The Pleasures of Two

by Marduk

Copyright© 2016 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A chap in a hostile marriage meets two women, one a mother the other the daughter; he engages them both not knowing that the mother wants somebody to care for her daughter - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Big Breasts   Public Sex   .

Rex arrived at the coffee shop he regularly attended with colleagues of the club he belonged to; however, today he was alone. He was like the cat in that poem about a dark cat, sitting in a dark corner, thinking dark thoughts. He was angry. It had been another clash with his wife and he asked himself as he had done on many occasions ‘why’ did he stick with it and live in a toxic relationship and the answer was always the same, ‘the grass wasn’t greener on the other side’. Although he knew a number of women, most associated with the club he belonged to and he got on well with them, they were just associates and colleagues, none were women he could consider a permanent partner, so therefore he stuck to his own agenda; visiting women of the night to accommodate any sexual desire that he fancied; the one subject that his wife totally opposed.

The shop was empty except for him, it could be too early or because it was a public holiday could have been the reason for the lack of patrons for generally this shop was very busy. The coffee was hot, which was always his request and he was just stirring it when the two women entered. He wasn’t one who could gauge an age, especially a woman, however, one did appear more mature and the other, he thought younger. They sat down just across from him. They ordered and the younger or the one he thought was the younger gave him a smile, which he returned. There was a slight conversation between the two women, the older turned and said ‘Hello!” Just because he didn’t have a real close relationship with women didn’t mean that he would knock back any opportunity to engage with them, especially if they had a decent set of tits on them and the younger one certainly did, even though she could have be classified as overweight, but he did like plump women. “Hello to you too madam”, he said. “I come here often and this is the first time I have found it so empty, maybe because of the public holiday or perhaps because it isn’t ten o’clock. Do you come here often?” he asked. Again both women entered into a whispered conversation, time passed so he got up; ready to leave. This activity immediately bought results. The older women asked. “Would you care to join us, that’s if you are not in a hurry”. He was not to know that the older woman was frantically seeking an interested man to take care of her daughter for although it wasn’t obvious her daughter did have a slight disability that turned men away. “No madam I’m in no hurry and yes I would be delighted to join you”, he replied as he sat next to the younger of the women. “My name is Rex”, he said. “I am May and my daughter is Julie”, the older woman replied. “This is our first visit here”, the daughter said with a giggle.

“Where do you normally go”, he asked as the daughter pushed herself closer to him so that their thighs touched. “Oh! it really doesn’t matter we don’t give a fuck, just depends on when we want a drink”, the mother replied. The use of a four letter word, although not uncommon was a sort of key he considered that could open the door to a more worthwhile encounter. “I come here with a group of friends”, he replied as the daughter began to rub her thigh against his. “Do you live locally?” he asked as he returned the gesture and pushed the woman’s dress up. “No we came by bus, just for something to do; there isn’t much activity in the complex where we live”, the mother replied.

“Well if you wanted a lift back, I have time and ... and maybe some sort of activity that would be pleasing to all of us can be introduced” he concluded as he pushed the daughter’s dress up so that a lot of white thigh was visible. The daughter giggled and in a whisper that he heard leaned across to her mother and said. “I think he wants to fuck me; he is almost at my cunt”. The older woman smiled and as she pushed her chair back and got up replied. “I hope that includes me as well”.

The activity of the daughter could turn men off, for she clung to him as they walked to his vehicle almost with a fear that he would change his mind. He didn’t question her action but did wonder why the mother didn’t say anything and just seem to have a permanent smile on her face. “Here we are”, he said. “Age takes preference, so your mum gets the front seat”, he smiling concluded as he gave the daughter’s ample bottom a friendly smack, much to her delight for she was still giggling as the door closed. He didn’t immediately start the vehicle for his mind was considering just how far these women were prepared to go. The daughter hadn’t protested as he stroked her thighs and the mother had given an indication that she was available if ‘fucking’ was on the menu. He didn’t start the motor, but reached across to the glove box, opened it and then closed it but then ran his paw up the mother’s thigh and kept climbing till he hit the rather spongy goal, indicating a mass of hair. He altered tack pulling her towards him and kissed while shoving his finger as far as it would go. The mother gave a gasp and her whole being vibrated as she, whether automatically or from surprise began to push herself forward, working to the pleasure that she hadn’t known for ages. He stopped the groin activity and aimed for her very noticeable tits and all the time the daughter was clinging to the back of the seat, almost hypnotized by the activity.

Undoing the blouse and pulling up the bra, took mere seconds but then the mother began to orally voice her pleasure and the daughter was straining to get closer to the action. “Now it is my turn for a bit of pleasure”, he said as he moved from her wobbling tit to remove his trousers and free his throbbing erection. “Now come here you randy cunt and put your mouth around that”. The mother made no protest as he pulled her head towards his cock and as her mouth closed over it and he gave his usual grunt of appreciation the daughter gave a gasp of sheer bewilderment that made him think that this was the first time she had ever been on hand when a cock was sucked. “All of it”, he groaned. “Drain every fucking drop”. Saliva and cum poured out of her mouth, flowing over his balls, but he held her, despite her attempt to pull away and it was only when the last fraction of cum had been sucked, did he release her; much to her daughter amusement. “Mummy you are a ... a fucking mess”, she fell back onto the seat in a fit of laughter.

It took minutes for the mother to remove all the traces of cum and saliva from her mouth and face and all the time the daughter was in an uncontrolled bout of giggles. He smiled as the mother finally threw the towel away. “I hate to say it”, he said. “But you best put your tits back; they would be a traffic stopper”. Seconds later they were back into position. “If you fuck as good as you suck I think you will be fantastic. I have been sucked off many times, but your mouth was great”, he said as he moved into the flow of traffic. The daughter leaned over the back seat. “What ... what was it like mummy?” she question. “Did ... did you like it and can I do it?” Her mother turned towards her daughter and then to the man that has just told her she was a great suck. “My daughter has never sucked a cock but I sure you would be willing to let her give it a gobble”. All he did was smile.

He drove into their drive and even before they had reached the front door, the daughter was clinging to him and almost in a voice of desperation was echoing her mother’s words. “You let me gobble on it”.

“Absolutely”, he replied. “But first undress, say we all undress and put on show our goods”. Again the daughter burst into her marathon of giggles as she almost tore off her clothes to stand in her, quite attractive glory; that is if you fancy a fat belly, sagging but full tits, a very hairy groin and fat thighs; which for him was the beckon of desire. “Lovely”, he said. “First I let your daughter have her first encounter with a throbbing cock and then I fuck you both”. He pushed the daughter onto the dressing table’s stool; pushed her cock against her lips and snapped. “Now suck on that, do what your mother did, suck my fucking cock”

It did take seconds but with her mother’s guidance she opened her mouth and slowly his cock disappeared and with her mother inches away was pushing her daughter’s head hard into his groin and there he emptied his balls and this time it was the mother’s turn to erupt into laughter. A fuck was then off the agenda, at least until a light lunch was finalized and then he went from one cunt to the other, pumping and thrusting as the women echoed their pleasure as their tits swung and dribbles of saliva fell from their mouths. He emptied his balls and rubbed his cock over both their backsides. “Ladies you were great, the best fuck I have had for ages”. He didn’t think that there would be a repeat, he didn’t know of the mother’s desire to get a new carer for her daughter and when he left them, standing just inside the front door, both naked, that was the end of the matter.

It was nearly a week later as he left the shopping complex that his mobile rang. He had all his contacts on memory so he knew immediately who was calling, this number was new. “Rex here”, he said. There was a few seconds of silence and then a female voice answered. “It is Julie”. His thoughts raced ‘who in the fuck is Julie’. His question was answered before he could ask. “You met me and my mother in a coffee shop and mummy sucked you off in your vehicle”. The penny dropped, now he remembered who this Julie was, after all she had also sucked him off and he had fucked both her and her mother. “Good morning Julie”, he cheerfully replied. “I didn’t have your name recorded so I didn’t recognize your number, apart from that how are you?” he asked.

“I ... I am good but would you do me a favour?” she questioned.

“Of course”, he relied with the inner thought that the favour could lead to a repeat of his initial introduction. “What is it you would like?”

“Mummy is visiting people in the complex and I would like to buy some clothes and mummy doesn’t like me to travel alone on the bus. Mummy suggested that I could ask you”.

“I think your mother had a good suggestion. I could be at your complex in twenty or so minutes”, he said. There was a giggle and the phone went dead.

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