Blondes Make the Best Babysitters

by harry lime

Copyright© 2015 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: It is getting harder and harder to find good babysitters any more. That is, until the Murrays found the beautiful blond Miranda willing to give them the service they needed most of all.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Cheating   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   .

Alice and George Murray had been searching for a good babysitter to take care of their small children when their social commitments came up unexpectedly. The young teenaged girls in the neighborhood were too smart to accept the Murray's request to tend their precocious brood which consisted of two preteen boys and a younger girl who tended to whine an awful lot of the time.

The usual babysitters wanted a job with younger offspring that were already in bed when they arrived and only needed to be checked up on to make certain they were still breathing.

The Murrays were despairing of the likelihood to find a suitable babysitter in time for the dinner/dance on Friday night because their children's reputation of being a royal pain in the ass was well established.

Then Alice noticed an ad in the church paper that stated young Miranda Peters was available for babysitting chores on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. There was a photo of the pretty Miranda attached and it showed an engaging and bright-eyed girl with beautiful long flowing blond hair and not a single hint of cosmetics to enhance her fresh appealing looks.

Alice showed the ad to her husband George who looked at it for a long time before fully agreeing to seek the young girl's services that Friday night. When she looked for the photo later, she was not able to find it and her husband was in the bathroom making strange noises that reminded her of mating calls of the bothersome wolves that plagued the undeveloped area behind the residential neighborhood.

The girl was at their door ten minutes early for her appointment and Alice explained the locations of all the things she would need to make it to midnight. She gave her the phone numbers of their event in case of an emergency and watched the pretty girl fold up her long slender legs underneath her on the sofa and open her school textbook to do her studying. It looked like a Biology textbook but she was not positive because she could only see the first three letters of "Bio" from under the girl's outstretched arm.

Alice was having great fun dancing at the party and she flirted outrageously with a uniformed Marine in full dress blues and sexy white gloves. Somehow the drinks she had overdone led her to allow him to bend her over in the pantry and introduce her to his long Sergeant-at-arms. It had happened so quickly that she didn't even have the time to feel guilty about cheating on her beloved husband George. Unfortunately, George happened to peek in the pantry and see his spouse in full stretch position taking all that the Marine had to offer. Her sounds of pleasure were an undisputable torment to poor George and he gave her a tongue-lashing on the drive home berating her for her loose behavior with a total stranger.

Alice felt so guilty that she told George,

"You caught me fair and proper, dear and I can only make it up to you by allowing you to dip your wick in the first willing female you can seduce. In fact, you can do it right in front of me and make me suffer by watching you give her what is rightfully mine."

That mollified George as one would expect it would but he knew that unless he stuck while the iron was hot, his spouse would renege on the promise and tell him the deal was off.

As fate would have it, the babysitter Miranda was dry humping in front of the television when they arrived back home and tried to hide her guilt from the both of them with her immature shyness.

Alice thought it was funny because the girl was using the stuffed panda that she had used herself when she was alone and now she was thinking the silly thing was cheating on her with the untested schoolgirl. George didn't see anything funny about it at all because he considered the pretty babysitter's use of such a prop an insult to manhood waiting patiently to get into the young girl's pants. He told the girl,

"Hold that skirt up higher, dear and let us see your undies."

Miranda was mortified but hastened to obey because she was so guilty at being a filthy beast in her employer's happy home. When George told her to turn around and bend over, she followed his instructions to the letter because she knew she was deserving of some kind of punishment for her sinful behavior.

Alice was surprised that her husband George was so enthusiastic about getting the babysitter's knickers down and off her legs so he could make her spread her legs wide for his advances. He usually was not energetic when she was face down on the bed taking it from the rear like a bitch for his pleasure. She wasn't particularly fond of that position much preferring being on top and riding his hard cock until she tossed her cookies.

It looked to her like Miranda was more than willing to bend over for her husband George and she remembered that she had given him permission to screw the first available female on offer. It certainly seemed that the babysitter was hot to trot and from the way she pulled her cheeks wide open in the back it was apparent she was hoping to get it in her brown eye first and foremost.

The horny George was ready to accommodate the young girl and stretched her sphincter with his thick and demanding cock without benefit of lubrication. It really didn't matter because the combination of George's pre-cum and Miranda's copious female juices wetting her slit made entry of her rear door easy because it all leaked back into her crack and all he had to do was rub it in a little to get her started.

The babysitter kept saying no over and over again but when she paused they realized that she was really saying,

"No, please don't stop. Give it to me hard please. I have been a bad girl and I need it in deep to cleanse me of my sins. Chase that devil out of me and make me your little bitch, daddy."

She didn't seem to mind the fact that her partner's wife was only inches away and watching her take the cock in her private place. The thought ran through her mind that the wife Alice probably didn't want that thing anywhere near her bum because she thought it was dirty way of having sex.

Miranda had accepted the anal route to joy and happiness because it was dirty and it was nasty and it made her feel like a whore and she liked that. It was all right to feel like a prostitute like she was playing a part in a play but she didn't have to be one for real because that was just not nice for well brought-up young ladies with a chance at a future.

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