

“I will not give up the other men, though. I am a stewardess, excuse me, ‘flight attendant, ‘ which is a bit of stupid political correctness. I prefer being called a ‘stewardess, ‘ because it means that my passengers are entrusted to my care. What do you say to what they call an... ‘open marriage’? One where we can both fuck around, and so can Nadia?” Carmen proposed.

“It’s what we should have done last time, so let’s go ahead and do it. Besides, who better to initiate our children into sex but their parents and grandparents when they come of age?” I suggested, while Carmen audibly moaned and Nadia shivered with delight, “Open marriage gives us that choice, of course. And as for Nadia, she’s mine and I refuse to give her up in any sense of things.”

“Yes, we already do incest, so why stop with the firstborn girl, right?” Carmen said while Nadia slipped her hand down into the crotch of my pajamas.

“My sentiments exactly,” Nadia chimed in, adding, “By the way, Mommy, I am bisexual. Speaking of incest, you wouldn’t be opposed if I want to ... sample you, would you?”

“Honey, go for it! I will return the favor, in fact. Word of warning, I sleep in the nude these days. I love the feeling of it! You guys should try it some time! I’m a little bigger than I was, due to some cellulite, but not too much, as I want to keep in shape for my job. People prefer their airline stewardesses not to be too fat. Anyway, we’ll need a bed large enough for three adults, at least. Also, I still smoke, especially after sex, so be warned about that. And I still give hummers to help soften the morning wood!” Carmen swore to me, making her intentions toward me plain as day: she intended to work with our daughter to fuck me into an early grave.

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