Damsel in Need - Lana

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Jack was the much older bodyguard of Lana. He came very close to fucking her when he took her home after a boozy night out with her girlfriends. He had to look after her again when hubby went on a business trip with his hot personal assistant. Sharing a beach house, with Lana in a bikini and her memories of their previous unfinished encounter were the ingredients for another hot encounter.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Workplace   Cheating   .

Jack had been with the company for the last thirty years, working in most areas. For the last five years he had been assigned the role of driver/security person for the chief executive officer. He had known Bill for ages, and was disappointed when he retired last year to be replaced by his 40 year old son Jeff. Bill however still owned the company.

With Jack turning 55 at his next birthday, he had told the company that he intended to retire on his birthday, and to travel the world.

He didn’t really get along with Jeff, considering him to be a twit who had inherited the job, and not actually earned it. Jack’s job was safe, courtesy of instructions that Bill had left when he retired.

Jack did however like Lana who was Jeff’s 30 year old wife. She treated Jack with respect, confiding in him often and teasing him just a little with her beautiful womanly charms. She was very beautiful, a tall leggy brunette with a nice set of breasts (probably a C-cup). She always dressed well, with just a hint of sexual allure in her choice of clothing and footwear.

He drove her wherever she wanted to be taken, including lunches with her girlfriends.

Their relationship changed after one such lunch, when she had a little too much to drink, and she became very flirtatious. When he finally got her home, she plastered her curvy body against his, pressing her very firm breasts against his chest with their lips mashed together and her tongue trying to find the back of his throat.

In minutes they were naked, and he had his face against her luscious wet pussy, licking her abundance of juices whilst sawing a finger in and out of her tightness. She orgasmed long and hard a number of times before she passed out on the bed.

He really wanted to fuck her but he wanted her to be an active participant in the coupling so he covered her up, and left her sleep off her alcohol induced slumber. They said nothing about their illicit time together, just exchanging smiles when no one was around.

About three months later he had just dropped off Jeff and his young personal assistant at the airport. They were taking the company jet on a 2 week overseas jaunt. He then proceeded to collect Lana from the beauty parlor and take her home.

“We’re going to a beach house for a week or so” she told Jack “Pack you beach gear”.

They were soon on their way, with Lana joining Jack in the front of the car. She was very cheerful and bubbly.

About half way along the road, Lana turned to Jack and said “I had something very special done just for you at the beauty parlor”. With that she lifted the front of her dress to show her totally hairless little pussy. Last time he saw it, there had been a neatly trimmed triangle of short dark hairs on her mound with nothing around her fleshy lips.

This time it was totally bare ... but now with a small gold ring through her clitoral hood.

“I loved your tongue and fingers last time ... I’m so disappointed that I missed out on your cock. This time we have all week”.

This is the beach stay story as told by Jack.

My god that pussy looked amazing ... almost teenage like in its appearance with its non-existent lips ... just a tightly closed crease hid the entrance to her pussy. And I loved the addition of the piercing. I was going to ask her more about that.

“I wondered how much you remembered” I asked as I tried to watch the road and her pussy at the same time.

She smiled - a radiant smile then said “I have a confession ... I wasn’t as drunk as I made out to be ... and passing out wasn’t part of my plans.”

“Why me?” I asked.

“Revenge ... plain and simple” she replied adding “My low-life husband has been fucking his personal assistant for the last nine months.”

Many thoughts were running through my head at that moment.

“Did I really want to be a participant in this revenge?”

Lana could see that I was conflicted. She dropped the dress bottom again, hiding her pussy. She then turned more to face me, tucking her feet under her ass.

She started saying “Bill told me a while ago that I married a dud when I married his son.”

“Although I was 25 years old when I married him, I now consider myself to have been young and silly - I thought that I could just ignore his indiscretions which started even before we walked down the aisle.”

“I loved him with my whole heart ... and he has broken it so many times in the last five years”.

“Bill told me that I should have found a guy like you - reliable and honest.”

I laughed.

She looked at me strangely, probably wanting to understand what had prompted me to laugh.

“Me? ... Honest???? ... how honest is a guy who has dined out on the succulent pussy of his boss’s wife ... and who would have fucked her if she hadn’t passed out on him” I explained with a laugh at the end.

“Succulent?” Lana asked.

“Yeh ... tastiest pussy that I’ve ever licked” I admitted with a wry grin.

She looked at me, smiling at my admissions, and silent for a couple of minutes. I could see her thinking.

“I want everything ... EVERYTHING ... from you in the next week ... and no regrets” she told me as she slipped her hand across and groped my huge erection.

“You and I are going to be totally honest and open with each other this week ... I will be ... and I hope that goes for you too” she added.

“Totally” I gasped with her small hand grabbing my cock and holding it firmly.

Our clothes laid a trail from the front door of the beach house all the way to the master bedroom.

My tongue was buried in her succulent pussy, devouring the steady stream of her juices that had accompanied her first two cums.

“Oh fuck ... I do remember your wonderful tongue” she moaned wiggling her pussy against my mouth.

I looked up from between her thighs to catch her watching me intently.

“I love your pussy ... it looks and tastes amazing”.

“I could spend hours down here talking to my new friend” I told her as I slipped a finger into her tightness.

“She speaks my language”.

That got a reaction - one that I should have expected.

“No fucking way ... get up here and fuck me ... I’ve waited too long for your cock” she growled.

I gave her pussy a couple more finger fucks, and licked her pierced hood before I moved to kneel between her thighs with my engorged fat cock hovering over her mound. Her hand grasped me as best her small hand could given the fatness of my cock.

“I didn’t remember you being this big tho “ she admitted caressing my shaft with her beautifully manicured fingers.

“You know that I didn’t remember your breasts and nipples being so big either” I commented.

“I especially love your nipple piercings too”.

Her breasts seemed bigger - I estimated that they must be at least a DD cup now, and her nipples were darker and longer too.

“I like to surprise you” she replied with an impish grin.

“Can we please fuck” she demanded.

She moved my cockhead up and down along her now engorged pussy lips, and then into position at the entry to her hot wet canal. With the head now nudging at her tight entry she begged “Fuck me please”.

I pushed forward, encountering some resistance before I slipped into her.

“Oh fuck me ... that’s so fucking hot”. It was hot all the way in to her depths.

“Oh shit ... oh fuck ... oh god ... cuming” she squealed.

I leant forward, bringing my face to hers. I felt her wrap her legs around my waist, pulling me tight against her convulsing body. There were a whole heap of emotions playing out across her face as I watched her ... things like joy, happiness, ecstasy and the like.

We kissed passionately as her orgasm just rolled on and on aided by random firm nudges of my cock into her depths. This was one massive and long lasting orgasm. She wrapped her arms around my neck, trapping me totally ... not that I wanted to escape.

This was an amazing position to fuck in. I loved the closeness of her body, feeling her beautiful body pressed against mine with our lips and tongue playing together.

Eventually she released my neck and I was able to return to my knees between her thighs.

“Don’t go please” she cried out fearing that I was going to withdraw from her.

Instead I picked up her legs by the ankles and place both legs over my right shoulder. I lifted her further into my impaling cock then wrapped my arms around her upper thighs, locking her in place. My cock was squeezed even tighter within her pussy.

I then resumed fucking her.

“That’s good ... oh god that’s good” she wailed.

She had more to say ... somewhat intelligible things when I started to lick and suck on her toes.

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