Work Experience for Sister Anna

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Sister Anna is a nun in training, aged in her mid twenties. She is the current project of Dave's wife Martha. She leaves Sister Anna with him whilst running off to deal with a family emergency. Dave wants to ditch Sister Anna to allow him to audit Bree as a potential lady for his escort service. She stays and gets a front row seat during the audition, and surprises both of them when she joins in.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Cheating   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Size   Clergy   Workplace   .

“Damn you Martha” I grumbled “This is all your fault”.

Martha was my wife of 40 years - the love of my life. But this was just too much. Her charitable works with the community were interfering with my business interests.

I’m Dave and I’m a wheeler and dealer, and I had recently acquired an escort service in payment of a debt. The former owner told me that he personally vetted all the ladies that worked for him, and that he found that great for his business. He was able to pick the good money earners from the time wasters.

I’d been vetting the ladies for a few months now and really enjoying myself. I was different from the previous owner - I paid an auditioning fee and I felt that I got a better experience with the ladies.

Bree was to be my next audition - married, 40 years old with a beautiful curvy figure. According to her application details and photo she was a redhead, with 38 EE breasts, and a fully shaved snatch. She was beautiful in my opinion, and I was looking forward to this audition ... and I needed it to happen soon in case she changed her mind.

It was Martha’s fault that I was sitting naked on my office couch with Bree perched on my lap with my long fat cock embedded in her lightly used married pussy. She had just orgasmed with her juices streaming down my shaft and across my bloated ball sack.

The problem was that we were not alone.

Sister Anna was sitting in the single couch chair opposite me watching us intently.

She was Martha’s next charitable project - a nun in training. Martha was educating her in business practices. Our daily tasks do not overlap so my auditions can be done without Martha’s knowledge, but today Martha’s whinging sister called her in a panic.

“Help me please” she pleaded ... and Martha went running, leaving me with Sister Anna for a few hours before her Sister Superior could collect her.

I pleaded with Martha not to leave Sister Anna with me, but my pleas fell on deaf ears.

I could not ... and did not want to reschedule Bree for fear of losing this beautiful woman from my employment.

Bree was a little apprehensive at the prospective of having sex with an audience.

I assured her that Sister Anna would probably scurry from the room as soon as Bree started to undress for me.

I was wrong. She stayed ... and watched us intently.

Bree wore her sexiest underwear which pleased me enormously ... and had the desired effect on my cock. It grew hard very quickly.

With Bree down to her bra and panties, I shed all my clothes, folding them neatly and placing them on my desk. I had to walk naked passed Sister Anna a couple of times, almost within touching distance with my hard cock bobbling about.

I expected her to run ... wanted her to run from the office. But she didn’t.

Sitting back on the couch opposite I played with my hard cock for a few seconds - for the benefit of both the ladies.

“That’s a nice big one” commented Bree as she moved closer.

“If my hubby was that big I would not be here today” she added climbing onto my lap trapping my cock between us.

I drew her face to mine, bringing our lips into contact. They were soft and accommodating as lips mashed together. Her tongue was the first to come out to play, probing between my parted lips, looking for a playmate.

Our tongues parried for a moment before my lips captured hers, sucking gently on the tip of hers before releasing it. She loved the experience and repeated it on mine. I changed it up a little when I captured her tongue with my teeth.

My hands had not been idle, groping at her fleshy ass before slipping up between us to palm her full breasts before unclipping her bra to release her mountains to my attentions.

“My god I love these ... they are beautiful and so soft’ I murmured into her mouth between kisses.

“Suck them” she hissed.

Reluctantly I left her soft lips, and moved to her heaving chest. She cupped them with her hands, offering them to me to devour.

“They are so sensitive ... I can cum just from having them licked and sucked”.

I ran my tongue around the perimeter of her wide areola, avoiding the nipple as I teased her. I switched back and forth without touching her nipples.

“Stop fucking teasing me” she moaned “Lick them ... suck them”.

I looked up her her, catching her eyes.

“Beautiful tits like these need to be played with ... and worshipped” I told her.

“Yeh ... yeh...” she gasped “Just get a move on then with your worshipping”.

I looked around Bree to see if Sister Anna was still watching us - she was.

“Hey Sister ... come over and sit beside us please”.

She stood up immediately.

“Yes!!!!!” I thought “She’s finally going to leave us”.

But she amazed me when she walked over and sat beside us.

“Fuck me” I muttered “What will it take to get her to leave?”

I thought for a moment before I asked her a question “Are these tits worthy of worshipping by your god?”.

I waited for her reaction.

I was gobsmacked when I heard a faint “Yes” from her.

“Please ... please suck them” Bree implored me.

“Sister Anna ... you have taken a vow of obedience ... I want you to lick and suck her nipples”. I thought that if that didn’t offend her enough to leave then nothing would.

She hesitated ... then she lent forward to bring her lips close to my ear.

“You are a nasty man Dave” she whispered. Then she moved her face close to Bree’s chest, capturing a nipple between her lips, licking and sucking much to Bree’s amazement and enjoyment.

‘Oh ... oh ... oh god ... never by a woman” she moaned whilst grinding her covered pussy against my trapped cock.

Sister Anna, still fully clothed in her nun’s habit, was doing a wonderful job, switching back and forth between Bree’s nipples, sending her closer and closer towards a beautiful cum.

“Fuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk!!!” Bree screamed announcing the arrival of her cum. I could feel a sudden wetness spreading through the thin material of her panties as she ground her pussy lips against my cock shaft.

With her orgasm starting to wane, I slipped a finger under the gusset of her pants, drawing it to the side and opening up the way for my cock to slide into her very wet pussy. I eased my cock back and under her until the head was nested between her very wet lips.

Cupping under her ass cheeks I lifted her slightly, positioning my cockhead at the tight entrance to her pussy. I eased her down, encountering some initial resistance before it slid into her hot tight pussy sheath.

I lowered her until her ass cheeks rested on my hips. She was fully impaled on my long fat cock.

“Oh god ... that feels huge ... I’m so full and stretched” she gasped.

I could feel her pussy pulsating all around my cock.

Sister Anna in the meanwhile had moved from worshipping Bree’s breasts to kissing the married lady. I noted that Bree had educated her about tongue sucking and nipping.

With my hands on Bree’s hips I deeply and slowly fucked her tight pussy, feeling the pulsating increase in a sure sign of an impending cum.

“Oh” she gasped when her lips were free.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh” she screamed. Her cum was upon her. Her pussy clamped down hard on my cock, preventing me from moving at all. All I could do was go along for the ride - her pussy juices streaming down my shaft and trickling across my balls.

“Oh no ... no ... not yet” I moaned. It was all too much for me. I found myself exploding into the far reaches of her still spasming pussy.

“Fuuuuuuucccckkkk!!!” I moaned.

“I can feel that” gasped Bree “Your cum feels so hot inside me”.

We continued to grind our joined bodies together for the next few minutes as Bree experienced many cum aftershocks until she was exhausted.

“Thank you” she whispered to me “That was wonderful”.

She slowly dismounted from my still hard cock.

Turning to Sister Anna, Bree said “It’s your turn”.

Imagine the situation - a naked 60 year old man with a sticky long fat cock waving about in the breeze, having just been set free from the hot confines of a 40 year old’s under appreciated married pussy; and a mid-twenties lady still fully dressed in her nun’s attire sitting beside the man.

Bree urged Sister Anna again “You will never have a chance like this again ... he has a wonderful cock”.

Sister Anna looked startled. Bree walked over to her and grabbed her hand placing it on my cock.

“Grab it ... hold it tight”.

To my surprise she did as she was asked.

Bree leant into her and kisses her passionately again. She responded to the kiss pulling Bree closer and holding my cock tighter and starting to milk it with short strokes.

“Let’s get you undressed” Bree suggested.

Drawing her to her feet, Bree starts to unbutton Sister Anna’s staid nun’s attire.

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