My Brother's Wife

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: He and his brother owned a heavy haulage firm which had them away from home for lengthy periods of time. His brother was married to a petite oriental lady who he had fucked just once before - she came back for another fuck session telling him some very interesting information.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Interracial   White Male   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Lactation   Size   .

My name is John. I am 27 years old, divorced, previously married to Dana. She caught me in bed with our next door neighbour Lisa, who was just one of my regular fuck buddies. I had this habit of finding willing sex partners, unfortunately this one was too close to home, and I paid the price.

As part of the separation and divorce agreement I moved out of the house, and moved to another city where I setup home in a two bedroom apartment. The new city location was better for the heavy haulage business that I owned with my brother. The business was largely untouched by the divorce settlement.

James is my younger brother by two years. He is married to Amy who is a petite slim Asian lady with enormous breasts which look so out of place on her slim body. They have a son Kevin who is now 6 months old. They live in the house which is next door to the home that I had shared with Dana.

I’m envious of young Kevin because he gets to suck on those massive breasts on a daily basis. I tease James all the time about his wife’s huge breasts. He quickly changes the subject. I enjoy stirring him about his wife - he wouldn’t be too pleased to find out that I have fucked her too. Just the once. More about that soon.

James regularly stays with me in the couple of days just before we start a new haulage contract. Some of these contracts can have us on the road for weeks at a time hauling enormous loads from the wharf to the mines.

This story is about one of his visits. Amy was visiting for a couple of days, having left the youngster with her mother with a good supply of expressed milk. James was about to start a solo run, hauling a huge dump truck on his flatbed trailer.

Amy was booked to fly back home the afternoon after James left on his trip. I had volunteered to drive her to the airport.

“Fuck me ... fuck my ass” Mala screamed thrusting her hips back against my embedded cock, slapping her ass cheeks against my hips.

Mala was one of my new fuck buddies. She was from Western Africa having recently emigrated to the country. She was 22 years old with the silkiest smooth black skin. It was an amazing sight - the contrast between her black skin and my whiteness.

It was especially beautiful looking down seeing my big thick cock sliding in and out of her black ass, with her ass cheeks quivering from the spanking that I was administering as I fucked her.

Smack ... smack ... smack. The sounds rang out in the bedroom.

“Oh yes ... you fucking nasty bastard. Fuck my ass” she squealed.

My balls were approaching boiling point so a massive cum injection was imminent.

“Yes ... yes ... you tight-assed black cunt. Here it comes ... Going to fill you with my hot white cream ... right up your ass” I yelled just as I exploded in her depths.

“Yessssssss!!!!” I growled pumping her full of cum.

“Oh fuck me” Mala moaned into the pillow twitching her ass against my embedding cock. I gave her ass one last hard smack before I slowly withdrew from her ass, and collapsed onto the bed beside her.

I was soon asleep.

I woke again to the pleasant feeling of warmth encompassing my cockshaft. Through fluttering eyelids I was surprised to find that it was Amy who was tenderly bathing my cock with a warm wash cloth - a naked Amy.

“Hey there” I greeted her cheerfully. “Where’s James?”

“Gone ... been gone a couple of hours now” she replied as she slowly caressed my long thick shaft.

“I can’t believe that she had this monster up her ass” Amy commented, obviously referring to my session with Mala earlier in the morning.

Monster was a word that most of my fuck buddies used to describe my cock. I had been blessed (or cursed) with a cock that stretched the tape measure to 11.5 inches with a thickness that matched or exceeded most female wrist sizes.

Mala had been up to the challenge - taking my cock into her mouth, pussy and finally in her ass.

Amy tending to my now hard cock soon had me reminiscing about our one and only sexual encounter.

About 15 months ago she had walked in on me doing some self-loving. I was still married to Dana at the time, and it was just before she caught me in bed with Lisa.

Dana was at work, called in unexpectedly which explained why Amy just let herself in expecting to find Dana. Instead she had found me naked on the bed stroking my greasy cock. She had just stood transfixed at the foot of the bed, unable to take her eyes of it.

“That’s just unreal” she finally commented when our eyes met.

“It’s real ... want a feel?” I cheekily asked her, expecting her to refuse and leave.

Not only did she say “Yes” she stripped off everything before she climbed up onto the bed to join me. She wrapped her small hand around the greasy shaft and took over the stroking that I had been doing myself up until that time.

“So big and hard” she murmured, stroking and squeezing it.

My hand crept up from her hip to cup the enormous breasts that sat proudly on her chest. I flicked her nipples, and tweaked them firmly.

“Oh god” she groaned in unison with my breast caresses and nipple stimulations.

“Gotta have it inside me” she growled, quickly climbing onto my thighs with my cock pressed in front of her tummy. She lifted up and I helped her position the head at the entry to her tight wet pussy canal. Her mound was totally shaved, giving me an uninterrupted view of her fleshy pussy lips that were now spread around my cockhead.

“Fuck” she gasped slowly lowering herself onto me. I just held her by the hips allowing her to control the rate of descent.

She was bobbing up and down slowly, sending more and more cock into her tight pussy with each thrust. She paused with just a few inches still to disappear inside her.

“Wow ... I thought that James was big but you’re fucking enormous” she gasped.

I gave her a hard smack on the ass, eliciting a scream with more cock sliding inside her. Another hard loud smack and she had all of me.

“You’ve got it all you greedy bitch” I taunted her.

“Don’t move” she growled back at me. I could feel her pussy wrapped tightly around my shaft, milking it with her internal muscles.

“Oh fuck” she gasped announcing the arrival of a massive cum with her body convulsing on top of mine.

My hands were cupping and grabbing at her massive tit flesh.

“God I love your tits” I told her before adding “ ... and your little pussy too. I’ve dreamt of this day for ages”.

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