Afternoon Delight

by KidCreole213

Copyright© 2016 by KidCreole213

Erotica Sex Story: He just planned to go to a matinee, but got so much more. What do you do when a woman you hardly know sits next to you in a darkened theater? What ever she wants.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Public Sex   .

Mike didn’t know what to do with himself. At 48, this was the first time in decades that he had nothing to do on a weekday afternoon. Mike was the Executive VP of Sales for a mid-sized tech firm. He just returned to Chicago from London where he closed the biggest contract in his company’s history. If all went according to plan, the company would make hundreds of millions of dollars on the deal, and Mike was in line for a high six figure bonus. As a result, the Company president said the least he could do was give him the rest of the day off. DAMN RIGHT, that was the LEAST he could do. However, Mike put his animosity against the President aside and relaxed because he knew the CEO, the son of the Company Founder, had his back.

So, what does a grown man do at 11:30 am on a Wednesday when he is not at work? He could not go to sleep, even though he had been up for almost 24 hours. If he laid down now, he would be up all night and not worth shit at work tomorrow. He slowly smiled. He would treat himself to a nice lunch, then go see the new Magnificent Seven movie. His wife does not like westerns, so he would not get another opportunity to see it before it came to On Demand.

After a shower, shit, and shave, Mike stared in his closet trying to decide what to wear. Again, he smiled. It was an off day, so he put on his $100 sweatpants from Lululemon (his wife bought those, he would NEVER spend that much on sweats no matter how much he made), and a nice t-shirt. He checked himself out in the mirror. He had that “executive spread” going around the middle, but he was still built like the football player he was in college. Plus, he had started doing CrossFit about 6 weeks ago, and it was starting to show. He had not attended classes while he was in London, but he took full advantage of the exercise room at the hotel.

Although it was mid-October, the sun was out and it was close to 80 degrees, which was a nice change from the 65 degrees it was when he left Chicago 2 weeks ago. With this weather, Mike decided to take out (probably for the last time this year) his restored, 1967 candy apple red Volkswagen Karmann Ghia convertible to this great Mexican restaurant in Pilsen. With the top down and the music up, Mike was off to enjoy his lunch and movie.

Sonja sighed as she stood in her closet wearing her white lace shelf bra and matching thong. She was dreading this lunch. Sonja had to take the day off to attend this working meeting with other mothers from her son’s school. It was the main planning meeting for the Christmas, sorry, Winter play. These women argued about everything. Since many of them were stay at home moms, this was one of many committees that they sat on. Sonja’s time was limited since she worked full time as a social worker, but it was important to her to be involved in her son’s school activities, and he was always happy when she volunteered, so dealing with these women was worth it to her.

She did not know what to wear. As she is looking through her closet, she spied a yellow sundress she has not worn in 2 summers. It was such a nice day out, she decided to wear it today. After trying it on, she realized that she could not wear the bra she had on. After rummaging through her drawer, she realizes that she does not have a bra that works with the dress. The one that she had on was the right color, but it showed through the neck opening. The one that fit right was blue, and showed through the dress. Sonja decided that she would go without a bra. The bodice of the dress was tight enough to support her breast without a bra. She kept the white thong on, went with bare legs (it is a sundress after al), and some tan strappy sandals with 3 12 in heels. She looked at herself in the mirror. For 46, she thought she looked damn good.

Sonja was on the committee with Jennifer, wife of a lawyer, Julie, wife of a doctor, Angie, a single mother who works as a therapist for autistic children, and Maria. Maria and her husband owned a small Mexican restaurant in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. Whenever Maria was on a committee, the meetings always took place at the restaurant since they weren’t rushed to leave, and it had the best Mexican food on the south side of Chicago. So, Sonja grabbed her purse and headed out.

As she expected, the women argued about everything, from the name of the play to which kids would act and which would be the crew. Sonja only half listened. Her son was a kind and friendly kid who would fulfill any slot that the play needed. He just enjoyed being part of the theatre group. As they were finalizing the assignments, Angie started telling stories about her latest “boy toy,” Ray.

“The first time we had sex was this summer out by my pool. We were making so much noise, my neighbor came out to her yard and yelled over the wall between our yards. I stood up to look over the wall and keep her from approaching. While I was talking to her, Ray knelt down between me and the wall, and planted his mouth right on my pussy. It took everything I had to keep up the conversation. It was the sexiest thing I had ever done. When she left, Ray laid me down on the lounge chair and just pounded me fast and hard. He’s only 22, so he has no technique, but what he lacks in technique he makes up in enthusiasm. And 7 ½ inches feels good no matter what it is doing.” Sonja thought back to her college days. One of her boyfriends had an 8 inch penis, however, he had no idea how to use it properly. He thought the fact that it was 8 inches should impress any girl and she should worship him. They only had sex once.

As Maria finished the first of many stories, Sonja saw him walk through the door. He had on a pair of those stylish sweats and a white t-shirt that hugged his upper body. He looked familiar, but Sonja couldn’t place him. After glancing at him over the next 5 minutes, it finally dawned on her. He was Bryce’s dad from her son’s school. Everyone knew Bryce. Bryce is the star forward on the school basketball team. All the girls have a crush on him. Sonja can see where he gets his looks. He is a dead ringer for his dad. Yeah, dad has a little bit of that middle aged spread, but his arms and chest look like he has been working out. He seems thinner than the last time Sonja saw him at the beginning of the school year. She always saw him in a suit. He attended a lot of the school events, but he was always on his way to or from work. It was nice to see him in casual clothing, and there was an enticing bulge in his sweats. What was she thinking? She did not know this man, only seeing him at school, but she was starting to have some naughty thoughts about him. She shook it off and tried to concentrate on what the other women were saying.

Mike walked into the restaurant and took a seat at one of the small tables. Across the room, he saw a table of 5 women. They looked familiar to him, but he could not place them all. One he knew was the owner of the restaurant, but the other 4 he had seen somewhere other than the restaurant, he just couldn’t put his finger on it. As he was ordering, he noticed one of the women kept looking over at him. She looked sexy in the yellow sundress and sandals. Now he remembered, she was one of the mothers from Bryce’s school. That must be where he knew the others from also. Mike ordered his lunch with a Mexican beer. After enjoying he meal Mike paid and got ready to leave for his movie. It was just down the block, so he decided to leave his car in the lot here, and walk to the theater. It was safer here than in the parking structure used by the theater, the parking spaces were way too narrow. As Mike walked out of the restaurant, he saw the mothers standing on the sidewalk talking before they went to their cars. The mother in the yellow sundress smiled at him and he gave a small wave and proceeded down the street.

Sonja got a little thrill when Bryce’s father waved at her. She watched him as he walked down the street. Yeah, he definitely had been working out. In another couple of months, the other mothers at the school were going to be all over him, even the married ones. Some of these ... women ... have no scruples. As she left the group, she found herself walking down the street, passing the parking lot where her car waited. The next thing she knew, she was standing in front of the theater. She had no idea what she thought she was doing, but she could not get Bryce’s father out of her mind, even though she did not know him. She walked up to the ticket window and asked the young girl “do you know what movie the gentlemen that just left this window went to see?” The girl just stared at her for a minute. She saw that Sonja was getting uncomfortable. She did not know the guy, so why did she care if he had a stalker. “He went into The Magnificent Seven,” she said. Sonja bought a ticket.

Now what was she going to do? Pretend that she just happened to be seeing the same movie? That was so lame. Sonja stopped in the bathroom to get herself together. She stared in the mirror and berated herself. “What am I doing her?” She thought. Yes, she had seen him at her son’s school, but he was always with his wife. His wife seemed to be there because it was expected of her. Bryce’s father always seemed engaged in whatever was going on. A basketball game; student orientation; Veteran’s Day presentation. He clearly loved his son. His wife seemed to always be complaining. She did not look like she wanted to be there. She was never on any of the school committees. She never seemed to show her husband any affection. She recalls when she last saw them at the beginning of the year Sonja had thought “I could show him how he should be treated.” She always liked the big football type. These thoughts reminded her of the enticing bulge in his sweats and her panties started getting wet. She could not believe it, but she had just made a decision that was so out of character, that it slightly scared her. Maybe it was the fact that she had not had sex for 5 months. On top of that, she just spends 30 minutes listening to Angie talk about her latest swinging dick. Sonja removed her thong and put it in her purse, checked her makeup, took a deep breath, and went looking for Bryce’s dad.

Mike had bought his popcorn and took a seat in the back row. There were maybe 10 people in a theater that was designed for 300. What do you expect for a western at 1:30 on a Wednesday? As the lights dimmed and the trailers began, Mike saw the mother in the yellow sundress enter the theater and walk up to the last row. She moved down the row and sat beside him. Before he could say anything, she put her finger to his lips to stop him, then she took her other hand and took a fist full of popcorn and started watching the trailers.

Mike thought “What the hell is going on?” Since he did not want to make a scene, he just turned back to the screen. When Sonja reach again for the popcorn in his lap, she reached under the bucket and caressed the bulge in his sweats. It was as big as she imagined, and it was growing!

Mike was in shock. Here was this woman he had only seen at his son’s school, who he had never spoken to, with her hand rubbing his dick. Of course, he was getting hard. As he looked down, he heard her moan. She had her hand down his sweats and wrapped around his cock. He should stop her. He knew he should, but it had been 8 months since anything had touched his cock except his own hand. His wife didn’t seem to be interested in sex. She was fine being his roommate. And clearly, this mother (MILF?) knew her way around a cock! She pushed at the waistband of his sweats. He lifted up and she slid his sweats down passed his ass.

Sonja now was turned sideways so she could use both hands. The popcorn was forgotten. She used one hand to stroke the full length of his cock, which was now hard as steel. The other was cradling his balls, massaging them lightly. Running her nail from the base of his cock up the underside, all the way to the tip. Sonja knew that this was bigger that the 8 inches she experienced in college.

Now Mike heard himself moan. He decided if he was not going to stop her, he was going to become an active participant. He placed his hand on Sonja’s leg and began massaging the inside of her thigh slowly moving up under her dress. As he got closer to where her legs came together, he expected to encounter a pair of very wet panties. Instead, his hand found the bare fount of her womanhood. She was smooth, wet and hot. He could not believe how slick she was. He had to taste her. He withdrew his hand from under her dress and brought it to his face. Mike inhaled deeply, taking in her womanly scent. It made him dizzy. He stuck his finger in his mouth and savored her tart, but sweet, flavor. He returned his hand and palmed her mound, easily inserted his middle finger and moved it in a come here motion. He found the rough texture of her g spot and began playing it like a guitar. Sonja removed her mouth from his steel rod and inhaled until she felt her head would explode. Mike pushed her head back down on his cock to prevent her from screaming.

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