Love Grows in Her Mother's Arms

by maedhros21

Copyright© 2016 by maedhros21

Incest Sex Story: The fourth story in the Calloway/Edwards Family Sunday comes and with it Sunday dinner and a last night together...for now.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Incest   Mother   Daughter   DomSub   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Fisting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Food   Voyeurism   .

Sunday morning the traditional day of rest was instead a day of restless awakenings in three different households involving the Calloway and Edwards families. In the most troubled one a lone Jack Calloway was waking up for only the second morning ever without his wife Donna by his side. He looked over at the spot in their marital bed where she would normally be and couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss.

It wasn’t as if she had left him or that they were splitting up as far as he knew. It was just that their lives were changing and in a way that was going to leave him without his wife for multiple nights every week. He kept trying to admonish himself for making the agreement that was going to make it happen but the request had come from his one other weak point in his life, his daughter Katie.

Even if he didn’t have anywhere near the close relationship that Donna had with their daughter, Christ she had brushed the girls hair for a solid hour every night of her life since she was a child, he was still a sucker for his daughter’s requests. She would never be the daddy’s girl that other fathers enjoyed but he loved her till his heart burst and he knew that she loved him too.

Of course this whole chain of events had come about because of the close relationship that Donna and Katie had with each other. After Katie had left to live in Manhattan’s East Village and attend NYU Donna had become more and more withdrawn. Her depressed and out of character behavior had pushed him to the point of confrontation a week ago. That confrontation had led them both to come to the same conclusion, Donna was suffering from a severe case of empty nest syndrome.

That had led to them calling Katie and before you knew it Donna had agreed to spend the weekend with her daughter getting her fix of their mother daughter bond. Jack of course was clueless how deep the mother daughter bond had become over the last two nights. Then yesterday he had gotten a call from Katie telling him how she felt that what her mother had been experiencing would make a great subject for her sophomore film project that she had to start working on. He couldn’t see that he was being reeled in like a fish on a hook so he agreed with her, even offering to give her any help she needed.

He of course had meant financially so when Katie had asked him that the only help she needed was her mother’s participation he had agreed. Then she had dropped the bomb, her participation would consist of being in the city every weekend for the next six months until the film was due to be shown. He got silent and realized he was boxed into a corner so he agreed. Katie of course had been ecstatic and filled the phone with I love you’s and Thank you’s for her father so when they hung up he was feeling okay. He felt like he had done something nice for both his wife and daughter and his act of self sacrifice might pay dividends during the week when he was alone with Donna.

So as he woke up alone and horny he prayed to god that the wife that was going to come home to him on Monday would be the old Donna and not the morose imitation of her that had lived here for the last months. After they had agreed to her spending this past weekend with Katie Donnas’ nonexistent sex drive had returned with a vengeance and she had fucked him almost into submission the last three nights before she left. If she came back with that same fire in her loins it would go a long way to making their upcoming weekend sabbaticals more acceptable.

One thing that her being with their daughter this weekend had accomplished with him was he had given up on the fear that Donna was having an affair. It had been his accusation of that possibility the last Monday that had brought things to a head. His first thoughts on his wife having an affair were severe and unforgiving; he had immediately gone to the gut instinct of throwing her to the curb.

Then as the hours passed and the next few days passed he found himself feeling less and less likely to throw away a twenty year marriage over an indiscretion. He knew that his gut reaction to the thought of Donna having an affair had been an overreaction caused by his own upbringing. His mother and father had lived an unorthodox lifestyle for a good number of years before he had moved out.

His father had allowed his mother to have other men in her life even going as far as watching them while they would fuck. Inside he had always felt sorry for his father that his mother made him do this and he thought that his father was weak for accepting it. They had never really spoken of it but his accidental discovery of their lifestyle had altered his relationship with his mother and they had never been as close afterwards. He knew that it saddened his father that he kept his mom at a distance even up to the day she died. After she had passed he had stood at her gravesite while everyone else had left and he poured his heart out to her spirit.

He had told her that he had never stopped loving her and he was just confused. He thanked her for always being the best of mothers, which she always was to him even after he had pushed her away, and told her that he wished he had been more understanding. Then he had let go of tears that he hadn’t shed for many years over their estranged relationship.

When the thought of Donna possibly cheating on him had entered his mind he swore he would not be like his father. He loved the hell out of Donna but he just couldn’t accept any less than total devotion to him. As he mellowed on that position over the last few days he decided to seek out his father’s advice. He felt like it might finally be time to talk about his father’s decisions as two adults so he headed to his house on Friday.

He had learned a great deal that night including the fact that there were a good number of men who actively supported their wives in sleeping with other men. It seemed that there were multiple reasons for a man accepting this from their wives and some of them even pushed them into it. His father was one of the former and had accepted his mother’s affairs. He told him that it was his supreme act of self sacrifice and he had done it at first because he didn’t want Jack to grow up in a broken home.

Then he told him how it had changed and how over time he had started seeing how happy it made his mother and how fulfilled she always seemed. He even confided in his son in a slightly embarrassed tone that it had even made their sex life busier and hotter. It seemed that the stress of not having to hide her affairs had freed his mother and allowed her to accept her need for lots of sex. Of course Jack was still slightly uncomfortable with the idea that his mom was a borderline nymphomaniac but he started to understand his father’s actions.

He questioned himself after seeing an affair by a partner from a different perspective about whether he could make the same sacrifice as his father. He knew that his love for his wife was unending and even if they split he would never stop loving her. He knew that the trust between them would be damaged but if he accepted her need to have an affair or affairs the trust factor would be moot. In fact it might even make their trust in each other stronger with Donna being able to let him know what she was doing. As he had drifted off to sleep the night before he knew that in his heart he had already decided that if he was ever faced with making a choice he would try and accept it with love as long as the affair was a physical thing that didn’t threaten to take her away from him.

One other thing he learned from his father was the name associated with this acceptance, cuckold. He turned the word around in his own head and wondered if any of his friends or acquaintances lived that kind of life. He wished he had others to talk to and get opinions from to see how they had come to accept it. He of course had no idea that one of his closest friends had been living this type of life for a number of years now, Steve Edwards.

He also had no idea that the simple weekend with their daughter that he agreed to was starting a chain of events that would not only force him to decide if he could be a cuckold but would also tie the Calloway and Edwards houses together for the distant future.

Then he remembered that it was Sunday and that he had a two o clock tee time with that very same Steve Edwards. He shook the cobwebs from his brain and put all thoughts of cuckolds and film projects away for now and jumped in the shower. Steve had called him on Thursday and mentioned that it would just be the two of them today since the other two guys both friends of Steve wouldn’t be able to make it.

As he got ready he wondered about his friend’s life in comparison to his own and he felt a stab of envy. It seemed that Steve and Joanna had an amazing marriage even after the twenty years they had been together. He would always catch them in an embrace or a whisper when they didn’t think he was noticing and he wished that he and Donna could have the same kind of relationship as the two of them, never once thinking of two age old adages, be careful what you wish for and the grass is always greener.

It was a pretty definite thing that his idea of the Edwards marriage would be more than slightly altered if he could overhear the pillow talk in their bedroom right now.

“So honey, are you telling me you are okay with me pursuing this with our daughter? I mean yesterday...” Joanna asked her husband once again. They had put off any real discussion of what Joanna had in her mind until today because it was too late the night before. Of course there was another reason that Joanna didn’t want to talk about it last night, she wanted to fuck her husband’s misgivings away.

Sure enough when they hit the bed last night she had whispered dirty thoughts about their daughter in his ear as she rode his cock. She had put images in his head of her face in between Trish’s thighs of Trish fucking her with a strap on and vice versa. Then she had hit him with what she felt had been the coup de grace, the idea of her sliding one of her lover’s cocks into their daughter’s welcoming pussy while he sat in his chair and watched. It had made him cum like a rocket and he nearly threw her off the bed with the violence of his up thrusts into her pussy.

“Jo, I don’t know I guess I never do when we add new things to this lifestyle. I will admit that after the initial shock of you shoving it down my throat wore off it got me thinking,” he told her.

Joanna winced slightly at his mentioning of how she presented the idea to him yesterday. He now understood that the whole thing had caught her so off guard that she just reacted without thinking. This morning she had explained to him exactly how this fantasy had begun and she had even explained to him how it had now evolved in her head. She had been completely honest with him in telling how she envisioned Trish being her toy, how she wanted to dominate their daughter sexually. She also told him of her fantasies of offering their daughter up as a party favor in company parties. Of course she had softened her fantasies to him by telling him that’s all they were.

She told him how she would just be satisfied becoming her daughter’s lover and sexual mentor. She did after all want to make sure that Trish knew what a satisfying sex life could be like. She wasn’t one hundred per cent honest with him when she said she had no immediate plans to make her deeper fantasies come true. She was sure it would take her some time to open her daughter’s perception of sex and possibly work her towards accepting a Mistress in her life.

In her mind she could see the company Christmas party right now and see her little Angel with her legs spread in one of the Senior VP’s offices taking on everyone just like her mommy. Since she loved doing it so much she was hoping her little girl might too. These thoughts she kept to herself and would only reveal them when the time made it necessary.

“Steve, Trish is a grown woman and should be allowed to make her own decisions. I’ve told you where I stand on our daughter sexually. Wanting to be with her is like a craving deep inside of me that I have a hard time keeping in control. I would never have pursued this fantasy but it seems like its being handed to me on a silver platter. Please honey, you’ve been so open about everything we’ve tried and I think for the most part you’ve enjoyed yourself. Give this to me and as usual I promise it will only make things hotter here at home!” she coaxed him.

Steve looked over at his wife and just gently nodded his head yes. You would have thought she won the lottery the way Joanna reacted. She yelped for joy and hugged him as tight as she possibly could then she threw him back on the bed. She climbed between his legs and took his cock in her hands while looking him in the eye.

“Oh honey, you’re the greatest husband in the whole world and now I’m gonna give you a ‘head’ start on your reward!” she said as she swallowed his cock in one gulp.

Steve never got tired of his wife’s blow jobs especially considering how her skills had developed in recent years. Before she had discovered herself sexually blowjobs were far and few between in the Edwards household, relegated to special days like birthdays and anniversaries. Now Joanna had evolved into a world class cocksucker who relished every second of having a man inside her mouth.

As he lay back and enjoyed his wife’s ministrations he let the images Joanna had planted in his head the night before start spinning again but with one big exception, he was wondering if he would get to play with Trish too. He didn’t expect to because like Joanna’s female partners he wasn’t allowed to touch but at the very least he would be able to watch. Watch as his wife guided one of her big cocked lovers in between their daughter’s thighs. He wondered which of her lover’s she would choose to fuck their daughter in front of him. He wondered if she would have her play with the couples that were friends of both them and he was ready to explode into his wife’s’ sucking mouth.

To think of Trish being offered to friends of theirs she had grown up knowing her whole life was enough to push him over the edge. He grabbed Joanna by the head and buried his cock down her throat filling her belly with an extra large load of morning cum for her to digest.

“Did my wonderful man enjoy that baby? Can you picture seeing our little girl do that too?” Joanna teased.

“Oh god yes you filthy slut, I can see her doing it. The question is if you get your wishes and you get Trish to be your lover will anyone you play with be off limits?” Steve asked.

Joanna hesitated because she once again didn’t want to panic her husband with the depth of her fantasies. In her fantasies she would eventually pass Trish around to everyone she fucked including their neighbors. She wondered if he was wondering about them and how it would make him feel.

“Why don’t you tell me if anyone should be off limits, remember if I get my way me and Trish will be partners. Who we play with will be our choice and you will have to just sit and watch if you are there. Tell me now though if there is anyone you want off limits and I will make sure not to include them. Maybe the Craig’s or the Lockhart’s, I mean I could understand if you wanted them left out because Trish has grown up knowing them her whole life.” Joanna offered.

Steve’s response shocked even her, “No in fact if you are going to get her to play with your other partners I want them included. I want to be here when it happens too, maybe working the grill outside while you all fuck her by the pool!”

“Ooooooooo my kinky little husband, I think that might be arranged depending on how this week goes. Who should get first crack at our daughter’s sweet little crack, Terry and Evie, or Cindy and Dave? Maybe you want me to invite all four of them over to take her at the same time?” she teased and noticed him getting hard again.

“No not all four the first time, it doesn’t matter who goes first you choose. Just remember honey Trish has to be on board with all of this first though. If you meet her this week and something happens I want you to promise me the two of you will call me and she will tell me she is fine with this, fine with being your lover.” Steve said. It was the one main condition he had asked for this morning just to insure that Joanna wasn’t coercing their daughter into their unorthodox lifestyle.

Once again as had become habit since he had allowed himself to be cuckolded his little head had completely shut down his big one. If he could record this conversation and play it at a later date and be subjective he would think he had gone insane. His conversation with his wife had started out on the most bizarre of levels, whether or not he would accept making their daughter her regular lover.

It had quickly spiraled off into the twilight zone and now had him being asked to decide if he would want Trish to get fucked by two women and one man first or two men and three women. Ten years ago he would have kicked the ass of anyone perverse enough to even suggest his daughter in the middle a gangbang led by her own mother. Now instead he sat in his bed with a hard on wondering how it would actually feel to see and hear his daughter having sex.

Joanna could see that Steve had entered what she liked to call ‘conscience’ modes. They were times when he would appear zoned or blanked out and it almost always meant he was thinking about their playtimes and how it affected them. A few times over recent years he had emerged from his fog wanting to go back and stop her from playing with others. It almost always took a few days and either the opportunity to watch her with a lover anonymously or in the same room before his cuckold desires took hold again.

“Steve honey, are you okay? I know this is a lot to swallow so fast and the whole fantasy of me including Trish in my games...”Joanna started saying.

Steve stopped her, “It’s okay sweetie, I just couldn’t help picturing our lovely daughter letting herself go sexually like you. Then there’s one thing that keep popping in my head and I want you to promise me you won’t let it happen no matter what!”

She was relieved that it wasn’t one of his fugues because she once again told herself that she was going to fuck Trish no matter what. It would of course be much better with his knowledge and consent on the subject.

She also knew instinctively what he was hinting at, “Steve I offered you the chance a long time ago to make this a true open marriage back then. I have had a number of the women who I’ve played with ask to include you but I always refuse them because you want me to. You’ve told me over and over that your turn on is from me having sex with other’s that you don’t want to be with anyone else. So if you’re thinking what I think you are rest assured this cock of yours will never be touched by our. Lots of other cocks will be touching her but yours never will.” Joanna said taking him in her hand.

Back when she first got caught and the whole idea of extramarital sex came out she had offered to live an open marriage but he quickly rebuffed her. A few times over the recent years she brought it up again but got the same answer each time, he had no interest in being with another woman. So she was damn sure not going to let him enjoy the fruits of Trish’s womb, she would be the sole parent with control of that territory even if he changed his mind.

Oh god, you know me so well. You might have to be firm because I will be honest the idea of touching Trish might be the one to change my mind. I’m jumping to another conclusion here too, if Trish is interested you will have to explain to her why it can’t happen. She’s going to have to know all about me being cuckolded too and what it means. I have to admit that scares me some too because I don’t want her to lose respect for me Jo.” Steve moaned as his wife manipulated his cock in her hand.

Looking up into his eyes she leaned down and took him in her mouth for a second time that morning, marveling as she did at the perfect curve of his cock. It curved in such a way that it never failed to hit her g spot in her pussy and it slid down her throat easily. It may only be an average length of six inches but it was in all honesty still Joanna’s favorite. She wondered if part of the reason for that was also that she had complete control over it. She had realized over her adventures that she definitely got off on having some control over others in the bedroom. Now she was going to attempt to take control of the one person on earth that should have been completely off limits to her, their daughter. It made her shiver with anticipation and made her work Steve’s cock like she was starving for his cum.

Steve started to grab Joanna by the head so he could control her movements on him but stopped. He had learned when Joanna’s new abilities surfaced in their bed that doing that was a no no for him. He had watched other men do it and she seemed to love it but it all came down to her only allowing true Alpha type males to do that to her in bed. It was fine with him because she had become an expert at manipulating him with both her mouth and pussy.

Because of all the images filling his head it didn’t take him long to cum again and in return fill her mouth with his seed. She swallowed it eagerly staring into his eyes as she did communicating her love for him through her actions. She had no doubt how much she loved him and was grateful to him for his liberal allowances of her desires. She also made sure to show him physically on a constant basis how much she loved his cock.

After swallowing her husband’s cum for the second time that morning and savoring every last drop she looked at him and told him, “Honey Trish will never disrespect you because she will never see me or any of my lover’s disrespect you. As far as the cuckolding goes leave that one up to me, I promise I will present it to her in the most fun way possible, in a way that will be fun for everyone. I will also explain to her that you are off limits sexually and that all of her needs will be taken care of by one parent only and maybe some of my friends.” She told him with a wicked laugh.

As hard as it would possibly be for anyone outside of their situation to believe Joanna had nothing but respect for her husband. It would never be her desire to make their daughter disrespect her own father. She actually thought that by introducing her to an unorthodox relationship like she shared with Steve she could broaden her daughter’s horizons sexually. She wanted her precious offspring to enter her early adulthood ahead of the game unlike Joanna felt she had done.

She would carefully explain to her how her father was just wired a little differently than some men when it came to his sexual desires. Then as time went along she would demonstrate how even in some humiliation play it was always remembered that it was all play and not real. Of course all this wild plans and ideas were wonderful but they depended on a number of things.

First of course was the hope that she wasn’t misreading Donnas’ video, pictures or texts. Donna was well aware of her secret desire to bed Trish and she wouldn’t send those things unless something had happened, something that had led her to believe Joanna could have what she wanted.

Then the second thing almost as important as the first was how deeply into the rabbit hole would Trish be willing to jump. Would she just want some simple exploration to see what it would be like with her mom then when satisfied end it? If Joanna had any say in what would happen that would never be the outcome. She could easily see a bright new future where Trish was by her side for a very long time as her sexy submissive sex toy. However even getting a first kiss or maybe getting her in bed was a universe apart from making her into what she fantasized about.

As she lay in the bed with her head on her husband’s stomach enjoying the aftertaste of his cum she pushed any doubts from her head. She was after all a sexually dominant creature who had in recent years gotten used to having whoever she desired in her bed. She would take the love that she had in her heart for her little girl and use it to show her how much she would love to be her mother’s pet. She giggled to herself wondering if it was too early to go shopping for a collar for the transformation of Trish.

So as the Edwards lay in bed each deep in their thoughts of the possibly monumental changes in their already unorthodox lives the object of their thoughts was re-entering the apartment she shared with her best friend. In her hands was a bagful of still warm bagels and one pound of the best lox on the lower east side. She had also gone and gotten some fresh scallions and cream cheese.

She hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before and had decided to get up after only four hours of restless attempts at slumber. Her mind was racing ten thousand miles a minute with everything that had happened in the last forty eight hours in this apartment. In the other bedroom Katie was sleeping naked in the arms of her equally naked mother Donna. The things they had enjoyed with each other since Donnas’ arrival had not only changed their lives but was also promising to change Trish’s life in a most earth shattering way.

This morning before finally giving up on sleep she had watched the playback on the video camera of Donna and Katie alternately fucking each other into submission the night before. Then she had wound it back even further and watched them tenderly make love to each other earlier in the day. Besides the heat generated in her from watching probably the hottest sex scenes she had ever seen before was the feeling she got from the way they looked at each other.

There was intensity in the way they looked at each other whether it was while in the middle of purely fucking each other or while they tenderly took each other to sexual nirvana. It was without sounding too cliché, a look of love, a look between the two of them that what they were doing was right no matter who knew about it. Trish had seen Katie with a good number of lovers since they had been roommates and had even developed into a right out in the open voyeur for her escapades. Damn she even had her own chair in Katie’s room just to watch.

In all the times she had watched though she never saw the urgency or total abandonment in Katie’s eyes or face when she was having sex with someone else. She knew of course that her best friend was hooked and she could also see that Donna was too. These two women who had never touched each other in any way sexually were now permanently bonded together as lovers. She wondered how far it would take them but threw that out of her head right away. She didn’t want to wonder about that because it didn’t matter. All that mattered right now in the world was that they had found each other in this way.

As she was chopping the scallions and mixing them with the cream cheese she thought of the things that Katie already had planned for the two of them. Two things were ambitious and beyond gutsy, they were inherently risky to Katie’s future in school and Donnas’ marriage. The risks for both women didn’t seem to make them hesitant and instead they both appeared eager to take the plunge headfirst, damn the torpedoes full speed ahead.

Of course since she was going to be an inherent part of making those two projects become reality the risks could easily be her own too. She had briefly thought of that and had shrugged it off as well which surprised her somewhat because between Katie and her Trish had always been the pragmatic one of the two. However after getting caught up in the whirlwind of Katie’s at first confession and the realization of her physical lust for her mother she had discovered a very shocking truth of her own, she wanted her own mother Joanna in the same way.

It could be said that maybe her lust to achieve what only a week ago wasn’t even something she had ever acknowledged was blinding her to the risks but she would deny it. No instead she was willing to take the risks because of what she had witnessed through the lens of her camera and in the videos shot on her cell phone the last two days, Katie and Donna genuinely loved each other. So the romantic on her was more than willing to take the risk for love just like she was hoping she would have the same opportunity to find out where her new found desires for her mom would take her.

Of course what had just been fantasy a few days ago was now on collision course to become her reality thanks mostly to Donna. Katie’s mom had confessed to the three of them about a conversation she had with Joanna not very long ago. In it Joanna had confessed to purposely avoiding her own daughter because of what she felt were urges that couldn’t control, the very same urges Trish was feeling right now. Donna had also told the two girls about Jo’s secret life and how in fact she was more promiscuous then either of them could have imagined. She had also told Trish expecting to surprise her that her father knew and accepted Joanna’s extramarital sexlife.

Of course Donna had been slightly shocked when Trish admitted that she knew about that. She explained how she had overheard a conversation between her parents that clearly shown Steve accepting Joanna having a lover. Trish though had no idea how deeply involved her parents were into that way of life and Donna hadn’t shared anymore about it, just telling Trish it was her mother’s place to tell her.

The talk with Donna however hadn’t been what had started her on a collision course with facing her own incestuous desires and making them reality. No it had been the pictures and video Donna had sent Joanna of the two of them making out at an outdoor café. Then it had been the cryptic phone call in which Donna had hinted at something involving both her and Katie. It of course had finished with Donna agreeing to meet Joanna for lunch on Tuesday, a day that right now Trish wished was today.

Trish had expected to get barraged with calls and texts from her mom about what she had seen in the pictures but Donna had asked Joanna not to contact her till they had lunch. Trish of course didn’t want to wait till Tuesday and wanted something to happen now because she was till so horny she wanted to scream. Of course she wasn’t even sure anything would happen Tuesday but she knew that Joanna would be aware of what she wanted then and since it seemed to be what her mom wanted too well ... She hoped that something might happen soon.

She wanted to be in Katie’s position waking up in her mother’s arms, feeling her naked body next to her own. She wanted to open her mother’s legs and smell her arousal knowing that Joanna’s pussy was leaking because of her. She wanted to slide her tongue into the velvet folds of the pussy that had given her life; she wanted to make her mother cum on her face over and over again.

As she was thinking about this she had put the spatula down that she was using to spread the cream cheese on the bagels. She reached down and shamelessly shoved two fingers inside her pussy and rubbed her clit vigorously. She quickly felt an orgasm coming on and she started moaning and then she let out the sound she had made last night. She unconsciously started yipping again, a slightly high pitched sound that easily could be mistaken for a small dog’s excited bark.

As she rode out her orgasm on her fingers and was now conscious of the sound she was making she though back to last night. She had been so wasted on the ecstasy that Katie had given them even though it was a lesser dose that she had almost hooked up with the waitress Stacie. In fact if Katie hadn’t spoken to Stacie herself she might have given in and had sex with her first woman but she hadn’t and this morning she was grateful. It seemed that Katie had taken Stacie aside and made her promise that Trish’s pussy was off limits last night. The romantic in her believed that her first time should be with Joanna and she was determined to stay a lesbian virgin till then and Stacie understood.

Of course Stacie had been floored to find out that Donna and Katie were mother and daughter. Then to learn Trish had designs on her own mother too made her interest grew even stronger. By the end of the night Trish had exchanged numbers with her and promised to see her after she had time with Joanna.

Stacie knew just how to push all her buttons the night before and had even referred to Trish as her little puppy based on the sounds she made when she came. She knew that because even though she was still a virgin with women she had enjoyed a number of orgasms in public last night because of the toy they all had used. It had made each of them cum a number of times because it was a remote controlled vibrator called the OhMiBod, it literally covered the whole pussy. It also as they found out last night vibrated to the beat of the music so Trish had yipped a number of times.

She was surprised that she hadn’t been offended when Stacie started calling her puppy but instead had found it comforting and exciting. Stacie had also talked about punishing her for some offense and she couldn’t remember what but then she had offered to have Joanna join her and the two of them punish Trish and just the thought of that alone had her ready to go for round two this morning. She wondered about herself and wondered about how submitting to Stacie last night had left her feeling safe and aroused at the same time. It felt good to let her take control, almost as if all the responsibility was taken away from her.

She wanted her mother to take control of her; she wanted to be as much of a slut for her mother as Joanna wanted. She would let Joanna make her do things that she would never have the courage to do on her own. Then she would feel the same love from her mother that Katie had now with Donna, for once she would be getting all the love and affection she had always craved from her mom.

As she added the lox to the bagels, she had gotten the ones with all the yummy additions she thought back over the years of growing up with Katie as her best friend. Some people might think that she was jealous of all the attention Katie got from her mom but it was never like that. Instead she just wished that she would get the same attention from Joanna. Katie would always tell her about the amazing talks she would have with her mom each night during their hour together.

It was that hour that Katie spent every single night with Donna that had eventually led to unorthodox feelings developing between the two. Neither one ever acknowledged those feelings till this very weekend when it became evident that both mother and daughter had felt a physical attraction to each other for a long time. Trish never had those kinds of nights with her mom because Joanna was a career minded woman and always seemed busy.

In fact she was now realizing how different both her mother and Donna were in so many ways. Oddly enough Trish saw a lot of herself in Donna and she could see a lot of Joanna in Katie. Both she and Donna seemed to be more of the submissive mindset wanting others to take the lead and give them direction. While Katie seemed to be the aggressive determined personality that her mother was, she was the Alpha in her and Donnas’ new found relationship.

Trish smiled to herself and once again found herself getting aroused. She was thinking of how it would feel to be at the mercy of her mother as an Alpha in a sexual relationship. She was imagining so many wicked things she hoped Joanna would make her do that her pussy was weeping again and little drops of dew were dripping down her legs.

There were so many new feelings coursing over her nerve endings and so many new ideas in her head. For example she never would be standing naked in the kitchen prepping breakfast for either Katie or herself; she would always have at least a robe on. But the last 48 hours had found her getting more and more comfortable being undressed at home that she had shed her clothes soon after returning from her bagel run.

So now as she started to feel her arousal growing again she could feel the sensation of her pussy dew dripping down the insides of her thighs tickling her lightly as it did. She reached down with a fingertip and scooped it up then bringing her finger to her lips tasted her own juice. It wasn’t the first time she had tasted herself but now she couldn’t help but imagine it was another woman’s juice she was savoring.

She shuddered at the thought of her mother crouched above her head while she lay underneath with her mouth open in anticipation. She could clearly see in her mind’s eye the drops of juice forming on Joanna’s labia and the excitement she would feel as the first one hit her outstretched tongue. She wouldn’t be surprised if when it happened she would spontaneously cum just from the forbidden wickedness of it actually happening.

As she went about pouring coffee in three mugs she couldn’t help but let a little giggle escape her lips. She thought it funny and ironic that her family had never had a dog while she was growing up and she was perfectly willing to be her own mother’s human puppy or anything else she could possibly want. As she headed into Katie’s room to rouse the still slumbering lovers she let out a little yip imitating herself from the night before.

When she walked into the bedroom she almost had to sit down and play with herself once more. In front of her was a vision that was at once beautiful but also filthy and perverted at the same time. Katie and Donna were spooned together with Katie being the back part of the spoon. She had her leg thrown over Donnas’ hip so that her pussy was clearly exposed and even though she slept it still looked moist and aroused. She had her one arm over her mother’s chest and was sleeping with a full boob in her hand. The look on her face was one of happiness and contentment, if you could judge book Katie from her cover it looked like she was in love even while she slept.

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