Work Contact

by LazyAssJack

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Erotic Sex Story: My first first encounter at my work place after I discovered Society of Cuckolds. Here I meet Debbie a stunning girl who is cuckholding her husband Kenny. I make her cum on my fingers and then she sucks me off in front of her hubby Kenny in his office.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Swinging   Interracial   Oral Sex   .

It was a beautiful sunny day as I was driving to work. As I entered my office, Debbie was walking towards me. She cheerfully waved at me and said hello as usual. She was wearing a long yellow/green flowing dress which came below her knees. The dress had buttons from top to bottom, and she had the top button open. It was a summer dress and she must be wearing an inner shirt of same colour, as I could not even see an outline of her nice squeezable breasts as she walked by me. I admired her ass as she went in to her office which was right beside mine.

Once I started my computer, the morning went over briskly with responding to Emails, giving directions to team members and tracking status of the project I was working on. And then I went for a bathroom break at 11:30am, and as I was walking back to my office, I saw Debbie sitting at the desk and working furiously on her computer. She had top three buttons open as she was working and I noticed she was wearing a nice gold necklace with a pendant on it. The pendant looked familiar, I said hello to her, and she raised her head and greeted me cheerfully. As she raised her head, I got a good look at the pendant, and was surprised to see queen of spades pendant hanging from her necklace.

I walked into her office looked in her eyes and said, "You look very nice today and the pendant matches you." She immediately looked down and blushed and said thank you. I leaned across her desk, and asked her whether she knew the meaning of that pendant? She gave me a broad smile and said yes. I asked whether I could take a closer look at the pendant. She said sure and thrusted her chest forward while remaining seated at her desk. I leaned in across her desk resting on my left elbow, reached over and pulled the pendant for closer examination with my right hand. As I grabbed the pendant, I gently brushed her neck and whispered, "How do you like this lifestyle?"

Debbie said "I love it and can't think of going back ever," and smiled broadly. As I was examining the pendant I moved my left hand and gently pinched her left nipple through her dress. She was wearing a bra and the inner shirt with same yellow colour as her dress can be seen with her top three buttons undone. I asked "Does Kenny know about your lifestyle choice?"

She laughed and said he enjoys watching her having sex with others and loves to film it as well. I smiled while gently picking and squeezing her nipples and said, "We should could go out for lunch."

Debbie immediately replied, "How about going out for lunch today?"

I said, "That is a lovely idea and asked her to come by my office and we will drive in my car to the restaurant."

At noon as I was sending my last Email, Debbie came by my office and said, "Are you ready?"

Was I ready? I had a hard on since our discussion half an hour ago, and I am sure my pre cum has soaked through my underwear. I grabbed my keys and we walked over to my car. I opened the passenger door for Debbie and then got in and drove to a restaurant about ten minutes away from our office which had some booths. This added another level of excitement as we could be caught by others who work at our office as well.

We found a nice booth at the rear of the restaurant, on the other side where the restrooms were. This reduced the chance of meeting other office workers while we are in the booth, but increased the chance of being getting caught while going to the restroom.

Within two minutes of being seated, a waitress came by with menus and asked whether we wanted anything to drink. Debbie ordered a glass of house red wine, and I ordered sprite with no ice. While we waited for our drinks to arrive, I put my arm around her neck, pulled her close and started kissing. I started slowly by touching her lips with mine, then slowly opened my lips and nudged her lips with my tongue. As I nudged her she slowly parted her lips to allow my tongue to play with hers. And then for next thirty seconds we tongue wrestled and I found out that she loves to swallow my saliva. As I was kissing her I squeezed both her breasts and soon her nipples hardened.

We slowly ended our kiss and asked how often she partakes in cuckolding Kenny. She said that they try to do it at least once a month, and sometimes it doesn't work that way. After we got our drinks we placed our order for lunch. Debbie ordered meat lasagna and I ordered a burger. After the waitress left, we raised a toast for a new beginning between us. Then I put my glass down and told her that she is over dressed, and I asked her to go to the restroom and remove the bra and panties and then hand them over to me when she returns.

She looked straight into my eyes, leaned over lightly kissed me on the lips and then got up and left to the rest room. Two minutes later she came back, sat down and handed me the bra and panties. The panties had clear wet dark spot on crotch area. I put them on the bench seat between us and leaned over and french kissed her while squeezing both breasts. I could feel and pinch her nipples much better now without the bra. Now I could slide my hands inside her dress and play with her breasts through her yellow tee, her nipples hardened and visibly poked through her dress.

When the waitress brought our lunches, she noticed the bra and panties on the bench between us, and she blushed and her face turned red as she peeked at Debbie's nipples which were prominently poking through her dress now. "Enjoy your lunch" she said while keeping her head down, and then walked back.

Soon we had quite a few waiters and waitresses walk by our booth, and I guess our waitress must have told them about us. We ignored them and continued our conversation. I knew Debbie was Kenny's second wife and he had a kid from his first marriage. This was Debbie's first marriage. She told me that Kenny's first marriage fell apart when he tried to get his first wife to cuckold him. He has a daughter from his first marriage, Julie, who is in college. Debbie has a boy, Jake who was conceived on a gang bang during their week long vacation about three months before their wedding.

I asked her how she had not given birth to more babies, with their active lifestyle. Debbie said that she had been on birth control since giving birth to Jake, but has stopped using them about six months ago, as she is trying to have another baby. I put my arm around her and pulled her close to me, and proceeded to give her a very wet open mouth french kiss. While we were tongue wrestling, I opened the fifth and sixth button on her dress, below her waist and gently started rubbing her wet moist cunt under the table.

Debbie crushed her mouth with mine and sucked on my tongue as my fingers slowly rubbed against her clit. She placed her hand on my crotch and started gently squeezing my very hard cock through my pants. As she was sucking on my tongue and swallowing my saliva, I first inserted my middle finger into her very wet cunt and soon added my forefinger in her pot.

I noticed some waiters slowly walking around our booth, and I stopped kissing her and pulled back, keeping my fingers in her cunt. I told her that since she was off the pills, I should arrange to get her bred. She squeezed her cunt on my fingers, when I said that and replied that she is looking forward to it. I gently twisted my fingers inside her cunt and slowly pulled out my wet fingers.

Debbie moaned a little when I licked my fingers clean as I maintained eye contact with her. Soon I checked my watch and realized that we had spent more than an hour, and decided to get back to work. When we got the bill I pulled out my wallet to pay for it, but Debbie would not let me. She said that Kenny pays for all expenses when she goes out with others and loves to eat her when she gets home. I guessed he was a full blown cuckold, and I did not object any further.

As we were getting up to leave, I quickly adjusted my crotch to make my full hard on bulge less visible. Debbie didn't bother to adjust her dress. She left the top three buttons and fifth and sixth button open as we walked out of the restaurant, proudly showing off her queen of spades pendant to anyone who bothered to look. I opened the passenger side door for her and as she got in she made sure that her breast rubbed against my crotch, while looking into my eyes. Then I got into the car and drove to our work place.

As we were driving I asked about her kids, and she said they were excellent and doing really well at school. She also mentioned that her step daughter Julie has a steady boy friend who is also into the cuckold life style. She said that Julie attended parties with her boyfriend Bobby, and gets royally screwed by others while he films it with his go pro camera. I reached over and squeezed her thighs and said, "I must meet her soon." Debbie said, "Julie is in college, but will be home in a month's time for a week. And she probably will bring Bobby with her."

After we reached our work place, I parked my car away from the building so I can fondle her again before getting out of the car. After parking, I reached over and pulled her close to me. She parted her lips as I pulled her with my right hand and thrusted my tongue into her mouth. I reached over with my left hand into her dress and inserted two fingers into her wet moist cunt. I twisted my fingers in her cunt and rubbed her clit with my thumb while she was swallowing my free flowing saliva. That was extremely risky, as anyone who was out for a walk from our workplace could have easily seen us. After a couple of minutes Debbie shook against me and came very hard on my fingers. I pulled back my head and pulled out my fingers and pushed them into her mouth. She grabbed my hand and thoroughly sucked her juices off my fingers and cleaned them. Then I leaned over and gently kissed her on her forehead and asked her to adjust her clothing. She buttoned her dress and left the top button open.

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