Night Train to Krakow

by Carlos

Copyright© 2015 by Carlos

True Sex Story: My wife (and I) discover things about her we didn't know. From a stranger. True story from my view. I obviously made up the dialogue between my wife and a guy named Craig.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

They were headed back the next day and we were leaving that night on the train to Krakow. Hal and Mary were mid-60's but Chris and Hal worked together and were good friends. Chris and I traveled alot over the years and were more "seasoned" travelers. Having the last of 4 children out of the house had given us a sense of freedom for the first time n 26 years and we were using it do things we had sacrificed raising kids. Chris is a physician and I am a housewife. We are mid-50's and have good marriage. Not very exciting sex and frankly I wouldn't miss it if we never did "it" again. But he likes it and I try to be a good sport. I don't think of myself as sexy. You see I am handicapped. I have an artificial leg. But I am attractive, blond 5'7" and 135#. I think I feel more matronly and that kills my sex drive.

So we had been at train station for about 30 min. Really nasty place. Almost like still communist. No one was helpful. We really felt lost and I felt kind of scared. Sitting there not sure what train, it looked like it would leave in 1 hour but really no one would help us so very insecure. People were scavenging out of garbage, one man drink some yellow liquid and spit it out. To say the least I was nervous. Across the lobby of about 100 people Chris pointed to a tall man and woman companion coming around the corner commented they looked "American". I wasn't sure why but then the man said in a loud voice,"Krakow. Anyone for Krakow". Chris stood and waved them over. They were as lost as we were. His name was Craig James and his girlfriend was Amanda. They stacked their stuff next to bench and we started comparing notes and decided we were in correct place and train did leave in an hour. As we sat we got to know each other. Craig was 35, investment banker in NY, and Amanda and he had met by accident in Italy and been traveling together. Craig was huge, about 6'7" and looked about 200#. Amanda was drop dead gorgeous about same age. They had been in Bucharest about 5 days and were pretty much traveling free around Europe. Craig was single and Chris asked if he ever played basketball. "No, in fact I was always a fatty until I had gastric bypass 2 years ago and lost 150#". He had pleasant demenor and I must say the four of us hit it off well. Amanda had made money in dot-com before the bust, got laid off when the tech industry crashed and was just traveling.

At 8 pm we went to track. There was no one there except one elderly Japanese couple who spoke no English. As the train pulled in the Pullman car was first car behind the engine. The porter was a rather slovenly middle age man who didn't smile but did help us with our luggage. As we boarded it was obvious that no one else was in the car. We tried to communicate with the porter but it pretty much useless. We did determine that we had no dinner coming. Craig and Amanda had some fruit and snacks and so we went into their compartment. Chris brought some scotch and he Craig started knocking that back. Amanda managed to get three small bottle of wine from the porter but he said that was all he had. So as we snacked and drank we compared notes about what we liked best and least as travelers and strangers tend to do. Because they were 20 yrs younger they had obviously hit some different sites than we had, including a "rave" bar which we thought was hilarious behind the iron curtain. We asked what they did in rave bars and they tried some extasy. Chris commented that our generation was old fashioned and we had only grown up with marijuana. At that Craig and Amanda exchanged glances and a smile and Craig said well in that case did we want to "party". Amanda rummaged around her backpack and came up with a box of Camel. She she brought one hand rolled.

"This is all we got but you two are invited". Chris and Craig had been hitting scotch pretty hard thinking that was all they were going to get to do so the whole group was kind of "lit" already. I had had only one small bottle of wine like on airplane. Amanda was ok also. Now the anatomy of pullman berths was a couch from window to door. Above a second bunk had already been folded down and made up since we boarded train at night. Amanda was by window, then Craig was in middle, and I was at end of couch closest to door. Chris had been standing in doorway drinking most of last hour. As the train rolled along thru the night no one was feeling any pain. We started passing the joint around and just having a delightful time. After 3 "tokes" i kind of passed on next two rounds. I remember Craig showing us the loose skin on his arms where he had lost so much weight. Time sort of stood still as the train rocked along. I remember at some point Chris saying he didn't feel well and climbed up to the top bunk. I was really stoned and sort of seeing more colors than I remembered ever seeing with dope before. Course I hadn't had any in many years. I teach SS now and have been pretty much tied up in kids lives the lst 20 years. I remember dreaming that I was on the beach and the sun was hot on my breast.


I was drunk before Craig pulled out the dope. Well pleasantly drunk. The alcohol had been a great social lubricant so we had pretty much gotten past the fact that we were different generations. Craig was very funny and witty and we were competing with story telling. Amanda was really looking good. I thought it was funny she was with Craig cause frankly he wasn't that handsome. You could tell he used to be a fatty. But he obviously had money and I suspected that was part of the attraction. Wondering if it might be fun to flirt with her if we hung together in Krakow. Was looking forward to it when suddenly felt bile up in my throat. I had been looking at the pretty lights outside the window over Amanda's head for about and hour it seemed like it. I really felt sick and new I had to lie down. "Yall excuse me, I don't feel so good" I said as I climbed up to top bunk to lie down just a little while. It was kind of pleasant to lie there looking at the patterns swirl and listening to them laugh and talk down below. Patterns ... I realize this is hallucination. Not supposed to be. Uh-oh. was the joint laced with something. Oh well just keep looking and don't close eyes.


Umm, it feels so good. So good. i am so wet what is happening. I open my eyes, Chris sucking on my left nipple, I arch my back forward and moan. Mmm, good. I put my hand on his head and pull him to me. Can feel his hand between my jeans. I spread my legs a little. oh oh so good as I hunch on to his hand. So different. Bigger. What. UMmmf. Oh god it is Craig. What happened to my blouse, umm god my hips roll up by themselves pushing against the sweet pressure. I cum. Hunching. hunching hips. nipples lips wet.

Oh jesus what have I done.


Time passes. Quiet. Train rocks and rolls. What time is it. Where has everyone gone. I roll over to edge and look toward window. Amanda is asleep sitting up. i look down and Lois is lying back asleep but ... her blouse is open. Craig is fondling her left breast and bra is pushed up. I start to get up. But before I move i look at Lois' face again and she is not asleep. Her eyes are closed but her hips are moving. As i watch I see her tongue lick her lips. Oh shit I think. what am i seeing. I roll back and look at ceiling one foot from my face. What do I do? What do I want to do? Should I do something? The train is rocking. Just rocking. This is rape. She is stoned. Surely she doesn't know what he is doing. Maybe not real. a dream ... I slowly move my head slowly slowly. He is doing something. he is moving his head. I can't see her face, just her hand. Oh! ... He is is kissing her and her hand is in his hair. That piece of shit ... oh god but this is erotic. I glance at Amanda, her head is slumped forward on her chest. Why doesn't she wake up. they are right in front of her ... I move back. The colors are still there. The train is rocking...

oh shit. am i asleep. what a dream. so erotic. or was it. I move my hand to my erection. I roll back slowly in case it wasn't a dream. I peak over edge look at amanda. She is up against wall with eyes half open. Her jeans are unsnapped and unzipped and her hand inside moving on her crotch ... oh shit that is the sexiest thing I have ever seen. God I hope Lois is asleep. I look down and Lois had fallen asleep in Craig's lap. No ... wait. She is moving her head, my god she has his dick out and is kissing it. I must be dreaming. She doesn't give blow jobs. She is licking the head. oh shit she is taking the head in her mouth. It is huge. She is bobbing up an down. I suddenly have image of one of those dunkin birds that go up and down. The train is rocking I can't hear anything. I just watch. Amanda is watching them. She must not care. Lois' head comes up and face moves down side of shaft. It must be 8 inches long ... her tongue is touching his pubic hair. How can she stand that. She hates going down there.The pubes are wet, the head is wet wtih her spit. she is licking up and down. Her hands are on his balls. Her face turns back down as his penis disappears from my view. All I can see is the back of her head. His hand is on her head. My god he is pushing her down and up on his shaft. She is letting him fuck her face. Suddenly something is wrong. i am wet. i have shot off. oh god what is happening. let this be illusion. She is lifting up, please stop. no she's not his hips are rising. He is moaning and bucking. She looks like she is trying to lift her head, no he is holding it down. She is struggling. No. she has stopped his hand has dropped away, she is just moving her head over it. She is still sucking him. And he came. She is such a bitch. She has never done that. Has she always but not for me? After all the time I have eaten her to orgasm ... What now Amanda head is slumped over. Is she asleep? What is she doing. Lois is backup he kissing her. She has semen on her face. They are kissing. Whispering. Can't hear. Roll back slowly. Don't let them know I am awake. I feel his eyes, he is standing. I don't move. I hear the door open. I never hear it close. The lights are swirling.,, deeper,,, deeper.


Oh he is a good kisser. I listen. Thank god Chris snores so loud. This is nice, he is a good kisser. I push his tongue out and follow it to his mouth. His hand stops fondling my breast. Please put it back i think. What is he doing? Pulling me. My hand to his lap. It feels hard. Alive moving? Amanda asleep over there. I try to pull my hand away. He is holding my wrist on it. It is big. It feels so ... fat around. He lets my hand go.Thank god. Pushing me down, what, oh my god he has taken it out! Gross it still has skin covering it. Looks so different. I push my head back against his hand but he holds me close. I can smell it. It is 2 inches from my face. I wonder what it looks like if ... I reach out and grasp the shaft. It is big. i pull and the foreskin comes down. The head is purple. Chris isnt purple. And it is big.

It was at least two inches longer than yours and much bigger around. He is going to make me kiss it. Oh god. He is strong, pushing it to my face, it is warm on my cheek. I hold it away. i lick at it, his hand relaxes a little. I lick the head now. Oh god this is erotic. Can i get it in my mouth? What do i do then. I sit up just a little so I am looking down at the opening. Taste it. Salty, not bad i put my lips on it, he is pushing again. I let my mouth open and it is in. he is pushing me down. i am going to gag, i push back up and he moves my head back down. He is fucking my face. I let my tongue wonder over the head, it is soft and silky and hard all at once. I pull my head up and to side, licking the head the shaft down to his pubs. up again and back in my mouth. he is bucking, i try to pull away but he holds my head. warm stuff, sticky in my mouth. swallow, salty. all over my mouth, lift my body back can't get it on my clothes. he is pulling me up to him, i am gross but he kisses me, licks the stuff off my face and lips, how can he stand it.

"I want to fuck you." He whispers. I don't answer. My stomach is rolling. I could throw up. My throat is dry. He wants to do "it". He is going to fuck me. Oh god I want it so bad. I can't. I have never. Ever. Oh god it hurts so bad. I want him to do it. "No, I can't", I mouth. Thank you I think to myself.

He suddenly stands and looks over top bunk. Now looks down and winks and mouths "OK".

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