Fifth Anniversary

by Always Raining

Copyright© 2016 by Always Raining

: This is a little bit of foolishness about the need for communication and the dangers of obstinacy. Susan makes a simple error and thanks to an event in her early life blows up in anger out of all proportion to the offence, while her husband Kevin obstinately refuses to put her right. The result could be the end of their marriage. Some suspension of disbelief required!

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Cheating   Slow   .

The morning did not start well.

Kevin and Susan Greyson rose on a working day. It was a sunny morning and Kevin felt great. So far so good. How had it managed to go so steeply downhill from there? Well, he would later have to admit that he had nothing and nobody else to blame but himself – and her of course!

He always accepted that he had a stubborn streak, and when it bit, he could not help but dig his heels in. 
He was eating his muesli and drinking his coffee, and Susan was doing the same opposite him at the kitchen table.

She did not seem in the greatest of moods that morning. Her pretty face was creased in a frown. He didn’t ask why, not then anyway. Instead he thought to himself, over and over, Why does she seem so moody? What have I done now?

“Does today feel a little – different?” she eventually asked him in a tone he could only describe as threatening, as they finished the meal. It should have been a warning, but he missed it. After all he was hardly awake yet.

He shook his head. “No, not really. It’s a sunny morning, later rain is forecast, but that’s not new.” He always kept an eye on the weather; it was something of an obsession with him.

“So, nothing feels different or perhaps special today Kevin?” She emphasised ‘special’ so heavily he should have been alerted, but it was early in the morning. Some people are morning people; neither Susan nor Kevin belonged to that happy group.

Now he thought hard, really hard, because now he knew he’d forgotten something serious and he was in deep trouble. There was only one thing in the offing he could think of, and that was the annual office party, to which he knew she hated going.

”Oh yes, we have to go to my bloody office party tonight. Thank you for reminding me, darling.” He knew immediately that it was the wrong answer. Good try, but not good enough.

He leaned over to kiss her cheek. When he did, she stood up and glared down at him with that piercing blue-eyed glare that shot daggers, her normally kissable mouth turned down in a scowl.

”Your bloody office party? You’re joking right?” she almost screamed it. “Our wedding anniversary! You idiot! How in hell did you manage to forget our fifth, fifth, wedding anniversary?”

All he could do was wince and stare at her. Her big blue eyes were giving him a death stare the like of which he had never seen before; it was almost pure hatred. They’d been together almost eight years and not once in those eight years had a look like that one ever come his way. It frightened him and struck him dumb, or he might have said something.

The thing was, it wasn’t their anniversary at all, though he glanced up at the calendar on the wall to make quite sure. Then he understood: she had made a simple error. It was not their wedding anniversary.

He remembered when they were soppy characters early on in their relationship, and for the first three years they always kept the date of the first time they made love as their anniversary until they married. Thereafter they kept their wedding date as the anniversary. Their wedding anniversary just happened to be five days after their ‘first-fuck’ anniversary, as they later inelegantly put it.

This day, indeed, was the ‘fucking’ anniversary, not the wedding one. Oh dear, he thought. Wrong fucking anniversary! He grinned to himself at his accurate though coarse adjective.

He was actually ready for their wedding anniversary. The necklace he had bought her at some considerable expense lay at the bottom of his sock drawer, along with the soppy card. He knew better from previous anniversaries than to buy a humorous card!

She saw his little grin and was appalled at his levity. She shook her head at him in disgust and before he could say anything, she marched out of the kitchen and stomped up the stairs, her auburn hair swaying over her shoulders. He heard the bedroom door slam. 

He got up, put the dishes in the sink and went upstairs to get dressed for work. The bedroom door was locked. He knocked.

“Darling, can you please let me in? I need to get dressed for work.”

He waited, then added, “And it isn’t our–”

The door was flung open, and his clothes flew past him onto the floor. The door slammed shut again, and he heard the lock click.

At that moment his stubborn streak clicked in. No way would he deign to correct her. Let her find out for herself and then come crawling. Now he was angry as well. It was a very bad move, his obduracy, a serious mistake, but he did not know that at the time. Often we would all benefit from having hindsight before the event.

He dressed on the landing, combed his hair in the living room mirror, and off to work he went.

Kevin worked in the administrative office of a large company. It was a nine-to-five job with no overtime, and that suited him fine; it paid well and carried responsibility for many other people’s pay, work assessment and conditions.

To look at, he was just an ordinary guy, not a hunk that girls would swoon over, but not bad looking either. He was not fat or even overweight. He kept fit but was not obsessive about it. He was six feet tall, and thus about the average height of the other men in the office.

There were some shorter, some taller, but everyone felt short when next to Simon, who stood at six feet six inches and was broad shouldered with big hands, and everyone knew what that meant! Simon was also obscenely handsome, with blond hair and blue eyes, and he knew it. Obviously he knew he had blond hair and blue eyes, but he also knew he was obscene. All the men were all clean shaven, professional staff. Most of them, including Simon were married or living with someone in a permanent relationship.

There were four men from Kevin’s department sitting together in the cafeteria that lunchtime. They were Lee, Alan, Peter and Kevin. They were chatting about the party that evening.

It was never a very exciting office party, just a lot of people standing round nibbling canapés and drinking, and if they were lucky, a DJ. who would actually play music they could dance to. The group were wondering out loud whether they could give it a miss, it was so boring, but if they were missed, life at work would become unpleasant.

”Why do they make us go through this charade every year? Why do we keep going?” Alan grumbled.

“You know why,” said Peter. “You want to keep your job. It’s supposed to be a bonding exercise.”

“I know why I turn up,” said Lee with a salacious grin. His morals were impeccable but his mind must have been among the filthiest on the planet.

“Go on,” said Peter with a resigned air, “Why?”

“To see Kevin’s wife of course. What’s she going to be wearing tonight, Kevin?”

”No idea, but obviously more than you want her to,” Kevin quipped. They all laughed, including Kevin, who felt he was most in need of cheering after that morning.

“Yeah come on Kevin, give us some details, does she have anything sexy picked out for tonight?” Lee persisted. Kevin shrugged.

“Whatever it is, it’ll give me a rise.” said a voice behind him. “What’s she going to be wearing for me tonight Kevin?” The comment was followed by a loud guffaw.

Simon, in addition to being so tall and good-looking was arrogant and the company Lothario, and it was rumoured that he had banged most of the women in the office at one time or another, though there was no evidence, and if the girls had ever been his lovers, they did not kiss (or worse) and tell.

Kevin did not like Simon at all. He was married to a very good natured and devastatingly pretty blonde called Dolores, but Simon was always hitting on other women. His wife’s name meant ‘sorrow’, Kevin thought, but she had nothing to be sorry about, apart from being married to Simon with his womanising ways.

Kevin gave him a cold hard stare. It had no effect.

Simon grinned at him, as if to say, “I could have your wife anytime I wanted,” and walked away chuckling. The group fell silent and gave him sympathetic looks.

Lunch over, they went back to the department.

Kevin sat at his desk working through the rest of the day, but his thoughts ran on.

Simon! He seethed at Simon’s comment and the innuendo about Susan. His friends making a comment like that was one thing, but from Simon it was degrading and disgusting.

His reverie was disturbed by his mobile phone. The display told him he had a text. It was a message from his wife. He debated whether to pick it up. Although it said ‘picture message’, the only thing he thought it could be would be her giving him the two-fingered salute.

He took a deep breath and opened the text. His heart raced, and his cock stirred.

“Like what I’m wearing tonight?” was the title of the message. This did not surprise him: it was usual for Susan to take it upon herself to ‘liven everything up’ by wearing something bordering on the sluttish!

He assumed that she must have just bought the dress that day.

To see it on her made the picture highly erotic. It was a short, very short black dress. The spaghetti straps on the bodice made her cleavage very evident. That dress was absolutely hugging her curvy figure. He’d never seen such a tight dress on her before and as a result his erection was at full mast. He hoped he wouldn’t have to leave his desk in the near future.

He was in mid-thought when the phone buzzed again, it was another message. This one was not nearly as friendly.

If you don’t like it, too bad. I’m wearing it tonight and I’m going to have a great anniversary party all by myself. You’ll pay for forgetting it, Kevin.
 What did she mean? Did she mean flirting with the other men? Once work was over, he rushed home. As he walked in, Susan was on the phone to someone. He wasn’t sure who it was but he caught “See you tonight”. She disconnected and came into the living room. She was still wearing the dress.

”Well, do you like it?” she asked aggressively. “I’m wearing it to the party. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else.” She glared at him, challenging him.

It was on the tip of his tongue to tell her she had the date wrong, but her face, contorted in an expression of seeming hatred, brought out his obstinacy again. Let her dig herself into a hole and when all was revealed she would be so embarrassed and repentant. However, the violence of her reaction was deeply unsettling and worrying: she had never reacted like that before in all the years they had been together.

”It’s fine,” he said. “I’ve not seen this one before, when did you get it?”

”A while ago,” she snapped. “It was for our anniversary. The people seeing it will be from your office. I hope they all like the view because they will all be getting as much of me as you will tonight.”

He just let out a sigh and shook his head, Now he was even more determined to keep quiet. He began to wonder about the woman he had thought he knew. He went to the bedroom, took off his clothes and had a shower.

He looked down at his limp, lifeless penis that had entertained his wife for all those years was about to go through a fuck anniversary of all things without finding a home in her beautiful body. His mind pondered about masturbating then and there out of spite. He grabbed it, giving it a tentative tug, as he thought about Susan in that dress; thought how sexy she looked. He then had a picture of Susan’s facial expression that evening and gave up the exercise in disgust.

As he left the bathroom he heard his wife on the phone again. He knew she was hatching something, but by now could not be bothered to listen in. She would suffer when all was revealed.

He put on a blue casual shirt leaving a couple of buttons undone below the collar. It was a little rebellion against having to wear a tie every day to work. He added a pair of dark grey dress pants. He looked good, but no one would be looking at him with Susan there in that dress.

He went down and Susan was just getting off the phone again. Again, the same words echoed from her sensual lips, “See you tonight”, before she disconnected.

He didn’t ask who she was talking to, but he knew she was up to no good. Again there was the temptation to explain, but he resisted it. She would pay for this aggression and her planned punishment of him.

He looked at her, her breasts were spilling dangerously over the top of the bodice. As he looked at her perfectly curvaceous bottom when she walked, he also noticed that no panty lines were visible. A thong, G-string, nothing? 

When he opened the car door for her, his answer was given. She flashed a sly grin and spread her legs, revealing a completely shaven pussy. She was making an effort tonight and she’d said it was not for him. So who was going to see her sex? A sense of foreboding swept over him.

“What my darling?” she smiled, “I told you I was going to enjoy my anniversary.”

“You are in danger of going too far,” he stated. “Just be careful you don’t make a fool of yourself and do something you can’t reverse.”

“Don’t you tell me what I can and can’t do,” she snarled. “I’ll do whatever I feel like.”

“You’re travelling a dangerous road, Susan,” he returned. “And you’re going to be very embarrassed before too long. I’m warning you, you can’t bank on my forgiveness when you find you’ve gone too far and made a serious mistake.”

“Oh, shut up, you pompous prick!”

She closed her legs and he closed the door. He walked over to the other side of the car, opened his own door and slid inside. He closed it, and drove off to the club where the ‘party’ was bring held. He was now very angry and obdurate. 

As they drove, Susan spent the whole journey looking out the window pointedly away from him. It was a clear night, with a crescent moon but dark. Apart from the moon there was nothing to see, but she stared intently as if there was.

Her cell phone went off. When she answered, Kevin could hear that it was a man’s voice. It sounded vaguely familiar too, so he thought it must be just a friend of theirs.

“Yes ... ah-hah ... lover don’t worr ... really don’t worry, we’re on our way now. Yes, everything will be fine. Oh please, of course not! OK darling, see you soon” and she disconnected. Her mouth formed into an unpleasant grin. He wondered how she could get so extremely angry.

He had no idea who it was, but now he knew it was someone from the office. But who? Who would know her cell phone number anyway? And what had she planned to do with this man?

They pulled into the parking lot. He stepped out of the car and walked round to open the door for her. When he opened it, that sly grin spread over her face as she spread her legs while getting out of the car. She fixed her dress so she was fully covered again, and then started walking towards the entrance.

He pulled at her arm. She tried to shake me off, but he held tight.

“Who was that?” he asked.

“None of your business.” she said, trying to pull away all the time.

“Yes it is.” he snapped. “Some man from my office phoned you. I warn you Susan, you misbehave and we’re finished. You’re making a big mistake here. If you thought about the date, instead of getting all uptight, you’d find you are about to do something very stupid indeed. I’m asking you for the final time, don’t do this.”

“You can’t fool me,” she sneered, facing him, “I know exactly what date it is. You’re running scared, and you’ve every right to be.”

“Final warning, Susan, before you ruin our marriage for good. You are punishing me for nothing. I’m serious, you go too far and we’re finished.”

He was rattled. He now expected she would do something really stupid, and something he could not forgive.

“You forgot our anniversary,” she shouted at him, and pulled away from him, walking alone to the club.

“I haven’t forgotten our wedding anniversary!” he shouted after her. “It’s not–”

“Liar!” she threw over her shoulder.

He was now livid, and with gritted teeth he closed the door and followed closely behind her. He tried to put his arm around her, but she shook him off. He didn’t bother trying after that.

They walked in together, and as Kevin looked around, he could see the jaws dropping; this was the sexiest his wife had looked at this party in any year. They walked around to a table that was empty and sat down.

She shook her head in disgust. 

”Ugh, why do I even bother coming? I forgot how absolutely boring these things are.”

The DJ was already providing the music and for once it was passable. A slow song came on and almost all the husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends went out to dance. Kevin offered to take her out to dance, and she ignored him, not even bothering to turn her head to look at him.

”Excuse me ma’am, but would you care for a dance?”

He knew the voice coming from behind them. He turned around. It was of course Simon asking his wife for a dance. He looked over at Susan, who had a much different reaction. Her eyes lit up, and for the first time that he had seen today, a smile came across her lips.

Now he knew whom she’d been calling on the phone and who had phoned her.

She looked over at Kevin, a sly grin coming across her face seeing his reaction, then she looked back up at Simon.

”Of course, I’d love to”

“Where’s your wife Simon?” Kevin asked bitterly.

“She’s safely at home,” he said smugly. “She hates these things. Don’t worry little man, I’ll take good care of your wife.”

He extended his hand, and she put her small soft hand into his large hard one, and they went off to dance. They danced through five or six dances, grinding against one another during the fast ones and plastering themselves over one another during the slow ones.

Not just that, but they chose to do their most suggestive dancing right in front of Kevin’s table. She wrapped her arms round Simon’s neck, and stroked his back, and he put his round her waist and strayed to her bottom.

Kevin never knew why he wasn’t getting up at that point. He was furious, he was absolutely incandescent. He hated Simon, and there Simon was with his arms wrapped around Kevin’s very revealingly dressed wife, his hands all over her bottom.

Kevin now wanted to see how far this would go, before he had to take action, but he now suspected his marriage was over. She had gone too far already. How had this happened in just one day?

He had an idea and took some photos on his phone. The pair did not notice. He put the phone away.

She leaned up and whispered something in Simon’s ear, before laying her head back down on his chest. He looked over at Kevin, with an evil grin, and Kevin watched in horror and disgust as Simon’s hands slid down further, gripping Susan’s buttocks and sliding round to the front of her dress. She threw her head back and Kevin heard a moan. 

Simon leaned down to whisper something in her ear, and she just giggled. The song ended and Kevin was relieved that it was over. She had made her point. Perhaps something could be saved from this train wreck. As it was, he had noticed the pitying glances from the other people there. He was being humiliated in front of his co-workers.

If he hoped that was the end of the matter, it wasn’t. The pair both walked back to the table. Simon sat down, and she sat on his lap.

She looked over at Kevin and giggled. 
 “Kevin darling,” she said her eyes sparkling, “You don’t really want to stay any longer at the party, do you?”

“No,” he said quietly and firmly. “I think it’s time for us to leave here before you destroy our marriage completely.”

He grabbed her hand but she pulled back and glared up at him.

”Look Kevin, if you want to leave, then fine. Go home, go to bed. I’ve got someone else to drive me home.”

“You have shown your scorn and disrespect for me before everyone I work with,” Kevin said, but more loudly, “If you do not come with me now, the door will be locked. You need not bother coming home. You can find yourself somewhere else to live.”

”You won’t do anything,” she giggled, putting her arm round Simon’s neck.

“You don’t think so?” Kevin got out his phone again and took a photo of the couple.

“What the fuck are you doing?” shouted Simon, trying to get up, but Susan wasn’t moving and so he couldn’t move either.

“For the divorce,” Kevin smiled bitterly, “She’s gone too far. So have you. We’re finished.”

“He’s bluffing!” she crowed to Simon, “Get lost, Kevin.”

“You just ended our marriage. Shame you won’t spend your fifth anniversary with me.”

“You can’t wriggle out of this one Kevin. You’re in the wrong.”

He looked at her in disgust, and left. The only thing going through his head at that point was, how much was a divorce going to cost him?

He got in his car, slammed the door shut and drove home.

He entered the house, went to the drinks cupboard and took out a half-empty bottle of whisky. He got a small jug of water and began to drink. He was on his fourth double and was feeling very angry, when the phone began to ring. He looked at the clock, midnight.

At first he was tempted to leave it, but it could have been an emergency for all he knew. He took the phone, with his heart thumping.


”Hey, it’s me” came Susan’s voice, “Make sure to leave the door unbolted. I may not be home until late, or tomorrow for all I know. I have a key.”

”Don’t bother coming home, Susan. I warned you. We’re finished.”

“I don’t want you to pick me up. It’s better if you just go to bed. And don’t come that stupid splitting up crap, I’m going to teach you a real lesson – with Simon. Happy Anniversary!”

”It isn’t our Wedding Anniv...” but he was cut off. Angry, he phoned her back, but it went to voicemail. He left the message: You stupid cow, you got the date wrong. It isn’t our anniversary. Don’t come home.

He thought back to he call. While she was talking there was no background noise, so she was obviously no longer at the party. He shook his head and climbed the stairs. Stripping off his clothes quickly he went into the bathroom and took a shower.

He wondered if she would actually cheat on him, or whether she was simply winding him up and would be home soon, having made her erroneous point. Even if that were the case, her behaviour at the party with Simon was inexcusable. He couldn’t see Susan being able to repair the damage she’d done to him.

He walked out of the shower and dried himself off, wrapping the towel around his waist. A thought hit him. Was there a record of those phone calls earlier? 

He went to the phone, and the last number but one was a from a mobile. He looked through the list of numbers for the folk in his works and there was Simon’s name against the phone number. How had they got in touch? Had they been having an affair? What had she called him? Lover? Darling? Perhaps in fact the marriage was truly over.

He went and lay down on the bed. He looked at the clock. It read 12:15am. How long had he been home? The party began at 9pm. Had he been at home for over an hour? What had she been doing all that time? He sat up. He needed evidence. Then he remembered he had not locked the door, but he couldn’t be bothered to get up and do it.

Then he thought of his personal memo recorder. He leapt out of bed, retrieved the recorder from his briefcase in the other bedroom, and placed it on the dressing table, set to record. It was voice activated, and would run for ninety minutes. He returned to bed. Now he wanted the slag to come home.

He closed his eyes, and lay wondering why he couldn’t get to sleep. Then he suddenly awoke.

A noise downstairs. It sounded like the front door being closed, but he wasn’t entirely sure. His eyes opened. The last time he looked at the clock it had read 1:15am. He rubbed his eyes and checked the clock. It now read 4:20am. The noise downstairs, was it Susan and was she alone?

 A figure entered and he saw it was Susan. She came over to the bed and sat down. She leant forward and whispered in his ear. 

”It’s just me my darling. Are you awake?”

“Yes,” he said woodenly. There’s no need to whisper.”
 He looked at her, his Susan, his wife, her eyes wide open a wild look about them, and a massive triumphant grin across her face.

“Let me ask you,” she asked, “What do you think I was doing tonight?” There was an eagerness about her.

”I do not know, but I assume you are going to tell me. It won’t wait till morning will it?”

She cut him off. 

”You know who I was with,” she said, ignoring his request. She was either still very drunk or on drugs.

“I’ve a good idea,” he said with resignation, yawning. “You were with Simon.”

She nodded her head and smiled. “And you want to hear all about what we did, don’t you, Kevin?”

He just lay there staring at her and said nothing. 
She was going to tell him anyway, he knew and half-awake, he was in no condition to stop her.

“Right after you left, we danced and danced,” she said, her eyes sparkling. “When we sat out he felt up my leg and found I wasn’t wearing knickers. I felt his thigh and his prick was just so hard! Everyone was staring at us. Some of the men were laughing.”

He saw Susan’s hand trailing down, her dress had ridden up and her sex was exposed. She began toying with her pussy with her middle and index finger as she spoke. He could tell how excited she was and he felt vaguely disgusted, so he closed his eyes.

“Kevin, I can’t begin to tell you how much I ached for his cock, it felt so big! I’ve wanted yours before but, let me be completely honest, as I felt it, I needed it so bad my juices were already running down my bum. So...”

She paused for effect. He opened his eyes and stared at her, stone faced; she was too much into humiliating him to notice.

“We got up,” she said excitedly, “and he took my hand and almost ran me to his car. I had never been treated so rough, it was just so incredible, even before the sex! I really, REALLY hope you’re taking notes right now on how to treat me.”

Oh Kevin was, and so he hoped was his recorder. Then there would be a new story of his life in which she did not figure.

”We got to his car and he slammed me against the passenger door. He forced his lips onto mine, almost just crushing mine! Oh god it was so fucking rough!”

She was beginning to finger her sex at this point; two fingers stroking slowly up and down. He could smell her sexual scent, and where it used to arouse him, it repelled him now.

“After he kissed me, he opened the door and I got into the car. He had to run to his side, start up the car and start driving. But you think I could resist him now? Fuck no” she laughed. “I took his cock out. My eyes just shot open! I swear, he was at least eight and a half if not a full nine inches at most. He was so big! I had never seen one in front of me that big before! And it wasn’t a thin one, either!

“He was still driving and I dived down onto his cock. My lips were stretched to get it in. I’d never, ever gagged on a cock before, but I gagged on him. I swore we almost crashed”

She giggled and sighed. 

”I bobbed my head up and down. He was soaking with my saliva because when I grabbed his balls, all I could feel was my wetness on them. But as soon as I thought he was going to come in my mouth, we were at the Grantley Hotel. He’d booked a room in the Grantley! Nothing but the best for me, he told me.

“He grabbed my head, crushed my lips with his, and then told me to get out of the car.

”He was so dominating! My god! I can’t tell you how hot I felt!

”He quickly got out went to collect the key to the room. I basically walked after him,” she continued, “We got the lift to the second floor. The moment we got into the room, he pinned me right up against the door, grabbed my wrists, and held them over my head. Using the rest of his body to pin the rest of me.

“He reached down and grabbed his zipper and yanked it down, I felt his cock just come falling out against my tummy. He grabbed my wrist and just gave me a grin. His hips moved back, and I knew what was coming. And then... 

”He lifted me and slammed that monster cock into me and oh my giddy aunt I came so hard on him the moment he slammed in me! I screamed out so loud for him. ‘Simon! Simon! Simon! Oh my God Simon!’ I came again and again.” 
Her fingers were now working faster on her clitoris. Kevin wasn’t sure whether to concentrate on that, or her story anymore, but he chose her story.

“That cock stretched me so far, and so hard. It burned so much when he began to fuck me, but I ached for him, and I needed him to fuck me. I needed to be fucked...” she paused, grinning at him triumphantly, “properly, by a real man. I needed to know how that felt for once.”

She was now really into humiliating him. Her eyes gleamed. He sighed and closed his eyes again.

“The way those big, horse like balls slapped my bum while he fucked me, was incredible to feel. I wasn’t sure how long we were like that. But he wrapped his arms around my waist and carried me onto the bed. He stood there, holding my legs up and not moving. That’s when my legs went over my head and basically he pinned me down with my legs over my shoulders.

“I swear, I didn’t even know where I was any more. I didn’t know who I was with, or what was going on. The way each thrust felt like, my orgasm was like nothing I had ever felt before.

“When he pulled out, I felt empty right away, but then he came, shooting his cum onto my body. It felt like a rain storm over me, there was so much raining down on me. Even when I opened my mouth, he filled it full while he jerked his cock. Never has any man’s come tasted so good in my life, I needed more.

“That’s when he told me ‘Baby, don’t worry, I’m not going soft just yet’ and when he said that, I just laid back down again and spread nice and wide. I needed to feel him again, I needed him in me, and he was going to give it to me.

”He lifted up my legs and just plunged his cock back into my my cunt. I yelled, and that time I knew I came again immediately. But he just carried on. He just slammed into me so hard with each thrust. I know that I’ve never come so much with you...”

She stopped and he opened his eyes to see he her vicious look of triumph. He stared back at her. She had given him all the evidence he needed. He hoped the recorder had got it.

“So, darling,” she said. “I had a good anniversary party. and you, you fucking fool, couldn’t remember it. You’ll remember it next year darling!”

She sat complacently on the side of the bed. Kevin said nothing.

“Well,” she asked, “What have you got to say?”

“What date is our wedding anniversary?” he asked monotonously.

“Yesterday, 19th April. I don’t see...”

“Wrong,” he said. “Our wedding anniversary is 24th April. Four days from now.”

There was a long silence as she tried to get her mind round the thought.

“You’re lying.” she said at length, a good deal more sober now, “It was yesterday.”

“If you’re not too drunk,” he snarled. “You’ll remember that the 19th is when we used to celebrate our first full sex, our first-fuck anniversary, before we married.”

“But...” she stammered, “I don’t understand? What’s... ?”

“You mixed up the dates of our first fuck with our wedding anniversary you stupid cow. I haven’t forgotten our anniversary, but now you won’t get the anniversary present I’ve already bought for you, and you certainly won’t see the sixth anniversary, because there won’t be one. Get out of here you fucking skanky whore, and let me sleep.”

He caught the look on her face. It was one of dawning horror at what she’d done and what she’d just told him, and guilt as well. He turned his back and waited. She sat there for a long time. then she got up and left the room. Kevin was exhausted and slept like the dead.

He had not set an alarm, but to his surprise he slept until eight the next morning, and felt remarkably healthy and alert, considering the amount of whisky he had consumed the night before and the short night. However, with waking came realisation, and with realisation came the emotions.

There was that hollow feeling of foreboding that life was no longer going to be happy, there was deep sadness that she had done such a thing, and annoyance at his own obstinacy in not telling her outright about her mistake before it all got out of hand and she acted as she did. But those phone calls? The calls she was making yesterday evening were not the first, and she had no reason to phone Simon to punish Kevin before she thought he had forgotten their anniversary. That was what unsettled him most. He suspected an affair.

Then came the anger, resentment and disgust at how she had behaved, followed by that sinking feeling that he would have to face the rest of the staff on Monday morning, and come to that, Simon, who he suspected would be making the most of the situation to rub his nose in Simon’s success with his wife.

He caught himself at that point, as he felt as low as it was possible to feel, hopeless and aimless, and decided he needed to think things out and decide on action. He had been insulted, cuckolded, belittled and mocked. This had been done in full view of his colleagues.

He would have recompense for that; no, he faced the real word, he would have revenge, he would get even with that toe-rag, and he would certainly get even with Susan. She would have to suffer for this. He was not in a forgiving mood. In fact, he felt resolved on leaving her for good.

Susan had reacted, and had not thought things through. Kevin would not make the same mistake. Since it was Saturday, he had time to think, to ponder, and judging by the state of Susan the night before, he would have some hours to do it.

He left his bed and went downstairs to make a pot of tea and some breakfast. They usually had a cooked breakfast on Saturday, but that day, he could not be bothered. In any case, it might awake the sleeping beauty upstairs. At least, he assumed she was still upstairs.

He finished his breakfast of a cinnamon and raisin bagel, and then returned up the stairs to check that the errant woman had not left the house the previous night. Sure enough, she was lying on top of the covers in the second bedroom, still fully dressed. He grinned to himself to think what she would feel like when she awoke. First punishment!

He went back down the stairs and into the study, and relaxed into an armchair, then realised that the recorder was still in his bedroom. He retrieved it and downloaded the ‘conversation’ Susan had had with him. If the worst came to the worst, it would be evidence of the breakdown of the marriage. He remembered the photos he took, and downloaded them also. One showed them in each other’s arms, another Simon’s hand on her bottom, over the skirt of the dress, but pulling it up to give a glimpse of her bare rear. there was the one showing her on Simon’s knee, and his hand at the top of her thigh under her dress. Her breasts were almost spilling out of the bodice.

That done, he had no alternative but to assess the situation. There was too much he didn’t know, but it was worth taking a few risks. After all, what had he left to lose?

Simon. First, he needed to find out if Simon’s was an open marriage and pass on the information to Simon’s wife – copies of the photos and of Susan’s ‘confession’ of last night should give Dolores food for thought.

Then he thought it out again. The timing was essential. If he phoned the house Simon might answer. Kevin wanted Simon to confirm what had happened for the divorce. If Dolores knew before Monday and confronted Simon, he would phone Susan and they would agree to deny anything happened. Kevin needed to suffer Simon’s taunts on Monday. He could phone Dolores on Monday morning and they could sort out something then.

That gave him an idea. There was a chance Simon might phone Susan and arrange another time for them to meet. There was a recording machine attached to the land line phones which they had used since they got some abusive phone calls and wanted to record them. He went to the cupboard where it stood and tried it. It still worked and would record any conversations made on that system.

There may be more evidence for me there, he thought. He set it up.

Now, what of Susan? He played the tape of her confession again. She was crowing about it in the sort of terms one would find in an pornographic novel. Would she actually have done the things she boasted about? Well, she was drunk, she was high on revenge and wanted him to suffer. She succeeded. Equally she was easily capable of making the whole thing up just to torment him. If it weren’t for the phone calls with Simon and their nature, Kevin would suspect she was lying, but those phone calls showed they had been in touch before. His mind kept coming back to an affair between them.

He was aware that now she knew she had made a serious error, she would deny the reality of the fuck-fest with Simon. Even if it weren’t true, she had humiliated Kevin in front of all his colleagues. They would assume Simon had got his way and Kevin was a miserable cuckold. He wondered if he could continue to work there. He would be having words with her when she eventually surfaced.

It was a side of Susan he had never seen. She did have a temper but she had never gone to such extremes before. Such viciousness! She would shout, throw things, then give him the silent treatment for a while.

He really doubted he could risk anything like this happening again. She was out of control – manic. He certainly did not trust her any more. How would he ever know for certain if she had in fact fucked Simon, even if she denied it, which she would.

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