Celebrating With Amy

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Amy was a young lady from Thailand. He had been working with her on a difficult problem for days, and it wasn't until Sunday that she solved it with his help. They cheered and hugged to celebrate - feeling her firm body against him set off an unstoppable plunge towards a fuck session on the office table.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Workplace   Cheating   Interracial   White Male   Oriental Female   Size   .

“Yes ... yes ... you are wonderful ... you are beautiful” I shouted.

My comments were directed to Amy who had been working with me for the last few days on a stubborn software application issue. We had come into work on the weekend, and it was Sunday afternoon before we solved the problem.

I grabbed her, lifting her from her chair to hug her, wrapping my arms around her and holding her close ... close enough to feel the firmness of her beautiful tits against my chest. I was surprised that she allowed me to hold her this close ... and for the length of time that the hug endured.

Amy was from Thailand. She was slim with shoulder length black hair which frames a beautiful face - a slim figure, with nice tits (just a handful each) and with a trim firm ass. She was married, hence I was surprised by the length of time that she allowed the hug to continue.

Finally releasing her, I put her back on the ground - she was only 5 feet tall compared to my 6 feet.

She laughed and smiled at my antics. We had become quite friendly over the last few days - having to work very closely together we had learnt much about each other.

“Let’s just tidy it up, and we can get out of here” I suggested.

She resumed her seat and went back to coding the solution into a tidier form.

Within 10 minutes I noted that she was twisting and turning her neck - a sure indication that she had a stiff neck.

“I can fix that stiff neck of yours whilst you keep on working” I told her.

“Oh yes please” she responded.

I moved to stand behind her, placing my hands on her shoulders and starting a gentle massage, working my way up towards her ears.

“Ooh that’s good” she murmured.

She had the most amazing soft skin where my hands made contact with her neck. Her shoulders were covered so that part of the massage was through her thin shirt material.

“I’m going to slip my hands under the top of your shirt to get at the top of your shoulders” I warned her before slipping my hands under the shirt collar.

“Yes ... that’s amazing” she moaned.

I was getting a hardon from touching her beautiful skin.

She had stopped typing on her keyboard, and had closed her eyes to enjoy the massage.

I took a chance and slipped my fingers tips further downwards onto the top of her chest, feeling the start of the swell of her firm tits. She didn’t object so I continued the massage, allowing my finger tips to drift even closer to her tits.

“Ooh ... umm ... oh yes” she murmured, enjoying the massage - my finger tips making contact with the top of her bra.

It’s now or never I said to myself. I slipped one hand down and cupped her firm tit, squeezing it and feeling her hard little nipple under my hand. To my surprise she didn’t object - she just pushed her firm tit into my hand instead.

I moved quickly - removing her shirt and unclipping her bra. Spinning her chair around I pulled the loose bra free from her chest.

“We shouldn’t be...” she started to say before I silenced her with a searing kiss on her sweet lips. She did not react for a few moments, but when she did respond she responded with hunger.

I drew her up from her chair and sat her on the edge of the meeting table.

I continued to kiss her whilst I caressed both of her tits, playing with her now rock hard little nipples. Breaking off the kiss, I moved my lips to her tits, licking and sucking her nipples.

“Oh ... ahhh...” she moaned as I eased her back onto the surface of the table.

Returning to kiss her, I slipped a hand between her legs, pushing them apart to give me access to her pussy. My fingers found what felt like lacy panties - soaking wet panties. I stroked across the surface of them for a short time before I stood up and pulled her skirt down off her hips and across her feet, leaving her in just her tiny white panties.

Slipping fingers under the waistband on each side I pulled them completely off her, revealing a neatly trimmed black haired bush on her mound. Her pussy lips were however completely bald and very wet looking.

“That looks delicious” I commented as I knelt between her thighs bringing my face into contact with her pussy mound.

“We shouldn’t be doing this here” Amy finally commented.

“Hmmm” I thought “She’s not saying ‘no’ outright - she’s just concerned about being naked on the meeting room table.”.

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