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Erotica Sex Story: An affair begins between a young man and his girlfriends mother. An affair neither appear able to stop or prevent.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   .

I’m not sure when it began; certainly it was not long after I met Mary. I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in lust at first sight and Mary just did it for me. Problem was, of course, that she was my girlfriend’s Mum and therefore off limits. They do say that looking at your girl’s Mum will give you a general idea of how your girl will look in twenty years’ time. Well, it’s a good guide, only Sal’s looks took a bit after her Dad in complexion and a tendency to weight gain, so I guessed right away that she’d end up overweight after a couple of kids ... only I was fortunate enough not to be the one who married her ... but that isn’t relative to this tale, merely an introduction.

At this stage though, Sal was OK. She was not too big and definitely interested in sex ... as much as possible in fact, which should have warned me a little, plus was on the pill as she told me on our second date after our initial introduction at a friend’s party. Naturally this had us out in my car in a woodland carpark a few minutes later with her tongue down my throat and my hands roaming underneath her skirt in an attempt to get one inside her knickers and the other to pull them down. In this Sal wasn’t terribly co-operative, one of her hands was wrapped around my cock outside my chino’s and holding on tight as if it was a lifesaver. However, a minute later I achieved my goal and was softly rubbing her clit, making her moan in delight as I drew her knickers down and onto one ankle with my other hand, along with, on my part, a little gymnastics to get there, as she was still holding on tight.

After five minutes of effort, she moaned and shuddered in absolute delight as an orgasm overtook her and she released my straining cock, enabling me to undo my belt and unbutton my pants and slip them down slightly.

“Yes! Oh Mike, that’s so fucking good!” Sal hissed as I manoeuvred my body to get slightly on top of her and position myself at the gates of paradise.

One good firm thrust later I was balls deep and pumping away like mad as youthful hormones took over whilst Sal’s cries of pleasure reverberated in my ears. She clearly enjoyed it a little rough and rapidly came again ... and again.

It didn’t take long for my own climax to blast its way as I jack-hammered into her vagina and coated her insides. I groaned in the absolute ecstasy of sheer lust.

“Fuck, that was good,” Sal breathed in my ear.

“Yeah, it was, babe.”

“Shit! Is that the time?” she muttered when she caught sight of her watch. She began to clean herself up a bit with the aid of a few tissues from her handbag as I pulled my pants up and got out of the back of the car to give her a bit more room.

“Don’t worry, Sal. I’ll get you home on time,” I grinned, feeling on top of the world.

“Good. You can meet my Mum and Dad next time as we’re now going out,” she replied primly, touching up her makeup and looking like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

The following day, dressed smartly, I got to her house and was introduced to her family. That’s when I first met Mary, who was an absolute wet dream of a mature woman – 5’ 6” tall in her stockinged feet; 36” 24” 36” basics with a beautiful C-cup set of breasts, as I discovered later, a natural blonde with soft lips that smiled easily. Initially she came across as a little reserved, but was polite enough. Her husband, Dan, though was a big guy, big as in overweight, a classic couch potato. He was also self-opinionated and a bit of a verbal bully, though couldn’t dominate me as I’d worked with worse and knew how to give as good as I got, which soon had him ignoring me unless he actually had to deal with me over something.

I also met Sal’s younger brother and sister, though they play no real part in this story except that I nailed the sister several years later when she was out on a hen night away from her hubby and fancied seeing just what it was that her older sister had been getting. She left that day a very, very happy lady and palmed me her mobile number, though I haven’t been back there ... yet.

I was soon seeing Sal, and hence her family, on a regular basis and started picking up vibes, for want of a better word, that my lust for Mary might just be reciprocated. But, being young and a bit naïve, was too unsure of myself to actually do anything about it. Not that I had the opportunity, the house was normally full of family and Sal was always there. Still, it was obvious to me that every time Mary came into the room the sexual tension between us rose, though we were always polite and never made any attempts to do anything about it.

This changed one Christmas afternoon. I was up delivering Sal’s present, a lovely gold bracelet, and her family were kind of well on the way to getting smashed, except for the younger two who were playing around on their new PlayStation. For all Sal and I were still going out, I was already somewhat suspicious of her not being available certain nights and suspected she was playing the field to a certain extent. Though, other than suspicions, I had little else to go on, just a feeling something wasn’t quite right. A slightly tipsy Mary decided she would do some sandwiches from the remains of the turkey and I offered to help when no one else appeared to want to move.

The kitchen itself was long and narrow, though had a lot of cupboards and work-top space.

“If you could start setting the table, I’ll prepare the leftovers and sandwiches, Mike,” she requested.

“Of course, Mary.”

It wasn’t deliberate, I’m sure of it, but, Mary positioned herself near the door to the dining room and the table she wanted me to load up and that meant passing her as she efficiently pulled the meat off the carcase in preparation for the turkey buns she intended to make. It was, however, the second time I passed that she leaned backward slightly, forcing me to squeeze by and my crotch passed over her bum cheeks. You could almost cut the sexual tension with a knife when I paused for a second, feeling the immediate reaction of my erection. Though all Mary did was pause and go a delightful shade of pink. Presuming it was an accident, I put discretion ahead of valour and moved through the door, swallowing to hide my nerves as Mary regained her composure ... somewhat.

Yet the dice were cast. When I re-entered the kitchen I deliberately passed as close to Mary as I could without actually touching her. I heard her indrawn breath as I did and she moved slightly to ensure I brushed against her, even as she kept her eyes to the front and continued to strip the turkey. That set the pattern; every time I passed her I would brush against her and the pauses became slightly longer as I ensured she felt my erection push into her. The signs of her arousal were her nipples showing engorged against her bra as she continued with her task. For all I wanted to cop a feel, I thought that that would be going too far at this stage and it would bring an end to our moments of fun. I was now deliberately only taking one item at a time into the dining room as I kept an ear out for the rest of Mary’s family but was running out of things to take. Still the buns were nearly ready and I knew all good things would come to an end. It was at this point that I stopped dead behind Mary and rather than just brush, I pressed into her, holding her hips gently as a moan escaped her throat and she pushed back in sheer pleasure.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” she moaned softly.

“I know, but I don’t want to stop.”

“Me neither, but this is as far as it will go.”

“A pity,” I replied and then withdrew as I heard movement in the other room.

That started a month of casual caresses and fondling. It was proving difficult for either of us to take our hands off each other. I would either just stroke her bottom gently or she would press into me and the desire to take things further grew into an ache for both of us. My relationship with Sal slowly broke apart around the flowering of my and Mary’s desire for each other. It was fairly obvious now that Sal was having her needs met via variety. Although she hadn’t been caught yet, the rumours amongst our friends were abounding. Yet despite wanting to end it, I wanted Mary and that held us together beyond what common sense would dictate.

I had at this time lost my flatmate and hence was living on my own. I had not mentioned this to Sal as I didn’t want her over at any time now, not that I wouldn’t fuck her on demand. After all I was still young, horny and a bit dense with regards to std’s, still, luck remained with me. However I did mention to Mary in passing that I was living alone, to test the water as it were, and see if she wanted to visit on one of those nights she went to bingo with her friends. She went more for the company than the actual winnings as they rarely if ever won anything.

It was a few weeks later, I sat alone at home. It was on one of those nights when Sal was claiming to be out with her mates. There was a knock at my door. Opening it, standing there was a nervous looking Mary, who immediately and without a word brushed past me as if not wanting to be seen and moved to the furthest wall from me next to an empty display cupboard.

“I ... I came here to tell you that this must stop,” she started hesitantly, not looking me in the eye. “I’m a married woman and we shouldn’t be doing these things.”

“Would you like a drink? Tea, coffee, or something stronger?” I asked, ignoring her opening.

“Aren’t you listening?”

“Yes,” I replied and approached her, only for her to turn her back to avoid looking at me.

This was unfortunate, as one of the things that really attracted me to Mary was her shapely bum, encased in tight jeans. Then again, she already knew this, I guess, and this might have been her way for me to take the lead so she could justify being seduced. Either way, I just gently folded her in my arms and placed a soft kiss on her exposed neck.

Mary just moaned in pleasure and pressed back into me, feeling my rapidly engorging cock pressing into her. I then just softly ran my fingertips up and down her sides as I continued to kiss her exposed neck, making her shiver slightly each time I did it.

“We mustn’t,” she sighed, pressing harder back into me.

“I know, but we will,” I replied as one of my hands raised up to cup a firm breast and run a fingertip over the starkly raised nipple hidden under her T-shirt and bra.

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