Sexy Fun With Veronica and Lisa

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2016 by mysteria27

Erotica Sex Story: Jason is upset with his life and has a little naughty fun.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Cheating   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   .

I really hate that my wife’s body has changed so much over time. When we first got married, she was very fit and took care of what she ate. She always cooked very healthy meals. I always loved that she liked to take very good care of herself. That was what made me fall in love with her. She had a smoking hot body and knew how to work it.

She’d get waxed and had manicures and pedicures regularly. She had her hair cut and colored every few weeks. Now my wife doesn’t go to the gym so much and has put on a lot of weight. She had a car accident and fucked up her leg. She was home recovering and getting acquainted with the refrigerator. She was very depressed because of the pain she was in. She was watching soap operas and eating bon-bon’s. That was not making me happy. I only knew because I saw the empty packages.

I love my wife and I feel bad that her weight gain has caused me so much stress. She’s gained about forty pounds and her once thin and sexy body has now gotten more plump. When we used to fuck, our bodies fit together so nicely. Now she’s got this pocket of belly fat that rubs up against my stomach. It’s not very appealing to look at. I mostly fuck her in the dark and I do keep my eyes shut.

She’s just not as sexy as I once found her. We still fuck and all, but I tend to fuck her from behind. I like to hold her saddle bags of fat and ram her pussy hard. It’s amusing to see her flab jiggle when I fuck her. She is just a little timid now with fucking because she’s not so happy with the way she looks. When I fuck her, her pussy responds nicely though. She still has the tightest, wettest cunt I every fucked. That’s what keeps me going. If her pussy wasn’t fun to fuck, I think I’d be totally fucked.

She will still please me and suck my cock most mornings. I do love the way she takes my cock all the way down her sweet mouth. I’ll rub her head, while she devours my dick. Sometimes she’ll be naked on the floor. I used to love when she’d be naked and sucking on my cock. But, I won’t lie, seeing all her fat jiggle doesn’t really make me want her so much. She just looks rather sloppy when I look at her. God forgive me for saying these things about my wife. I do love her but I liked her smoking hot body a lot better.

I think she knows that I’m not particularly happy with her weight gain. She now is back working after recovering from her accident. I’m really hoping she’ll join a gym again and get her once sexy and amazing body back into check, so I have asked her several times to hit the gym again. I’m hoping she’ll take my subtle hints.

The only thing keeping me amused is looking at my hot stepdaughter. She has turned into a really nice piece of eye candy. My stepdaughter was always a tom boy when she was teen, always kind of awkward looking. She had stringy brown hair, a flat chest and buck teeth. Her mother got her a perm and took her to the dentist to get braces. Eventually, her flat chest grew into a nice rack of hot tits. She’s got straight teeth and the prettiest curls you’ve ever seen. My stepdaughter, Veronica has turned into one hot piece of ass. She’s eighteen and legal.

I know it’s not right for me to say this, but I’d love to get into her pants. I know it’s wrong to think these thoughts, but since my wife has turned into a ball of fat, I’m left thinking rather taboo thoughts. I now have to look at women and fantasize, although my stepdaughter is all I need to get off.

My wife usually doesn’t come home until much later in the evening. Lately, I’ve been a naughty boy and have been looking through Veronica’s room. She doesn’t lock her door and I have found I love to look through her underwear drawer. I was shocked to find that my stepdaughter has some pretty nasty pieces of lingerie tucked in her drawers.

One day, I went into her room and found all her panties. Veronica seems to like itsy bitsy thongs. I looked in her hamper and found a bunch of her dirty panties. I know this is probably going to sound sick, but I turned over her hamper onto her bed and started sniffing all her panties and thongs. I was really turned on by her pussy scent. I took off all my clothes and sat on her bed sniffing her pussy perfume from her panties. I had my hands on my cock and was jerking off to the scent of her sexy cunt.

I knew it was wrong, but I took a pair of her panties and wrapped it around my cock and jerked off while sniffing on her dirty thong. My cock was as hard as a bat while I was sniffing her cute thongs. I was about to blow my load when I heard my stepdaughter and her friend come home from work. I hurried up and stuffed her laundry back in the hamper and closed her underwear drawer. I opened her closet door and hid in her closet. I was hoping I wasn’t going to get caught. It would be hard to explain what the fuck I was doing in her room.

“Lisa, it doesn’t look like my folks are home. I could give you a massage.”

“That would be really nice. Today was such a shitty day. My muscles are really sore. Maybe we could fool around after. You know how much you excite me.”

“I know you’re a very dirty girl. I bet your pussy is really wet. Do you want me to lick you? I know you’re a nasty slut.”

“Start with a massage and then we could fool around.”

I couldn’t believe my luck. My stepdaughter and her friend were undressing each other. They moved to the bed and Veronica sat on her friend’s buttocks naked. She poured oil into her hand and started to massage her friend’s neck. She moved her hands up and down her friend’s body. I have to tell you, her friend had a nice firm body like my stepdaughter. I was jerking off in the closet watching this sexy massage. I did wonder if my stepdaughter was a lesbian.

Veronica worked her fingers all around her friend’s neck. She poured the oil on her back and moved her fingers all over her body. I could hear her friend moaning softly under her breath.

“Veronica, that feels amazing. You really know what you’re doing.”

“Of course I do. If you’re a good girl and I mean good, I have a surprise for you.”

“I’ll be good.”

I was wondering what Veronica meant about that. I was wondering what she was planning. I continued to jerk off in her closet, smelling her pussy scented thong. My cock was about to explode, however I held back waiting for some hot action with these two nymphs.

“Turn over, Lisa.”

Lisa turned over and my stepdaughter poured oil all over her beautiful breasts. She massaged and caressed the girl’s firm rack. Veronica’s fingers played with each of her breasts delicately. She moved down and worked her fingers up and down the girl’s thighs. Her friend continued to moan softly.

Veronica stood up and went into her trunk that was at the foot of her bed. She pulled out a long toy. I wasn’t sure what the hell it was. I was very excited and hard while I played with my cock all while peeping at the girls.

“I have this double dong. We both need to put it into our pussies and help each other fuck it. We’ll both cum hard and then will lick each other’s juices.”

“Boy, that seems fun. Where did you get that?”

“I ordered it on-line. I thought it would be fun to play with.”

The girls sat on Veronica’s bed facing each other. Veronica took the oil into her hand and wiped it all over her shaved cunt. Lisa did the same thing. They each took a part of the double dong and fed it into the other’s pussy. Once it was pretty far up inside of their cunts, they started fucking it.

This was better than any porn I’d ever seen. I was jerking my cock faster and faster and sniffing my stepdaughter’s pussy scented thong. I got so fucking excited and fell backwards in her closet.

“What was that,” Veronica? Sounds like it came from the closet.”

“Nobody’s home. I can’t imagine who is here.”

My stepdaughter got up and walked over to the closet. She opened the door and to her surprise found me on my ass sporting a huge erection naked in her closet.

“Holy hell! Jason, what are you doing in here? Have you lost your fucking mind?”

“Help me up! Jesus Christ.”

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