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Erotica Sex Story: A lonely woman is invited to be part of an ongoing friendship with a couple. She makes it known that she also wants to be part of the sexual arrangement - read on.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Rough   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Petting   .

It was well past midnight when Harry opened his computer and was surprised to find mail from Doreen who he had set goodnight too only an hour or so before. ‘Randy cunt’, he muttered to himself. ‘Can’t she get enough?’ He smiled for prior to going out for dinner that evening that had fucked, naturally after a nice long suck for she knew he loved a suck job. He read the mail and was surprised for there had been no mention of a theatre ticket during that evening’s entertainment. ‘I suppose she had other things on her mind or in her mouth or between her thighs’ he muttered as he digested the mail. ‘Who is Kristyn?’ he questioned himself and wondered where the tickets came from and why there had be no mentioned of them during the evening. ‘It is a bit late to ring now, I’ll send a reply but may have to chat to her in the morning’, he mumbled as he typed a reply to her mail.

He didn’t get a chance to reopen the computer for his mobile rang just as he sat down for breakfast. “Harry it is Doreen”. He smiled for he knew who it was because her name was on the mobile’s file. “Yes I know who you are. Did you get my reply about the theatre tickets and my query on who was Kristyn”, he asked.

“Yes Harry I did”, she answered. “The tickets were a bit of a surprise, they were given to me by the organization I do volunteer work for and I had forgotten to mention them yesterday because ... because we were otherwise engaged. There were three tickets and I have known Kristyn for some time, she is by herself, her husband up and left after throwing a bucket of water over her, naturally she was in a state of bewilderment that has resulted in her depression and I know now she is very lonely and as I had a spare ticket I thought I would invite her, that is if you had no objection”, she concluded.

“I have no objection at all Doreen”, he replied. “When are the tickets for and what theatre, I suppose they are for a film?”

“Yes Harry they are for this coming Wednesday at the ‘Star’ Theatre. Is that day suitable for you, for it is the only day that the tickets are for?” she asked.

“Fine with me Doreen”, he said.

“Thank you Harry. She will come here so that you will pick us both up here instead of going to her place”, she concluded.

He was pleasantly surprised for Kristyn was not unattractive and he did wonder what caused the family eruption, but it was none of his business but he was determined to make her very welcome for he always admired women with a decent set and Kristyn outdid Doreen in the tit size. “Kristyn this is my friend Harry”, Doreen said as the introductions were made. “Pleased to meet you Kristyn”, he replied as he lightly squeezed her hand and gave her a diplomatic style kiss on the cheek. She smiled but he was to notice that she was to manoeuvre herself to be in physical contact and this included a gentle rubbing of his thigh while they were in the theatre; something that did amuse him, but something he wasn’t going to complain about, but was going to lead to a whisper during the film because he was seated between the two women. ‘I like your perfume and I like your attention, maybe later we can fuck’. She gave a slight gasp but the surprising thing she didn’t pull away from him but seemed to even get closer and just for a second gave his groin a substantial squeeze.

“That wasn’t a bad film”, Doreen said as they came out. “Say we have a light lunch at the club with coffee”, she concluded; such a suggestion was taken up. He didn’t know whether Doreen noticed the attention her friend was giving him, if she did there was no comment and as for himself it was difficult to not take full advantage of the manoeuvres this woman was making for he knew he was developing a very interested cock but what to do about it was the thoughts bombarding his brain; the answer came just briefly when Doreen excused herself to go to the ladies. Where they were sitting was a distance from other patrons and the array of floral and fern decorations shielded them from anybody passing. ‘Come here you randy cunt’, he whispered as he loosened his belt and freed his now throbbing cock. ‘Get your mouth around that and suck me dry’. Only for a second did she hesitate but then he gave that moan of pleasure and satisfaction as her mouth performed the one sexual performance he loved. Only for a second did he think that Doreen would return and what she would say just briefly entered his thoughts but just briefly for Kristyn’s mouth dispelled any concern and if Doreen arrived while Kristyn’s mouth was performing well just bad luck.

He came with a gasp, but even then he held her till his balls were empty and only then was she released to grab a couple of table napkins to wipe her mouth. He had made himself respectable and Kristyn was more composed when Doreen returned. ‘Just a few minutes earlier and you would have observed your friend with a flushed face and cum and saliva dripping from her lips’, he thought as they got up to leave. “You know”, he said as he started his vehicle. “This has been a great day. I’m glad I have met you Kristyn and Doreen told me about your breakup and I know it is none of my business but one can only ask what caused it?”

“I think the subject should...”. Doreen didn’t get the opportunity to finish the sentence when Kristyn intervened. “It is alright Doreen. I think Harry does need an explanation”, she began. “Our marriage was good for quite some time”, she continued. “Sexually it was great, we fucked at every opportunity and I loved giving his cock a suck and draining his balls and he told me many times that he liked the way I massaged his balls especially when he had his cock down my throat. The problem started when he met two individuals from the golf club and I know that he had taken a couple of photos of me, naturally nude, I never thought he would show them around, well he did. I also never expected that he told these two men that I loved to fuck and would love a combination of men, one after the other and that my bottom was also on the fuck agenda. I also didn’t know that he invited them back for lunch with the ‘dessert’ being me.

Doreen became aware that the story was beginning to hurt and did suggest that it finish, however, Kristyn continued, almost as though she didn’t hear Doreen suggestion. “It was after lunch and I will admit I was a bit tipsy after a few drinks and it was then that they moved onto me. At first I know I giggled and did what I would normally do ‘performed’ but then, maybe because of pure lust, the party got rough; I was slapped and fucked, not like we generally do but as though I was just a pick-up and had no feeling and was there to satisfy man. They bruised my tits and forced me into a combination of servicing all at the same time. I struggled and cried but their only comment was. “Stop complaining bitch you love it. You want cock well cock you are going to get’. By the time they finished I was in pain, covered in the essence of their balls and exhausted. I really was a mess and when I pleaded with my husband to stop, he threw a bucket of water over me and left”, now she was crying and Doreen cradled her, stroking her hair and offering small words of comfort as he drove into Doreen’s driveway.

There wasn’t much he could do, this was very much a case of letting the women work the situation out but finally he was asked if he would drive Kristyn home as she had come by taxi. “Thank you Doreen”, she said as she got into the vehicle. “You have been such a help and this evening has been a real lift and thank you to Harry”, she didn’t continue with the sentence till the drive home had begun. “I wanted to say”, she said as she stroked his thigh. “I loved giving you a suck, maybe I could become a close friend like Doreen is, she told me of your arrangement and the fact you fucked regularly and that you loved a suck job. I can guarantee you Harry that if you want your cock sucked I will gladly oblige”, with that she gave his groin a substantial squeeze.

“Would you like to come in”, she smilingly asked as he pulled up outside her neat accommodation. It was a question that only needed one answer although he knew he couldn’t stay too long for although he didn’t live with Doreen it was an unwritten agreement that if they had a day or evening out, he would stay the night, so she would be expecting him to return. “I would love a fuck”, he said as he helped her undo the seat belt that did get occasionally stuck, naturally giving her ample boobs a substantial feel. “Doreen told me you like it doggie style, I gather she means you fuck her up the bum”, she said

“No it doesn’t”, he replied. “However, if you are offering your bottom I will not say ‘no’. She was still giggling as she opened the door. There was no offer of a drink or any other substance. She led him into the bedroom and immediately began to shed her clothes. “Fuck you are attractive”, he said as she stood in her glory. “Your tits are larger that Doreen and I do like them to sag and that growth of hair between your thighs is a real invite. Now turn around and display your backside”. She did.

They kissed, each reaching for that area of interest. “Bend over you randy cunt and let’s fuck”. The next utterance were gasps and grunts as he serviced that hairy cunt and she worked herself in rhyme so that not a fraction of cock was lost. He mauled her tits or just let them swing as he ravished her and when he gave the thrust that drained his balls her cry of satisfaction was music to him; slowly he pulled out. “I will leave your bottom for another time Kristyn”, he said. “Unfortunately I will have to go but your desire to become a fuck friend I will certainly put into my diary. You know a bit about Doreen but she can get a bit jealous so our arrangement will be between us. You preform Kristyn and I will give you as much cock as you desire, naturally that including you ‘sucking me off’. All she did was grin.

Doreen didn’t comment but she was slightly surprised when Harry arrived back, she hadn’t said a thing but she had not been ignorant to the attention that her friend was giving Harry, but he didn’t seem to notice it, or she wasn’t given any indication that he did, he treated Kristyn as a companion for herself and that was it. “How was Kristyn when you reached her abode?” she asked.

“Almost back to what she had been when you originally introduced me, she didn’t convey any more information about her marriage apart from what she had said. She did offer me a drink which, naturally I accepted”, he concluded, knowing that such a comment would be accept as Doreen herself had always offered a coffee or tea on his arrival, just because it hadn’t happened didn’t mean that the ritual could not be used for if he hadn’t come up with that explanation, his stay could be questioned.

Kristyn lay on her bed, she hadn’t dressed for that throbbing cock that had so ravished her was still lingering in her mind and she wanted to keep feeling it and the more she lay naked the memory of it thrusting up inside her still made her dribble saliva. ‘How am I going to be part of him without causing a riff with Doreen’, she questioned herself. She didn’t want to break with Doreen who had been a good support over these last months, but she also didn’t want to miss out on what Harry had given her. ‘I want that fucking cock again’, she muttered as she finally had a shower; but how was the question that circulated through her mind as she washed the evidence of Harry’s activity away.

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