Nobody Done No Wrong

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2015 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: A marriage slips away.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   .

I met her at the wedding reception held following the ceremony that joined my brother Sam and his longtime girlfriend Samantha. I knew at least two-thirds of the people there, but there was this one girl (woman actually) that I'd never seen before. I'll say upfront that she was not drop dead gorgeous and that as soon as I saw her it was love (or lust) at first sight, but there was something about her that attracted me.

When I was able to separate Sam from the throng of well-wishers I asked him who she was. He told me that the woman was one of Samantha's cousins.

"Her name is Annabelle Sims. Why are you asking about her?"

"I don't know bro. There is just something about her that attracts me."

"Take my word for it Jake; the two of you are not a fit. You are just a little too carefree and Annie is as somber as they come. She isn't anything at all like the girls you are used to."

"Maybe that's a good thing Sam. Things haven't gone all that well with the girls I'm used to. Maybe what I need is a change in direction."

As I spoke those words I thought back on past relationships and how they turned out.

I met Mary Alice Reardon at the start of the eleventh grade when she transferred in from an out of state high school. He was a sexy little thing and when she entered our first class of the day and I saw her I instantly fell head over heels for her.

When lunch time came and I entered the cafeteria I saw her sitting alone at a table I decided to try and beat the competition and I went over to her table and sat down without even asking her if I could join her. She looked up from what she was reading and the look on her face clearly said "Why are you invading my space?"

"I'm sorry for being so forward" I said, "But it is apparent to me that you are going to receive a huge amount of male attention from my fellow students and I saw you sitting here alone as my best chance to be first in line."

She gave me a look and then smiled and said, "Being first in line doesn't count for much if there is a line to choose from."

"True, but that just means I have to try very hard at making sure you don't want to consider another choice."

"So what's your plan?"

That was the start of my relationship with MA as she liked to be called. We dated for two months and then I asked her to go steady with me. She said yes and I gave her my letter sweater. We had our eighteenth birthdays while we were on summer vacation (hers was a week later than mine) and as presents we gave each other our cherries a week after she turned eighteen.

For the first three months of the twelfth grade we got it on almost every day and between school work and family activities we usually managed to date at least three times a week.

Trouble reared its ugly head the week before Thanksgiving. MA and I didn't have the same fourth hour class which ended at eleven fifty-five. Her classroom was closer to the cafeteria than mine so she usually beat me there by five minutes or so. I got there Monday and found Jared Lucciano sitting with her. I saw the look on her face as I approached the table and I read it as "Oh fuck!"

Jared didn't leave when I sat down and as I ate my lunch the two of them talked about a class assignment. MA pretty much ignored me and kept talking with Jared while I developed a slow burn. Before I could erupt the lunch bell rang and I got up and left the table and headed for my next class.

MA was waiting at the door for me when class let out and she acted like everything was hunky-dory between us so I kept my mouth shut about lunch and drove her home. Her parents both worked and didn't get home until six so MA and I usually went up to her room and played and it as no different that day.

We did what we always did. We started out in a sixty-nine with MA on top and then rolled over into the missionary. Once we both got off we got into another sixty-nine with me on top (you don't ever want to be on the bottom when your partner has a pot full of juice – it tends to flow out). Next on the playbill was cowgirl until we both got off and then it was kissy-face and fondling until I was ready again and then it got nasty.

One of her girlfriends had told her how great anal sex was so she wanted to try it. She loved it so that is what our last event was every time we played. It was last because she always wanted to shower when we finished. I didn't join her because the one time I did we almost didn't get finished by the time her parents got home.

Tuesday the same thing happened and Jared was again sitting with MA. This time however I decided not to be a third wheel and I took a table on the other side of the room. I kept an eye on MA and Jared and, at least to me, it didn't seem like MA even noticed that I didn't join her for lunch.

She was waiting for me at the door when school let out and as I walked up to her she said:

"Where were you at lunch?"

"I didn't want to intrude on you and your guy so I sat on the other side of the room."

"My guy? You are my guy."

You sure wouldn't know it from the way you were at lunch yesterday."

"Yesterday? What about yesterday?"

"You totally ignored me. Spent all of your time talking to Jared."

"So what? We have this stupid class assignment and we are helping each other."

I shrugged and let it go. I drove her home and we went inside and played as we usually did, but with a bit of a change. She wanted to do anal first and I was going to say no? We did it and then MA washed my cock off and sucked me hard and then she wanted to do anal again. More cock washing and then anal for a third time. I wondered what was up with that. Not that I was going to complain.

Wednesday when I got to the cafeteria Jared was again sitting with MA and I again took a table on the other side of the room and as far as I could tell MA didn't even notice that I was in the room. I didn't meet her to drive her home because Wednesday was when the Chess Club met. Thursday was a repeat of Wednesday and I didn't drive her home because Thursday was when she attended the meeting of the Classical Music Society.

Friday she was alone when I got to the cafeteria and I joined her. She did not comment on my not seeing her for two days or say that she missed me. What she did say was:

"I've got some bad news. I have to break our date tonight. My Aunt Ruth is coming to town and we are going to have a family dinner and visit. I tried to get out of it, but my dad wouldn't let me. He said since we only see Aunt Ruth once a year I had to be there."

I told her that I understood that family comes first and that I'd give her a call on Saturday.

Since my date with MA was off I decided that it would be a good time for me to go visit my cousin Lou. I called and he told me to come on over. The way to his house took me through town and I was caught by the light at Third. I was sitting there waiting for the light to change when I saw MA and her Aunt Ruth walking into the Starbucks on the other side of the street. I thought that it was weird that Aunt Ruth looked so much like Jared Lucciano that they could be twins.

I was just a tad pissed and I spent a few seconds thinking I should find a place to park and then follow them into Starbucks and confront them. But I didn't. Why bother. She was a lying back stabbing bitch and I wouldn't ever be able to trust her again so when the light changed I continued on to Cousin Lou's place.

Saturday I half expected MA to call me and ask me what time I would be over to pick her up, but I wasn't at all surprised when she didn't call on either Saturday or Sunday.

Monday for some reason I got to the cafeteria before MA and was sitting alone at a table when she came in. She went through the line and then joined me.

"Hi baby. I missed you over the weekend. Why didn't you call?"

"I knew that your Aunt Ruth would be taking up most of your time and I didn't want to interfere. The visit go off okay?"

"Yeah. It was really good to see her."

We talked about the upcoming senior prom and other school matters before having to go to class.

She was waiting at the door when school let out and as soon as she got in the car she slid over next to me and kissed me. She put her hand on the lump in my trousers (she might have been a lying cheat, but she was a sexy lying cheat and I was a red blooded male) and said:

"I've missed this baby. We need to make up for some lost time when we get to my place."

And we did. I was pissed at her, but what eighteen year old guy was going to pass up willing pussy? MA and I were done, but she just didn't know it yet. I would hang with her until I could line up another date for the prom and then she was history.

Over the next three weeks MA broke two dates with me and whether it was to go out with Jared or some other guy I never knew, but then I really didn't care either. I kept my eyes open looking for a chance to find a date for the fast approaching prom. I'd go with MA if I had to, but I really really really wanted to be mean about it and dump her before the prom.

Luck was with me. Pauline French caught her boyfriend with his hand up Nancy Wilde's skirt and she very publically broke up with him. I asked her if she now needed a date for the prom and she said yes so I asked her to go with me.

"I thought you would be taking Mary Alice."

"I will if I have to, but I'd just as soon not."

This of course piqued her curiosity and so I told her about 'Aunt Ruth's' visit. Once she heard the story she said she would love to go to the prom with me.

That afternoon after driving MA home and playing in her bedroom I asked her for my letter sweater telling her I had two more devices to sew on it. She got it out of the closet, handed it to me and I fucked her for the last time and went home.

The next day at school Pauline spread the word that she was going to the prom with me and word of course reached MA. When I reached the cafeteria that day MA was sitting at a table alone, but when I came through the line I didn't join her. I took a table on the other side of the room. She waited maybe five minutes before getting up and coming over to me and sitting down at my table. She went right to it.

"Why didn't you come sit with me and what's this bullshit about you taking Pauline to the prom?

"I didn't join you at your table because I didn't want to sit with you and my taking Pauline to the prom isn't bullshit. She caught Bert cheating on her and she dumped him so she needed a date for the prom. Since I'm dumping you I also needed a date for the prom so I asked her and she said yes."

She started at me for several seconds and then said, "You are dumping me? Why?"

"I don't need a girlfriend that I can't trust and by lying to me you have shown that I can't trust you so you and I are through."

"I've never lied to you!"

"See? There you go lying to me again."

"I am not lying!"

"See? There's another one. Remember that date you broke with me because your Aunt Ruth came to town? I saw you that night going into Starbuck's with your Aunt Ruth. I was amazed at how much your Aunt Ruth looked like Jared Lucciano. The only reason I've stayed with you since that night was that I needed a date for the prom. Now that Pauline has agreed to go to the prom with me I don't need you anymore."

"But what about me? It is too close to the prom for me to find a date."

"Not my problem" I said as I had finished eating my lunch I got up and left MA sitting there.

Pauline and I had a great time at the prom and the sex following the after prom parties was awesome, but we really didn't 'click' as a couple and we parted as friends after a friends with benefits relationship that lasted until we both headed off to college in the fall.

I didn't date much during the first term because I was just too damned busy acclimating to college life. By second term I had a handle on it and I started dating more. I didn't find anyone that 'called out to me' so I didn't get into any steady relationships.

Not until my first term in my sophomore year. I was at a kegger at the Delta G house when my eyes fell on a beautiful redhead who seemed to be alone. A very rare thing for a female at a frat house. The thing was that she didn't look all that happy to be there. Not being at all shy I walked up to her and said:

"You don't look like a happy camper sweets. Allow me to introduce myself. Jake Wilson. I forgot and left my cards on my dresser, but they read "Jake Wilson; rescuer of damsels in distress."

The scowl on her face softened into a half smile and she said, "And what is it that makes you think I am a damsel in distress?"

"You have been standing here looking pissed for about five minutes and you haven't taken even one sip of the drink you are holding."

"I am that obvious?"

"Indeed you are. What is the problem and how may I assist you?"

"My problem is that the clown who brought me to this affair has disappeared on me. I'd leave, but I'm pretty much stuck here because he drove and I don't know anyone else who is here that I could bum a ride from."

I wasn't a member of the fraternity – I was there as a guest, but I knew enough about the house and its members to know that the steady stream of guys going up the stairs meant that they had a girl up there who was pulling a train. I had no doubt that was where her date was.

"You know me now pretty lady so tell me where you would like to be taken and I'll get you out of here."

She looked at me for several seconds and then said, "Jake Wilson can take Mellissa Waters to 4995 Golden Valley Trail."

I offered her my arm, she set down her drink and we headed out the door. As I headed for the address she had given me she said, "So tell me Jake Wilson; do you do this sort of thing often?"

"Truthfully pretty lady? You are my first."

"Why me?"

"I have a thing for beautiful redheads."

That was the start of a relationship that lasted for almost seven months. The relationship ended when Mellissa pulled a Mary Alice on me. She broke a date with me, lied about the reason and was seen with another guy. It broke my heart to let her go because she was the closest thing to a nymphomaniac I'd ever met.

After I dumped Mellissa I stayed away from girls for a couple of months before starting to date again. I dated a lot, but never allowed myself to get into a steady relationship. Not until mid-term of my junior year. My last class of the day let out at five and when I got to the parking lot I saw a girl trying to get the spare tire out of the trunk of her car. I noticed that her left rear tire was flat so I went over and said:

"Let me help you with that."

She looked at me and said, "Thank you. I didn't realize that the damned thing was so hard to get out."

Whoever had been the last to use the spare had tightened the wing nut holding the spare in so tight that even I had trouble getting it out. I finally got the spare out and changed the tire for the girl. I had no ulterior motive for helping the girl; just doing a good deed. When I finished she said:

"How about I buy you dinner for helping me?"

She was pretty good looking and all I was looking at was going back to my apartment, fixing something for myself and then eating alone so I said, "I'd like that."

I followed her to the Olive Garden on Suffolk and we got a table and settled in and then ordered before making conversation. Her name was Marsha Dahlman and she wasn't a college student. She worked at the DMV and had taken off from work to do her roommate a favor. She had been at the college dropping off some papers that her roomie had gone off and forgotten when she left for school that morning. By the time dinner was over I had a date with Marsha for Friday. Why I allowed myself to fall into a relationship with Marsha given my last two relationships I haven't a clue, but fall into one I did.

It was six weeks before we had sex for the first time and it seemed that I had found myself another sex fiend. Things rocked along and just before the end of my junior year Marsha's roommate had a death in the family and went back to Iowa for the funeral. She never came back and Marsha couldn't afford the apartment on her own. I said no problem just move in with me and she did.

Things were going great and I was thinking "If this is what marriage is like I could get into it" and I started thinking about getting a ring and proposing. Over the summer vacation I'd gotten a job as an intern at XYZ Corporation and I was up and out of the apartment by seven and didn't get home until after six. When I got home Marsha usually had dinner ready and life was good. I decided that it was time for me to get a ring and take a knee in front of Marsha.

One day in mid-August I decided to go home for lunch. Marsha picked the same day to go home for lunch, but she didn't go home alone. I walked in on her 'lunch break' and took in the scene in front of me. The guy looked at me like he thought I was going to attack, but just said:

"Have all of your shit out of here before I get home tonight" and then I turned and left the apartment. She was gone when I got home at six and I never spoke to her again. The one thing I did do was promise myself to never ever again to have anything to do with a female whose name started with an M.

I dated some during my senior year and managed to get laid enough to keep me from going bat shit crazy and I did keep my promise to myself and never did date a girl whose name started with M even though it was cutting off my nose to spite my face. I mean hey; there are a lot of foxy ladies out there whose names started with an M, but I was gun shy and I stayed away from them.

After graduation I went to work full time with XYZ and I met some ladies that I played with, enough to keep the rust out of the pipes, but didn't find a girl that I wanted to get into a relationship with. There were a lot of girls I liked enough to date, but none of them gave me that 'special spark" that made me want to get into anything deep with them

Until Sam's wedding reception.

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