Found Out and Forgiven

by WelshWriter

Copyright© 2016 by WelshWriter

Fiction Sex Story: Pure fiction about my wife cheating on me with a neighbour.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .


“Before you answer Gary, I think you’d better have a look at these,” I said as I opened the triple X file on my lap-top. Gary’s face was a sight to see as I flicked through the pictures that popped up on the screen, pictures of my wife sucking or being fucked by a variety of men. “Look Gary,” I said, “I don’t mind if you are fucking her but I would like to know about it.” I’d just accused my neighbour, Gary, of having an affair with wife and the pictures I was showing him were from our time on the swing scene. “I don’t understand Mike,” he said as I clicked on even more pictures. “Gary,” I said, “we were swingers and I’ve watched her fucked by over twenty different men so one more doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is she’s doing it behind my back and even worse, I don’t get to join in or even watch.

I’d first had suspicions that my wife was cheating on me about a month previously when he trips to the supermarket suddenly got longer and instead of her usual slacks, she started wearing a skirt. My wife is slightly disabled and uses a mobility scooter and had always said it was too draughty to wear a skirt on it so when she started wearing one to go shopping, it got me thinking.

We live in a small block of retirement flats, almost totally surrounded by student accommodation, so it wasn’t feasible that it was any of the students, my wife is seventy three, so it was a good bet that if she was cheating on me it was with one of the other tenants of the block and there were only four single men in the block. One of which I knew she couldn’t stand, one was a druggie and one an alcoholic that left just one and he was sitting in our flat looking at my wife’s pictures.

He looked up from the screen and I could see he was confused. “Mike,” he said, “are you saying what I think you’re saying” Yes Gary, I am,” I said, “I’m quite happy to let you keep fucking Hazel as long as I can be there. Of course she mustn’t know that I know. Well not for the time being anyway,” I added. Gary sat there for several minutes then finally admitted that my wife went up at his flat at least once a week and they’d done pretty well everything he’d seen on the pictures. My cock was rock solid as we sat there and devised a plan that would mean I would get to watch next time she did!!!

As promised, the following day, about half an hour after my wife had left, my phone rang and it was Gary. “Sorry, I’ve got a visitor, I’ll call you later,” he said, then put the phone down. That was the way we’d worked out that Gary would let me know that my wife was there and the fun was about to start. I quickly made my way up the stairs Gary’s flat and when I reached his front door, it was unlocked as he’d said it would be. I quietly pushed it open and crept silently down the hallway to the lounge. That door was partially open and as I peeked through the gap, my cock twitched in my pants as I saw my wife standing there kissing Gary.

I watched Gary put his arms around my wife’s waist and pulled her tee shirt off. While he was doing this, my wife unzipped her skirt and pushed it down over her hips, leaving her completely naked infront of him. I could see that she was definitely aroused as her nipples were hard and I knew was going to do next. I could feel my erection growing as I watched him lower his head and take one of the nipples into his mouth while teasing the other with his fingers. I could hear my wife’s breathing getting heavier as Gary switched from his mouth from one nipple to the other, alternating between the two. My wife was totally under his control now and my wife took a small step backwards and I heard the unmistakeable sound of a zip being lowered.

I watched as Gary unbuckled his belt and pushed slacks and underpants down. As he had his back to me I couldn’t see exactly what my wife what my wife was doing but when I saw her hand move between them and I heard Gary groan, I knew she had to have his cock in hand. “Oh yes Gary,” she said, “I’ve missed this so much.” Then I saw her drop to her knees in front of him and Gary let out a gasp and knew my wife had his cock in her mouth.

Luckily for me, Gary turned slightly and now I could see that my wife had the fingers of one hand wrapped around the shaft of his cock while she cupped his balls in the other. I could see that my wife already had a good length of his cock in her mouth and I watched as he took hold of her head and began to fuck her mouth. For her age, my wife gives the most amazing blow job and I knew Gary wasn’t going to last long and I think he knew it too, as he pushed her head away then pulled her to her feet. “I want to taste that sweet pussy first Hazel,” he said as he turned her round and eased her down onto the couch. Now I had a good perfect view as Gary began licking and sucking at her nipples and I heard my wife let out a low moan as Gary kissed his way down over her belly and her moans got louder as Gary ran his tongue through the light covering of pubic hair that on her mound

My wife clapped a hand over her mouth, making the soft shriek that escaped it almost inaudible as Gary’s tongue found her clit. “Oh yes Gary, yes, that’s it, don’t stop.” Of course Gary had no intention of stopping and I could hear my wife’s breathing become more ragged and I knew from past experience that she was close to her orgasm. She pressed her head against the back of the couch and her body began to tremble as she started coming.

“Ohhh, yes, yes, yes! Oh God yes, Gary,” my wife cried out as, what I was sure was an incredible orgasm overtook her. When Gary finally lifted his head I could see his face was glistening with my wife’s juices and for a second or two, my wife just lay there with her legs wide apart and I had a great view of her soaking pussy.

I knew what was coming next as Gary shuffled forwards and guided the tip of his cock towards my wife’s waiting pussy, as it touched it I heard her groan. “Oh yes Gary, give it me, fuck me.” Gary paused for a moment and checking my wife wasn’t looking, looked across at me then began rubbing his knob up and down through her pussy lips. She instantly responded by thrusting her hips up at him, trying to get his cock into her.

Gary leant over and started kissing her nipples and I could see the tip of his cock nestled in her pussy lips. He wrapped his fingers around it and pressed his knob onto her clit. I knew my wife loved this, I’d done it plenty of times myself and it was a sure fire way of making her come. She was groaning softly but suddenly let out a loud cry as Gary slid is cock fully into her with one long, hard thrust. “Oh yes Gary, yes. Fuck me, fuck me hard,” my wife cried out. I watched Gary pull out until just his knob was inside then drive into her again.

Neither of them moved for several minutes then Gary slowly started to fuck his cock in and out of my wife’s pussy again. It was an awesome sight as, for the next ten minutes he fucked her to multiple orgasms and I began to realise why my wife was making these clandestine visits to Gary. I’d have come after the first two minutes of getting my cock inside her but Gary seemed to be going on forever without coming. This is what my wife had been missing!!!

Gary was fucking her hard, really hard, something else I was no longer capable of, and my wife was loving every minute of it. I know I should have been angry but it was such an erotic sight to watch her completely surrender herself to our neighbour that the only effect it had on me was to make cock harder than it had been for over a year. With her arms wrapped around his neck I could hear my wife’s breathing getting much heavier, signalling another orgasm.

“Oh god! I’m coming again. Fuck me Gary, Fuck me!” she yelled. With Gary still slamming his cock into her, he lifted my wife’s legs high in the air and I could see his cock hammering into her pussy. Gary was giving her the sort of fucking I couldn’t and I was amazed that he hadn’t come yet but suddenly he yelled out himself. “My turn Hazel,” he yelled, “I’m coming. Are you ready?” I saw my wife’s drop over his shoulders as Gary pumped his load into her. “Yes, Oh yes Gary,” she urged, “Come. I want to feel your cumm inside me.”

After Gary had pumped what seemed to be an obscene amount of his cumm into my wife’s pussy he slowed down and after a few more slow thrusts it was over. They lay still for a minute or two then Gary pulled his cock out and I could see that it was glistening from the mixture of their juices, a virtual torrent of which was pouring out of my wife’s pussy. Then Gary did something I’d never done, he dropped to his knees again and started to eat my wife’s cumm filled pussy and my wife seemed to be really turned on by it as she almost immediately went into yet another orgasm.

When Gary finally pulled his face of my wife’s pussy I could see their combined juices glistening on it but they didn’t stay there long and my wife wrapped her arms round his neck and kissed it off him. “I’d better get home,” my wife said, “I think Mike’s getting suspicious. We’ll have to give it a rest for a bit. I don’t want Mike finding out about us.” Gary furtively looked across at me and winked. “Yes okay Hazel,” he said, “we wouldn’t want that would we?” If only my wife knew!!!

I left her to get dressed and was sitting watching TV when she got back to our flat. She did her normal and disappeared into the loo as soon as she got inside. This time I knew what the reason was though. Her pussy was slick with Gary’s cumm and she needed to clean herself up before she sat down.

My wife’s affair with Gary went on for a further six weeks and most times unbeknown to her I was there watching but there was one thing that I really wanted and that was to join in and that turned out to be easier than I’d expected.


One afternoon I called Gary as soon as my wife left for the supermarket and asked him to come down to our flat. When he did I could see he was confused, if we did things as we normally did, I would be me going up to his flat but when I explained what I had in mind, he smiled. “I’ve never been involved in a threesome before,” he said, “this should be interesting.” While we sat chatting I brought up a subject that had been nagging at me from the very first time I’d watched him with my wife.

Every time my I got up to his flat, minutes after my wife’s arrival, Gary had a massive erection on before they’d even started and I just couldn’t work out how he managed it. When I asked him how he managed it, he smiled and looked at his watch. “Hang on Mike, Hazel won’t be back for a while, I’ll show you,” he laughed as he got up and left the room. Two minutes later he was back carrying a small case. “Here you are Mike,” he said, handing me the case, “my secret.”

As soon as I opened the case I recognised the contents, a penis pump and cock rings. I’d seen both of them on a couple of sites on the computer but wasn’t sure whether they’d work so hadn’t bothered with them, but judging by the state of Gary’s cock when my wife visited him, they certainly did. He told me that as soon as he saw my wife going up the ramp on her scooter he’d use the pump, getting him good and hard for when she got back. He sat on the couch and gave me a demo and I couldn’t believe how quickly his cock attained full erection. Once it was as hard as he wanted it, he slipped a cock ring over it and said that would keep it hard as long as he needed it to be and I made a mental note that I was definitely going to get a set for myself. “I tell you what,” he said, “I’m hard now so why don’t you hide it in the bathroom and you can make an excuse to go there when Hazel gets back and you can try it?” And that’s just what he did!!!

About twenty minutes later I heard my wife on the corridor outside the flat and did as I usually did and went out to help her bring in the shopping. I was right behind her when she walked into the lounge and I actually bumped into her almost knocking her over as she stopped dead when she saw Gary sitting there. I think she as in shock for a second or two but eventually greeted him. “Oh hello Gary. What brings you down here?” I looked over Gary’s shoulder and winked at him. I could see my wife was uncomfortable but he discomfort grew when Gary replied. “Mike called me and asked me to come down, he hasn’t told me why yet,” he lied.

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