Coke Makes Everyone Cum

by Ray Dario

Copyright© 2016 by Ray Dario

Erotica Sex Story: A free spirited woman with a strange name makes a friend. They party and everyone has a good time.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Orgy   Black Male   Black Female   Hispanic Male   Hispanic Female   Oral Sex   .

“Your name is Cocaine? You’re kidding right?” Lilly gaped with wide eyes. She’d never met a woman like this before, standing there in a skirt that barely covered her crotch, a blouse that strained to cover her pert breasts; breasts that appeared to have pierced nipples gauging by the ring shaped outline. She wore heels that pushed her up onto her tip-toes. Even in the heels the girl was several inches shorter than Lilly.

“I usually go by Coke. Guess my parents had a sense of humor.” Coke smiled and pointedly looked Lilly up and down, bringing a blush to Lilly’s face as the oddly named woman made a point of staring at Lilly’s large breasts filling out her white cotton blouse.

“And your last name is Snow?” Lilly asked.

“That’s what my name tag says.” Coke laughed as she cupped her left breast to force the name tag clipped there to tilt up toward Lilly. As she did, she made a show of rubbing her nipple with her thumb. “Mmm, that feels good. I should show off my name tag more often.” Coke’s breasts were not nearly as large as Lilly’s but they were still firm and high and her nipples were obviously erect.

Lilly blushed more; feeling the familiar heat build between her legs. Everything about this woman excited her. Even her perfume was intoxicating, filling her nostrils and making her heart race. Lilly hadn’t felt this reaction to a woman in long time. Coke’s fair skin, so different than Lilly’s deep brown complexion, was sprinkled with a few freckles. Her deep green eyes were bright and clear. And the woman seemed to always be smiling. For Lilly, that was the whipped cream on top of the pie.

“I, uh, I just came to drop off this form.” She stared down at Coke’s cradled breast, inhaling her scent.

Coke brought her other hand up to cup her right breast, wiggling them at Lilly. “Do you like my tits, Lilly?”

“What!” Lilly’s eyes shot up to see Coke beaming at her.

“It’s okay. I like women who stare at my tits.”

“I wasn’t staring ... well, I mean ... I’m not...”

“It’s okay, really.” Coke gave her a wink. “Hey, Jill and I are going out for drinks tonight. I’ll tell her you are coming when I give her this.” The petite woman snatched the form from Lilly’s stunned hand, turned and flounced off before the shocked Lilly could respond. With each bouncing step the enticing roundness of Coke’s butt flashed under her incredibly short skirt. It only took three flounces before Lilly realized the girl was wearing a thong. At least she thought she must be wearing a thong. Surely she was at least wearing a thong. Lilly stared until the woman disappeared around a corner.

Lilly’s brows pursed as she considered what had just happened. Coke’s perfume lingered in the air, its sensual feminine fragrance reminded Lilly of a day when she was in college. She and a friend named Sharlene had been eating old Valentine’s Day chocolates when they had both spontaneously leaned together and kissed. It hadn’t ended in just a kiss. It was one of Lilly’s favorite memories of college. Smiling to herself, she turned and made her way back to her desk.

She’d only started working at Daltech a week ago and still didn’t know many people but she liked her new job. Staring at her computer screen, she thought about the tiny technical writer she’d just met. Who would name their daughter Cocaine? But somehow the name fit the woman. Lilly pulled out her cell phone to text her husband.

“Hey baby! Just met a woman named Cocaine. She invited me to have drinks tonight. Is it okay?” Lilly had made some stupid mistakes in her life. Two of them had been to cheat on her wonderful husband. She’d tried to hide the affairs, but eventually he’d found out. It took time, but he’d forgiven her. Still, the specter of the two affairs and her initial attempts to conceal them overshadowed their marriage so she didn’t want to be late without letting him know where she was. It had surprised Lilly that Don was actually more upset with her dishonesty than her unfaithfulness.

“I think ur stupid iphone ac got you. What her name?” Her husband, Don, replied to her text.

“No, her name really is Cocaine. Cocaine Snow.”

“LOL! No way”

“Serious. U okay if I go for drinks with her and Jill?”


“I told u about Jill. Head of Technical Writing.”

“The wild bitch u told me about last night?”


“Any normal people work there?”

“Don’t know yet. Probably. Can I go?”

“I guess. Don’t be too late. I’ll order pizza.”

“Love you!” Lilly tucked her phone back into her purse. Her hands rested on her keyboard but didn’t move. She couldn’t get Coke out her mind: her pixie face, dark brown hair with the cute boy-cut style, her eyes, God, Lilly loved those beautiful eyes, and those lovely breasts she’d brazenly offered to Lilly; even her tight round ass bouncing in that short skirt as she walked away.

Lilly crossed her legs, forcing herself to not reach between them to rub her pussy. She smiled and moved the mouse to click on an icon on the desktop wondering what tonight would bring.

Coke finished the page she was working on, clicking “Save” on the program’s toolbar. She sat back with a grin. Lilly had been staring at her tits for sure and not in a platonic manner, either. She imagined the sweet Hispanic girl’s lips sucking her pink nipples, flicking her nipple ring. She moaned softly as her hand moved between her legs, slipping her short skirt up enough that she could reach her pussy; rubbing herself through her silk thong. She sat there frigging herself for a moment before shaking herself and focusing back on her computer screen. She still had another chapter in the user manual to update. Jill was a good boss but she expected work to get done. That was often hard for Coke, but she wanted to be a good employee. She really loved her job. And the perks. That brought a smile.

At five minutes before five, Coke logged out. She made her way to the admin offices and found Lilly still at her desk, typing away at some boring looking spreadsheet.

“Hey sexy, you ready to go give a bunch of guys hard-ons?” Coke smiled as Lilly jumped.

“You startled me.” Lilly said as she closed out of her work and shut her computer down.

Coke licked her lips seductively. “I hope I can do more than just startle you tonight.”

Lilly blushed at the unconcealed innuendo. She grabbed her purse as she stood up. “I don’t think I can stay out too late. I will need to get home to my husband at a reasonable hour.”

“It’s Friday night, surely he can understand the need to let off a little steam, or better yet, why don’t you invite him to join us?” Coke took her hand, leading Lilly toward the door. “Jill’s driving. That way if I get you too drunk, you don’t have to drive.”

Lilly laughed. “Are you going to try to get me drunk?”

Coke laughed. “If I don’t, Jill will. You’ll want to watch her or she’ll have you on your back in the middle of the bar by eight.” She laughed at Lilly’s wide eyed look. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” She squeezed Lilly’s hand.

Jill, a voluptuous woman slightly taller than Lilly, joined them as they walked through the open atrium on their way out of Daltech’s main office. The atrium was beautiful with a variety of trees, flowers, and shrubs growing around a man-made pond and an artificial stream that meandered through the large open area. The fresh floral scent of fresh Lilacs mixed with the heavier fragrance of roses, filling the air and giving the courtyard the feeling of spring.

“I hope you two don’t mind, I invited Trisha to join us.” Jill said as she approached. “She’ll meet us there.”

Coke grinned at her much taller friend. “Cool. Trisha is always fun.” She turned to Lilly, whispering loud enough for Jill to hear. “You’re in luck. Jill loves playing with Trisha so it’ll be easier to protect you.”

Jill laughed. “What has she been telling you, Lilly? That I’m going to get you drunk and take advantage of you? If you need to worry about someone, it’s this seductive minx who’s holding your hand. She may be small, but she is a wild cat.”

“And you love that. Hey did you call Ray, is he coming tonight?” Coke’s eyes twinkled.

“You slut, you want to fuck my husband again don’t you?”

“Of course I do.” Coke turned to Lilly. “Just wait until you see Ray, he is a hunk. He stands this tall.” Coke lifted her hand as far up as she could to show her new friend, “and his cock is divine.”

Lilly’s eyes went wide and she stopped short. “You’ve had sex with your boss’s husband?”

“Baby, Coke has had sex with just about everyone.” Jill laughed.

Coke mock punched her friend. “That isn’t true! I’ve been slandered! I haven’t fucked Lilly ... yet.”

Jill and Coke laughed together. Lilly stood there, her mouth hanging open.

“Come on, Lilly, we want to beat the traffic.” Coke gave her hand a squeeze. “Are you okay? We’re just letting off steam.”

Lilly started walking again. “I’m okay.” She smiled. “You guys are crazy!”

“So, is Ray coming?” Coke asked Jill again.

“Probably, that sexy bitch he works with loves to suck his cock, but I think he’ll join us at the bar too.”

Both Jill and Coke laughed. Lilly just shook her head. They all piled into Jill’s Escalade, Lilly took the back seat, and Jill wasted no time getting out of the parking lot. Coke kept up the sexy banter with Jill as they drove. It took a half-hour or so to reach the bar and another fifteen minutes to park but they made it into Crystal’s Bar and Grill just before six. There was already a crowd waiting for tables, but the three girls went to the bar and sat down.

As soon as they sat down the bartender came over. “Sorry Coke,” he said, “I have to card you. You know they watch.” He nodded over to a man in a gray jacket standing by the door.

Coke laughed. “How many times have you seen my ID, Jerry, but here it is.” She pulled her license from her purse and handed it to the bartender who made a show of shining his UV light on it before handing it back.

“I know, Coke, but I can’t afford to get fined or fired for not carding.”

“I’m thirty-two, Jerry, I don’t think they would fine you for not carding me.”

“Damn, I wish bartenders still carded me.” Jill pouted.

“You don’t look thirty-two, Coke. It’s your size. You’re what, four-nine, four-ten and you look like a little girl.” The bartender put his hands on the bar. “So what can I get for you ladies?”

Coke patted him on the hand. “You know what I want. Jill’s driving so give her a virgin.”

“Damn I’d love a virgin!” Jill said winking at Jerry. “You available later?”

Jerry flashed Jill a smile with a small head-shake. “Never boring when you ladies show up.” He turned to Lilly, “And you, ma’am.”

“I’ll take a mojito.” Lilly laughed.

“Okay, a virgin strawberry daiquiri, a double long island tea, and a mojito coming up.” Jerry went to make the drinks leaving Jill staring at his tight young ass.

“Mmm, I love the way Jerry fills out those jeans.” Jill stared at him, ignoring Coke and Lilly.

Lilly looked at the bartender, nodding in agreement with Jill. Coke leaned over. “He has a nice cock too, but he cums too quick for me. Still fun to play with, if you know what I mean.”

Lilly jerked her head to stare at her new friend. “You’re kidding right?”

Jill, sitting on the other side of Coke, laughed. “Oh, Lilly, you crack me up.”

“What did I say?” Lilly asked; eyes wide.

“Nothing, sweetie, Jill just has a weird sense of humor.” Coke winked at her.

Jerry brought their drinks back, setting them down in front of the three women. He leaned down toward Coke. “So, are we still on for Monday?”

“You bet!” Coke smiled. “You’re bringing Tom and Dillon, right?”

“Yep.” He smiled before he left to go take care of another customer.

“So you really are seeing him?” Lilly seemed relieved.

“Not really, we are getting together for the Cowboy’s game on Monday. If you want to come over for it, you can bring your husband. We always have a good time.”

Lilly scrunched her black eyebrows. “We’ll see.”

“I think you’re scaring our new friend, Coke.” Jill laughed.

Coke grinned at Jill. “I’m going to get a little snack. Be back in ten.” She slipped off the bar chair. “Hey Jerry, can I see you a minute?”

The bartender grinned and then caught the woman working the bar with him. He said something quietly and pointed to Coke causing his coworker to laugh. Dropping his bar-towel on the counter, Jerry quickly followed Coke toward the back. She led him to the men’s room and then, with a quick scan to make sure Jerry’s boss wasn’t watching, she ducked inside. Jerry quickly followed her.

There wasn’t anyone else in the men’s room and as soon as the door closed behind him, Coke grabbed him and pulled him into the far stall. Dropping to her knees, she quickly unclasped his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. Fishing his thickening cock from his pants she looked up at the bartender and winked.

“We have to hurry so I can get back to Lily.” She smiled at him.

“Your new friend? She’s beautiful and what a rack!” The bartender grinned down at her.

Taking his cock into her mouth she sucked the head while her tongue laved the base of his knob. She’d sucked Jerry’s cock numerous times before and knew just what to do to bring him off quickly, which usually wasn’t the goal but this time she was in a hurry. As his jeans dropped to his ankles, she cupped his balls in one hand while stroking his shaft with the other.

Above her, Jerry groaned. “Damn, Coke, you suck cock like an angel.”

In response to his comment, she pressed her hand down to the very base of his cock and took his entire shaft into her mouth. The head pressed against her throat and then slipped deeper. Swallowing rapidly, she used her throat to massage the head of his cock while her nose was buried in his short public hair. She gripped his balls firmly, rubbing them together as she continued to suck him.

Pulling back, she again worked his knob, swirling her tongue around his cock head. She jacked him several strokes and then again took his cock completely into her mouth. This time her hand slid down below his balls. Pressing one finger against his ass, she began fucking his cock with her mouth in earnest.

Jerry grabbed the stall walls to steady himself. His hips pumped in time with her bobbing. Coke slipped her finger inside his ass, pressing it up against his prostate. She felt his balls swell. Pulling back until just his head remained in her mouth, she frantically twirled her tongue around his knob. His ass clamped around her finger and then his cock swelled and exploded into her mouth.

Coke swallowed quickly, taking all of his cum as he spewed it into her. Spurt after spurt shot from his cock, filling her mouth until her cheeks puffed out, but she was able to take it all. Once his orgasm ended, she stood up and grinned at him.

“Thanks Jerry. I needed that. I can’t wait for Monday. If the Cowboys win I get to go airtight, right?”

“And if they lose we get to take all your holes any way we want, right?” Jerry grinned at her.

“That’s the deal.” Winking at him she wiggled around him and out of the stall, pausing to wash her hands before stepping out of the men’s room, leaving Jerry, still grinning like an idiot, inside.

As Coke rejoined her friends at the bar, Lilly gave her a quizzical look. “You okay?”

“Yep, just needed a little protein.”

“You didn’t!” Lilly’s eyes were wide.

Coke leaned toward her, planting a kiss on her mouth and pressing her tongue passed Lilly’s lips and into her mouth. When the kiss ended, Lilly sat in her chair stunned.

“You did! I could taste it.”

Jill laughed. “Stick with us, and you’ll probably taste it again.”

Coke smiled at her friend and then turned back to Lilly. “Did you call your husband? Is he going to show?”

“Yeah, maybe. I’m hoping he will but he sounded kinda tired. I tried to talk him into coming.”

The women sat and joked and laughed for a while. By the time she’d finished her second mojito, Coke noticed that Lilly was starting to get more comfortable with them. Right about seven, Jill, who had been watching the door, started waving.

“Trisha, over here,” she called out.

They were joined by a tall statuesque woman with ebony skin. Jill jumped up and gave her a warm hug and a brief kiss.

“How’s my favorite software engineer?” Jill asked as they broke their embrace.

“Good! How’s everyone here?”

“Coke has me drinking virgins while she’s working on her second tea. Have you met Lilly? She’s our new admin.”

“Hi, Lilly, I’m Trisha. I work in development.”

“She’s a nerd, but a really fun one.” Coke laughed as Trisha stuck her tongue out at her.

“You’re just jealous of my cosplay outfit.”

“You’re right! I wish I looked that good as wonder woman. The best I could do would be some Japanese school girl.”

“You’d be a fantastic Yuzuriha Inori. I think you should do that and we can go to San Japan next August.”

“Did you just sneeze or is that a real thing?” Coke laughed.

Trisha laughed and then sat in the chair next to Lilly. “So how did they sucker you into going out with them?”

“They told me they’d get me drunk and take advantage of me. I think they are halfway there.” Lilly laughed.

Trisha gave her an odd look. “I guess sometimes the truth works, huh.”

The four girls laughed and joked until about fifteen minutes later, Jill’s phone went off. “That’s Ray, texting me.” She grinned as she pulled out her phone. She read the text and then looked at the others. “He says that he and Mitch are over at Bulldog and the band is just starting. He says it’s a band called ‘Liberty Down’.”

Lilly’s eyes lit up. “I love ‘Liberty Down.’ They are one of the best local bands around.”

“Let’s go. No one’s hit on me all night and I want to dance with your hunky husband anyway.” Coke laughed.

“You know if you dance with him, he’ll expect you to fuck him.” Jill grinned back.

“I’m good with that.”

“So let’s go.” Jill signaled Jerry to bring their check.

Lilly turned to Trisha. “They are so funny, they act like they are such sluts.”

Trisha gave her a funny look and shook her head.

Lilly pulled her phone out, typing furiously. “Just letting Don know we are moving. In case he is going to meet up with us.”

Coke grinned at her new friend. “I hope he does. I’d like to meet him.”

Lilly gave her a tight-eyed look. “I don’t know if I trust you with my husband.”

Coke laughed. “I wouldn’t keep him, but I might borrow his cock for a while, but I’d ask first.” Coke winked at the busty admin.

Lilly shook her head as she tucked her phone back into her purse.

After paying out, they all headed for Jill’s car and thirty minutes later they were walking into a large barn-like building with a sign in the shape of a bulldog over it. Jill paid their cover charge and they made their way through the crowd until Jill spotted her husband. He was on the dance floor holding a cute woman close and pawing at her ass while her head rested on his shoulder. The group made their way to the edge of the dance floor and then waited for the song to end. Ray patted the woman on the ass as she left him, earning himself a flash of a smile from her.

“Hey babe!” Ray said as he approached them.

“Who’s the tart!” Jill laughed at him, nodding toward the departing woman.

“Damned if I know, but she felt nice. Hi, Coke, are you keeping Jill in line tonight.”

“Well, nothing has happened yet, anyway. Ray, this is Lilly. She just started at Daltech.”

“Hi Lilly, nice to meet you. I hope my wife hasn’t completely corrupted you yet.”

Lilly took his hand lightly. “Not yet.”

Coke watched Lilly practically drooling over Jill’s husband. Ray was good looking. Tall, with a deep tan and nice auburn hair cut in a military flat-top style. His muscled arms and full chest rippled as he moved. Just looking at him made Coke’s pussy wet. She just knew that Lilly was going to go gaga over Ray’s big cock as well, especially since he really knew what to do with it.

While her new friend stared into Ray’s eyes, Coke slipped away to the bar and picked up a fresh Long Island tea and a double mojito. As she got back to the group, Trisha’s husband, Mitch, walked up. He wasn’t quite as tall as Ray but had a similar build. His dirty blonde hair was cut short as well. Trisha gave him a hug and a kiss. Stepping back she turned.

“Mitch, this is Lilly. Lilly this is my husband Mitch.”

The look on Lilly’s face was priceless. Trisha laughed and shook her head.

“Yeah, I know, I’m black and he’s white. I like white guys. So sue me.”

“I’m sorry Trisha, I didn’t mean anything by it. Just surprised me.” Lilly blushed, giving her brown skin a beautiful glow that Coke admired.

“No problem. Most people are surprised. No big deal.” Trisha moved over and gave Ray a warm hug and a kiss.

Coke smiled as she saw Lilly’s eyes go wide when Ray grabbed Trisha’s big round ass while they kissed. The kiss was obviously much more than a friendly peck.

“I got you a mojito.” Coke tapped Lilly on the shoulder, momentarily distracting her from Ray’s groping of Trisha.

“Are all of you always so friendly?” Lilly asked as she took the drink.

“We’re a friendly group.” Coke said with a shrug.

“I can tell.”

“See if Ray will dance with you. He’s a great dancer. Mitch is too, but he is completely besotted with Trisha.”

“Trisha doesn’t seem to be as besotted with him.” Lilly said, again staring at Trisha and Ray kissing. The kiss was lasting a long time.

“She and Ray.” Coke shrugged, “But then Ray has several interests.”

“Have you really?” Lilly looked down at Coke.

Coke grinned. “Yeah, if you get the chance you shouldn’t pass it up. He’ll curl your toes for sure.”

“I’m married.” Lilly said, but her eyes went back to Ray.

“And you’ve never strayed? Never thought about it?”

Lilly was still focused on Trisha and Ray. “A couple of times, but...” She stopped, her eyes going wide as she turned and looked at Coke.

“It’s okay, Lilly. We’re friends. I don’t think badly of you. Hell, I already told you that I’ve fucked my boss’s husband. I don’t have the right to judge and wouldn’t if I did.”

Lilly gave her a weak smile. Trisha and Ray broke their kiss. Giving Trisha a pat on her ass, Ray spotted Coke.

“Hey Babe! Come over here.”

Coke bounced over to the tall man and then tiptoed into his arms. Kissing her good and long, Ray pawed her ass, slipping his hand under her skirt to maul her bare cheek, and grabbed a handful of her tits as well. When Ray finally released Coke, Jill spoke up.

“Mitch says they have a booth over there. Why don’t we go sit down?”

The group made their way to the booth where they all squeezed in. Lilly ended up on the inside, sitting beside Jill with Mitch on the outside. Across from them Trisha was on the inside next to Ray with Coke on the outside. The band was playing again. Ray took Coke out onto the dance floor. Her head barely reached his chest and to reach her ass, he had to bend a little and reach way down. His other hand cupped her breast. The song was a slow one.

“So tell me about your new friend.” Ray whispered into her ear.

Coke twisted her head a little to grin up at him. “Looking for some fresh pussy, Ray?”


“Well, she’s married.” Coke tried to keep her face straight.

“That don’t plug no holes.”

Coke laughed. “Maybe. She was staring at my tits today. Maybe being married is her cover.”

“Even so, I’ve made lesbians cum before.” Ray squeezed her ass.

“I’m not a lesbian, Ray. I like fucking men and women both. That makes me bi.”

“Well, maybe your new friend is bi too.” Ray squeezed her tit.

“Mmm, I hope so. I’m hoping I get to eat your cum from her pussy tonight.”

After they returned to the table, a large black man came over and asked Trisha to dance, but she shook her head.

Jill smiled at him. “I’ll dance with you, if you like?”

He looked at her and grinned. Mitch let her out and then slid back in next to Lilly. Across from them, Ray slipped his hand between Coke’s legs, stroking her thigh gently.

“So Lilly, how long have you been at Daltech?” Trisha leaned forward. She was wearing a t-shirt with a low v-neck that showed a lot of her expansive cleavage.

“Not long, a couple of weeks. I’m still getting to know everyone.”

“That will take a while. Daltech is a big place. We have several hundred people just in the Dallas office.”

Just then Lilly’s phone chimed and she jumped to pull it from her purse. “It’s Don. He’s here.” The voluptuous woman squirmed in her seat, inadvertently pressing her breasts into Mitch, as she tried to find her husband in the crowd.

Coke grinned at Mitch who was trying valiantly to not brush against the busty woman writhing around next to him. “Just stand up on the bench. I do it all the time.” Coke laughed.

“Yeah, but no one knows your standing up when you do it.” Trisha laughed earning herself a mock punch from Coke.

Lilly wiggled up onto the bench and looked around until she spotted her husband. Waving her arms above her head, she called to him. Behind her, Coke, Trisha, and Ray all stared at her full ass.

Ray, his hand now cupping Coke’s pussy, leaned into her and whispered. “Damn, I have got to get me some of that ass.”

Coke didn’t take her eyes off Lilly’s butt. “Me too!”

Trisha on the other side put her arm around Coke. “I’m feeling like I’ve got some competition.” She grinned. “Don’t worry; I wouldn’t mind some of her either.”

As Lilly’s husband approached, Mitch slipped out of the booth, allowing the new man to slide in beside his wife. Lilly grabbed her husband and kissed him passionately, surprising him with her ardor.

Once they broke their kiss, Lilly grinned at the group. “Guys, this is my husband, Don. Don, this is Trisha, Coke, Ray, and Mitch.”

“I thought you said Jill was here.” Don looked around at the group.

“She is. Somewhere.” Coke reached across the table offering her hand to Don.

Ray turned to look out at the dance floor, but didn’t see his wife. “She’s probably giving that dude a blow job in the back.”

Don’s eyes went wide but Lilly grinned up at him. “He’s joking, Don.”

Ray looked at Coke. “Was I joking?”

“Yeah, you know Jill wouldn’t waste time giving him a blow job when she could have his cock in her pussy.” Coke grinned at Don’s reaction. “Don, would you dance with me?”

Don looked at Lilly who just gave him a smile and a nod. “Uh, sure. Your name is really Cocaine?”

“Yeah, Cocaine Snow. Funny huh.”

Ray and Mitch let them out of the booth and Ray, winking at Mitch, swapped sides putting Mitch next to Trisha and Ray next to Lilly. Coke led Don onto the dance floor as the band started up a slow song.

Pressing up against him, Coke laid her head onto his chest. Don was a little plump but could still move on the floor and his arms naturally wrapped around the tiny woman snuggled up to him. Her breasts were pressed into him as they slowly flowed around the floor.

“I like your wife. She seems sweet.”

“She is. I love her very much.” Don had just a hint of a Hispanic accent.

“She is beautiful. I bet she gets lots of attention.”

Don’s laugh sounded a little forced. “Yeah, sometimes too much.”

“Oh, a girl can’t get too much attention.” Coke’s hand slipped down onto Don’s ass, cupping it gently.

“She can if she’s married.”

“Oh, come on, you can’t tell me you’d deny your wife a little fun when you know she loves you deeply.”

“She said that?”

“She doesn’t have to. Every time she talks about you her face lights up like the sun.”

“Really? That’s nice to know.”

They swung near the table and Coke snuck a peek at her friends. Ray had his arm around Lilly and Trisha was leaning forward on the table, clearly showing off her ample cleavage. Mitch was watching his wife with a silly grin pasted on his face.

“Hey, what’s that guy doing, with Lilly?” Don grumped.

“Ray’s probably putting the moves on her. But don’t worry. If he gets too far, I’ll take care of you.” Coke squeezed his ass and pressed herself into him tighter.

“I don’t want him putting moves on her.” Don tried to pull away.

“Oh, don’t be like that Don. We’re all friends here. It’s a Friday night and we all need to blow off some steam. Just relax. She loves you and no matter what happens tonight, she’ll be going home with you.”

He looked down at her. “You sure?”

“Absolutely positive.” Coke grinned up at him. “It’s a woman thing, but I know she’s in love with you. Anything else is just fun, you know? I’d like to have fun tonight, wouldn’t you.”

Don’s eyes widened just a little as he thought about what she was saying. “I don’t know. I love Lilly.”

“And she loves you. But look, she’s enjoying Ray’s attention.” Coke swung him back around so that he was again looking at the booth.

“Yeah, she sure does seem to be. Come on let’s go back.”

“You have to kiss me first. House rules. You can’t leave the dance floor until you kiss your partner.”


“Really. I’ll show you the sign if you want.” Coke swung him around pointing out a sign on the wall next to the bar.

“I’ll be damned.”

“So, kiss me.” Coke craned her head back and Don cautiously lowered his until their lips met.

Immediately, Coke wrapped her arms around Don’s neck and pulled him down harder. Her tongue pressed forward, slipping past his lips and into his mouth. Drawing one leg up and hooking her foot behind his calf, she pressed herself into him until he pulled away.

Panting he looked down at her with wide eyes. “Wow! Lilly wasn’t kidding about you.”

“What did she say?” Coke put her foot back down and released his neck.

“That you were wild.”

“Mmm, well, I’m not tame, that’s for sure. Do you like wild women, Don? Would you like to see how wild I am?”

“I think I’m afraid to,” he smirked.

“Aww, don’t be afraid. I don’t bite hard enough to leave a permanent mark.” She laughed. Taking his hand she led him back to the booth.

As they approached Ray scooted closer to Lilly freeing up room on their side of the booth. Coke beat Don to the seat leaving Don to sit next to Mitch. Looking over and down, Coke smiled when she saw that Ray had his hand between Lilly’s knees and was slowly stroking her thigh. Lilly’s legs were spread just enough to give Ray room to stroke. Coke didn’t let her eyes stay on Ray’s hand, instead she focused on Mitch.

“You should let Don dance with Trisha, Mitch. He’s a pretty good dancer and he didn’t even grab my ass.”

Trisha leaned forward to look around Mitch at Don. “You didn’t grab her ass, Don?” She shifted her attention to Coke. “Why should I dance with him, if he won’t grab my ass?”

“Because he has a great ass and didn’t stop me grabbing him. That’s why Trisha.”

Coke saw Lilly’s eyes go wide. “You grabbed his ass?” Shooting her husband a look she continued, “and you didn’t stop her? Maybe I should dance with Ray and let him grab my ass.”

Ray chuckled. “I think that is a great idea. Coke will you let us out?”

“Wait!” Don’s face had gone white. “I’m sorry Lilly, she took me by surprise.”

“I don’t really mind, baby.” Lilly smiled. “I don’t think you could have stopped her. From what I’ve seen tonight, I’m surprised she didn’t give you head out on the dance floor.”

“Oh, I couldn’t.” Coke said in a serious tone. “They don’t allow that. Believe me, the last time I tried the bouncers broke it up right away.”

Ray, Mitch, and Trisha laughed.

“I remember that night. They almost called the cops on you.” Ray grinned down at Coke.

“Well, they should put up a sign or something, how else is a girl to know she can’t suck a guy’s cock on the dance floor.” Coke gave a fake pout.

“You guys are crazy!” Don laughed.

“Let me out, Mitch. Come on Don, come dance with me.” Trisha playfully pushed on Mitch’s shoulder.

The two men slid out of the booth, letting Trisha up and she grabbed Don’s hand and led him out onto the dance floor. Coke glanced down at Ray’s hand, now getting very close to Lilly’s crotch. She looked up at him and smiled. Mitch sat down across from Coke, his eyes still glued to Trisha. Ray twisted away from Coke and leaned down just a little to kiss Lilly on the lips. She didn’t pull away.

Watching Mitch with a sly smile on her face, Coke slipped a hand down to Ray’s lap and was a little surprised to find Lilly’s hand already rubbing the big man’s cock through his pants. Ray and Lilly were still kissing.

“Maybe we should go dance and leave these two alone.” Coke said to Mitch, pulling his eyes back to her.

Ray broke the kiss. “No, baby, I need you to be my cover.”

Lilly panted a little but smiled. “You are so bad.”

Coke looked down and Ray had his hand nestled in Lilly’s crotch. Lilly was still rubbing Ray as well.

“Okay, but it’s usually me getting the action, you know?”

“Don’t worry, baby. Help me get Lilly to my house and I’ll make sure you get plenty of action.” To punctuate his words, Ray reached over and stroked Coke’s leg all the way up to her crotch.

Lilly turned more to face him and used her other hand to pull his face back to hers. They kissed again. Coke looked out to the dance floor. Trisha was keeping Don busy and turned away from the table. Coke laughed as she realized why Trisha had taken Don to the dance floor.

Just then Jill and her dance partner came back to the table. Mitch scooted over to give them room and they both slipped into the booth with Jill in the middle. As they did, Ray and Lilly broke their kiss. Lilly’s face was very flushed and her legs were split wide apart letting Ray work his magic.

“Hey guys, meet Mike. Mike this is Lilly, Ray, Coke, and Mitch. Where is Trisha?”

“Trisha’s out on the floor with Don.” Ray turned back to Lilly again kissing her deeply.

“Who is Don?” Jill asked Coke, watching her husband and Lilly.

“Lilly’s husband.”

“Is your name really Coke or is that a nickname?” Mike’s deep baritone was rich and full.

“Cocaine, actually. Cocaine Snow.” Coke reached across the table, offering him her hand. “My God your voice is sexy.”

Jill laughed. “I know, I about creamed myself when he whispered that he liked my ass into my ear. So I had to take him back to the back and get me a quickie.”

“If you weren’t so hot, we’d still be back there.” Mike grinned at Jill.

“Don’t worry baby, I’m taking you home and fucking you properly tonight.”

The music faded and Coke noticed Trisha and Don making their way back so she elbowed Ray roughly. Ray sat back up and Lilly quickly took a drink, gulping it quickly. She managed to get her legs back together and her blouse buttoned before her husband and Trisha arrived.

“Oh, the booth is full.” Trisha said as they walked up.

“Why don’t we all head to our place?” Jill asked quickly. “We have a full bar and lots of room. We can put some good music on, dance, talk, and blow off some steam.”

“I’m game.” Mitch said smiling at Jill.

“Sounds like fun.” Coke leaned forward to look at Lilly. “Come on Lilly, you and Don should really come. It’ll be a lot of fun.”

“Sure, I’d like to.” Lilly seemed to remember that Don was there and she leaned forward. “Can we Don, please?”

Don shrugged. “I guess so.” He looked at Trisha. “You’re coming too, right?”

Coke wondered for a moment what had happened out on the dance floor when she wasn’t paying attention. She made a mental note to ask Trisha later. “Great, you’re coming too, aren’t you Mike?”

“Wouldn’t miss it.” Mike grinned at Jill and then shot a quick glance toward Trisha. She was smiling back at Don.

As the group headed for the door, Coke sidled close to Trisha. “You should take Don in your car while we take Lilly.”

Trisha grinned down at her. “Great minds and all that, I’m way ahead of you. Make sure Ray rides with you guys and get him in the back seat with Lilly.”

Coke laughed softly. “That was the plan. So?”

Trisha winked. “I told him I usually like white meat, but wanted to try his brown snake out. I thought he was going to choke for a moment.”

As they reached Jill’s Escalade, Trisha grabbed Don’s hand. “You should ride with Mitch and me. We’ll bring you back to get your car later.”

Coke piped up. “Lilly, why don’t you ride with us, we can girl talk on the way over.”

Lilly looked over at her husband but Don was being led away by Trisha. She turned her attention to Ray. “Are you riding with us?”

Ray smiled. “I’d love to.” He opened the back door for Lilly and helped her in. “We’ll take the back seat.”

Coke grinned at his maneuver. She knew it wouldn’t take long for her lecherous friend to pick back up with Lilly. Mike climbed into the center seat once Ray and Lilly were settled in and Coke climbed into the middle beside him.

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