Old School

by Clowns

Copyright© 2016 by Clowns

Sex Story: Lisa and her son pay a visit to her hometown bar and the fun begins.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Gang Bang   Big Breasts   .

When Lisa and her son walked into the bar, both men looked up. It was rare to get new people in the bar, especially women.

She handed the bartender a twenty. “Can I get some quarters. I assume you still have a pool table in the back?”

As the bartender counted out change, Jim, the man at the bar, looked over at the woman now standing to his left. ‘Not much to look at in the face but damn, look at the size of them tits’, he thought.

When he saw her looking at him staring at her chest, he looked to the boy. “You and your sister going to play some pool, eh?”

That got a chuckle from the boy. “She’s not my sister. This is my mom.”

Lisa pretended to act offended as her son continued laughing. “It’s not that funny. I’m not ancient.”

Her serious face broke into a big smile as she tousled his air and turned her attention to the man at the bar. “His grandma doesn’t have video games or internet, so we thought we would go ‘old school’ and play some pool.”

As they started towards the back, Jim offered to buy them both a drink. Her son Josh was quick to respond, “I’ll take a beer.”

Lisa rolled her eyes. “He can have a coke. And I guess I would take a rum and coke, if that’s not too much to ask.”

“No problem. Go on back. I’ll bring them to you.”

Josh was still racking the balls when Jim showed up with their drinks. They both thanked him.

Lisa took a sip. “Woah. That’s strong.” She paused before adding, “But then I don’t drink much.”

“So why don’t you drink? Are you Mormon or something?”

Lisa found that funny. “Oh no! My husband just frowns on me drinking.” She took another sip. “But hey! He’s not here, right?”

While her son was picking up the game rather quickly, Lisa was proving herself to be not much of a pool player. But both Josh and Jim were enjoying the ample cleavage when she bent over.

The bending over seemed to be causing her issues. Large boobs in a sheer bra tend to shift easily. After several failed attempts to get them where she wanted them, she finally turned away from everyone and reached in and put them back in place.

This of course was not lost on Josh or Jim. Josh was clearly embarrassed but when he looked over at Jim, Jim gave him a wink and a thumbs up, which caused Josh to break into a big grin.

Lisa turned back around, rolled her shoulders as if to ensure they were in place and then leaned over to take another shot, which of course caused them to shift once again.

Lisa was on her third drink when they were joined by another man. “Lisa Lovecock?”

It took Lisa a second. “Bob Woody?”


“Actually, it’s Lisa Stanoffski now. I’m married.” She pointed to a big diamond ring and then over to Josh. “Josh here is my kid.”

Being closer to Josh, Bob reached out and shook his hand. “Glad to meet you, Josh.” Bob faked a grimace. “Woah! Strong grip. You must lift weights.” Josh knew he was being messed him but he still smiled.

Lisa put her hand out when it was her turn but Bob ignored it and went in for a big hug.

Josh and Jim noticed Bob’s hands lightly slide across the sides of Lisa’s boobs as they separated. Josh looked to Jim and they both smiled. Lisa didn’t appear to notice.

Jim and Josh continued to stare where the contact was made until Lisa, feeling uneasy, called them out. “What?”

They both appeared to force themselves to look away and they both spoke in unison, “Nothing.”

Lisa eyed all three in suspicion. Was she the butt of some joke or prank? She finally dismissed it, “Men.”

After finishing their first game, it was Bob who suggested they play partners. Jim and Josh versus Bob and Lisa.

While it was clear that Lisa could use all the help she could get, it was also clear that Bob’s tutelage had ulterior motives. It allowed his hands to roam Lisa’s body as he positioned her for each shot.

When Bob asked Lisa out back for a smoke, Josh was surprised his mom accepted. He had never known her to smoke.

When they came back in, they both were whispering and giggling. Josh noticed right away that his mom’s blouse was unbuttoned much lower than before. You could clearly see her bra now. Josh had to wonder, what had they been doing out there?

Another game and more drinks. Lisa no longer bothered turning away to adjust herself. She reached right in there, clearly annoyed by it all.

“Problems, Darling? You know you could just take that thing off.”

Lisa looked to Bob and then with a long sigh, proceeded to remove her bra while all three men watched.

Josh had never seen anything like it. When she finally got it off, she raised it up in triumph, “Ta-da”. Bob began to clap and Jim and Josh soon joined in.

Lisa did a half bow / half curtsy, which caused her boobs to spill out of her blouse. Un-phased, Lisa stood tall and proceeded to release the few remaining buttons before tying the bottom of the shirt in a makeshift halter.

Bob watched as Josh stared at his mom’s naked boobs before they were once again hidden away. “You know, Josh. Your mom used to be quite the party girl back in the day.”

Lisa giggled, “Don’t believe a word he says, Josh.” She giggled some more.

Bob whispered loud enough for everyone to hear, “You remember that night out at Willtap’s barn?”

“Josh! Close your ears.” More giggling.

By all indications, Lisa was drunk. Even Josh was getting in on the free feels, but not to the degree of Bob and Jim. By now, they were straight out groping Lisa, who seemed to respond with more giggles.

When Bob suggested another smoke break, Josh held back as the rest made their way to the back door. It was Jim who motioned for him to follow.

Josh watched as his mom smoked her cigarette. She didn’t even bother to try to cover her breasts as the shirt was now untied and open. Josh was seeing a whole different side to his mom tonight.

“Does you son know about that time up at...”

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