Damsels in Need - Bree

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Bree was the 23 year old wife of Bob's son for a time. Bob first met her in crowded and noisy nightclub where they shared a very brief 30 second fuck in the disabled toilet. He was surprised to discover a short time later that she was his son's fiancee. About four years later she invited him to celebrate her divorce - by finishing what they started in the toilet.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Cheating   InLaws   Cream Pie   Big Breasts   Foot Fetish   Size   .

Bob was a 40 year old divorcee, and father to James his 23 year old son who had moved into his own place at the age of 18, wanting to have some independence.

He had raised him for most of his life, after his ex-wife left their lives almost 15 years previously. She was very self centered, and unfortunately James was heading in the same direction after having reconnected with his mother in the last few years.

James had been married for three years to 22 year old Bree, but that marriage had fallen apart entirely due to his attitudes. The divorce would be finalized within days.

Bob liked Bree, spending a lot of time talking to her when she called or visited, feeling sad at the disintegration of her marriage. She didn’t like the re- emergence of James’s mother, and put a lot of their issues down to her.

Bob and Bree also shared a guilty secret.

They had met for the first time in a noisy crowded nightclub which had been chosen by James to introduce his father to his fiancée.

James was very late arriving so Bob settled down at the bar to have a few drinks only to be joined by this young beautiful tall leggy blonde with a nice full set of rounded tits with hard nipples that pushed against the thinness of her very short black mini-dress.

Over the course of an hour or so they had consumed quite a few drinks, and had flirted with each other to the point where he was running his hand along her bare thighs. When he ran his fingers across the very wet gusset of her flimsy panties she took his hand and led him towards the back of the club.

Finding a vacant disabled toilet, they entered. Once the door a closed and locked, she bent over at the hips and wiggled her ass at Bob whilst he released his cock. Approaching her from behind with cock in hand, he lifted the back of her tight dress and slid the thin panty covering to the side before burying his long fat cock into her tight wetness.

Bob fucked her for about 30 seconds before he became aware of the constant banging on the toilet door. They broke apart when the door lock started to jiggle, fearing that the door would suddenly open. They quickly made themselves presentable and left the toilet together, getting harsh stares from another very drunk patron.

On returning to the bar with the young lady he found his son who immediately kissed her and introduced her as his fiancée Bree.

They never repeated their illicit coupling nor spoke about it ever again. But there was always a knowing smile that passed back and forth between them.

On the afternoon of the day that Bree’s divorce became final, she called and invited Bob to have a celebratory meal and drinks.

This is the story as told by Bob about that dinner afternoon and evening.

I arrived mid-afternoon at Bree’s apartment, carrying the obligatory celebration bottle of wine. Bree had been quite specific in her dinner invitation that it was going to be a celebration of the finalization of her divorce from my son.

He was stupid - he just didn’t realize how good a catch he had made with Bree. Over the last few years I had gotten to know her quite well - however we hadn’t repeated our brief sexual union from that crowded and noisy nightclub when I first met her.

I’m not saying that I hadn’t thought about it because I had, but put it aside because she was married to my son.

She was an intelligent young woman who was quite devastated by the breakup of her marriage, but was smart enough to recognize the part played by his mother.

At 22 years of age she was a looker, stunningly beautiful - a tall leggy blonde with a nice rounded set of breasts with everhard nipples, nipples that I’d felt pressing against my chest on numerous occasions when she hugged me.

I pressed the doorbell, and waited for a moment before I heard a voice saying “Come on in. It’s unlocked”. I opened the door and entered.

“Fuck me” I gasped.

Waiting for me was a very naked Bree, except for her bright red strappy high heels.

“Oh my god ... you’re beautiful” I quickly added as she approached me.

During our tryst in the disabled toilet in the nightclub I hadn’t seen any of her body - I’d just pulled her panties to the side and plunged my cock into her wet pussy. This was a total surprise - a wonderful surprise.

She saw the look of admiration on my face.

“I’m glad that someone likes what I have to offer ... and it’s ALL on offer right now” she added before she hugged me, pressing her fantastic body against mine, with her lips seeking out mine for a passionate sexual kiss.

We kissed for a couple of minutes. I was limited by the bottle of wine which was still in my hand but the free one was cupping her firm ass and pulling her against the monster that had grown in my pants.

When we finally separated, she took the bottle from me, setting it on the coffee table before taking my hand saying “Dinner is in the oven ... we have a couple of hours before I need to do anything with it. Let’s head to the bedroom to get more comfortable”.

She led the way down the hallway.

“Fuck me ... did I really have that monster inside me?” she asked as she knelt in front of me. She was holding my long fat cock with both of her soft hands.

She was referring to our brief 30 second fuck over three years ago.

She stroked it some more and then licked the head.

“I know what we need to do” she exclaimed excitedly ... adding “We need to continue where we left off four years ago”.

Rising to her feet, she took my hand and led me into the ensuite where she stood in front of the huge mirror. She bent over at the waist placing her hands on the bench, and wiggling her ass at me.

“Do you remember where we got up to?” she asked cheekliy.

“Oh yes ... most definitely I do” I told her as I approached with cock in hand.

I ran its head up and down between her wet lips before prising them apart and burying my cock fully inside her hot tightness.

“Fuck me ... oh god fuck me...” she gasped.

With cock buried to the hilt, and with short and sharp thrusts I fucked her, watching her face in the mirror as she experienced all the sensations that being filled and stretched by my long fat cock could deliver. I especially loved the wobbling of her dangling full breasts, wobbling even more whenever our bodies collided.

“I’m gonna cum soon” she gasped.

“Cum all over my cock ... I want to feel your hungry pussy gobbling it all up, and painting it with your juices” I encouraged her, loving the sight of my cock fucking in and out between her firm ass cheeks.

“Aghhhhhh ... cumming” she shouted - her pussy grabbing my cock and spasming all around it, and flooded it with her juices.

I slipped my hands under her, cupping her full breasts for a moment before encouraging her to stand tall with my hands molesting their fullness. With her head now close to mine, I nibbled on her earlobes, and on the soft skin of her neck below the ear.

“Bite me ... mark me” she demanded.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Mark me ... make me yours” she growled this time.

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