There Was Confusion

by looking4it

Copyright© 2016 by looking4it

Drama Story: My wife makes a decision about our marriage so I felt obligated to do the same.

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

I posted this elsewhere several years ago and I’ve not had time to take the comments and suggestions and edit it. I take full responsibility for the content and writing. I do not consider myself a writer but I found writing this story to be satisfying. One of the biggest complaints I received was the coincidence in this story. Sorry if that offends you. After reading it again as I went through to edit it I am still proud of the decisions I made. It was not my intent to make it as long as it became but I believe people now who say that a story and characters take on a life of their own.

This story was born from one I read a while ago where a man finds his wife in an adjoining room and gets excited about it. Well, that one didn’t set well with me so I wanted to write what I believe would be a more believable reaction. Again, it is fiction so there may be some improbable events. It is also likely to have elements of other stories in it read here and beyond, I’ve read a bunch so that is certainly understandable. I hope I’ve written the events in a way that, while similar to other stories will be unique here.

There was confusion...

Things were confusing...

I was confused...

I bolted upright in bed. I had no idea where I was and to tell the truth it was unnerving. Things began to settle down and clear and I started to remember where I was and what was going on. Recognizing the stereotypical desk, flat screen television, window and drapes the image of the room at the downtown Marriott began to take shape in my mind. There was still something wrong, a nagging feeling in the back of my mind, but for now a more comfortable feeling and sense of control began to grow and that original confusion began to fade.

As my pulse slowed and the adrenalin ebbed I lay back down and reached for my wife. Immediately, the troublesome feeling that was still present spiked when my arm didn’t find her lying next to me in the bed. I tried to ease my mind figuring that she had gone into the bathroom and perhaps did something that woke me accidentally.

We were both attending a set of summer workshops for teachers. Clinics dedicated to secondary classes for me while my wife, Janice, was taking in ones designed for elementary teachers. We both teach in the same school district and have for the past six years. I’ve actually worked in the district for nine years as a high school history teacher and Janice started there three years later as one of our third grade teachers.

This is an annual conference our district sends us to for training in ways to improve reading scores on our state tests but it’s always nice to take a “vacation” on the district. Sure, there is a certain amount of our time spent in meeting rooms listening to experts, consultants and colleagues talk about the latest and greatest strategies but the evenings were ours and we took great advantage of them with dinner and dancing.

This was our last night and would be heading home in the morning. Well, later in the morning anyway. We had a wonderful dinner at the local chophouse and spent the rest of the evening with people we knew at a nearby club. I’m sure you can imagine that drinks and dancing led to plenty of flirting but, as usual, everyone left with the one they were suppose to and we were in our room with enough energy to make love before submitting to sleep.

There didn’t seem to be anything coming from the bathroom but I noticed that the door used for adjoining our room to the one next to us was slightly open. This seemed odd ... beyond odd actually; it raised my anxiety to a whole new level.

I tried remembering who was in the room next to us. Sleep, confusion and that nagging suspicion kept me from thinking straight yet. I could discern sounds now, but they weren’t coming from the bathroom. Voices in low conversation were coming from the door leading next door.

I quietly got out of bed and made my way toward the voices. When I reached the door I found our side to be nearly closed but the other side was wide open. I peered through the space between the door and frame and I could make out two figures near the bed.

I knew what I was going to see before I had arrived to the gap. It wasn’t going to take a rocket scientist to know the basics of what was beyond that door. The lithe form of my naked wife was on the end of the bed with what was apparently the cock of the man from next door in her mouth as she rocked back and forth giving him a blowjob. There was enough light from a dim table lamp to see everything going on. Since my vantage was from near pitch black it was like looking into a room in full daylight. She gave good head, I’ll admit to that. Although, I’m pretty sure I’ve had my last.

She was looking up at him while slowly moving him in and out of her mouth. She pulled back and there was a popping sound as she separated herself from his dick. I was numb ... absolutely numb. I knew pissed off was not too far away but right now, in the heat of the moment I felt dead. As she pulled her head away she spoke to him.

“My God Sam, this has been an amazing three days.”

What! Whatever was left of my mind reeled. Three days? THREE DAYS?!? What the hell kind of moron was I.

“Our lunch on Wednesday was amazing and missing those clinics on Thursday was so naughty. I think a couple of the staff members who are here from my school are curious about my absences but I know they don’t suspect what I’ve been up to. Then, last night was unbelievable. With Keith in the next room you taking my ass was indescribable. I can’t believe how turned on being bad has made me this week.”

“If he can’t keep you happy and satisfied then it has to fall on those of us who can to pick up the slack babe,” Sam replied.

“Oh, don’t kid yourself Sam. Keith does so much more than satisfy my needs and not simply the food, shelter and conveniences but in bed I can’t imagine a better lover,” Janice retorted.

I smiled for a nanosecond until I realized that what she is saying doesn’t even come close to agreeing with what I’m seeing. The fog was beginning to lift and my anger began to boil.

“How can that be Janice? With the things we’ve done ... are doing ... how can you say he is satisfying you?” Sam asked.

“Look, we’ve fantasized about other things in our love life including people we’d do. For the most part fantasies were just that and it served to heat our passion, but I’ve been curious lately and I have to admit the naughtiness is more exciting than I could have imagined. Our time has been amazing and it ends tonight. I return home with Keith to be the most loving, adoring, and horny wife a man can desire. Keith will never want for attention for years to come and my guilt will feed that attention to the point of being his personal whore but for now I’m a slut ... your slut ... and we need to get busy before I have to return to my room to begin my self imposed penance,” Janice concluded.

Sam wasn’t a huge guy and I probably could have taken him easily, especially considering how much adrenaline my anger was inspiring. In fact, it was likely I would probably kill him. I am no angel and my emotions run wild at times. It’s my gift and my curse. I knew myself and that I was capable of murder without conscience, at least in the heat of the moment. I nearly gave into that temptation but somewhere in the back of my mind I held my ground. I can’t say in hindsight that it was a good decision or bad one, what it did was keep me out of prison.

A quick plan was beginning to form in my mind and I figured I needed some important evidence that would help make sure people were able to believe my side of the story. I was thinking of where my phone or camera was when I noticed I was squeezing my phone in my right hand. Apparently, my subconscious knew what was going on or had a really good guess because I must have absentmindedly picked it up from the nightstand when I had approached the door.

Silence and stealth were the important aspects of successfully pulling off my plan. I did notice that while I had been seemingly trying to squeeze lemon juice out of my phone I had no sexual excitement whatsoever. Yes, we had shared fantasies and even talked about bringing another into our bed, even talked about specific people for the fun of it. That really made for some wild nights. This was so far from what I was now witnessing that it wasn’t funny. Well, in reality I guess it wasn’t funny in any fashion.

I set my phone for video recording and plied the door open a little more so I could get a full screen view. Janice had gone back to sucking the assholes dick and was really getting into it. He was beginning to moan and buck forward slightly, trying to get more cock into her mouth. Her eyes closed now as she worked to finished what she had recently interrupted. I had a good angle and the blowjob did nothing to hide who she was should someone she knew saw the video ... and I was quite sure someone she knew would.

It wasn’t long and he shot his load in her mouth. I wasn’t worried about being caught because this is Janice’s thing: get the guys first one out of the way and then she’d be guaranteed to have his full attention to work on her.

“Yes, lover. Just like that. Hmmmmm, such an artful tongue. Oh my God Sam, that’s it, suck my clit,” Janice quietly purred. She had laid back, opened her legs to him and pulled his head into her crotch.

“You taste like no one else, Janice, I swear you pussy is a true honey pot,” Sam replied.

Okay I had enough and was literally ready to puke on the both of them right before wringing their necks with my bare hands. I had a record of both faces clear enough to identify, they had clearly named each other and been actively engaged in intimate sexual contact. It was time to get the hell out of there and let her know just exactly what her “secret” adventure was going to cost her.

Although not formally diagnosed, I have certain compulsions and one of them is to not waste time. Janice was willing to overlook many of my faults and this one usually made her chuckle, shake her head and sometimes walk away. One of my travelling compulsions was to be 99.99% packed the night before leaving a hotel. Tonight, that was going to serve me well.

Again, “stealth of the ninjas” was paramount. I won’t go into the details but opening and closing doors silently was a specialty of mine. It takes a gentle hand and a great deal of patience to do it right but I’d had enough practice to be probably “burgularesque” about it.

I began with the door on our side. It helped that although they were quiet they totally into each other. I think the fact that this was their final scene led them to be sloppier than they had originally planned. I managed to get the door closed and the latch in place without their notice. I moved quickly on my side. Clothes were laid out for the next day, suitcases packed, laptops and literature we’d gathered were secured in our travel bags and only bare essential toiletries were around the sink.

I dressed myself quickly and secured anything loose in my bag. I gathered her travel clothes and packed them along with her personal bathroom items. The travel bags fit on top of the rolling suitcases so, while awkward, I could manage both bags at the same time. I didn’t know her timetable but I did want to be done long before they were. I did a quick final check and moved the bags toward the door.

Anyone who has stayed in a hotel can imagine how hard this next part was. Doors in hotels are notoriously noisy. Perhaps they do it on purpose for safety sake, perhaps hotels don’t give a rat’s ass on the noise level of their doors but I knew I’d have to be good AND lucky to pull the next part off. I quietly turned the door handle and unlatched the safety bars and deadbolt. Quiet enough. I ever so slowly opened the door and set one case in front of it. Rolling the other into the hall I went back into the room and removed all of the towel and bedding, taking them down the hall and dropping them off in the vending area. I knew that she could easily take something from Sam to dress in but I was going to do everything I could to inconvenience her and let her know that I knew about her infidelity. She was going to know I was pissed beyond reason.

Still moving as quickly as I could in “stealth mode” I returned to my room (my not our ... how quickly our minds can adapt) and set about the hardest part of the plan. I moved the second set of bags into the hall and allowed the door to move closed. This would be tricky and I’m not really sure how I succeeded but I managed to use the key before it closed to turn the outer handle and keep the latch from clanging shut and giving me away. Like I said, more than a little luck was involved but apparently I was owed some Karma on behalf of my wife’s cheating.

Once that was done it was a simple matter of getting down to the front desk, informing the night clerk there was an emergency that was calling my wife and I back much earlier than expected and could he check us out of our room right now. I told him my wife had already gone outside and was on the phone to family. I gave him both keys to the room, rolled the bags out the front door, loaded the car and began the long drive home.

It was an unbelievably long drive across our state. I know in comparison that if I had driven straight through from Seattle to Miami, stopping only for quick naps at rest areas it still wouldn’t have felt as long as the six hours I drove to get home that morning.

Home. What a joke. It wasn’t home anymore. I’m not sure it was even a house. It was an abode or perhaps a dwelling. It was little more than a roof to keep me warm and dry; a safe place to store my stuff. My stuff. Again, I noticed that I’m already thinking as a single man instead of a husband or partner. That made me sad and angry all over again.

The loneliness on that solitary drive was amplified by the fact that it began about 3:00 am. In hindsight, I’m absolutely sure it was a good thing I left early because I remember absolutely nothing about the first two hours of the drive outside of my mind working to get around what I woke up to earlier. Another saving grace of my emotional state was to miss out on the potentially massive hangover I’d have had otherwise. Right now I’d take that hangover because it would have meant I’d either still be in the dark or she’d have been faithful, in which case we would have woken up later, had a nice breakfast, shared the driving duties while talking about what we had learned over the course of the week and how it would help our students in the fall.

The sun was rising and my mind was still in a haze. I needed to eat and desperately needed some coffee to keep me going so I began to watch signs for an exit with fast food restaurants. My iPhone had an app showing what’s at upcoming exits on the interstate. I knew this route well enough to know where exits would be but not what is available at each one.

I hadn’t powered down my phone but was surprised to see three missed phone calls and at least a half dozen messages from numbers I didn’t recognize. Not having heard it ring made me realize just how out of it I had been during the drive. Another reason to get off and get myself together. As I began to focus on the present I knew that the message and missed calls were from Janice. She had to be using the asshole’s personal and hotel room phone to try and contact me. I deleted the missed calls and voice mails having no interest in talking to her. After all, part of my plan was to leave her as high and dry in the hotel with her new fuck buddy. I read only as much of the text messages as it took to delete them. “Keith, where are you? Please call...” Yeah right, not anytime soon if I could help it.

I did stop and get something to eat and drink, stretch my legs and use the restroom. The quicker I put distance between us the better I’d be. Well, at least that what I kept telling myself.

Why ... Why ... WHY? This haunted me. I’m not the easiest person to live with. I know that. So did she. I’m a workaholic and dedicated to be the best teacher that I could be for my students. Janice had a similar drive too; at least that’s what she told me and the way I saw her work in the classroom. The reason we didn’t have kids yet was her desire to establish a position in the district and the fact that we were dedicated to the students we often referred to as our “kids.”

Too trusting ... to a fault, that’s me. But it’s an all or nothing feeling. I trust until someone proves that I cannot do so anymore and then it’s fully lost. I don’t make assumptions in regard to how others act, it is a clean slate until it’s broken, then its no slate at all.

That’s where we are now and Janice has to know it. She’s seen it with my relationship among the administration, faculty and some students. Those that have lied to me or otherwise purposefully mislead me would never be trusted again. I’m not talking about accidental mistakes but I am honest and I expect others to be as well. I am faithful and I profoundly expect my wife to do so as well.

Janice is my first wife but not my first long term serious relationship. I had a girlfriend in high school and we had dated since Homecoming of our sophomore year. By the time we were approaching graduation we were inseparable. One of the few things we differed on was where we were going to college. I was staying a local by attending the nearby state college. It was not considered our family’s college of choice but I did have several family members that had attended and I absolutely loved the town it was in. She was going to study business out of state. We both had great grades and test scores; we simply didn’t respect each other’s choice of schools. Well maybe it wasn’t a lack of respect but a difference in priorities. It is safe to say that being in college and that far from each other was going to make our relationship hard to maintain. In the long run she did fail first but I knew it wasn’t going to work. We agreed that we would break things off until we were done with college and see if we wanted to renew ... we didn’t, and both knew it at the time.

I had a few short-term steady girls in college, however, it was assumed by all parties that commitment was not what we were there for. In my senior year I met Charlie, Charelene on her birth certificate, who was a theater major. Almost from the first moment we met we were comfortable in each other’s company. She even got me to take a bit part in one of the plays that year and I learned that performing on stage was similar to teaching in a classroom. I learned several skills that served me well as a high school social studies teacher from personal confidence in front of a group to being able to play act to help explain the point I wanted to put across to the students.

We graduated and found jobs in the same urban area where we could rent a condo and work on our careers and post college relationship. She didn’t possess a superstar or model type of gorgeous but she was pretty in one of those stereotypical “girl next door” kind of ways. She was able to garner some nice commercial time for local companies and considered some work in one of the local television news companies. For about six months she began to get quiet and antsy. I didn’t think she was fooling around but I knew something was bothering her. We had talked about making our commitment permanent but we both had determined that we weren’t quite ready yet. I tried to subtly to get her to tell me what was wrong but I simply couldn’t get her to open up.

I had come home a little late from a particularly long week at school. When I entered the condo I noticed immediately several boxes and a suitcase in the foyer. Walking into the living room I notice Charlie was sitting on the couch and she looked uncomfortable. She noticed me immediately and gave a slight smile and asked me to sit with her. I really didn’t feel like she was someone that would play around on me even if we hadn’t publically committed ourselves to fidelity.

“Keith, I know you’ve suspected something was bothering me lately,” Charlie started.

I nodded and she continued, “We always talk things through and that has made us strong. I really can’t say why I’ve kept this to myself and it bothers me that I did that, but I have a chance to work in California on a pilot to a new sitcom and I’ve decided that it’s something I am going to take advantage of. It is an offer I can’t refuse.”

I was gob smacked. I never really knew what that meant until that moment. Speechless wasn’t good enough, surprised wasn’t good enough, so gob smacked it was.

Finally I found my voice, “Honey, that is awesome. I know I’m committed through the school year but you can move out there now and I can join you when school is out. We’d have the summer to get settled and I can look for a job.” I didn’t need to see her face to know that there was a reason she had hidden this from me for so long.

“Keith, I don’t think you should come with me. I have enough friends and contacts in the business to know what I’m going to have to do or imply doing that I don’t want to put you through that kind of emotional strain. I love you as much as I’ll ever love man but I cannot expect you to live that lifestyle and I can’t afford to professionally have to worry how you will react to a situation,” Charlie was really tearing up by this time.

“Dad and my brother Bill will be here shortly to help me pack. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. You will never know how sorry I truly am for leaving in this way.”

We have never made a decision in our relationship that was even half this important without talking about it. She shut me out completely. I knew why. I knew she felt I would have been able to talk her out of going or letting me come and I also knew she didn’t want to hurt me which is why she held onto the news and waited as long as she did. Not that any of that knowledge mattered. It hurt beyond belief and being shut out was more than I could handle.

Finding my voice I told her, “I have no idea how to answer you. We’ve talked through every decision in our relationship that would affect each other.”

I thought, ‘You selfish bitch!’ My anger really began to build

“How do you know what I’m capable of handling? Just how far are you willing to go to make your career work? I guess I should be happy now, if you so willingly compromise your morals so easily in the future then perhaps you’ve already done that locally. Perhaps this is why you’ve blocked deeper discussions about marrying me. Wow, what a relief this is becoming.” I was really seething now, hurting like never before and, in turn, I wanted to hurt her back.

I know she probably expected this kind of reaction but it still hit her hard. She simply whispered, “I’m so sorry, Keith. I’ll never be able to let you know how much.”

She stood and moved to the door where her dad and brother were waiting. She had them ready to go when I arrived but wanted to talk to me first. I know they heard what I had said and they liked me well enough to know why I said it and that I truly didn’t mean it in my heart.

They had her things loaded and were ready to go in less than 20 minutes. She looked at me and waited to see if there was anything else to say or do. I stood stoically, not staring her down, daring her to do anything or any other act of defiance, just simply frozen in the moment. She gave a slight smile, a look of honesty from her eyes and mouthed, “I love you” before closing the door.

I was devastated. It took two years and moving to another school district before I even considered dating again. Trust took much longer.

What I couldn’t truly believe was that I had no clue Janice was carrying on at the conference and that she would even consider starting an affair, short or long term.

It was that trust level again. Once I had learned that not all women were going to leave me in the lurch I met Janice at the beginning of the new school year. This district starts each year with a full faculty gathering and an address from the superintendent with some type of motivational speaker to get everyone pumped up for the school year. This is typically a waste of time and money because at the beginning of school is not when teachers are down and need a spark. Halfway through first semester or as we approach testing times would be a better option but hey, making practical decisions is not what administrators are always known for.

I had developed a friendship with one of the district’s fourth grade teachers. Nothing sexual, we were buddies. I had arrived to the meeting early and had a seat next to me. I was doodling on my iPad (okay I was playing a game) when Marge approached with a cute fresh face. Marge introduced her as Janice, a new 3rd grade teacher, and promptly sat her between us.

I got the hint and began some light conversation while we waited for the meeting to start. It turns out that we had quite a bit in common and I asked her out for coffee after the days scheduled meetings were over. Dinner seemed a little presumptuous for having just met but I felt like a nice conversation during an afternoon coffee could lead to dinner tonight or later in the week.

She agreed and we did end up having a simple dinner that night with an agreement to meet again for dinner on Friday night.

Needless to say we did have a fairly quick courtship and were planning a wedding for June after school was out.


We had what I had always considered a textbook marriage. We talked about everything, we had a terrific love life that was consistent, spontaneous and adventurous, we shared goals and agreed on beginning a family. We did discuss aspects of our sex life including fantasies that occasionally considered others in our bed. We really didn’t have a preference for a woman or man, simply the nuances that would be associated with one gender or the other.


I hated to be hurt emotionally. Okay, who does? People have a tendency to block out things that could hurt or damage them. Is love blind? It most certainly is, at least in a way. We protect ourselves from that which could hurt us the most and can’t fathom the person we trust the most letting us down the hardest. Janice wasn’t able to get away with anything, I allowed her to do the things she did, act the way she would, and enjoy the moments she stole because I had no intention of seeing her for what she was, a self centered whore. Don’t get me wrong, she made choices (bad, bad choices) but the surprise was due to my lack of vigilance. Making this decision to try a little something new on the side was a one-way decision just like Charlie. I was simply a trusting fool. I’m sure she will be telling me that it didn’t mean anything, I wasn’t missing anything or she didn’t want to hurt me which is why she didn’t bring up her “urges.”

While I was paying better attention to the road time still was a foreign concept to me. I realized I was about an hour from home and it was approaching 8:30 am. I knew I had to get some things in order to make sure my life and property were protected.

A stop to a building supply/hardware store gave me a chance to get some of the things I needed. Radio Shack was my second stop and the liquor store was third. It was early but urban/suburban stores are opening amazingly early on Saturdays. I knew the last store was not an answer but I also knew that when I had a chance to stop moving I was going to need a way to forget for a while.

I was really sure I had at least 12 to 24 hours to prepare. I was hoping that leaving her in an embarrassing situation without conventional ways of communication and a blind hope that I’d forgive her would keep Janice from getting here too soon. I’m fairly sure Sam lived in the opposite part of the state, she was without cell phone and laptop and her family lives in another state. Pretty sure she would call my family as a last resort since she couldn’t be sure what I had told them.

As soon as I was home I set to work. I knew if I stopped moving things would get ugly for me so I stayed as busy as possible. Locks changed, voice recorder installed, webcam set up in the living room, and suitcases unloaded ... mine inside, hers out. I opened the box of trash bags and gathered what few boxes were in our garage and started to pack things that were specifically Janice’s ... at least in my mind. I knew there would be items that we would have to dicker over later but in all honesty, I doubted there was much that I would put my foot down over.

That is with the exception of the house. My house. And this time it really was mine not some emotional detachment of my marriage. I had purchased it the spring before I met Janice. Because of my self-imposed exile from dating I had actually saved quite a bit of money, even for a school teacher. There were few expenses outside of basic living and I had taken a summer job to keep my mind busy so my savings accumulated quickly. I had paid a hefty down payment on a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage house not too far from the high school I taught at and I was able to pay down the mortgage pretty quickly. It was certainly in my name only, purchased before we even met, over three quarters paid before the marriage and I would fight tooth and nail to keep it that way.

The funny thing is I knew I would sell it as soon as the divorce was final. Through no fault of its own I would never feel the same about it. What was our home was now a shell; a box holding items whose worth was dropping exponentially.

The phone tap and web cam were to record any conversations I, or anyone else, would have in my house. The locks were to keep Janice out unless she had my permission.

It is amazing about how much an average garbage sack can hold. Drawers, jewelry, closets and medicine cabinets emptied quickly; especially when you don’t care in what way they are packed. Several opportunities to smile sarcastically as I threw handfuls of things haphazardly into the bags and boxes, gave me a little therapeutic revenge. Boxes and bags were stacked in the garage. When I was done I packed as much of that stuff in Janice’s car as would fit and stacked the rest just inside the garage door with her suitcase and travel case. I knew she would be here eventually and I wanted no reason to let her in.

Sun had gone down and there was nothing else to do. There was a bottle with my name on it and I guess it was time to open it...

I expected to awaken to a pounding. With each glass of alcohol consumed I knew what the morning would bring but it helped me forgot a little more about my life and marriage. My hangover would be a welcome consequence, the headache and commode hugging would keep my mind elsewhere...

There was a pounding. I opened my eyes and was confused with the fact I didn’t wake specifically from a headache, nausea or other bathroom needs. There it was again, a pounding. I had to figure out why there was a pounding outside my head as well as in. I could hardly think straight enough to breathe right so it took awhile to figure out that it was the front door that was pounding. Well, someone was pounding on it.

Gathering my wits, much as I could, I noticed that I was still in my clothes from the hotel. Well, sort of. Soiled was an understatement.

More pounding.

I removed my clothes and found a pair of running shorts and t-shirt. I put on my bathrobe too and waddled toward the door.

More pounding and a voice from the other side, “Mr. Fredericks. This is the police Mr. Fredericks, please open the door.”

I made it to the door. One breath. Two. Okay, okay ... I better open before he knocks again.

I opened the door to witness a hand heading toward the screen door again. It stopped before knocking and the gentleman in the uniform said, “Mr. Fredericks?”

I nodded slightly. I think it was very clear by looking at me that I’d had better days waking up in the morning.

“Mr. Fredericks, we have a Mrs. Janice Fredericks here and she seems to be locked out of her home.”

“Well officer, Mrs. Fredericks doesn’t live here anymore.” As I said that I heard a stifled sob to the right of the door.

“We understand that the two of you are still married, is that true Mr. Fredericks?” the officer asked.

“Simply a temporary situation due mostly to the fact it is a weekend. Come tomorrow morning, as early as possible, I will be fixing that little inaccuracy,” little less stifled this time, “and the moment you show me the law, and I mean the letter of the law, that tells me I owe my wife a place to live then I will open this door to her. Until that time, her clothes and basic belongings are packed in her car or set in front of the house. That includes her phone and laptop. Phone service, credit cards, auto insurance and similar things have been canceled.”

The officer looked to his left, grimaced and asked, “Is that really necessary Mr. Fredericks?”

I simply replied, “Yes officer, without a doubt.”

I shut the door and moved to the window. The officer was helping Janice move from the door toward her car. She looked a mess. Her hair was all over the place and I can’t imagine where her clothes came from. I was torn. She deserved everything she was feeling right now and yet this was the woman I had loved so deeply. Compassion was quickly suppressed and I turned from the window, finding my way back to my—MY—bedroom.

I was able to contact the credit card companies and cancel the cards we had together as well as her cell phone service. The car insurance was canceled as well and I did some online banking. Wow, the wonders of electronic access. I also found four divorce lawyers that were noted as the top in the area and they took online appointments.

Since moving here I never really looked at summer as anything more than time to prepare for the next school year. I will be making full use of tomorrow when it arrives.

Morning came and life was slightly better than the day before. My mind was still a shambles and I was depressed beyond belief. There were several objectives to be completed today and I needed to get started. A shower and some breakfast. Clean set of clothes. Then it’s off to meet a new set of “friends.”

Can your lawyer be your friend? I suppose so but in reality I was looking for an advocate who would help me keep my dignity. Contacting four should reduce the pool Janice had to choose from. Okay, so I’m capable of being selfish too.

The long and short of the four meetings was that I would probably keep my house, but no guarantees. Since it was partially paid off while we were married then they could argue she owned some equity in it. We were close enough in experience that our pensions and salaries were fairly equal. Two of them told me, off the record, that my pictures and recordings could help as leverage but threatening to make them public on the Internet would probably be construed as extortion. The fact I had them dead to rights on “film” should be enough to avoid maintenance (alimony), sharing our retirement and control of the house.

It is absolutely insane that our society today condones adultery. Our state, as with most others, doesn’t really offer an advantage for divorce on any grounds but Irreconcilable Differences. She cheats and it’s simply a bad choice; do try to forgive the whore (okay, my words not the legal systems). Forget Alienation of Affections for asshats like Sam, it was her promises not his that I had issues with. Ugh!

That is why I was adamant about not allowing her back into the house. I pressed Jackson (the attorney I ended up choosing) to sue for breach of contract for both of them just in case she were to get a court order to gain access the house. He told me others had tried that view and it’s very hard to be successful. To me it was a matter of principle and she needed to be reminded what she did and that oral promises made in front of witnesses to should be binding. It was also a notice that this could get a whole lot more ugly if she pressed me to shed details in the public record.

I really didn’t want to go any further than cutting her out of my life, finding a way to move forward and retain some self-respect. She had to know that this could really come back to put a huge strain on her relationship with her family and her career as a teacher. Not only was she adulterous but she chose to act on her desires while representing the district at a conference. Yes, this could get bad for her quick if truth were told. There would be plenty of rumor, speculation and innuendo simply from those who were there.

We were set to serve her on Thursday if we could find out where she had ended up living. I had some ideas about where to look and I gave them to Jackson, not really wanting to do that myself, and he agreed it would be ultimately easier for him. I was fairly sure that the one person she could count on right now was Marge.

Marge was my best friend in the district, and quite frankly, probably my best friend in the world. She always had my back and I had hers. She was ever reminding me that she was responsible for bringing Janice into my life. They had become best friends too and perhaps there was a little “girl power” that helped their friendship become just as strong and lasting. Janice would have cooked up some kind of story to allow Marge to help her, some kind of crazy misunderstanding. The fact that I hadn’t heard from Marge yet told me that she probably had serious doubts about Janice’s side of the issue. I wouldn’t hold this against Marge, she knew how alone Janice was here in regard to family and friends and even though she probably doubted Janice’s story she knew she had an obligation for now as her friend.

I’d like to say that going over the story four more times that day was cathartic, but it wasn’t. It was tiring, both mentally and emotionally, and some of that was due to the long drive and subsequent activity on Saturday and Sunday (okay, the drinking might have contributed as well). I will admit my anger had receded. There would be no forgiveness, I’m a hard-hearted bastard and I know what I’m capable of. There would be no forgiveness and there would be no reconciliation. There would also be no pillory and rotten vegetables. Of course, that was more of a societal change than a personal preference.

So, somewhere in between forgiveness and public humiliation...

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