Dave's Family - His Wife Jenna

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: His life long friend and business partner Dave has a stunning wife Jenna. She collects him at the airport after seeing off her husband on another trip. She takes him to his house where she attacks him after his flirting on the way home.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Size   .

Dave, my business and I, had taken the overnight flight back to our home city. It had been a satisfying few days - we had landed some very valuable contracts that would ensure the continuing prosperity of our company.

He and I went to school together and had been friends for the past 35 years. We had met as 5 year olds at school.

Unfortunately Dave had to catch another flight as soon as we landed - he had to go visit his sick mother.

Dave's wife Jenna met us at the airport with another suitcase of Dave's casual clothes. It was a quick hug and kiss and he was off again.

I was jealous of Dave. Jenna was a very beautiful woman - tall, blonde, slim with a beautiful set of full tits that jiggled as she walked. She was always smiling and chatty whenever we crossed paths. She was younger than Dave by 5 years. They had an 18 year old daughter April.

"Hey Grant ... can I offer you a ride home?"

"I'm going your way" she added in a seductive sounding tone.

I played along and flirted back 'Anytime you are going my way ... I'll be there".

As we walked to the carpark, I fell a little behind her to check out her firm ass.

"Hey mister ... quit checking out my ass" she gleefully scolded me.

"Busted" I admitted with a laugh.

We chatted all the way back to my place, with sly glances at her firm tits hidden under the thin close-fitting t-shirt type top.

She caught me a few times ... and just smiled and shook her finger at me.

I just winked back at her, not knowing what else to do.

We drove into my driveway about 30 minutes later.

"Do you want to come in for a cold drink, or a coffee?" I asked.

"Yes that would be nice ... I have a hair dresser appointment in the area in about 2 hours"

Grabbing my bag from the back seat, we headed towards the front door, with Jenna keeping me close company ... maybe a little closer that I would expect.

Opening the door, I ushered her inside before I followed, dropping the bag to the floor and closing the door.

To my surprise Jenna just launched herself at me, nearly knocking me over. Her arms went around me, pulling my body against her curves with her lips finding mine in a passionate lip bruising kiss. My hands grabbed at her ass, pulling her tight against me.

When finally we broke the kiss she breathlessly said "Time to deliver mister ... flirting with me and leading me on has gotten me all wet and excited".

"Oh fuck" I gasped with my brain processing the enormity of the situation. She was my friend's wife but she was also the subject of many of my wet dreams. And here was the chance to turn fantasy into reality.

She pulled my face to hers again ... lips mashing together with tongues duelling.

Meanwhile she hands were busy, pulling and pushing at my clothes ... opening or ripping off buttons as she attempted to strip me. My hands grabbed her top and pulled it up and over her head, revealing her full tits just held in by her sexy white lacy bra.

We left a trail of clothes from the front door to the bedroom doorway where I picked her up and dumped her on her back in the middle of the bed.

It was only then in a short pause that we got to appreciate each other's naked bodies.

Jenna's comment was short and simple "Wow ... that's big".

She was referring to my fat long cock - I had proudly measured it at 10 inches long during a previous drunken session with Dave. He had missed out in the cock department, measuring just 4.5 inches in length and it was quite thin too.

Jenna had spread her thighs to reveal a bare pussy mound with fleshy pussy lips guarding the entrance to her pussy canal. I could see a sheen of wetness on its lips already.

I dived between her legs, bringing my face close to her wetness - close enough for my tongue to part those lips and spear its tip at her canal entry.

"Ahhhh ... oh god ... love that" she gasped with her hands running though my hair keeping my face close to her pussy.

Jenna humped her pussy against my face until she exploded, squirting my face with her cum juices.

"Sorry ... sorry ... that's never happened before" she gasped apologetically.

"Hmmmm ... love it" I moaned into her very wet pussy as I attempted to devour her massive juice spend.

"Oh..." she commented whilst watching me intently licking up her messy juices.

After a minute or so of licking her pussy, I crawled up her body, kissing across her flat tummy and up to her firm tits where I licked and sucked her nipples.

"Suck them ... bite them" she murmured pulling my face against her tits.

After a short stop-over to molest her tits, I continued up her neck to her earlobes which I nipped with my teeth before bringing my lips back to hers again.

"I'm going to fuck you ... fill your pussy with my fat cock, stretch it and fill it with my hot cum" I whispered to her with my cockhead nudging about her sodden pussy lips.

She just nodded, accepting of my intentions.

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