The Potters Wheel

by Marduk

Copyright© 2015 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A man bares his soul to a friend over a useless marriage and the lack of any sex, his friends put in place a situation that will change that - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Swinging   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   .

Maybe it was just the fact that the attendant was on welcome duty and was known to Rick and was eager for a chat that started the eruption that was going to rattle his rather negative associations with his wife.

"How are you Rick?" the attendant asked as he smiled at a couple of people that were entering the lobby. "To be quite honest Frank", he replied. "Lousy". The attendant was a bit taken back for he had always thought Rick was quite content and certainly didn't show any sign of an inner turmoil. "Anything I can do", he asked as another few people passed. For several seconds Rick was silent, however, his expression did register on Frank for he had seen such expressions before when he worked for the 'department of human relations' as a family counsellor. "Family concerns?" he asked. The reply did take him back a bit, for although bad language wasn't new to him, it was rare for him to confront it in suck brute fashion. "Yes Frank it is family. I'm sick of my fucking useless wife. She is always saying this is my husband but in reality that is as far as 'husband' goes. It I want a fuck she is very much the unattainable wife, fucking is a no, no, so yes Frank it is a family concern".

The invitation to talk about it over coffee and naturally in the strictest confidence was taken up so the following Friday Rick was sitting at a table, with a steaming cup of coffee with a man, similar in age but interested in what he had to say. "Has your wife always been negative in the sexual way?" Frank asked.

"For the last thirty of so years", was the reply. "She was never really interested and took sex as being for reproduction, the thought of it as a form of pleasure was totally alien. However, I have now met another woman who has made it clear she wants a sexual encounter and that is where the problem is, I now find my sexual apparatus is rusted up. I can no longer get it up". Frank was taken back for he thought he was about the same age as his friend and he certainly had no difficulty in his sexual drive for he regularly mounted his wife, almost on a daily basic. "Have you mentioned it to your wife about your desires?" he asked.

"No!" Was the abrupt answer, my wife is totally opposed to anything of a sexual nature. Cripes she doesn't like me to go into the bathroom while she is there. You know I have not observed my wife nude through my entire marriage and that is well over thirty years; I mean anything that could be classified as suggestive. If I do catch her with her tits bare and that triangle of hair on display she almost goes batty and can't grab a towel to cover up quickly enough. Over time I just avoid her but now with this woman, her name is Elizabeth my mind wants to satisfy her but my sexual apparatus says 'no'".

Frank really didn't know what to say. They finished their coffee and as Rick got up to leave Frank said. "I have a suggestion for as I mentioned my wife and myself, using your description, Fuck regularly. Would you like my wife to chat to yours, naturally not revealing our little talk, maybe a woman to woman conversation could achieve some sort of result. I really can't understand your wife's hostility. Do you love her?"

"I have never loved her" Rick replied. "I married her because I felt obliged to". All Frank did was grunt.

Rick really had no idea of what Frank's suggestion would lead to, but he did get a surprise when his wife informed him that she had been invited to an afternoon tea with Frank's wife a couple of weeks after his private meeting. His wife didn't connect or think that the man he had seen was the husband of the woman who had invited her for the afternoon, she was a person reasonably high up in the organization of which they both belonged; his wife knew of the woman, but that was all. Rick didn't make any enquiry and did what he usually did, gave a negative comment and forgot about it.

It was overcast when she arrived at the address, she was met by a slightly overweight woman, but her welcome was almost extreme for unbeknown to her an apparatus had been put in place to alter her attitude to any sexual encounter, one might say that a new direction was being planned, a new wife was being prepared on the pottery wheel, like raw clay to be moulded into a new and obliging individual.

"Oh! Alice it is wonderful that you have accepted my invite. You are a little early but that has its advantages, it gives us more time to get to know each other better for in my position I know many by appearance but unfortunately I don't know them personally. Now would you like tea or coffee?" The welcome had Alice in a relaxed mood and gratefully accepted the hot mug of coffee, plus the nice array of biscuits that were on the table. The coffee was delicious, maybe because she had missed a coffee up at the local shopping mall that morning or maybe it was just a nice drink. She had no idea that it had been spiked, not with a harmful ingredients but the one that was constantly used in this house where sex was a daily occurrence, not only for her and her husband Frank but also for a number of the neighbours for secretly Frank and his wife were 'swingers'.

Alice was feeling very relaxed and was actually laughing at a couple of comments, that were touching on the erotic, something that normally would have her 'walking out' but today she seemed unaware of the contents, it didn't register that they were deliberated targeted at her, to gauge her reaction. One by one the neighbours arrived and Alice was introduced to them all. All were offered a steaming mug of coffee, not that they needed it for all knew what this afternoon tea had on the agenda, the totally seduction of this woman Alice, to remould her on the wheel and send her home to her husband, virtually a whore.

Alice found herself almost the centre of any conversation, never before had she been so entertained, 'another cup of coffee my dear', she was asked and 'yes that would be lovely', this was generally followed by a bout of giggles; slowly the circle moved in closer till her shoulders were being massaged in such a way that she was further relaxed, all the time the voices around her were becoming almost hypnotic, she was being carry aloft, a feeling of relaxation, so when the massage moved to her ample tits, it wasn't rejected, she purred like a contented cat. "She is almost ready", a voice behind her said as the buttons on her blouse were undone, her bra was one that bought a smile on the faces of the women, it was one that could be considered old fashion, it certainly had nothing about it that could be classified erotic. Alice purred as her ample tits were groped and squeezed and even when her blouse was removed, her bra unclipped and removed all she did was giggle but shortly that giggle was replaced by 'Oh's and Ah's' as her nipples were massaged till they actually and for the first time in ages, rose and hardened. "She is ready", Frank's wife said as the women also removed their blouses for all were braless and now Alice found herself swept along in this erotic tide. Her tits were massaged till saliva began to dribble from her mouth but when her groin was explored she erupted, but nothing to when her panties were removed and her thighs pushed apart and a cock, black as night and thick and long was rammed up her. "Fuck she is like a brumby" her black seducer said as he began to pump and Alice from somewhere in her negative mind clicked that she was being fucked, but a fuck she was enjoying.

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