The Ultumatum

by Marduk

Copyright© 2016 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A woman picked up at a wedding proves to be very co-operative, but suddenly questions her behaviour till she is given an ultimatum, perform or piss off - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Cheating   Oral Sex   Petting   Exhibitionism   Tit-Fucking   .

Warren sat at his computer desk; his fingers hovered over the keyboard. He had been asked to present a story, naturally one based on an erotic agenda for the competition that he had entered. What subject could he choose, an erotic subject wouldn’t be hard to create, but he wanted one that had a bit of reality attached to it, for he thought that would make a more interesting yarn. He let his mind dart from one female companion to the next; however, most had been a fly by night contact that really didn’t have much meat on to make a story out off. He flipped through his black book, moving down the array of names, till he reached Sue. He paused for the date beside her name was a decade in the past. He lingered for now he dug deep into the back burner of his memory for that name did tingle a reaction. As he digested the name, the memory opened and those days of activity were again very clear. Now his fingers could move and he could create a story that with, naturally a bit of poetic licence would make an interesting yarn.

Sue was no pin-up or was she a bubbling woman in her mid-years; she was well into the sixties when he met her and the only reason that he engaged her was because he was bored stiff. He was asked to ‘fly the flag’ at a wedding for his wife, now long separated, because she had another event to attend and couldn’t be in two places at once. It was a wedding at which he knew no one and only place he felt comfortable at was the tables laid out with the eats, at least here he could chat to ever came up for a snack and not stand around like a bad smell. It was as he sampled one of the cakes that Sue appeared. She was the first to engage in conversation. “Hello!” she said. “Are you here for the bride or the bridegroom? Oh! my name is Sue and I’m on the bride’s side”

“As a matter of fact I’m on nobody’s side. I have been asked to ‘fly the flag’ for the one invited had other things to do. I really don’t know, except for you’ anybody. I’m really waiting for the opportunity to depart and in the meantime thought I may as well sample what is on offer”, he concluded. Sue laughed. There was silence for a couple of minutes as she did what he was doing considering what other ‘offerings’ were worthy of a taste.

“I am a bit like you”, she said. “I do know the bride but I’m not a close friend. I knew Sally from school days and have kept in touch but not that regularly and I think that is the reason I was invited”. She paused and seemed to be considering, either what else to say or what delicious to devour. “I have spoken to Sally, delivered the gift and really have no further need to stay. What would you say if we departed? How did you get here?” she asked. “By car”, he replied. Again she paused, her mind ticking over. “I came with a friend. If you are in favour of leaving could I come with you”, she asked.

“Absolutely”, he replied. Her reaction was a smile and with an ‘I won’t be long’ left him still holding a sandwich. She was gone for a number of minutes. “I told my friend that I’m leaving and have transport”, she smiled and the surprising thing was that she latched onto him almost immediately. Not that it offended him for his relations with women were very much an ad-hoc occurrence, in fact he was delighted.

“Where to Sue?” he asked and then it occurred to him that she didn’t know his name. “Oh! My name is Warren”. She smiled as she settled herself into the seat and whether it was intentional or just the way she settled herself, but her dress worked itself up, revealing white thighs for she was not wearing stockings. He didn’t comment but did notice that she didn’t rearrange the dress, leaving her bare legs open for admiration. She gave him her address and then the conversation was just general, nothing to indicate what she, or fate had instore. He pulled up outside her house. “Would you like to come in”, she smiling asked. “I think I can improve on that coffee that was on offer. I don’t know about you Warren but I do like a decent cup of coffee and I have a rather expensive coffee machine that can equal any coffee in any of the lounges”, she concluded. He gave a nod and even as they walked up the path, she clung onto him.

“Now you sit down”, she smilingly said. “This will take a few minutes but I am sure you will like it. As I mentioned I am fussy with my coffee and the beans are the best I could buy”. He did as she asked and while he waited the conversation was just bit and pieces, nothing of any substance; finally the coffee was ready and with a few biscuits on a plate; he enjoyed one of the nicest coffee he had experienced. With the cups and empty plate in the sink Sue sat next to him and the sitting was almost on his lap; naturally it led to the peck on the forehead and the grasping of a tit and her reaction was a return kiss and a rub of his thigh. Slowly the minutes passed. The kiss became more intense, she grasped his groin while he lifted her blouse and pulled up her bra and as those tits, with their enlarge nipples were freed, he commented. “You have lovely tits Sue”. She didn’t reply but unzipped his trousers and with a bit of digging pulled out his throbbing erection, she didn’t say a word but lowered her head and as her mouth closed over his manhood all he did was gasp and squeezed hard her tit.

He loved a suck job and where others would take her sucking as just an introduction for a full on fuck, he let her suck till he pushed her head down, gave the utterance of relief as he filled her mouth. She bucked, but not as great as other women who had copped a mouthful but he held her till she had sucked him dry. “Fuck that was nice”, was his comment as he released her. Cum and saliva flowed from her mouth; she grabbed a tissue, wiped her mouth and then made a dash to the bathroom. He smiled as he heard the gargling as she washed her mouth, a noise he had heard every time after a full on suck job. “That was a load”, she said as she returned. “Matter of fact that was the first mouth full I have had for a long time. I gather you like being sucked off”. He just gave a nod as he rearranged his trousers.

“Well it is getting on”, she said. “What are your plans for the rest of the day?”

“I really don’t have any”, he replied as she rested in his arms. The shock of a mouth full of semen wasn’t such an event for her to kick him out; it did seem to indicate that a further encounter could be on the cards. “Would you like to say for tea?” she asked. He knew his wife wouldn’t be home that evening for that was the reason he had to ‘fly the flag’ she was visiting an old friend and the distance meant that she would be staying overnight and even, hopefully for a few days. “I would be delighted Sue”, he said as he grasped her tits as she worked at the kitchen bench. “If your meal is as good as your coffee it will be very enjoyable”. She smiled as she seemed delighted with the massage her tits were receiving; even to suggest she take her bra off so there would be no restriction on the activity they were receiving.

The dinner was one that would gain a prize in any of the cooking shows that were currently on television. “Help me with the washing up”, she said as the dirty dishes were put into the sink. “After that we can...” She didn’t finish the comment for he added. “We fuck”.

“You randy bastard”, she commented with a giggle. “But you are right by dear Warren, we fuck and we keep fucking till only exhaustion calls a halt. Something that he appreciated for it was only women like Sue and others that he kept on file that eased the longing that his wife had made clear was not on her agenda, at least not with him.

Sue knew how to fuck; she imprisoned him between her thighs and worked in rhyme to his every thrust. She pulled his head onto her tits, pushing her nipples into his mouth and gave off gasps of appreciation and pleasure as he drove his cock into the very depths of her cunt. He rode her, blew his balls but she wanted more; there was no falling off, not just then and it was only when the rays of the approaching dawn penetrated the room did he finally roll off, covered in sweat and in a state of total exhaustion. It was well after nine in the morning that Sue gave him a poke and suggested a shower and it was a delight to be washed and to wash, pleasuring each other till he was sporting another erection, she only smiled as she lowered herself to put her mouth on the level of that throbbing beast. He didn’t say a word as her mouth performed the action that always sent him over the abyss of sexual delight.

Sue hadn’t mentioned a further rendezvous; he thought it was another case of ‘being in the right place at the right time’ so when she rang a few days later he was delighted. “I have a birthday party to go to”, she said. “I’m still working and the woman whose party it is works in the same area as I do. I have been invited to bring a partner or companion would you like to come?”

“What day is it and where?” he asked.

“Next Saturday evening and it is in a private home, not far from where I live. Oh! We have been asked not to bring gifts, just attendance”, she replied. “I certainly would like to come, I have nothing of importance that would interfere with your invitation”, he said.

“Thank you Warren”, she replied with a giggle. “I wouldn’t have gone by myself. The party starts around seven-thirty”.

“I’ll pick you up around seven-fifteen”, he concluded.

The home was well lit and the music was quite noticeable. “I wonder what the neighbours think of the music?” he asked as they walked up the drive. “I would say that they were invited”, Sue replied. “Wendy is a very social person and I’m sure would have advised the neighbours of the party and extended an invitation to them”.

“Well here we are”, he said as he rang the doorbell.

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