Bless This Broken Road

by DFWBeast

Copyright© 2015 by DFWBeast

Drama Sex Story: Sometimes even broken roads can lead to somewhere good. Story of cheating and betrayal; domestic abuse and alcoholism; loss and recovery.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   True Story   Tear Jerker   Cheating   Cuckold   Slow   Caution   .

Author's Note: Just a short tale of betrayal, broken lives and learning to live with the scars that come from it. This would probably be considered a BTB (bitches & bastards) type of story. If those types of stories ain't your thing then I'd skip this one. Why waste your time?

My thanks to WindySwimming and Mostera1. WindySwimming for his editing and Mostera1 for his input. They made this story a whole lot better than when it started.

Bless This Broken Road - Written by Marcus Hummon, Bobby Boyd and Jeff Hanna Performed by multiple artists including the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Rascal Flatts

I loved just lying in bed on a Sunday morning. I admired the way the N'awlins dawn slowly began to peek over the horizon and shine through our bedroom window. Of course the fact the early morning light was gradually revealing a naked woman sleeping next to me had a lot to do with my mood.

She lay on her stomach, her head turned away from me, face buried in her pillow. But I knew she was awake, I could hear her soft, shallow breathing. I smiled realizing we were watching the same sunrise.

I gazed upon my wife's long, lean form. Her 150 pounds barely made her six foot frame look healthy. I grinned knowing now that she was finally healthy, crushed beneath her where two beautiful breasts that she frequently reminded me were 'nearly C's'. When I'd met her she was not even 130 pounds and they were 'barely A's'.

Gently I began caressing her pale skin, carefully brushing her dark curls from her shoulder. Softly I touched a small circular scar on her arm and felt her body tense. I leaned over and kissed the back of her neck.

"Shhh," I whispered into her hair.

She reached up and gently stroked my hand, her permission for me to continue. It was a ritual we'd performed many times over the past five years. Thankfully it was needed less and less. It had taken years for my wife to finally come to the place where she'd only flinch when I touched her scars.

"I love you, beanpole," I said kissing her bare skin and referring to one of her few cherished childhood memories. Beanpole had been her mother's nickname for her.

She sighed and I could barely make out her hushed words.

"I love you too, sugah ... please, please never leave me."

Carefully I traced the circular ridges that dotted her arms. They weren't as noticeable as the angry scars on her back. My beautiful, marred angel had survived a nightmarish past that had tried to crush her spirit. It had succeeded for a time but over the past eight years, she had slowly regathered her life. Jordan still struggled with her self-esteem but she continued getting stronger and more confident each month.

I studied the long, ugly scars that crisscrossed her back. They reminded me of a road map and the words of a song flashed in my head. They spoke of past relationships as being broken, jagged roads that finally lead us to our true love.

"Every long lost dream," I whispered in her ear as she softly sighed, recognizing the song. "Led me to where you are."

We all have life changing events in our past. Fate throws out all kinds of twists and turns, dip and potholes in our road of life. I guess how we deal with those times determines what kind of lives we have.

Even with her frailties and vulnerabilities my wife had an incredible strength deep inside that was only matched by her passion. It had been that strength in the midst of her weakness that had saved me. It had brought me back to life.

I was in awe of the way my wife was overcoming her past. I'd like to say I'd dealt with mine as well ... I hadn't. I'd let my worst times drive me over the edge and into the bottom of a bottle of tequila.

What put me there? That's easy. It was being betrayed by those closest to me, including my ex-wife Britney.

We got married too young. I guess that's as good is any excuse. There were lots of other things that factored in but basically we were just too immature, too stupid and confused lust for love. Well, at least one of us did anyway.

I was living in Texas at the time. I can't say a lot about my upbringing. My family consisted of my aunt and uncle, who raised me as one of their litter, along with my five cousins on a west Texas ranch.

I can't complain too much since I was fortunate not to have gone through the foster care system. Mom got knocked up by some guy and then dumped me on her sister's ranch when I was two. I never saw her again. My aunt and uncle are good enough people but I never fit in with the rest of their herd.

Life on a ranch in the middle of nowhere really is like living on another planet. I escaped when I went to college. Unfortunately after I left I had little contact with my relatives.

It was in college where I met Brit at an after game party. She was a junior and I was a sophomore and our football team had just beaten some no name school. It was as good as any other excuse for a party back then.

The kegger was held at a big, old house off-campus that had a bunch of girls living in it. My roommate had gotten an invite and I'd just tagged along. I drove since he was going to meet his girlfriend at the party and go home with her afterwards.

I fell in lust with Britney from the first moment I saw her. She was the kind of girl who looked drop-dead gorgeous when she was all dressed up. However, at the moment she wasn't the raving beauty she usually was. When I first saw her, she looked like she had been partying hard for several days. Still even with the now stringy hair and bloodshot eyes she looked hot in her skinny jeans and halter top.

She had a pretty, round face framed with bleached blonde ringlets and a nice figure. She'd gained her freshman fifteen and it looked like she carried it all in her butt. How could I tell? Well her bubble butt had the jeans she was wearing screaming to rip in places that weren't considered chic.

I felt the spark from across the crowded room when our eyes met. She tried to seductively sashay over to me. I say tried because she was obviously drunk and her sashay was more like an epileptic stagger.

After an agonizing and downright humorous thirty seconds, she finally made it over to me. She draped her arms around my neck and uttered those magic words. It's the male equivalent to 'you complete me'; a saying that has made countless female hearts beat faster.

She peered into my eyes with her big, green, unfocused eyes and then changed my life with only two words.

"Wanna fuck?" she growled.

OMG! A girl after my own nineteen-year-old heart! Tapping into my vast knowledge of the English language, I gave her my best and most romantic line in an attempt to forever win her heart to go along with that body.

"Uh, yeah."

Okay, the blood must've drained from my brain. I'm fairly intelligent, contrary to what many people may think, but I'd been drinking too!

Brit took me by the hand and led me upstairs. She took us to one of the bedrooms and opened the door. Inside was a girl riding atop some guy. As she bounced up and down on the guy, Brit stumbled into the room.

"What the fuck?" Brit yelled as she leaned against the door.

"Hey get a room!" the girl yelled back.

"This IS my room, bitch," Brit slurred. "And I think that's my ex, too! Bobby?"

"Oh shit, Brit?" the guy groaned. "Damn! That's why this room looks so familiar!" Brit pulled me back into the hallway and slammed the door.

"Assholes!" she screamed at the door.

Turning to me she tried to focus on my eyes.

"You got your own place?"

"An apartment," I replied.

"Your roommate gone?"

"He's downstairs. Probably already passed out or left with his girlfriend."

"You got a car?"

I nodded.

"How far away is your apartment?"

"About ten minutes."

"Good!" she said leading me back downstairs. "Let's see if you can get me there before I eat you!"


When we got downstairs she led me over to a blonde girl who was a few inches taller and had breasts larger than Brit's C-cups. The girl was also wasted but was obviously having a good time as she was teasing several guys and girls who were hovering around her. I wondered how long it would be before she'd probably flash them all her tits.

"Anna," Brit blurted out. "I'm going to go to umm ... what's your name?"

"Brad," I said chuckling.

Brit flashed a killer smile at me and turned back to Anna. "I'm going to Brad's apartment and fuck his brains out!"

Anna drunkenly glared at me while the group laughed. "Alright stud," she said, "let see the driver's license."

Confused I slowly pulled it out.

"Show it to me," Anna ordered.

I held it up as she dug something out of her purse. When she pulled her cellphone out I knew what she was doing. She took several pictures of my license.

"Alright, Brad Marshall, you take good care of our girl. Remember," she slurred, "we know where you live."

Brit squealed, grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the front door. "Don't wait up, Mom!" she yelled back over her shoulder.

"Mom?" I questioned.

"Yeah," Brit laughed. "She looks after me and rides my ass about things I should do. Of course she doesn't ride my ass like you're going to, right cowboy?"

If I didn't think Brit was serious about attacking me before we got to my apartment she proved me wrong. Of course it was funny as hell watching her try to dig my dick out of my jeans. My erection had made my jeans an extremely tight fit and Brit had major problems trying to stay balanced in a moving car. Thankfully we got to my apartment before she actually tried to get me in her mouth and had the chance to bite down if she lost her balance!

We staggered into my apartment and began attacking each other. In our rush to get to each other's body, our clothes weren't being fully discarded. She had my shirt off me, but my jeans and boxers were down around my ankles. I had her bra off, but her top was still around her neck and her panties and jeans still dangled around her right knee.

Our lust was so overwhelming I barely had the chance to take in the sight of her beautiful, young body. Her lovely breasts looked large on her five and a half foot body. Each soft globe supported a soft, pink areola with a tiny strawberry on top. Her body wasn't muscular, more curvy and sexy. But it was her exquisite bubble butt that grabbed and held my attention. It was so round and inviting, I think I started to drool before Brit was on me.

With a stout shove she pushed me back onto the couch and launched herself on top of me. She spun around and pushed her gorgeous butt into my face. The smell of her excitement was intoxicating as I buried my face into her pussy. She let out a long moan as my tongue began to explore. Moments later I felt warm, moist lips envelope my manhood. As she began to sink lower and lower taking me deeper into her mouth, I felt her body spasm as she gagged. After a second attempt and the resulting gag, she spun around on my chest and squinted down at me with her barely visible green eyes.

Grinning, she straddled me, slipping my rock hard erection into her now gushing tunnel. The intense heat of her pussy almost made me lose it right then. Fully seated, she closed her eyes and gasped as she began rocking back and forth. Slowly she began to find a rhythm, sawing herself on top of me.

I reached up and fondled her pert breasts as they gently swayed with her movement. She let out a deep moan and pressed herself even harder into me. Then her eyes flew open wide.

There are very few things that can distract a horny, teen-age guy in the middle of getting his rocks off. The girl he's with throwing up all over him is one of those things. There's nothing like the smell of bile and vomit blended with rum and fruit juices with the added surprise of Cheetos mixed in, to really kill the mood.

Then as if things couldn't get any better ... Brit passed out. She flopped forward like a ragdoll. Between our half-dressed, naked bodies and the toxic waste that had once been in her stomach, we made a disgusting human sandwich that took months for me to purge from my memory.

I quickly rolled her to the side and jumped off the couch. I barely made it to the bathroom before I lost it. I spent the next several minutes worshipping the porcelain god.

When there was nothing left to leave on the altar, I staggered back into the living room. I was met by a surreal vision of an incredibly sexy blonde with her delicious ass up in the air ... covered in puke. I was sure this was one of Dante's levels of hell.

With great effort, and much gagging, I carried Brit into the bathroom and put her in the shower with me. She groaned a few times as I stripped the rest of her clothes off and rinsed them off with us in the shower.

As I washed her, I won't tell you I didn't toy with more than a few fantasies dancing in my drunken head. I didn't act on them though. I ended up putting a naked Brit in my bed and went back to try and clean up what I could of the couch. I took her clothes and put them in a garbage bag and dumped them in our utility room. I thought about taking them down to the apartment's laundry room but by then I was exhausted.

I did the best I could with the couch however there was still a faint odor that sealed its fate. My roommate and I would be getting a new used couch in the near future. Exhausted, I dumped my tired ass into my roommate's bed.

Sunday morning came a lot sooner than I expected. I woke to the sound of two girls arguing in my living room. Forcing my eyes to open, I saw it was 7:16 in the morning! Who the hell fights that early on a weekend?

Dragging myself out of bed, I staggered into room and was met by a crying Brit and an obviously pissed off Anna.

"You bastard! Where the hell are her clothes?" Anna yelled. "I've heard of guys trying to keep panties as a souvenir but all her clothes? You really are some kinda asshole perv aren't you?"

I was stunned. I was also still trying to wake up. Brit walked over to me wiping the tears off her face. I noticed she was wearing different clothes and vaguely remember thinking that Anna must have brought them.

"You bastard!" Brit cried. "How could you do that to me?"

"What? I didn't—"

I didn't finish my sentence before I felt her hard slap across my face.

"You son of a bitch! I'm going to report you to the cops and charge you with date rape."

I was absolutely stunned as I watched them storm out of my apartment, slamming the door behind them. It wasn't but a few minutes later before my anger started to boil. I went and got dressed and then drove back over to Brit's house. I made sure I had what I needed before walking into the snake pit.

When I got there, I was met at the door by one of the girls who lived there.

"She doesn't want to talk to you, asshole," she sneered.

"Well she'd fucking better talk to me unless she wants this to be not only all over campus but in court as well. And I can guarantee you she'll come out looking like the fucking, drunk slut she is. I wonder how mommy and daddy will like that!"

The girl's shocked face told me I'd made an impression. She told me to wait and quickly ducked back into the house. A moment later she returned and led me into their dining room.

The house looked like a disaster with reminders of last night's party scattered everywhere. Seated at the dining table were Brit and Anna, the girl who answered the door plus two other girls that I guessed were their housemates. All five females glared at me like I'd farted in church.

"You've got some nerve coming here," Anna snarled.

"Shut up, bitch!" I snapped obviously shocking her. "You came into my home and accused me of date raping the slut sitting next to you. I'm here to tell you that rumor better sure as hell stop and mean right fucking now or I'm going to make the lives of every whore that lives here a living hell!

"I'll publicly sue your asses for defamation of character. Then I'll go find every boyfriend and one night stand you've ever had and make sure everyone, including your families, is aware of every nasty, sordid detail. I won't even bother to make sure it's true, since the truth doesn't seem to mean shit to y'all. Will that open me up for the same kinda lawsuit I'm planning to file against you? Yeah, but the damage will have already been done, kinda like be labeled a date rapist.

"Since you were both wasted last night let me also remind you she announced to everyone she was going to my place to 'fuck his brains out.' I'm sure I'll be able to find a couple witnesses to that.

"As for reporting me to the cops, please do. If you want I'll call them for you. Even though I tried to clean it up, I'm sure there's plenty of her DNA still left on my couch."

"So you admit to having sex with Brit?" Anna snapped, trying to go back on the attack. "Even though you knew she was drunk?"

"Hell yeah, but she wasn't the only one drinking. Listen, I went to a party last night and had this good-looking blond with a sweet ass stagger up to me and ask me if I wanted to hook up. Of course I said yeah! Then she took me upstairs to her room, only to find Bobby, her ex, being ridden like a racehorse by some redhead."

I could tell last night's memories were starting to clear for Brit and Anna. Their three housemates sat there with their mouths open.

"So she said lets go to my place. After getting a mug shot of my driver's license we make it to my apartment where we start to do it on the couch. Just as she started really getting into playing cowgirl, she turned a dream night into a nightmare by throwing up all over herself, me, and my couch!

All five gasped. Brit put her head in her hands and groaned. She was beginning to connect all the dots.

"That's why I'm positive her DNA is all over my couch. I ended up showering us both off and dropping her passed out ass into my bed. Then I went and tried to clean up before crashing in my roommate's bed. As for her clothes..."

I opened the trash bag I had with me and poured out Brit's clothes out onto the table. Even though I'd rinsed them out, being wet and sitting overnight in a plastic garbage bag didn't lessen the smell. Everyone, including myself, gagged.

"Here are her clothes," I snarled at Anna. "And if you want more evidence just come over to my apartment and take a whiff of my couch. Sorry I'm not the perv you've tried to make me out to be, bitch!

"Of course, if I'd known what kinda hell I'd take just for being a nice guy, I would have done things differently. I could have just dumped her half-dressed, stinking ass on the front yard. Or I should've just hosed her off, stuck her pretty ass in the air and called a bunch of guys I know. She wouldn't have had a clue who or how many guys she fucked last night."

"So now that you've heard what actually happened last night, I better not hear one fucking word about date rape. I've seen what happens to guys labeled that and I'm not gonna let some drunk slut ruin my reputation when I didn't do anything. Am I clear?"

All of them reluctantly nodded. I tossed the empty garbage bag onto the table and turned to leave.

"Um, Bruce?" Brit stammered, a tear running down her face.

"It's Brad and you might as well save it. There's not a damn thing you can say that will make this better. You're lucky you can barely remember last night because it'll be burned into my memory for a long time!"

And that's how it ended ... at least for a while. I never heard any rumors so I let it die. I did get a letter from Brit and a card from Anna saying they were sorry. I kept them in case I needed more evidence.

A month later I was at another house party when someone tapped me on the shoulder. Turning around I was surprised. There stood Brit, looking all the part of a hot co-ed but this time I could tell she wasn't drunk.

"Can we talk?" she said softly.

I stood there silently staring her. It was obvious she was uncomfortable She was beautiful but I wasn't sure this was a conversation I wanted to have since I was still trying to put our last meeting behind me.

"Please?" she said peering into my soul with those deep green eyes.

"Alright," I said sighing.

She flashed me her smile and it brought a smile of my own to my face. She led me outside to the back patio and we found a couple chairs to sit in. I guess the patio light was out because it was dark out there. The only the light was coming from inside the house so where we were sitting was draped in shadows. Sitting in the dark helped hide her distracting looks and I relaxed.

She was quiet for a moment before she spoke.

"I'm not a slut," she said her voice wavering. I could tell she was trying not to cry.

"Listen," I said hoping to end the conversation before it really got started. "There were a lot of things said—"

"No!" she said loudly, "I mean yes there were a lot of things said but no, I'm really not a slut like you think. What happened that night wasn't a normal for me. I saw Bobby with that redhead earlier and got a little wild trying to show everyone, including myself, that I was over him."

"I'm sorry," I said quietly. "I didn't know you still had a thing for him. I'd like to say I wouldn't have taken you home with me if I'd known, but I can't honestly say that. It's not often I have a beautiful girl throwing herself at me."

I could hear her snort, and then softly laugh.

"Well like I said I normally don't get so wasted and I sure don't act like that. I haven't been that stupid since I was a first semester freshman. And as for being hung up on my ex, not likely, it was more a pride thing. He showed up in my home trying to rub our break-up in my face. I acted more out of anger than hurt."

We sat quietly for a few minutes before I heard her softly giggle.

"So ... you think I've got a sweet ass?" she teased.

"Britney, you know you do. You're not stupid. You know damn well how you look and what that does to most guys."

"Yeah, some guys are easy," I could hear her smile. "Right now I'm only interested in how I affect one guy though."

I paused, wondering if she was toying with me. Then I wondered if I really cared or not.

"And who is this guy and does he want to be your next victim?"

I heard her get up and she stepped into the light. She looked incredible. I was sure there were prettier and hotter looking girls on campus but at the time I couldn't think of one.

"Well," she said smiling. "As far as being a victim, that's totally up to him. However, I hope he'll look at it as a reward for taking care of me when I was vulnerable. Or he could view it as me trying to give him the most sincere apology I can for how I reacted the morning after."

"I ... umm Britney..."

"Brad, its Brit. And I would like you to take me back to your apartment where I can thank you properly."

Even in the poor lighting I think she could see my less than enthusiastic response.

"Wow," she said softly. "Rejected."

"I'm sorry Brit," I said gently then chuckled. "Although I doubt that's happened to you often, but then again hopefully you don't go calling many guys rapists."

She grimaced. "No," she said softly. "That was the first and only time."

"So you see," I calmly explained, "I'm more than a little wary about what will happen if I take you to my apartment again. Is this some kinda revenge or setup? Hopefully you see my concern. Hot drunk girl comes on to me then calls me a rapist, then offers herself to me a second time? Sounds like a porn fantasy, doesn't it?"

I watched her smile spread across her face.

"Well," she said grinning, "some fantasies can come true. Let's see if we can make this one a reality."

She took me by the hand and led me back into the house. After looking around she dragged me in the direction of her best friend Anna and some guy standing beside her.

"Anna! Tim!" Brit shouted before we got close.

Anna's smile disappeared as soon as she saw me. I thought I saw her mouth the words 'oh shit.' I was sure when we walked up to them.

"Oh shit," Anna said staring at Brit. "You're really going to do it, aren't you?"

Brit grinned and nodded.

"Well, I will if he accepts my offer."

"Yeah right," Anna smirked, "like any guy with a pulse would turn that down!"

Anna's boyfriend looked at all three of us confused. Anna looked at him and smiled.

"This is Brad," she explained.

Tim must have known the story and recognized my name because he nodded and went back to drinking his beer.

"And Brit," Anna continued, "is going to take him home and give him an 'I'm sorry I was such a bitch' fuck!"

Tim choked on his beer as both girls laughed. Anna turned her attention back to me and studied me.

"You having doubts this is on the level?" she asked already knowing the answer.

I nodded.

"Hell I would too, but I can tell you it is. Brit's talked about this a lot since that morning. We both felt like shit for the way we treated you..." Anna paused and smirked again. "But don't you go fantasizing about a threesome! I'm not that sorry and these tits are reserved for my boyfriend here."

"So those are mine?" Tim said grinning.

Brit and Anna laughed.

"They should be," Anna chuckled, "You play with them even more than I do!"

Tim's face turned beet red and I found myself laughing with the girls. Then Tim's face began to morph into a huge toothy grin.

"So does that mean I get to fantasize about a threesome if Brad can't?"

This time both Tim and I laughed as the two girls were momentarily stunned.

"Only in your dreams," Anna scolded as she slapped him on the arm.

I guess that was Brit's cue for us to leave. We said our goodbyes and headed for the door. Just as we were leaving Brit turned and yelled back at Anna.

"Don't wait up, Mom!"

I froze like I'd been hit by lightning and Brit tripped over me. She stared up at me with a deep concern.

"That's the same thing you said that night," I explained through gritted teeth.

I saw her concern turn briefly to fear and then she got a determined look on her face. "Come on," she said calmly. "We've got some bad memories we need to erase and I know just the memories I want to replace them with!"

In all honesty she did just that. When we got to my apartment she broke any tension by teasingly asking if it was a new couch. It was. She then led me into my bedroom and began undressing me. Within a couple minutes she had me flat on my back and had impaled herself on me. Whatever alcohol distorted memories I had of her that first night were nothing compared to the stone sober vision I now had as she ground and rode on top me, driving us both to a quick explosive orgasm. Her body was as tight and soft as I'd remembered and her passion was overwhelming.

She took me four times before the sun came up the next morning. The first two times were pure animal lust but the last two were something more. She still couldn't give a blow job worth a shit. But her ass and body, the exquisite taste and heat of her kisses, the way she rolled her hips as she ground herself into me and the mewing sounds she made as she orgasmed; those were things quickly burned into my memory.

Brit told me later that the first time was because she really was sorry, the second time because she wanted me so damn bad and the third and fourth time ... because she was falling in love with me and never wanted to leave.

After that night, I didn't want her to leave either.

"You were thinking of her again, weren't you," Jordan's soft, Southern voice asked bringing me back to the present.

She'd rolled over and we were now face-to-face. I stared into her mesmerizing hazel eyes that were full of concern.


"You were thinking of her again."

"Kind of," I replied quietly. "More like I was thinking of my own broken road and that always involves Britney."

I smiled, leaned over and kissed her gently. Softly I began singing again.

"Others who broke my heart they were like Northern stars, pointing me on my way into your loving arms."

She smiled, rolled back over then snuggled deep into me. I felt her tight little butt press hard into my groin. My response was both immediate and extremely noticeable.

"Sweetheart," I whispered in her ear, "you do that and we'll have a little repeat of last night."

"Promise?" she giggled and wiggled her butt even more.

"Oh yeah," I groaned.

"Hmm, well tell you what, you hold me for a little while then I'll make sure you can't get out of bed until noon."

I laughed. I knew there was no way we'd be able to stay in bed until noon but the thought of her trying to make it happen sure was interesting.

"Deal," I said kissing the back of her neck.

Brit and I had a rollercoaster romance. We were both overly passionate and that led to some mind blowing sex and many days right out of a fairytale storybook. That same passion made for some monumental fights as well. The good times were great, but those few bad times were painful.

Brit was still a party girl and her girl's night out with Anna was a constant source of arguments. However the makeup sex was incredible and as far as I knew she never cheated on me. We both thought we were in love so twenty months after we'd met, we were both saying 'I do' while standing in front of a church full of friends and family. Well they were mainly her family since only my aunt and uncle showed up at the wedding. I was kind of surprised they came. I'm ashamed to admit it but my wedding was only the second time I'd seen them since I'd left for college.

Our marriage started off great. Brit graduated and got a job locally while I finished up my last year and got my degree. Anna and Tim ended up getting married and moved to Dallas. I graduated a year later and got a job with the same company as Tim. Within a month, Brit had a job in Dallas and we'd moved into a home just four houses down from Anna and Tim.

I found out later, this had all been planned years earlier by Brit and Anna. Anna had persuaded Tim to recommend me to his company so we could move closer to them. I wasn't too upset since I'd gotten a great job right out of college and Tim and I became best friends.

Over the next couple years we settled into a twenty-something, yuppie, married lifestyle. Life was busy but good. Our marriage was going great, and the sex was off the Richter scale. Brit and Anna had toned down their party girl tendencies and they only did a girl's night out once a month.

Tim and Anna did have a party at their house once a month. There were eight couples that made up the core of our group of friends. Two were wives Brit and Anna went to college with. They lived only a couple miles away, so once a month it was like a mini- college reunion. The other four couples were from the housing edition. The husbands all got along well although we weren't all close. It was the women who formed some kind of a sisterhood.

Things flowed smoothly and soon I was looking forward to the next phase of our lives. I wanted to start a family, but I knew Brit didn't want to even consider being a mother until we reached our thirties. It was something we'd discussed and agreed to before the wedding. Still I went ahead approached her about starting our family earlier than we'd planned. Her response was less than enthusiastic. I was disappointed but not surprised.

Brit enjoyed her job and I loved mine. Both Tim and I were construction engineers; he worked mainly on new, commercial developments while I found my niche in restoration jobs. Work was good even though it involved many Saturdays and a few overnight trips.

Things began to change a couple of years after we moved to Dallas. There was always an additional couple or a stray single that showed up at our monthly parties. They were usually relatives or guests of someone within the group. They typically came a few times then wandered off, so I wasn't overly concerned when a good-looking guy a few years older than us showed up one month.

His name was Derek Prendergast and I found out later he was some kind of a heartthrob back in college. Brit, Anna and their two college friends all had a crush on him back in school. Each one had dated him for a short time. It was quickly evident he'd been a pussy hound back then. Evidently things hadn't changed much. He was a year out of law school and had been transferred to Dallas by his daddy's law firm down in Houston.

He was married but unfortunately his wife had stayed in Houston. Good for her, I guess, but bad for any husband who had a wife that caught his eye.

I instantly disliked him, so did Tim. However, we were quickly outvoted by the sisterhood, so Derek became a mainstay at our parties. A few months later Fate intervened again. I started working on a long term project that made it impossible for me to attend our monthly parties.

I had my concerns about Brit attending those parties without me and shared them with her. It wasn't that I didn't trust her but more than I didn't trust him. What resulted were some of the worst fights we'd ever had. Anna and Tim ended up talking to me and reassured me they'd keep a close eye on things. Reluctantly, I conceded.

It only took a few months before I noticed things weren't right. It didn't take a psychic to figure Derek was at the center of it. Brit had sung Derek's praises non-stop for the first two months and then ... nothing.

One day I overheard Brit talking on her cell to Anna. Her words set off alarms. When she told Anna, "Don't wait up, Mom," my stomach turned. Over the next couple months I was suspicious. I watched her and even checked up on her several times but found nothing.

I confided in Tim about my suspicions. He and Anna again met with me trying to alleviate my concerns. Tim said he'd never seen anything inappropriate and Anna assured me there wasn't anything going on. It wasn't until I showed up at the next monthly party unannounced that I found out the truth.

It was late summer so when I got to Tim and Anna's house I knew most everyone would be in the backyard lounging around the pool or grill. I wanted to make a surprise appearance so I came in through the front door. Brit's two college mates were sitting in the living room visiting and laughing. When I came in, their laughter abruptly stopped. I watched their eyes dart towards the stairs as the color drained from their faces.

If I hadn't suspected something was wrong before, my spider sense now was just screaming things weren't right. One woman tried to distract me as the other stood up.

"Don't," I growled and she quickly sat back down. I started walking towards the stairs and then I heard one of them speak.

"Please Brad," she said quietly, her voice shaking. "Please don't go up there."

I paused and stared at the two women. It dawned on me that not only did they know what was happening upstairs, they were apparently okay with it. Score one for the sisterhood! I knew Anna and Ashley were the de facto leaders of the group, but I had no idea some of the wives would follow them like lemmings.

I shook my head in disgust and headed up the stairs. I knew where I thought they'd be. There were three upstairs bedrooms. One had been converted into an office and the other into a home gym. That left the guest bedroom as the logical choice.

I was both right and wrong. I was right they were in that room, but I was wrong if I thought I was prepared to see them together. When I opened the door, the asshole was just pulling up his pants while my wife lay there, sprawled out naked on the bed. She was still basking in her post-coital bliss.

"Oh shit," Brit said seeing me first. "Brad!"

"Hi honey," I spat. "Surprise!"

Derek looked at me first with shock and then smirked. Well ... he did until he got a good look at my face. Then he took a couple steps back.

I'm six foot and weigh in at about 190 pounds. Not all that impressive but there wasn't lot of fat so it wasn't too bad either. This Don Juan wannabe was a couple inches taller and a good twenty pounds heavier but it was evident it was all show with little to back it up.

"Listen dude..." he started before Brit cut him off.

"Derek please, let me talk to him."

"Not a whole lot to say is there Brit? Not when I find my slut of a wife fucking this piss ant."

"Derek, would you leave us alone for a few minutes so we can talk?" she said ignoring my comment.

Derek grabbed the rest of his clothes and left.

"Brad—" she said standing up.

"You might want to get a towel or a cork," I growled glancing down at the moisture dripping down her leg, "depending on what your intentions are."

She looked down and quickly grabbed a towel. Looking back up she at least had the decency to appear embarrassed. "Brad, I'm sorry," she said softly. "You weren't supposed to find out this way."

"Find out what?" I yelled. "That my wife's a cheating whore?"

"No," she stated coldly. "That I love Derek and want a divorce."

The next several minutes weren't as much a discussion as a shouting match. In the end, I learned their affair had been going on for several months. They'd been discrete except for these monthly parties. Apparently our circle of friends had fully accepted them as a couple now. It was also evident the sisterhood had pressured some of the husbands into silence.

Brit said she had always had a thing for Derek and now he was in a position to divorce his wife and they would be together. She continued to destroy my world by telling me she still loved me but Derek was her one true love.

When I asked what the hell she was talking about. She told me she and Derek had fallen in love her freshman year in college but his family had pressured him into law school and into a political marriage. It had been common knowledge between her and her college friends.

I was stunned.

I'd been aware they had gone out a few times but I never knew there had been anything serious between them. The ramifications of what my soon to be ex-wife was saying began eating away at me.

If what she said was true, then Anna and Tim would've been aware of what was happening. Not only that, they would have had to allow it to happen, possibly even encouraged it, all while lying to my face. That would have been true for the sisterhood as well. Those who were supposedly my friends had betrayed me. The pain was almost as bad as the one I felt being betrayed by the woman I'd loved.

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