Cheating and Recover 07

by Commentstory

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Drama Story: The comment part of other story collection contains small stories from Anonymous. When I met cheater wife recovering husband with newer wife or woman story I publish it. These stories are as the folklore for everyone.

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Cheating   Revenge   .

My Pen Name is Duna here. I am a fan and author of Cheating wife- Consequence-Recover with other woman stories. But I publish these stories on other Pen Name, because one or more Anonymous posters wrote in the comment section of another story collection. When I find a Cheating wife-Consequence/BTB(Burn The Bitch)-The husband Recover after divorce story I save then I publish. Such stories as this is similar to the folklore they belong to everyone.

My wife and I married when she was 20, I was 24. We were in love, at least, I was in love. After 2 years of marriage I was on my way home from work when the boss let us off a couple hours early on payday Friday. Instead of going home like I normally would, I stopped off at a lounge the rest of the guys decided to stop at. We all went in and were sitting around shooting the shit when my life almost ended. My wife walked past me on the arm of her old high school boyfriend who she thought she would marry. They split after he cheated on her and it wasn't long afterward, we started going out.

I was stunned when they stopped at the door and kissed, not a goodbye kiss but a long loving and with lots of tongue type kiss. I watched, stunned. Jodie started to pull away, but Tom grabbed her coat and tugged on it. I could see her laughing but she soon gave in and took his hand and followed him. About to throw up, I watched them disappear around the corner and after about 5 minutes, I got up and followed in the direction they went. Worried I wouldn't find them, I found my fears were worthless because there was his '66 Camaro parked off to the side under some trees. Already 11 in the evening, it was dark with few lights nearby.

I walked up to his car slowly, quietly and scared to death of what I might see. It wasn't as bad as it could have been I suppose, but it was bad enough. His seat was tipped back and there was my life sucking on his cock like it was the finest of tastes. She was licking, sucking on the head and jacking the shaft, not hurrying, but really working it, making it feel as good as she possibly could. Something she NEVER did for me. I could see a difference between him and me too, he was about 8" with a big head, while I am a very VERY thick 6 1/2". I just stood and waited, why interrupt when our marriage is already over? His eyes were closed and he rested his hand a tit he'd pulled out, twisting the nipple while she sucked. Finally, he began to groan and she redoubled her efforts and drank every drop he had to give. She sucked and cleaned his cock off, then tucked his cock away and sat up and glanced out the window, directly at me.

She screamed. And I mean SCREAMED! Rather than open the door and get out, Jodi rolled the window down, about to say something. I beat her to it.

"Don't come home. At least for tonight, don't come home. In fact, don't ever come home. And Tom?" I leaned down to look across at him. "Your life is over. Not tonight or even tomorrow. But when you least expect it, I'm going to be there and you won't even see me. Just be conscious of the fact, your life ends when I decide to take it."

I walked away. In the distance I could hear her sobbing and just as I got to my pickup, I could hear her steps behind me, running to catch up. Jumping in my truck, I started it and headed for home. Once in our house, it truly wasn't mine anymore, I started packing my shit. When it came down to it, there wasn't much I really wanted. My clothes, my personal items, some keepsakes my folks and grandparents gave me. I was home at 11:30, I was pulling out at 2:45. I found a wide spot out of town to park and after pulling over and backing in, I lay across the seat with a blanket. It was stunning as to how quickly I fell asleep. I guess shock will wear a guy out.

The next day was Saturday and I started shopping for a place to rent. After talking to a buddy, his wife knew of a place and by evening I was moved into a furnished house, only about 600 square feet, but it had everything I needed and for not very much per months. Then I went on to live my life, alone. The first thing was to change my phone number and be careful of who to give it to. My family, my boss and a couple friends, all with conditions they didn't tell Jodie. I heard through the gravevine that the word was we were over, which we were. So over, I didn't give a shit about even a divorce. Why get a divorce when you don't believe you're married? We were over.

The first time I happened across Jodie was at the local grocery store in town, of which there was only one. I knew it would happen eventually and steeled myself. She was with a couple co-workers, on their lunch break. When she saw me she stopped, then after a moment of indecision, she walked over to me. She apologized and asked if we could talk. I told her no thanks, I had to get on into work. We didn't meet again for almost a month and that time I was just going into our small deli while she and Tom were coming out. I actually held the door just like I would for anyone else and as they exited, I gave Tom a punch to the ribs, right where the stomach and lower ribs come together. He sank to his knees and then curled up on the ground. I went in and ordered my sandwich. While I waited for it, I watched Jodie help him up and they left, in his '66.

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