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Erotica Sex Story: My sister, my substitute mom and later my lover. Our times and experiences together.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/mt   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Cuckold   Revenge   Incest   Brother   Sister   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Squirting   .

This is a true story. I am not serial gigolo, so mail directed to those ends will be universally disregarded. I have to add - this is not exactly a stroke story. Let’s just say that in a lot of instances, I was in the right place at the right time with the right people. As it is, I was amazed at the details of my life I remembered – although as I remembered chronologically, more details came to the fore. © Hellraser 2014

If you followed my other looong story of growing up, there are some side trips that I can expand on now.


Sis got married very young... 16 young and was banished from our house by our bitch of a mother. Sis married a guy I’ll just label as ‘B’. She would probably never have taken the plunge except for the constant pressure from the bitch to marry HER choice of eligible, wealthy farmer’s kids. That’s what the bitch was all about. ONLY the wealthy need apply. No wonder she left at the first opportunity. It didn’t help that Sis got knocked up really soon thereafter – whether it was her wedding night or the back of her boyfriends pickup ... who knows?

I think a little background is due here, assuming you haven’t read my previous history. Our mom was a bitch ... there wasn’t any other way to describe her. Her idea of cooking was to burn everything. I don’t recall ever seeing a pork chop fried so hard you could pound nails with it. Dad never commented and he had his reasons. Desserts? If we [family] wanted any, it was up to Sis and myself to make them. Sis RARELY called me Buck, it was always ‘Baby Brudder’ and that stuck with her the rest of her life. I remember having two birthday parties the whole time growing up and they were Sis’ idea ... she baked the cake and invited what few kids there were in our neighborhood. The bitch was more concerned over how much the kids DIDN’T pay for my gifts. Hell, this was the 50’s and money didn’t grow on trees like in the bigger cities. 95% of us all wore hand-me-downs.

For some reason, at about age 5, we must have come into some money somewhere, somehow because we had the biggest Christmas we’d ever had. I got an electric train that had a light and smoked if you put this special oil in the smokestack. I got a puppy, a boxer. As this was a ‘super boxer’, he grew the size of a great Dane and was my protector. He walked me to school, waited for me at recess and got between me and the bitch when she was in her normal foul mood. This lasted til school was out for 1st grade and he disappeared. Dad finally told me years later the bitch threatened to leave him if he didn’t get rid of ‘that damned dog’. I was hers to torment while Dad was at work and she didn’t need anything protecting me.

The bitch was a holy terror as long as Dad was out of the house working. From my earliest memories, Sis was labeled a ‘whore’ by mom and beaten or slapped around. I was beaten for things real or imagined several times a day and Sis was there to console me. Sis was at least smart enough to make herself scarce most of the time. The bitch barely tolerated her. Alone, she was free to do whatever she pleased to me without witnesses. Sis and I slept together at night as often as possible and comforted each other. Neither of us were allowed to have friends over and I was rarely allowed to leave the yard.

Dad worked long and hard. He started with an oil company that was just getting off the ground after WW2, working his way up to the point he tested and signed purchase orders to buy crude oil for their refinery. Unfortunately, his job often took him out of town for days at a time. This tale isn’t about my mom, per se, so read the 1st chapter of My Youth if you want gory details.

Sis remained my best buddy throughout her life. In my mind, she was the most beautiful girl/woman I had ever known. Red hair, a BIG bustline and slender hips, the high school boys followed her like puppies. Her first husband enlisted in the Air Force and got stationed in El Paso, Tx. I was really young at the time but we made frequent trips to Texas to bail them out of financial problems ... seems the hubby liked to gamble, drink and party. Unfortunately for Sis, B had no qualms about leaving the house, my new nephew and the bills for her while he did what he wanted. After serving his hitch, he decided that coast to coast trucking was going to be his new way of life. Actually, the asshole considered himself a coxman and really never attempted to hide the fact. I’ll admit, he was a big guy. Even as a young adult, I could put two fingers through his his high school ring. They never live any one place too long and by this time, Sis had two more kids. B was a driver for a union firm and his seat partner was a guy from our old hometown. B and Sis were now in a ‘rent to own’ acreage and B gone the majority of the time, leaving Sis to handle the place, the kids, a horse and a couple of head of cattle. His partner married a hometown girl the same time B married Sis [I think there was a shotgun involved as THEIR girl was a little older. Almost a year older than my oldest nephew]. His wife Retta was nice, but a tad on the homely side -skinny to the point of bony, flat chested and no ass. Their daughter was exactly the opposite – drop dead sexy from the time she was twelve on and hell on wheels to boot.

My Dad was in surgery to try to remove a brain tumor. Sis and hubby ‘B’ came to be with the family. Dad was convinced he wouldn’t survive it, no matter what. The bitch told him and the rest of the family she didn’t sign on to take care of an invalid which really distanced her from everyone but my older brother, her favorite. I had a very successful rock band and was making scads of money – soo, I was chosen to foot the bill for feeding nine of us. B and I were delegated to hit a hamburger joint and buy food for those in our waiting room. Lo and behold, we were no sooner away from the hospital when B started bragging about all the pussy he was getting on the road. Knock me over with a feather. Did this asshole KNOW who he was talking to? I had no qualms about telling him what a total low life he was. His reply was he did what a ‘real man’ would do. I never thought much of him as a man OR a husband before so how could I think of him that much LESS now, but it kinda makes you wonder why Sis dipped so low in the shallow end of the gene pool. I resolved to just ignore this dickwad for the rest of my life. Dad survived surgery but we were told he had maybe a year to live and I was bound and determined to spend all the time with him he had left. The strangest thing happened – Sis and I were cut out of Dad’s will, leaving everything to the bitch as executrix and my older brother. Dad had told me something 180 degrees different. I smell bitch here.

Monthly Reserve meeting...

B and his buddy had been gone three weeks and I was entertaining my niece and nephews at Sis’ house. B’s partner’s wife we’ll call Retta came to visit, the kiddies left to play with friends so we broke out the beer. Don’t ask me how or why but the topic of conversation turned to breast sizes. [More background here – Sis had humongous tits by now, like cantaloupe sized tits, gaining at least a cup size per kid. Poor Retta, on the other hand, was still near flat as a board.] Imagine my chagrin when asked WHAT SIZE BREASTS TURNED ME ON!! Maybe too much beer but I could still hold an adult conversation ... yeah right! I stepped back and looked at both women. Sis pulled her shoulders back and thrust those melons right at me.[I hope the drool didn’t show] Poor Retta had more bra than boob but her top was tight and she had a bulge under each armpit.

“Retta, I’m going to touch you. Sis, move out in front of us, please.” Retta was a little hesitant as her hubby was known to be a jealous asshole, even if she KNEW he ran around on her.[and later, according to her, RARELY touched her] I had Retta scoot forward on her chair a bit so I could get behind her. “Hon, put your hands on your hips and keep your elbows out.” This gave me access to her underarms. I pushed those bulges in and forward and all of a sudden, she gained a cup size.

Sis wouldn’t believe what she was seeing and Retta only felt her bra get tighter. We must have had too much beer because Sis talked Retta into taking her top off. She only agreed if Sis did the same thing. Looking at Sis, I mean REALLY looking at Sis, I never knew they MADE bras that big. Sis did drop the fact that she wore an E cup now. [Other than the natural pull of gravity, Sis’ tits stuck straight out. This was before implants became a reality.] After taking her top off, I re-pushed her bulges. Retta looked down to see boob punching out of her bra cups. “I can’t believe it! I don’t bulge out like this even if I’m wearing an underwire push-up bra. I got TITS!!” Sis added “Have you ever been fitted for a bra?” “No, I’ve just thrown a tape measure around me and went with that. I haven’t changed cup size since since high school. I’m surprised I had enough to nurse my daughter.” Retta had to hit the bathroom to check herself out in the mirror. She ran back in the room and laid an open mouthed kiss on me, like she was trying to swab my tonsils. Sis just had a smokey look in her eyes.

Sis worked in some kind of auto/truck moving place. You needed a vehicle moved to another part of the country, they loaded it up and moved it for you. I was still in the damned reserves, so I stayed with Sis on meeting weekends. Since there were about twenty single or divorced secretaries of some shape, age or description in her office, she had me fixed up for a date Friday and Saturday nights. I know what I wanted ... the ladies knew what THEY wanted and it worked out for all of us. No hassle for any of us – dinner, maybe a movie or hit a club, then off to their place where we practiced getting them pregnant. Naw, I didn’t actually knock any one of them up, but the practice was wonderful and I have to say, energetic.

Regardless, Sis had to fill Retta in on how big a ‘stud’ her ‘baby brudder’ was, leaving NOTHING to the imagination. My, how those secretaries can talk ... NOTHING is sacred. The longer she talked, embarrassing the hell out of me, the heavier Retta started breathing. Sis wasn’t in much better shape. Retta was rubbing her thighs together and Sis was squeezing her ginormous boobs.

I guess these two high school friends commiserated with each other since both hubbies worked together and both were gone weeks at a time which bred horniness. “Do you know how wet I’d get everytime one of those bitches at work filled us all in on where and what the two of you did on your dates? And you, brudder, never say a suggestive word when you come to the office to visit. If I didn’t hear the girl’s stories I would never have believed it.” “Sounds like these ladies must date a lot of high school boys. A gentleman never tells tales. My advice would be to restrict visits to the break room to one at a time.” “I knew about your ‘harem’ back home and brudder, if you lived in OKC, you’d have about twenty willing new members. One of them even said her ex saw you guys at a club and came around wanting her back. Drunk, he said he only stepped out on her to find a little new pussy. She told him if he’d had even one more inch, he’d have found new pussy at home.”

The more Sis talked, the more Retta squirmed. Her daughter was developing a rep as a ‘round heels’ in Jr High and I think Retta just fed on it. Sis, not to be left behind, dropped her bra asking me if her nipples were ‘too big’. Fuck me running. I wanted to bite down on them and pray for lock jaw. Retta followed her example, having long nipples and about zero breast flesh. Sis spoke up and said Retta’s husband made fun of her because she had ‘boy titties’. Retta actually had very low self esteem, owing to her perceived inadequacies and her husband seldom paying attention to her other than ‘wash my damned clothes and get me another beer, will ya’. It wasn’t hard to tell she was more of a maid around the house than a wife.

Up to this point, I hadn’t touched Sis or Retta in any kind of intimate way. With Retta, underarms don’t count. Now, Sis and Retta were both topless and not the least bit shy about it. What’s a guy supposed to do? Since Sis seemed to be the instigator of the two, I waited for her next move. I couldn’t see Retta taking the initiative herself. “Baby Brudder, I had my tubes tied several years ago. I want what those sluts at the office are getting. I know we’re family, but so what? B hasn’t touched me in months. I want this and from the look in your eyes, so do you. Retta hasn’t been able to conceive since their daughter. Her husband wants a son and that is never going to happen, so he doesn’t even try anymore.” Retta got all teary-eyed spoke up; “IF he comes home drunk enough he’ll paw at me a little, pull my nipples then pass out. I’m a woman, damn it! I need it like every other woman and guess what – you and I aren’t EVEN related. It’s no secret I’m kinda plain but that doesn’t stop my hormones.”

Retta got up and asked Sis if she could borrow a washrag. “Why do you need a washrag?” “I’ve got to get these panties off before I stain my slacks and make a mess on this chair. I’ll just use it as a liner.” Sis was grinning ear to ear; “Help yourself, girl.” Retta was still squeezing her thighs together as she waddled to the bathroom.

“Buck, I want you but Retta needs to know she’s more than a body slave and cleaning woman. Will you do her?” I was grinning; “Oh, guess I could be talked into it. Are you SURE this is what you both want? If the hubbies ever found out, someone is going to get hurt. I don’t want it to be me and damned sure don’t want it to be either of you. Sis, if you only knew how many times I jerked off thinking about you all through Jr. High and High School, you’d be embarrassed.” Sis’ knees went weak.

“You did, you really did? But you had all those girls following you and the band around [if the band played locally, Sis was front and center every night] and how many guys score a mother/daughter team to fuck their brains out, not to mention all the pussy they brought home to you.” I don’t understand how she could be so shocked. This wasn’t about ‘other’ women. “You were ALWAYS my number one jerk off fantasy. Think about it – YOU were the one to comfort me and rub my aches and pains as a kid and sang me to sleep. YOU were the one that got between the bitch and I to keep me from a few beatings. YOU wrote me in the service while brother and mom ignored me. YOU always make sure I have a date on reserve weekends. It was always and could only be a fantasy because you belonged to someone else.” Sis was bawling by this time, rushing up to me and mashing those wonderful tits hard on my chest.

Retta had come in sometime during this confession. “She loves you Buck. Probably more than she loves B. You are all she talks about. Every little accomplishment, she’s all over it. When you were just a kid, you were so scrawny, then you filled out and won that President’s deal as a senior. You can bet she threw that up in B’s face. He couldn’t make an eight man football team despite his size because he tripped over his own big feet and if you think that’s funny, watch him dance sometime. She never said really out loud, but I think she was impressed with the number of happy women you had around. I’d like to be one of those happy women if you can make time for me. BTW, sometime, tell me about this mother/daughter deal. I heard bits and pieces from your sister.” Hmmm, let’s see – she’s deprived of male attention and her teenage daughter has the makings of a nympho. Does she see this going somewhere?

In the meantime, Sis never left my arms and now she had her head on my shoulder. I had a LOT to consider and a really short time to do it in. Sis plus Retta ... WTF am I doing, or want to do or GOING to do. I never thought I’d ever be in this position and frankly, I didn’t know whether to shit or go blind. I was in a position to realize the strongest fantasy I’d had in my life and a long time acquaintance making herself available ... oh shit, oh dear!

I turned my chin down to speak to my sister and Sis took it as an invitation. Her arms went from my shoulders to the back of my head and she put her lips to mine, tongue searching. What could I do? Fate seemed to have made my decisions for me so I just went for it. She wanted a kiss, well, brace yourself, girl.

Sis had a death grip on my head, mashing our lips together. I let my hands trail slowly down her back until they rested on her tight buttocks. If she were going to back out, now would be the time. Otherwise, it was just a loving, semi nude kiss. I’d no sooner clenched those tight butt cheeks and her mound was rubbing on my leg. Some part of my mind, probably the part that this was all a dream, likened it to a dog hunching on my thigh.

I think, given enough time, Sis would have got her jollies on my leg. Once she broke the kiss, she rubbed her breasts back and forth across my chest while rubbing her mound on my leg. I did make it easier or at least more stimulating for her – I extended my leg a little to give her something to get a little more friction on. Looking over, Retta looked happy for Sis but she looked a little like a lost puppy. I reached a hand to her and she leaped over to cling to me and I wrapped that free hand around her slender body. She didn’t hunch, she bawled and rubbed her head on my upper chest. Now I there were two needy women and one of me.

“Sis ... SIS! Are we going to stand here in the front room and rub bellies or what? When are the kiddies due back?” This broke the spell with her momentarily. “Not for several hours. They were going to hit McDonalds then go to a skating rink. They’ll call when they want picked up. It leaves us with several hours yet, I think. Are you going someplace?”

“As far as the closest bedroom, ladies. Whatever happens after that is anyone’s guess.” When I said ‘ladies’ and ‘bedroom’ in the same sentence, Retta’s eyes lit up and she broke out in a huge grin. “OhMyGod, OhMyGod, OhMyGod!” And with that, she was shucking her pants as she went. Dad always told me the closer the bone, the sweeter the meat. In Retta’s case, I hope that was so because she didn’t have an ounce of padding anywhere, even her butt was bony. Sis just clung to my arm as we headed in that direction. “Honey, I have to admit the thought of you between my legs has crossed my mind from time to time, especially after hearing those women talk. B hasn’t touched me in a while, either, so I may go off like a firecracker, Don’t worry too much about me ... make it good for Retta, ok?” “I never give it less than my best, Sis. You know, Dad always told me to take care of the lady and make sure she got all she came for and I’d get taken care of along the way and she’d always ask me back. I’ve tried to live by that since I was nine.” “I’d heard that rumor, but how many nine year olds are fucking? You know that was all over high school at the time ... used to embarrass the shit out of me.” “Blame it on the bitch that I wasn’t a normal nine year old. A shrink friend of mine said it was the abuse that started me into early puberty. It wasn’t all fun and games for me growing up ... I was always the freak.”

In her bedroom...

Retta was naked by this time and laying on the side of the bed. I piled in the middle after stripping down and Sis lay on the other side of me. I had two women’s hands on ‘lil’ Buck, I was already standing tall as soon as I dropped my boxers.

Sis told Retta to go ahead. [My thought was she was anticipating that I’d get off quickly and her turn would last longer... ‘she dunno me vewy well’ to quote a famous Tweety Bird. I pulled Retta towards me to the point I could get on top of her. Remember, I told ya’ll she had long nipples and I went for them, not only tonguing them but laving around her entire breast, such as it wasn’t. Didn’t matter to her. She about ripped the hair outta my head moving me from side to side, like I was only going to favor one. I kissed my way down until I hit the crater that was her navel. She bent in half. “What are you doing? No one’s ever put a tongue in my naval before!” I smirked; “You ain’t seen nothin yet, relax and enjoy.” That led me down to her mons where I kinda cringed. I don’t think TRIMMING it ever crossed her mind. Hell, I guess if her old man was ignoring her, why bother. It bothered me but that was a topic for AFTER SEX. I scooted down some more and she tensed up again as I parted her labia, brushing her long thick bush to each side. I licked her from pucker to clit and the woman totally came unglued.

“What are you doing? No one puts their face in a pussy, let alone their tongue. That’s nasty. I’d read about it in a few of husband’s magazines, but never ever thought anyone would be doing it to me.” “Who’s running this rodeo, anyway?” I asked “No one has EVER eaten your pussy?” “You’re the first.” “Then just relax and enjoy it.” “But it’s so nasty. I pee down there.” “Never sucked a dick? Here’s a news flash – WE pee down there too. You won’t be thinking nasty in a minute.”

Gawd, here was a thirty-something MARRIED woman who’s never enjoyed having her pussy licked. Ignoring her squirming, I latched onto her clit, sucking and nibbling on it. It took her maybe 15 seconds to decide this wasn’t such a horrible thing after all as she hit her first peak. After that, she’d discover a brand new toy. I’ll give the woman credit, she let me eat her until she passed out. Pussy eating was going to be her new thing. She would also learn she was a squirter.

I needed another beer, so Sis and I hit the kitchen. “I think you did a number on poor old Retta. Hehehe, wait til she finally gets you to fuck her.” “I can’t believe a woman her age is so ... naive’. Doesn’t her old man do ANYTHING for her?” “Probably just like B. It’s all about him. At least B gets my motor running, then I have to get myself off because he’s sound asleep. Retta’s old man, sadly for her, has a tiny dick, according to her, about as long as her finger. Like that secretary said – with the size of your dick, you’ll find new pussy her husband has never touched or reached ... you know what I mean.”

“So what’s the game plan now?” “Let’s go wake her up and you rock her world, then we’ll worry about me. I’m getting hot just watching, Brudder.”

Retta was starting to stir when we went back in. Sis had made her a glass of iced tea which she drained in one sitting. She also had the common sense to get a towel to put under her girlfriend. “I have never, ever in my life cum that way or that many times. You didn’t get off. Can I give you a blow job or something? I’m supposed to be kinda good at it.” “Darlin, I can think of a lot better places to put my load besides down your throat. We’ll do that some other time, assuming you’d like to do this again.” “You’re here once a moth, right? For the whole weekend?” “Yeppers, for the foreseeable future anyway.” “Then we have a date providing the old man is gone. Now, what else did you have in mind?”

“Now, I’d like you on your back with you pretty little legs spread and knees up, if your agreeable to that.”

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