Bobby the Cuckold

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2016 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: The title says it all.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Cheating   Cuckold   Size   .

This story will pretty much show that I am what I've always known I am – an asshole! But so what? If you are an asshole and know you are an asshole you don't give a shit about what other people think about you anyway.

Some background here. I am Robert James Dalton; I am thirty-three years old and I am a Vice President of Operations in a company that I am not going to name for what will become obvious reasons. I am not going waste time describing myself because my appearance has no bearing on the story. My wife Julie's appearance has a great deal to do with it however so I will describe her.

Julie is a walking wet dream at five foot five inches, 110 pounds and with a body that measures 36-22-35. She has raven black hair that falls to the middle of her back and blue eyes that you can get lost in.

I met Julie in my junior year at college and it was lust at first sight. Get that? Lust at first sight? Not love, but lust! As soon as I saw her I wanted to fuck her. She had a boyfriend (no surprise there) but I had no intension of letting that little fact get in my way and I began plotting out a way to get to her which eventually proved to be a waste of time. All the plotting in the world can't take the place of pure assed dumb luck.

Julie and I had several shared classes together and Professor Hanson's Statistical Analysis was one of them. I had managed to get the seat next to Julie and midway through the class Hanson broke the class up in to groups of four and assigned each group a project. The first piece of dumb luck put Julie and me in the same group. I spent a lot of time with Julie (and the other two) in the library doing research and I managed to get Julie to have coffee with me after our group meetings. Without being overly aggressive I let Julie know I was interested in her. Probably no surprise to her. Given her looks she'd probably had guys sniffing after her since she was twelve. She knew what she had so she knew guys were going to be interested in her.

Then the second piece of dumb luck occurred. Julie found out that her boyfriend had cheated on her and she was pissed. She confronted him in public and then kicked him to the curb. The day after she dumped him when we left the library after our group meeting I asked her if she would like to join me for coffee she said yes.

We went to the B&B Café and had pie and coffee. As we sat there talking about the project she suddenly asked:

"Are you doing anything tonight?"

"Nothing planned. Why?"

"I need a date for a party I want to go to."

"What about Jerry?"

"He's history. I found out that he has been screwing around on me."

"The man is obviously an idiot."

"Why do you say that?"

"He had you and he was screwing around? Obviously an idiot."

"Can I take that to mean that you will be my date tonight?"

"You betcha."

The party was at the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity house and the reason she wanted to be there was that she knew Jerry would be there. She wanted him to see that she hadn't wasted any time wringing her hands and crying over the loss of him. She was using me and I knew it, but so what? I had my foot in the door and I intended to make the most of it. She got what she wanted. Jerry was obviously upset at seeing her on the arm of another guy so soon.

To speed things up a little that first date led to several more and six weeks later Julie was on my bed on her hands and knees taking my cock up her ass. The girl was insatiable. Jerry was indeed a chrome plated idiot for letting her get away. In short order my lust did translate into love and two months after graduation we tied the knot.

I got on at the unnamed company and Julie went to work for Artful Advertising. About a year after I went to work for the UNC I was at a client's cocktail party with Julie. There were two of my coworkers there and it was the first time that any of my coworkers had seen her. About an hour into the party Ben, one of my coworkers, pulled me off to the side to talk to me.

"No offense Bob, but your wife is seriously hot. It would be wise of you to never bring her to any company sponsored social event."

"Why would you tell me that?"

"Because Jack Bartrom (President and CEO of the UNC) has a reputation of going after the wives of employees, especially if they are good looking. If he is successful no one ever says anything about it because they don't want to lose their jobs."

"Do you know for a fact that this is true or is it just rumor and gossip?"

"It is true and I know it for a fact."

"How? You aren't even married."

"No, but my brother Mike is. I don't think you've met him. He is a production manager in the annex and his wife Betty is one of Jack's conquests."

"He is still with the company? Why didn't he kick his wife to the curb and quit. Sue Jack and the company for alienation of affections or something like that?"

"Because he didn't find out about it until about a year after it happened. When he did find out he decided not to rock the boat."

"Rock the boat?"

"Mike started work here as a machine operator. He took Betty to his first company picnic and Jack saw her and apparently liked what he saw. He nailed her and a month later Mike was promoted to lead operator. Four months after that he was promoted again. After that came promotions to assistant supervisor then supervisor. When he was promoted to assistant production manager someone finally clued him in. As long as Betty fucked Jack Mike got promoted. Mike got a PI to check things out and the PI found out that Betty was not only fucking Jack two or three times a week, but was also playing the part of company whore and taking care of clients for Jack.

"He confronted Betty and found out that Jack had seduced her and had promised her that as long as she fucked him Mike would do well in the company. Mike decided that he didn't want to start over with a new job and a new wife. Except for being a cheat Betty was a good wife. She kept a clean house, was a good cook and she gave him all the pussy he wanted whenever he wanted. Betty apparently told Jack that Mike had found out and seemed to accept it and a week after he confronted Betty he was promoted to production manager. So a word to the wise Bob; keep your sexy wife away from anywhere Jack can get a look at her."

To be honest that sounded like just so much bullshit to me. If shit like that really happened sooner or later there would be a shit storm over it. There would be lawsuits over sexual harassment and things like that. I put Ben's warning out of my mind and eventually forgot about it. I never did take Julie to anyplace where Jack could get a look at her, but it was because I never went to any of the company's social events.

And then in the space of eight days two things happened and my life changed.

The first thing was that Julie and I attended a barbecue at Ben's house on a Sunday and I met his brother Mike and Mike's very pregnant wife Betty. I'd seen Mike around at work, but we had never spoken to each other. Later on the afternoon Mike came up to me.

"You have a very attractive wife. Ben told me that he'd told you about what happened to me and he got the impression that you thought what he'd told you was bullcrap."

Then he didn't pull any punches and told me straight out that what Ben had told me was true and he told me that with his very pregnant and obviously nervous wife standing three feet away from us and trying to look invisible.

"He met Betty at the company picnic and took notice of her. At the time he was fucking Tom Deerfield's wife. I found this out later. Apparently Barton is a one woman man in that he only fucks one wife at a time. Anyway he was fucking Deerfield's wife and he added Betty's name to the list of wives he was going to eventually fuck sooner or later. The later happened at the company Christmas party that was held at Jack's home. After we had been there a couple of hours Betty and I were talking to Jack and Deerfield came up to us and said he had something he thought I'd like to see. Jack told me to go ahead with Deerfield and he would keep Betty company.

"I had no idea of what the plan was. No one warned me like Ben and I are trying to warn you. I guess I was pretty naïve. I thought it was great that Betty was getting along with the boss. I was thinking that if he liked her by extension he would like me and my thought was that it is never a bad thing to be liked by the boss. I thought all was fine when he entertained Betty."

He stressed the word 'entertained' and his wife's face turned red.

"The bastard's line is so good that it only took him fifteen minutes to get stupid over there (pointing to his wife) to hoist up her dress, kick off her panties and spread her legs for him. When it was over he told her that from then on she was his slut and as long as she kept fucking him I would always have a job. According to Betty the asshole has a ten inch dong and Betty got off on it. She told him he could have her anytime he wanted. And he wanted a lot. It wasn't long before he had her fucking anyone he wanted her to. I do have to give the bitch a little bit of credit though. Somewhere along the way she told him that it was only fair that I get something out of it too and I started getting raises and promotions. I found out later that he went after Betty when Deerfield's wife got pregnant. Seems that pregnant women turn him off. I don't know who he is fucking now, but he hasn't done Betty since she started to show. I'm not sure that it is mine. It could be Bartroms's or the offspring of someone he gave her to. I'm telling you all of this to reinforce Ben's warning. I just wish someone would have clued me in ahead of time."

As I walked away from him and his wife I was thinking that it was a good thing to know, but I wasn't worried because I still didn't attend any events where Bartrom could meet Julie.

The second event occurred eight days later. It was a bit of a cliché. I had to drive across town to get a contract signed. It was a part of town that I hardly ever was in and driving back to the office I saw my wife walking hand in hand with a guy and they were walking into a hotel. One thing I did know was that particular hotel did not have a bar or a restaurant in it so it as obvious to me what the two of them were planning on doing.

I was pissed and I hung a U-turn and drove back to the hotel. I pulled up and parked in a no parking zone next to a fire hydrant and headed for the front door of the hotel, but before I got there I managed to get myself under control. "Back off Bob" I told myself. "You need to find out more of what is going on before you rush into things." I moved the car to where I could watch the front door of the hotel. I called the office and told them I had car trouble and was waiting on Triple A and I'd get there as soon as I could and then I settled in to wait.

Two hours later Julie and the guy came out holding hands. They exchanged a passionate kiss and then Julie headed off to the left and the guy headed right which brought him my way. I got a good look at him and was surprised to see that it was Jerry. The guy she broke up with that allowed me to start dating her. As I watched him walk by on the way to his car I was thinking on what I needed to do. The first thing was to find out more about what was going on, how long it had been going on and why it had been going on. One thing I did know was that I wasn't even remotely qualified to do the digging to find out those things. I was going to have to hire a professional.

When I got back to the office I got out the Yellow Pages and looked up Investigators and Investigation Services. I picked Abbott and Abbott Investigations primarily because they had the biggest ad. I called and made an appointment to see them the next day.

That evening when I got back to the house I didn't detect any change in Julie's attitude toward me and I wondered if that day was the first time she had stepped out on me. She was her usual affectionate self and at bedtime she indicated that she wanted to play. That wasn't unusual because she always wanted to play. I didn't say no or try to avoid dicking her. It wouldn't be the first time I'd had sloppy seconds. I'd had plenty in high school and college and I knew that it wouldn't kill me. And I did want to see if I could detect any traces of what she had done that afternoon.

I couldn't tell. Either Julie had cleaned up pretty good while still at the hotel or Jerry had used a condom. I did wonder if the reason she was so eager on that particular night was because she got off on giving me seconds or recently used pussy. No way for me to ever know for sure since we normally made love anywhere from three to five times a week. And nothing was lacking. Julie was as energetic and active as ever. Julie was as enthusiastic and energetic as always and she got three times out of me that night. One missionary, one cowgirl and one anal in the bow-wow position. When it was over she cuddled up next to me and fell asleep.

The next day I met with one of the Abbotts of Abbott and Abbott Investigations. I described my situation and he told me flat out that unless my wife and her lover did something out in public where they could be observed and filmed the best that he could do for me was document their comings and goings at hotels and motels, but they couldn't get anything from inside the rooms that I could use legally. They could get me photos of the couple hugging, kissing and hand holding and of the two entering and leaving rented rooms, but that would be the extent of it. He did say he could get stuff inside the rooms and that it would cost a bunch, but none of it could be used in a court. Then he asked me if I travelled as part of my job.

"Where we have most of our luck is in the residence. If it is your own place and you authorize it it is not an invasion of privacy."

I told him that I did occasionally travel as part of my job once every two months or so and he asked me when my next trip was.

"Next week. I'll be gone Monday and Tuesday and will return on Wednesday."

"Can you get us into your place so we can wire it for audio and video before you leave on the trip?"

"I can do it tomorrow."

"Good, but want to caution you not to get your hopes up. We may end up with nothing. It will all depend on your wife's mindset and past experience. If she is new to cheating she may not be too concerned about how she does it, but if she has been at it for a while she probably has learned to be a bit more cautious about things. She may have made the decision to never do it at home where she is likely to get caught. She may avoid using the home phone fearing a bug on the line. There is no way of knowing for sure what, if anything, we will get out of setting the house up for surveillance. In short, what I am doing is warning you that regardless of the fact you are paying us to get the dirt on your wife we may not come up with anything you can use. Knowing that are you still willing to go to the expense of us wiring your house?"

I had to think about that for a moment. When you already know that your wife is cheating and you go to a PI to get the proof you automatically assume that it is cut and dried. You know it is true without a doubt so the professional will have no trouble proving it right? But the man sitting across from me is telling me I could very well be spending a good deal of money for nothing. After a moment's thought I decided that I had to know what was going on. I knew she was cheating on me. That was a given. But I needed to know who, how many, how often and where and it was clear to me that I wasn't going to find out unless I spent the money to try.

"Let's do it" I said.

In the end it was expensive, but I got what I wanted. I met the two men that Abbott sent at the house the next morning and in two hours the house was wired. Every room in the house was covered and the phone line had a tap on it. Even if she didn't use the home phone all the bugs planted in the house would at least pick up her side of any conversation she might have on her cell phone if she talked in the house. I even got some highly technical surveillance stuff. Little recording devices that I could hide in the linings of her purses and I could pull the information off of them when they were in range of my laptop.

The system started earning its keep almost immediately. Julie got home before me and used the home phone to call her lover before I got home. No names were mentioned, but I assumed that she was talking to Jerry. The recording started with the 'bleep, bleep, bloop, bleep' of the numbers being pushed. Four rings and then:


"It's me lover."

"What's up?"

"I have to cancel our date for tomorrow. The boss scheduled an all hands meeting and I have to be there."

"Damn it babe; I was looking forward to being in that tight pussy."

"No more than I was looking forward to having that big cock in my tight pussy."

"No chance of getting out of the house tomorrow?"

"No chance lover. He leaves for his trip on Monday and he gets my full attention until he leaves. The bright side is that he will be gone for three days and we can use those three days to make up for missing tomorrow."

"I'm really looking forward to it. I can't believe that I'm going to get you for three days and nights."

"Only two lover."


"You only get two nights. Three days, but only two nights. He will be back Wednesday evening. Go to go lover. I can hear the garage door opening. He's home and I need to get dinner started."

Well there it was. If I had any lingering doubts they were gone. She did follow through with what she'd told her lover. I did get her full attention over the weekend. Starting on Friday night. After dinner she told me dessert would be served in the bedroom. Dessert was so good I had two helpings. She woke me with a blow job on Saturday morning and fucked me twice before we went out to breakfast.

When we got home from eating I got busy with household chores. I cut the grass, cleaned the garage and moved a bunch of stuff out of the basement and put it outside for trash pickup day on Monday. Around five I knocked off and took a shower to clean up and I wasn't in the shower for a minute before Julie climbed in with me. We washed each other's backs (and fronts) and I ended up fucking her from behind as she leaned against the shower wall. We toweled each other dry which led to us jumping in bed for another round of sex.

Then we decided to go out to dinner. Julie sat right beside me and played with my cock all the way to the restaurant and on the way home she had my cock out and was sucking it all the way to the house. Once more before we fell asleep cuddled up to each other. Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday. Monday morning started with a blow job and one more bout on the bed and then I was on my way to Cleveland.

As I gazed out the window of the 737 at the passing ground below I was wondering how Julie could be so damned loving and affectionate with me when she had a lover. Was what she was doing with me all an act? Something to keep me from ever wondering about her straying? Or was knowing that she was giving me left overs turning her on? I might never know.

During my visit to Camden Industries I was kept so busy that I didn't have much time to think on the home situation. I didn't need to wonder about what was going on because I knew I would see it in living color when I got home and reviewed what the audio and video recorders had picked up. On the flight home I did spend some time on thinking what I was going to do. I had several very good ideas, but I sent most of them to the scrap heap because doing them would likely have me in a prison cell.

When I got home I was greeted the way I usually was when I came home from a trip. A long passionate kiss, a "God baby, but I've missed you and I hope you aren't too tired for what I have in mind." Which was a trip to the bedroom where she flat wore me out. My thoughts as sleep claimed me were on how she could be that way with me and still have a lover.

I found out the next day.

My usual routine after a trip was to go into the office, turn in my paperwork, catch up on what had gone on while I was gone and then take the rest of the day off. I got home at noon-thirty which gave me a good five hours before Julie would get home. Time I would use to review the product of the surveillance system.

It was enlightening.

Jerry had shown up on Monday at six and he and Julie ate the dinner that she had ready and then they went up to the bedroom and fucked until they were both tired. He spent the night, got a morning blow job, one bout of fucking and then they both left for work. Tuesday was a repeat of Monday except that Julie brought take out home instead of cooking. Wednesday morning was a wake up blow job, a fuck, a showering together followed by another fuck and then they left the house and went to work.

Julie had been fucked fourteen times between six in the evening on Monday and seven in the morning on Wednesday and then she got three more in with me when I got home. Seventeen times in three days! Julie and I had a very active sex life and we usually made love on an average of six times a week, but she had gone seventeen times in seventy-two hours. Unbelievable!

The videos of her two nights told me the story. Actually the first two minutes of Monday's action told me the story. Julie was a size queen!!! Jerry soft was larger than I was at my hardest.

I'm not going to describe all that I saw and heard on the video, but one portion of their pillow talk on Monday was of great interest to me. The two had just finished a fuck in the missionary and were resting up and gaining strength for their next bout when Jerry said:

"You love it when we get together and make love. You can hardly wait for our next time so why won't you leave him so we can be together full time?"

"First off you and I don't make love. We fuck. The only person I make love with is my husband."

"Oh give me a break Jules. If he was any good in bed you wouldn't be here with me now."

"How many times have I told you not to put him down? You keep it up and I swear to God you will be history. He is much better in bed than you will ever be. The only reason you are here now is dick size. There are places in me that when touched set me off like a sky rocket. You can touch them and he can't. I need and crave the orgasms I get when we fuck, but make no mistake about it Jerry; all you and I do is fuck. If the choice were ever came down to you or my hubby you would be gone in a heartbeat. I love everything about my hubby, but all I love about you is your cock."

"That's cold Jules."

"Maybe, but it is true and it is all your own damned fault. If you had kept your dick in your pants and only taken it out for me we might still be together. But you couldn't do that could you. You had to take it out for every girl you met and I caught you and dumped you. But I am grateful to you for that. I wouldn't have met Bobby and fallen in love with him if you would have just behaved. I love the man and I'll do anything for him and that includes giving up your cock if you keep dissing him."

That was certainly eye opening. I especially liked the part where she said she would do anything for me. That little tidbit of information triggered a thought in my mind. A nugget that I could build on. I'd need to work on it, but it just might work.

I had dinner ready when Julie got home from work and after we ate she said "I know what I want for dessert if you are up to it."

"Not to worry sweets; you have always been able to get me up for things."

It was another of our spirited romps that lasted for a couple of hours after which we cuddled up next to each other. I faded off into dreamland thinking of my plan.

The next day at work was a slow one and I spent some of my idle time putting my plan down on paper and then going over it to fine tune it. By the time I left the building to go home I had it all worked out. The only thing I didn't know about my plan was would it work? My plan depended on two people doing what I hoped they would. And what was the plan? Just remember that I did warn you up front that I was an asshole.

Actually there were two plans. Plan A was to start attending company social functions and dangle Julie in front of Jack. If Jack's line was as slick and his dick was as big as Mike had led me to believe Jack would try to hook up with Julie. If he was successful I would put a PI on them and then when I had the goods on him I would go to Jack and Say "Here is the deal." If Plan A failed I'd fall back on Plan B. I'd show Julie what I had from the surveillance tapes, point out that she had said that she would do anything for me, tell her what I wanted and then point her at Jack.

The object of both plans were the same. Personal gain. Either from a lawsuit or a rapid rise through the ranks to a VP position with all the money and perks that came with the title.

Was I going to use the proof of Julie's cheating to get a divorce? Not at all. For one thing the states no fault divorce laws would ruin me financially. She would get half of everything and since I made twice what she did I would end up paying her alimony which, in effect, would be paying her to fuck someone else. No; no divorce. Instead of letting her cost me money I'd try and use her to make me money. From the videos it was clear that she did love me and that fact did make things easier. She was a good cook and a fantastic piece of ass. I wasn't thrilled that she needed to spend some time with someone who happened to be born with something I wasn't, but I could live with it.

The first chance to put my plan into action came two weeks later on a Wednesday. The company held an open house for all of its customers and employees were encouraged to bring their spouses. Jack's credo appeared to be "We are all one big happy family here at the UNC." I primed Julie for the party by telling her that a good impression wouldn't hurt my chances for promotion and she dressed accordingly. Little black dress, CFMs, diamond earrings and a diamond pendant left to her by her grandmother. She looked both classy and sexy.

Was it effective? I'll say! I saw Jack looking our way when we walked in. He was clear on the other side of the crowded room and it took him less than twenty seconds to come clear across the room to warmly greet us. He hadn't said more than a dozen words to me since I hired in, but from his greeting you would have thought we had been best friends forever. I introduced him to Julie and he took her hand and said that he was very glad to meet her.

"I'm so glad you could come. I hope you enjoy yourself and I hope to see more of you at these company bashes."

He pointed us toward the bar, told us to have a good time and then he went off to smooze someone else. I walked Julie over to the bar and got her a glass of white wine and myself a vodka tonic and as I handed Julie her wine she said:

"If the look in his eyes was any indication you got the good impression you wanted."

I just smiled and then we circulated and socialized. Ben and Mike were standing at the back of the room talking and I walked Julie over to them. We made polite conversation, but the look on both of their faces screamed out "Have you lost your fucking mind?!!! Bringing her here so Jack can see her?" Naturally I didn't tell them (or would I ever) that I hadn't lost my mind and that I knew just what I was doing. Or at least hoped that I knew what I was doing.

From time to time I looked Jack's way and saw him looking our way and I knew that it wasn't me that he was looking at. Julie and I hadn't been there more than forty-five minutes when he made his first move. Julie and I were at the bar refreshing our drinks when Jack came over to us.

"I need a favor Rob. Carstairs from Apex is interested in our LQ177s and I know you are more up on them than I am. Would you give him a tour and answer his questions? I'll ride herd on your lovely bride and see to it that she comes to no harm."

I turned to Julie and asked, "Would you mind sweetie?"

"Go ahead babe. I'm sure that I'll be in good hands."

As I left to find Carstairs I was smiling to myself and thinking "All systems are go and we are ready for launch."

I spent forty-five minutes with Carstairs and when we went back to the party I had an order for 2500 LQ177s in my hand. I looked around for Jack and Julie, but I didn't see them. I remembered Mike telling me that it had only taken Jack ten minutes to get his wife's dress up and her panties off. Maybe he was exaggerating, but I hoped not. Hopefully, as I stood there and surveyed the room, Jack had Julie bent over a desk somewhere and was banging away at her and if his cock was as big as Mike had said I'm sure that my size queen would be enjoying it and want more.

With any luck at all I'd get two things out of the deal. A rapid rise at the UNC and Jerry kicked to the curb. I know I know; it sounds stupid. Here I am setting my wife up to be fucked by another man and at the same time hoping that she will kick the guy she is cheating on me with out of her life. Hey! I'm human and I don't have to make sense. Besides; her fucking Jerry was of no benefit to me.

It was another thirty minutes or thereabouts before I saw Julie and Jack enter the room. She looked radiant and I recognized the look. She was freshly fucked. I don't think that she realized that I could tell, but I'd seen that look every time I'd made love to her. It would fade in fifteen minutes to a half an hour, but it was there right then. I walked over to them and said:

"I've been looking for you for about a half an hour now."

"Jack took me on a tour of the place. He even showed me your office. I'm glad he did otherwise I'd never have known about all the photos you have of me on your desk."

Inwardly I smiled and thought, "Knowing Jack's reputation I'd be willing to bet he fucked you bent over my desk while you looked at those pictures and got a major charge out of doing it."

It was official now. I was a cuckold twice over, but at least the second time I'd put the horns on myself. Jack left us to go off and visit with other customers and clients and as he walked away Julie said:

"I think we got what you wanted."

"How is that?"

"I think we made a good impression on Jack. I like him."

"Well I guess he can be charming in a social setting, but he can be a real bear at work. We will just have to wait and see."

Julie and I circulated and I introduced her to several of my coworkers. Maybe half an hour went by and then Jack came up to us again.

"I need a huge favor from you Rob. I grossly underestimated how much booze to have on hand for this affair. Could I get you to run over to Capri Liquors for me? I've called in an order and they will have it waiting."

I knew what was going on and I wanted it to happen, but I just couldn't resist throwing a little shit into the game.

"I don't know. Julie doesn't know that many people her and I've already left her alone once tonight."

"You don't have to worry about her. I'll keep a close eye on her and make sure no one steals her away from you while you're gone."

I turned to Julie and asked, "Is it all right with you?"

"I'm sure I'll be in good hands with Jack."

"I was about to say, "You could go with me" but decided not to press my luck. I turned to Jack and asked, "Do I need a check or money?"

"No. I have an account with them so all you have to do is sign for it."

"Okay, but you better take good care of Julie. She is my most prized possession."

"Don't worry about it Rob. I'll treat her like she was my own."

"I'll just bet you will" I thought as I gave Julie a quick kiss and then turned to go.

The trip to Capri Liquors only took ten minutes, but naturally Jack's order wasn't completed when I got there and I wondered if Jack had set it up that way by bribing the man at the sore or something like that. To me it seemed to be too much of a coincidence. Ten minutes to get there, ten to fifteen minutes waiting at the store and then loading followed by ten minutes to get back? Leaving him with Julie for almost a half hour? No! I was not buying coincidence.

When I got back and finished unloading I went looking for Julie. I didn't see her or Jack anywhere, but about five minutes later she came into the room and a minute or so behind her Jack arrived. She had that just fucked look again and as I walked up to her I toyed with the idea of asking where she had been and that I had looked all over for her, but I quickly decided that it might put her on her guard and I didn't want that. I wanted her thinking that I was as clueless about Jack as I was about Jerry.

We stayed about another half hour and then took our leave. We thanked Jack for inviting us and I thanked him for taking such good care of Julie. I was looking him right in the eye when I said it, but I saw no change in his eyes or facial expression. All I got from him was "It was my pleasure." Talk about emotions. I wanted to laugh at that, but I also wanted to punch him in the mouth. I had to remind myself that I had put things in play so I shouldn't be upset that I got was I was hoping for.

On the ride home Julie was her usual self. She gave no indication that she'd had another man's cock in her, but that wasn't a surprise to me since she had never given me any indication that she'd had Jerrys cock in her. I had all kinds of questions that I would have loved to ask, but of course couldn't because it would give things away. I wanted to know what Jack's line was and how quick was it for him to get into her pussy. I didn't need to ask about dick size because I knew it had to be big or she wouldn't have gone for the second time. But then again could I be sure of that? It was obvious to me that I didn't know my wife as well as I thought I did. Could it be that she decided to take my "We need to make a good impression" to heart to make me points? I hoped that I'd never know because if things reached the point where that information came out it would probably mean that my sneaky little plan had come to light and I did not think that would be a good thing.

We had been on the road for about five minutes when Julie said to me, "I think Jack likes you."

"Oh? What makes you say that?"

"When he was showing me your office and I was looking at all the pictures that you had of me he said if you kept on doing as well as you have been you would soon be in a bigger office and have room for even more pictures of me. It was a nice party, but I have a very big problem over what happened at the party."

"Oh fuck!" I thought. A confession was never part of my plan and I didn't allow for it. I took a deep breath and asked, "What kind of big problem?"

The way I was dressed tonight attracted a certain amount of male attention. I could see the lust in some of their eyes and it made me extremely horny. You are going to need to do something about that as soon as we get home."

She must have cleaned herself out after fucking Jack because I didn't notice a trace of anything. Her hole wasn't loose so Jack's reputed cock size must have been mostly in length and not girth. Not that it mattered. If she was real loose I wouldn't have commented on it anyway. Clueless Rob. That was the role I had to play in this little drama. As she had done after fucking Jerry she did so after fucking Jack. She gave me her all once we were in bed and she wore me out. We fell asleep snuggled up to each other.

Julie's job was a lot closer to the house than mine so she didn't leave the house until after I did and that also meant that she usually got home before me. I was hoping – no, make that praying – that Julie's contact with Jack would be through the home phone rather than her cell or work phone. Abbott said he could put a bug in her cell phone, but I hadn't been able to get it away from her long enough to get it to him and then back to her.

The Gods must have heard my prayers and decided to be good to me. Julie had dinner ready when I got home that evening and over dinner she told me that she was going to run over to Kohl's after we finished eating. It seems that they were having a sale on some things she wanted. As soon as she left the house I checked the home recorder and hit pay dirt.


"Good morning. I wondered if you would call. Everything go alright? He isn't suspicious?"

"He doesn't know anything and he won't as long as you don't start playing dumb games like smirking at him with an "I know something you don't know" attitude."

"Give me some credit sweetie. I'm not going to do anything to upset the apple cart. Our plan for tonight still on?"

"Just make sure you do your part. Get those things from Kohl's for me so I have them in hand when I go home. I've got to go. I need to head into work. I just wanted to remind you to make sure you got those things for me."

"Consider it done. I'll see you tonight."


I do have to admit to being a little shocked at how fast things were moving. I noticed that when she left she was carrying one of the purses that I had put a bug in. Depending on where she put it down when she and Jack got with the program I might learn more. The one thing I did know was that the plan was working.

It was six-ten when she left and ten to ten when she got home carrying several Kohl's shopping bags. I don't know where she met Jack to play, but I assumed that it was at his place. He was twenty minutes from us so figuring forty-five minutes travel time round trip they'd had three and a half hours to play. I wondered how jack was feeling. I knew what kind of shape I was left in after three hours with an active Julie.

She dropped her bags on the kitchen table and said, "I've got to run to the bathroom." Curiosity impelled me to look in the bags and all I saw were dresses, shoes and a sales slip. I wondered if Jack had slipped up and paid for them with a credit card with his name on it. I took it out and looked at it. Nope. He'd paid for it in cash. I heard the toilet flush and I pushed the sales slip back in the bag and headed for the bedroom. Julie came in as I was getting ready for bed and said:

"Don't put you jammies on baby. I'd just have to rip them off of you."

"Didn't I give you enough last night?"

"I never get enough of you baby and I never will. Get used to it. I'll be pulling your pants off to get at you when we are in our seventies and eighties."

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