Summer Vacation

by DG Hear

Copyright© 2015 by DG Hear

Young Adult Sex Story: My vacation was so much more than I had expected.

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I want to tell you about my best vacation ever; it happened three years ago. I should go back and tell you a little about myself. My name is Daniel Myers. This happened after my freshman year at college.

Growing up I was always short and skinny for my age. I just didn't seem to fit in. I didn't get picked on but I never even kissed a girl or went on a date till my senior year of high school. I was a smart kid and received excellent grades but I had to work for them. I was too small for most sports but I did join the cross-country team my junior and senior year of high school.

I was a late bloomer and was five foot six inches tall and just over a hundred and ten pounds my junior year. By graduation I was up to five foot nine and a hundred thirty-five pounds. That might still be small to a lot of people but it really made me feel good.

My dad asked me if I was going to the prom and I told him I didn't think so. I asked a couple of girls and they already had dates. He surprised me by asking me if I would take Julie, a daughter of one of his friends that he worked with.

To be honest I hardly knew Julie. She was an ok looking girl, a little chubby and rumor had it that she slept around. I know that was something my dad didn't know. I heard that she and her boyfriend Berry recently broke up and she had already bought her prom dress. I told my dad I would ask her but had my doubts she would go with me.

The next day after school I stopped by her locker and asked her to the prom. She stared at me and said, "Dan, we hardly know each other. Why would you want to go the prom with me?"

"I guess because it's our senior year and it will be part of our memories." I really didn't know what to say; I didn't think telling her my dad asked me to ask her to go would be a good idea.

"Dan, I'm not a slut. I know that Berry has told everyone that we had sex. It was a mistake on my part. The only reason he went with me was to get in my pants. You need to know that I'm not going to sleep with you if we go to the prom."

I felt a bit embarrassed and told her that I wasn't planning on doing that at all. I just wanted to go to the prom and have a nice time. She agreed to go with me but asked if I minded double dating with her best friend Cindy and her boyfriend Jacob. I knew Cindy from school but her boyfriend was in college and I didn't know him. I agreed that we could double date and we made our plans for dinner and then going to the prom.

When I picked Julie up she looked really nice. She had on a blue dress that had thin straps on her shoulders and really accented her large breasts. Good thing I had bought her a wrist corsage because I would be half afraid I'd be touching her breasts.

Cindy and Jacob met us at Julie's house and Jacob drove. He was a nice enough guy and we got along fine. I saw him constantly put his hand on Cindy's thigh as he drove. There was no doubt that it wasn't the first time.

We had a nice dinner and I did my best to act like a gentleman. At the dance I could see Jacob constantly copping feels with Cindy and she would laugh. I knew Julie saw it too but never said anything. When I took her home I asked her if I could see her again and we planned a date for the day after graduation. I did kiss her lightly on the lips, said goodnight and headed for home.

I saw her a couple of times at school and reminded her of our date. She laughed and told me it was still on. At graduation it was really a hectic day. My parents and I went to Julie's graduation party and I reminded Julie of our date. We decided to go to the movies and out for a dinner.

Julie was going to college for nursing in Indiana and I was going to college for physical rehabilitation in Ohio. I would be driving back and forth and of course she would be staying in a dorm. I doubt if our paths would ever cross again except for a high school reunion.

Some people laughed when I told them what I was going to college for, seeing I was on the small side in stature, until they found out I helped the coaches at school with the players who had injuries in the different sports. I really did want to help people. I think that was why I didn't get picked on because I help many of the students that got injured in playing sports.

I didn't do anything medical but I did go get compresses and run water in the tubs and helped anyway I could. I guess that why I chose to go into physical therapy.

Julie wore a skirt and white blouse on our date. We ate at the local restaurant and went to the movie. After the movie Julie thanked me for not trying to paw her both at the prom and on our date. She told me most guys seem to just want to feel her off and get in her pants.

I looked at her and told her that I could understand why and she just laughed. When I took her home she invited me in. She said her parents would be gone for a couple of hours. She got us both a beverage and we sat on the couch and talked. This was when she told me about her college plans and that we probably wouldn't see each other again.

She leaned over and kissed me. I opened my lips slightly and we kissed again. She put her hand on my thigh on over to my cock and rubbed me on the outside of my trousers. I began to get hard almost instantly. Julie asked me if I had condoms and I told her I didn't carry them. I didn't tell her I never had intercourse before.

I reached over and put my hand on her thigh and she told me we couldn't have sex but that we could play around a little. She lay back on the couch in a sitting position and let me undo the buttons on her blouse. She leaned forward so I could unclasp her bra.

For the first time I saw these big beautiful breasts. I rubbed and squeezed them and took the nipples in my mouth and sucked on them. She put her hands behind my neck and pulled me into them. For the next few minutes I slobbered all over her big tits.

She told me to get on my knees between her legs. As I did she raised her ass and slipped her panties down over her thighs and I pulled them down her legs and took them off. I saw this nice black bush and pushed my face into it. It was wet and I separated her lips and stuck my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy. I licked and sucked as she held my head tight against her.

"Do you like my pussy? Does it taste good? Would you like to put your big cock in it?" She kept says things like this for the next few minutes and then I heard her scream out as she came and shot her juices all over my face.

I licked and sucked her pussy for all I was worth until her orgasms stopped. "God, that felt good. I wish I could fuck you but I can't. I'm not on the pill and you don't have any condoms." I told her I could go to the store and come back but she said there wasn't enough time. Her parents would be home shortly.

She told me to sit back on the couch, got on her knees and she undid my pants and pulled my cock out. "My God you're big! You're a lot bigger than Berry." Now that's something that makes a guy feel good when a girl tells you you're bigger than her ex-boyfriend.

She began sucking my cock taking over half of it in her mouth slobbering all over it. Every time she took it out spittle and pre-cum would drip on my balls. Damn, it felt great; a hell of a lot better than masturbating which was all I ever did up to this point. She sucked harder and harder and took my cock deeper in her mouth.

"Julie, I'm going to come!" I was so pissed, I wanted it to last forever and it was only a few minutes. The first squirt of cum she took in her mouth and the next half a dozen she let shoot on her big breasts. She squeezed every drop out of my cock and sucked the head clean when she was finished.

I watched as she rubbed my cum all over her breasts. She told me she would be right back and went to the bathroom. I tucked my cock and balls back into my pants and she came out fully dressed again and sat in a chair across from me. I was about to say how great it was but the door opened and her parents walked in.

Julie acted so natural and her parents asked us if we had a good time. I had no problem telling them we had a great time and maybe someday we could do it again. Julie agreed and said it would be fun. I left to go home with some very fond memories.

I started college and felt a bit intimidated. I was one of the smaller guys in my classes. I didn't look my age and other students took me for younger than eighteen. I wasn't very outgoing so it made it a little rougher making friends, besides I drove to the university everyday rather than live in a dorm.

I talked to one of my advisors and she suggested that seeing that my major was Physical Therapy that I minor in 'Massage Therapy Training', that way I would be intermingling more with other students.

I read up about it and found that it would only be a seven hundred and fifty hour class and I could get licensed. I also found out that I could earn up to fifty dollars an hour or more which would help me pay for my education. I started with taking a couple of courses at a time. I figured I could get licensed by the end of my first year of college.

My instructor seemed nice enough but suggested I build up my own body as well. He explained to me that it took more strength than people realized to give massages. He said I cold use the weight room anytime I wanted.

My life had become very busy. I took my courses during the day and my massage therapy classes in the late afternoon. I would go to the weight room every day after classes and work out. I started with fifteen minutes a day and built up to over an hour a day. I might not have grown much taller but I was bulking up.

I had made a number of friends especially in our massage classes. As part of our class we would give different type of massages to each other. Most everyone goes into massage therapy thinking about the sexual side of a massage but there was way more to learn which we found out.

By the end of my first year of college I still needed over a hundred hours of massage classes before I cold get my license. My instructor told me I was doing great and would make a great massage therapist. I could probably take my state licensing exam by Christmas of my sophomore year.

I had hoped to get it in one year but my physical therapy classes took most of my time. My PT instructor said he believed I did the right thing in doing the weight lifting and exercise because I would need the extra strength when lifting and helping patients. He told me to keep exercising and stay with the weight program throughout the summer. The gym was open to students of the college throughout the summer and I was within driving distance.

I heard that a number of students were going to Myrtle Beach during summer break. I thought that it would be great to go with them for a few days. I have never done anything like that on my own. Four of my friends were going together and share a room right near the beach. They asked me if I was interested in going along.

When I mentioned it to my mom she wasn't excited at all. She gave me all the lectures of young people going on summer breaks and getting into trouble. She explained how there was a lot of drinking and parties going on and she thought I was to young and shy to be out on my own.

We went around and around about the short vacation but she said maybe next year, that she just didn't feel good about me being out there on my own. I felt bad about it and probably pouted like a kid but it didn't help.

A couple of days later my mom said she had an idea if I wanted to go along with it. Needless to say my ears perked up. She told me she talked to her best friend, Mary, from her college days. She asked me if I remembered Mary who I met a couple of times while growing up: I told her I did.

Mary had two kids, Jason and Angel. Jason was two years older then me and was a jock. He use to pick on me whenever our parents weren't watching. Angel was two years younger than me and was the prettiest and nicest girl you would ever want to meet. She would always tell Jason to leave me alone and stop being a bully.

Mom went on to say that Mary lived at Myrtle Beach and said if I wanted to stay at her place for a few days that Mary said it would be fine with her; she would love to have me there. I could go to the beach with my friends and spend my nights at Mary's house.

I knew mom was really trying. She wanted me to be able to spread my wings but not fly too far too fast. I thought about Angel and how pretty she must be now. She would be a senior this coming semester. I kissed my mom on the cheek and gave her a hug and told her that I would love to go.

I told my friends and they told me where they would be staying. I let them know that I would be dropping in to see them. I realized that I would be saving a lot of money not having to help pay for a room on the beach.

My mom was worried about me driving that distance by myself and I told her I had a GPS and was good with directions. I wouldn't have any problem finding Mary's house. I really felt proud setting out on my own and feeling like an adult. I also thought about seeing Angel again. It's been a few years since I last saw her. I guess as a kid a had a little crush on her. She was always nice to me, probably feeling sorry for me.

I arrived at Mary's house on Thursday evening. She had just gotten home from work. She greeted me with a big hug and said she hardly recognized me saying I had grown so much and not the little skinny kid she remembered.

I didn't remember her looking so sexy but didn't tell her that. For a woman in her forties she looked great. She was a brunette with shorter hair. She was almost the same height as me which was five feet nine and a half, she was maybe an inch shorter. She had large breasts and a nice figure. I did my best not to stare at her.

I was sad to hear that Angel wasn't home and wouldn't be home that weekend. Mary was divorced from her first husband who she had her two kids with. He lived in another state and Angel had gone out to visit him for a month during the summer. She would be home the following week.

Jason was home for the summer but spent most of his time with his girlfriend. Mary said that she asked Jason to take me over to the beach the following days so I could meet up with my friends. Her current husband who she has been with for the last ten years is an over the road truck driver and would be home Sunday.

Mary did say that I could sleep in Angel's room, that she had called her and she said it was fine, just stay out of her drawers. That made us both laugh. Mary gave me a beverage and said she was going to dress in something more comfortable. She was in her work suit; she was a human resource manager at a local manufacturing plant. She came out wearing shorts and a white short sleeve top.

Jason came through the front door and said, "Well if it isn't little Danny Boy! Mom said you would be staying here a few days. She asked me to show you the motel where your friends will be staying. We'll go first thing in the morning." He asked his mom what was for dinner and she told him she had ordered pizza and it would be there shortly.

The pizza arrived and the three of us sat in the living room and ate pizza. Jason put on a sports channel while we ate. He told me he was going to be a senior and was on the football team which I already knew. He was taking business management and would probably work in management at the local manufacturing plant. There wasn't a lot of doubt that his mother would see he got hired. He was smart, great physical shape and looked like management material.

I told him I was taking courses to become a physical therapist. It was something that I always wanted to do to help others. I didn't mention the massage therapy because too many people get the wrong idea.

It felt a little odd sleeping in Angel's bed. Her room was neat and clean and I could smell the scent of her cologne in the room. The following morning Jason said he would show me the way to the motel my friends were staying at. I followed him in my car.

We picked up his girlfriend, Trish on the way. She was a looker but I would expect Jason to have a good looking girlfriend. She was nice and also friendly. After introducing him to my friends he explained to me how to get back to their house when I was ready to go home.

It was around six o'clock when I headed back to Mary's house. I stopped and picked up some shrimp and chips for Mary, Jason and me. She was surprised that I was back so early. I explained to her that I had a nice time on the beach but my friends were going out to party and I knew they would be drinking and I really didn't want any part of that.

I thought it best to just come back to the house. I did tell Mary that I was hoping to tour the Myrtle Beach area the following day which was Saturday. It was then that she informed me that Jason wouldn't be home till Sunday. His girlfriend's aunt was in the hospital in another town and he would be staying at their relatives' house Friday and Saturday.

Mary had changed into shorts and a t-shirt and I have to say she looked great. She told me she had been on her feet all day and they really hurt. She pored herself a glass of wine and we talked. We didn't even turn the TV on. She asked me if I wanted a glass of wine but I just got myself a beverage out of the fridge.

As we sat and ate the shrimp and chips we talked about my schooling when I told her about my taking massage therapy as a minor and that I could give her a foot massage to help relieve the pain. After we finished eating I poured her another glass of wine and kneeled in front of her and began massaging her feet.

She lay back and closed her eyes as I gently massaged her feet. "It feels so good Danny. Are you licensed as a masseuse?"

"No, not yet, but I will be by the time the Christmas holidays roll around. By the way since I'm a male I'll be a masseur; a masseuse is a female, a masseur is a male." I laughed after I said it.

"It feels so good, my whole body could use this," replied Mary.

"If you want to lay on the floor I can rub your back, arms and legs. Sometimes I rub mom's shoulder and feet."

"I have an idea. What if we change into our bathing suits and I can lay on the air mattress instead of the hard floor. Than afterwards we can go for a dip in the pool," Mary suggested.

She went in and changed into a one piece bathing suit which was cut really low in the back. I put on my bathing suit which was nothing out of the ordinary and we headed out to the patio. Mary took along her wine glass and the remainder of her bottle of wine.

She folded a towel and used it for a pillow as she lay on her tummy. Damn, she had one sexy ass. I started on her shoulders and began rubbing them lightly and then applied pressure. I asked Mary if she had any kind of body lotion or oil to make the rubbing smother.

She had me go into her bathroom and get her body lotion. When I got back I noticed she refilled her wine glass. I applied some oil to her back and began rubbing her shoulders a little harder. I asked her if it would be alright to pull her straps off her shoulders so I wouldn't get oil all over them.

She told me to go ahead and how good it felt. I could hear her breathing harder and even moaning. I straddled her butt as I rubbed her back. I felt myself getting a hard-on and was hoping she wouldn't say anything. When I felt tightness in her back I did my best to explain that it was muscles that tighten up usually do to stress or muscle pulls.

I kept talking to her to get my mind off of my getting harder. I did tell her that I hope her husband wouldn't get mad at me for giving her a massage. She was a little drunk by now and said piss on her husband. He didn't need to know and she sure wasn't going to tell him.

It was then she began to talk about her relationship with her second husband. As I mentioned Henry, her second husband was a truck driver. Mary said their marriage was more of a convenience than love. They cared for one another and liked a lot of the same things.

She probably wouldn't have told me about their life if she wasn't so inebriated, but she did say sex with Henry was good. He would do most anything she wanted, whenever she wanted. His problem was he had a roving eye.

A number of years back Mary found out he would have sex with other women while on the road. She thought about divorcing him at the time but decided to stay married to him. He promised her that he wouldn't do it again which turned out to be a lie but the days he was home he was a great husband. He helped with the chores and did most of the outside work.

They would go out often to eat and to plays, shows, movies and parties. Outside of his cheating he was a good husband. She ruled the house and most always got her way. So, she let him have his little flings as long as it was on the road.

I got brave enough to ask her if she had flings also and she laughed and told me, "No," that Henry was enough for her but she did like receiving attention from the opposite sex like most women. She didn't see the need to act on it.

I dropped down and began rubbing her feet and ankles. After doing her calves I was a bit leery moving up to her thighs. When I began rubbing them she spread her legs a little. Thank God she couldn't see my cock getting harder. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her crotch. I could see it was a little damp and had to be her own juices since we haven't been wet yet.

I rubbed her thighs and asked her if she wanted me to do her front. Without saying anything she turned over and put her towel across her boobs. Her bathing suit top was pulled down below her tits.

I went to the head of the air mattress and got on my knees. I had Mary move up so her head would hang over the mattress slightly so I could better rub her neck. She had her eyes closed as I cuddled her head in my hands and gradually rubbed her neck. She kept telling me how good it felt.

I found myself staring at her breasts covered by her towel. After I was finished rubbing her neck I gently lay her head down and move my hands to the upper part of her shoulders. I got really brave and uncovered her beautiful big tits and quickly poured oil on them.

She opened her eyes as I began massaging her breasts. I couldn't help getting hard and my cock was slightly peeking out of my loose bathing suit leg. I figured I must have went too far by not asking Mary if she wanted her tits massaged but kept rubbing them.

Mary reached up and pulled my cock out of my swimsuit and began sucking on the head of it. I in turn rubbed her tits till her nipples stuck out like pencils. It felt so good having this beautiful older woman sucking my cock while I massaged her nipples.

Then it was about to happen. "Mary, I'm about to come. I'm so sorry, I don't know what to say."

She took my cock out of her mouth and held it while I shot load after load on her boobs. I couldn't believe how much I came, it was almost embarrassing. "I think we should get in the pool and cool off," Mary said with a smile. She pulled her straps up and I helped her off the air mattress and we both got into the pool.

"Danny, I need you to promise me that you will never say a word about this to anyone. I know that we went too far but it felt too good to stop you. Do I have your word to keep this secret just between us?"

"Of course, I would like to tell the world how wonderful you are but I would never do that to you; I like and respect you too much."

She reached over and filled her wine glass again. I wanted so much for more to happen and walked up behind her and pressed my cock against her ass and kind of pushed her against the side of the pool.

"Danny, what do you think you're doing?" She actually said it in a nice way and was even smiling when she said it. "I can't believe you're hard already after coming as much as you did."

With one hand she reached behind her back and felt my cock. "I love it when you touch it, it feels so good," I said to her. She turned around, smiled at me and reached in my swimsuit and grabbed my cock. "Is this what you like?" she asked me as she squeezed my cock."

"God, I love it I replied. I've only had one other girl ever squeeze me like that before and that was just after high school."

Mary looked surprised and asked me how many times I've had sex. "Do you mean oral or actual intercourse?" I asked.

"Have you ever fucked a girl or a woman Danny?" She came straight out and said it.

I looked away embarrassed and said, "No, I've never had intercourse but I have done oral."

She took my hand and put it between her legs and said, "Squeeze my pussy, Danny. Squeeze it hard."

I did just like she said and I couldn't believe how lucky I was. This sexy, good looking older married woman, who was my mom's best friend was letting me squeeze her pussy. I knew she was a little high but I was also aware that she knew what she was doing.

"Do you want me to be your first?" she said to me while squeezing my cock.

"God yes!" I exclaimed while rubbing her pussy on the outside of her bathing suit.

We got out of the pool and went back to the air mattress. Mary had me pull the straps down on her bathing suit to her waist. I leaned over and kissed her beautiful tits. She smiled sweetly as she lay on the air mattress and lifted her hips and had me kneel and pull the remainder of her suit over her hips and down her legs.

I stood up and for the first time I saw her beautiful pussy. It was trimmed neatly and the brown hair glistened. With her knees bent she spread her legs and I had a great view of her pussy. She sat up and in one quick swoop pulled my swimsuit down to my ankles. I kicked them off and as she lay back down as I got on my knees between her legs.

She reached up, grabbed my cock and guided me to her pussy. "Fuck me Danny, fuck me hard. This is your first time and I want it to be in your memory forever."

I pushed in hard and watched her pussy swallow my cock inch by inch. Her pussy felt so hot and so good that I could think of nothing but eventually getting my rocks off. Mary said to me, "Don't worry about pleasing me right now. Just fuck me as hard as you can and enjoy your first fuck. Fuck me Danny, push your big hard cock in my pussy."

I had raised her legs and put them against my shoulders so I could get even deeper. I was so glad that I came earlier so that I could last longer this time. I couldn't believe it when I felt Mary having an orgasm. "Holy hell," she said. "You feel so damn good and your cock is so big." She screamed out, "Fuck me Danny! Fuck your mother's best friend!"

I felt the build up and pushed in as hard as I could and came hard. Shot after shot went into her pink pussy. She was still having an orgasm or another one. She pushed up hard against my cock; her eyes were closed and a smile was on her face. I lowered her legs but kept my cock inside of her till it got soft.

"Danny," she said to me. I felt like I was in another world. "Danny, Honey, we have to get up and get cleaned off. Jump in the pool and later you can take a shower."

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