A Cuckold's Loss

by werewolf

Copyright© 2016 by werewolf

Sex Story: Without any regrets I cheated on my husband and found a love many people can only dream about.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Cuckold   .

“What the hell’s wrong with you this morning?”

My husband had a face like a wet weekend, every thing I did was wrong, every word I said was ignored.

“You know what’s wrong.”

“If I knew, I wouldn’t be asking you would I?”

“All right then, I’ll tell you, last night.”

I waited for the rest but he clamped up and just looked at me.

“What about last night?”

“You were kissing him.”

“Michael for God’s sake, he was fucking me, you know, as per your suggestion.”

“I didn’t like you kissing him.”

“Michael. I’d just been fucked, well and truly fucked, I’d had a mind blowing orgasm, it was the most natural thing in the world to kiss him.”

“He was still inside you.”

“Yes and I was fucking loving having him there, it had been the most intense feeling I’d ever had.”

“Well he’s not coming round here again.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes really, you’re getting far too close to him.”

“Let me remind you Michael of just who’s idea this was in the first place.”

“I know, I know and now I’m stopping it.”

“Like hell you are.”

“So you admit it, you want to see him again.”

“Yes of course I want to see him again, you know I do and what’s more the next time you have a few drinks, you’ll be telling me to ring him again, you know you will.”

“You’re just a fucking slut.”

“And who wanted me to be a fucking slut?, you did, it was you who told me to dance with him in the first place, you who asked him to stay after the party, you who told me to take my knickers off for him, I wasn’t the one with the fucking camera either remember?”

“Yea well it ain’t going to happen again, if you see him again I’ll divorce you.”

“You’d better get the papers drawn up then ‘cos I’m going to see him now.”

“I’ll change the locks while you’re out.”

“Go to hell” and I grabbed my car keys.

“Where are you?” I asked Marcus on my phone from the next street.

“In the pub baby why?”

“Stay there and get me a large brandy please.”

Fifteen minutes later I pulled up in the pub car park of the pub he owned and walked in to find him sitting by himself in a corner reading the morning paper.

“What the hell’s wrong?” he asked, so I told him while he just sat and listened to every thing.

“Did he hit you?”

“No, but he was close to it I think?”

“I’ll break his fucking neck if he ever lays a hand on you.”

“I don’t want to go back.”

“Well don’t, move in with me instead.”

I downed my drink in one and thought about it.

“You’ve asked me that before.”

“I meant it, I still mean it.”


“Cross my heart, I’ve never wanted anything so much.”

I picked up my glass and walked to the bar feeling his eyes on me all the time.

Jesus he had an effect on me all right, I knew I was getting wet just from sitting next to him and my nipples felt like pebbles under my tee shirt.

“Hi Katie” the barmaid said with a smile, “Large brandy?”

“Yes please Wendy” I returned her smile, she was a lovely girl, always friendly and always smiling.

“Wendy can I leave my car?”

“Of course, Just tell Marcus, are you doing what I think you’re doing?”

“I think so yes.”

“Good girl” she laughed, “You two look good together.”

“Ha” I laughed, “My hubby wouldn’t agree with that one.”

“What was all that about?” Marcus asked when I sat down again.

“Wendy asked if I am doing what she thinks I’m doing.”

“And are you?”

“Yes” I said quietly, “Yes I am.”

“You won’t regret it.”

“I just want to be with you.”

“Finish your drink then but what about your car?”

“I’m leaving it here.”

“Let’s go then.”

His house was huge, with wide extensive gardens, I knew he’d got money, but this was something else, the front door opened onto a spacious reception area, with rooms leading off it, he smiled at my wonder and took me straight through into the kitchen.

“I’ll show you round later” he said softly and lifted me up onto one of the stools sitting at a long breakfast bar.

“What are you doing?” I laughed as he pushed my skirt up over my thighs, “We’re supposed to be talking.”

“Eating breakfast” was his reply as he kissed both of my inner thighs, his fingers moved my lacy little panties to one side and I gave myself up to the surge of pleasure as his mouth closed over my cunt!

It was much later before we got talking, we were cuddling in his king size bed, both of us naked and feeling satiated after the longest bout of sex we’d ever had.

“You can’t just walk away Katie, you need all your own personal stuff from the house and you’re entitled to half it’s value whether or not he chooses to sell it.”

“I don’t want to go back, he scares me now.”

“I’ll go with you and I’ll bring a couple of my guys, there’ll be no trouble at all, I promise you.”

I thought about it for a moment before agreeing.

“OK, but what if he’s not there?”

“I’ll post somebody near by, if he’s there, I’ll know it.”

“Have you got a van?”

“Loads of them, big ones, small ones, you name it, I’ve got it.”

“You said you’d bring a couple of your guys, what does that mean, like how many guys have you got?”

“Well, let’s see, I’ve got about ten or twelve at the Pink Orchid, another couple at the pub, there’s the haulage firm I own, there’ll be about sixty or so there and at the video distribution company there are six more, we’ll manage.”

“And they all work for you?”

“Yeah, my old man started the haulage business back in the sixties, he was a very determined man my dad, he got off the immigrant boat at Southampton with five pounds in his pocket in nineteen fifty nine, he got a job in a foundry, fettling, a very dirty, very hard way to earn a living, but it paid well, he saved five pounds a week out of his wages, after a year he bought a horse and cart and won a contract to ferry beer from the local brewery around the pubs, three months later he bought another horse and cart and employed a mate, six months later he bought an old lorry and he just never looked back, within ten years he had twenty five wagons.

“I’ve still got the first car he bought in the garage, I’ll show it to you tomorrow.”

“He sounds like quite a man.”

“He was a hell of a man Katie, I’ve got a brother who’s a lawyer and a sister who’s a member of parliament, him and mum were very proud of us all.”

“I’d say they were right to be proud.”

“Yeah” he smiled, “He was a tough old bastard though, he told me how he was the only black man at the foundry and at first he ate his dinner by himself, ‘cos nobody would sit at the same table as him, just think about that Katie, over two hundred men there and my old man sitting by himself, but do you know when he left, they all shook his hand, even his boss said they’d miss him.”

“His next battle was when he met my mum, obviously you can see I’m mixed race, my granddad threatened him, tried to bribe him, he had him beaten up, but he wouldn’t give her up, all that ended in nineteen sixty three when her dad saw a letter that my mum showed him, it was addressed to Mr. M. Goodson, V.C., it was his annual pension letter.

“My grandfather realised what those initials stood for, my dad had won the Victoria Cross in the second world war, believe me baby that medal is the hardest one to win in any army in the world, did you know that even to be considered for it, you have to have had a ninety per cent chance of being killed, ninety per cent!

“Even then you might not get it, needless to say that made my granddad realise that there might just be something special about my dad, he was right, there was, the day he died us kids just cried and cried with mum, even now all these years later we still miss him, and mum of course, but dad, he was one in a million, the police had to close all the roads around the church on the day of his funeral, there were thousands of people there, people who he’d touched in one way or another.”

His eyes were glistening as he talked, I could see he was getting emotional so I held his hand.

“Thank you” I said and kissed him.

“What for?”

“For telling me something that’s obviously very personal and very private.”

“You’re my girl now, nothing is too personal to share with you.”

“I like the sound of that.”


“Being your girl, I like it.”

“Yeah well I want you to be more than that when you divorce him.”

“Are you proposing to me?”

“If you’ll have me.”

“You know I will and the sooner the better.”

We’d met almost six months ago, through a girl friend of mine, we’d been out for a drink after work one night and she introduced me to Marcus in a night club, he was charming, very polite and extremely good looking, he bought us both a drink and asked me if I would dance with him, I accepted of course. God, he was a mover all right, I thought I could dance, but next to him I felt clumsy, we had three more dances and then a slow one came on, he asked me if I wanted to sit down, but I laughed and said no, he took me into his arms, he smelt of after shave and cigarette smoke and I found I liked it, I laid my cheek against his and felt his big, strong arms holding me, I felt something else as well, he was getting aroused!

“I’m sorry” he said looking embarrassed and tried to pull away, but I smiled and held him close.

“Don’t be” I whispered, “I’m flattered, what I’m used to is a man who doesn’t much care about me or my feelings.”

“He must be a fool then” he said and tightened his grip on me.

I draped both arms around his neck and moulded my body into his, the scent of his body was intoxicating and the feel of his erection pressing into my stomach was exciting me almost beyond words.

“I’d like to get to know you better” he said softly and I nodded.

“Yes” I whispered and touched my lips to his neck, “I’d like that too.”


“Whenever you say.”

“Come with me now.”

He led me from the floor to a door marked private.

“This is my office” he grinned as he opened it with a key.

“Oh” I exclaimed, “Do you work here?”

“Kind of” he laughed, “I own it” and he took me into his arms.

His mouth was warm and he tasted of brandy, his tongue snaked between my teeth as he leaned back against the door his hands on my backside kneading my buttocks.

I pushed my hips forward leaving him in no doubt that I was willing, he lifted one hand off my bottom and cupped a breast, I wasn’t wearing a bra, so he eased it out and kissed my nipple gently, running his tongue lasciviously over the swollen nub.

I heard myself gasp but I still clung to him as he kissed the other one while I unzipped him, his cock was easily the biggest I’d ever seen, I could only just get my fist around it.

“Oh my God, it’s huge!”

“It’ll feel great inside you.”

“Yes please.”

We took a few steps over to a couch, where I sat quickly and tasted his penis, but a taste wasn’t enough, nowhere near it, I sucked the tip before drawing it into my mouth, but he drew back saying.

“We haven’t got very long” then he pushed me down onto my back and got on his knees on the floor, he made love to me gently, fucking me with long, deep strokes, he was like an artist kissing me all the time, taking care not to hurt me, asking me if I was all right, I couldn’t speak though, so I just lay back and savoured the thrills he was inducing in my body until I exploded in an orgasm, it was like the first time for me, I felt as if I’d been a virgin before.

“Was it OK?” He asked but I just smiled dreamily.


“Shhh” I smiled, “I’m just enjoying the moment.”

After that I saw him as often as I was able, I was addicted to him, it wasn’t just the sex, although that was fantastic, I just wanted to be with him, his sheer personality seemed to touch every one, he had a ready smile for everyone, even the drunks seemed to come under his spell, I once saw him take a broken bottle off a drunken man who was threatening one of his security staff, he took him out of the club and I couldn’t believe it when the guy ended up shaking his hand!

Michael never suspected anything, he was too wrapped up in his darts and his beer, or his football, so I was able to see Marcus every Saturday afternoon.

he had a small flat in town where we always went, he would draw the curtains, lock the door and we would go straight to bed, the Saturdays when the local football team played away were the best because we could have the whole day to ourselves, I would dress up for him in stockings which he loved and even keep them on in bed, he said he loved the feel of the nylon on his neck while he was eating me.

He loved to cook for me too, after our first bout of sex he would cook something, usually steak and eggs and we would eat it naked before going back to bed again for more incredible sex, I was starting to fall in love with him!

I gave him my anal virginity, something that I’d always refused with Michael and it just felt utterly fantastic, even as his lovely big cock first started to slide into me, I was coming and by the time he’d come I was completely spent, my legs felt like jelly as I walked to the bathroom, but when I got back into bed with him, I wanted to do it again!

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