A New Year's Needs

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Maturing woman assesses her sex life on the holiday when many people look toward the future and consider changes they wish to make. The changes she comes to are not small ones and there will be consequences.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Cheating   Slut Wife   Sharing   .

It was after sunrise on New Year’s Day and Rhonda was still in bed with her snoring husband. It was nice not to have to get up and be busy for a change. She fingered her pussy, remembering the good loving she had when they got home from the party at their friends’ house. She’d try for some more during the day. At 44, with some signs of an early menopause, she still got horny and enjoyed the physical and emotional intimacy when she could get it. Her husband’s seed had never taken root in spite of her less than diligent use of contraception. They both had careers and that seemed to be okay.

She had a long talk with her mom, who was 66, on Christmas day. They’d gotten into the “adult” eggnog and opened up with each other more than they had in a long time. She’d suddenly lost Rhonda’s father midway through the last year after a long marriage and the daughter had put a lot of energy into supporting her devastated mom. Mom had pulled out of it though and seemed adjusted to that big change in her life.

What she’d learned from her mom during that talk a week earlier had been a little bit jarring but also made her really think about some things in her own life and decide if some changes might be in order. Wasn’t that supposed to be a traditional thing for this holiday?

Her mom had revealed that she had begun dating only three months after Dad’s demise. That was a little startling to Rhonda but when mom revealed that she was now having sex with TWO “nice men”, her daughter freaked out a bit.

Kids never think about their parents having sex so that made this revelation even more startling. Mom had explained that she and Dad were still getting it on regularly and the last time was only two days before he died. “Darling daughter, that special enjoyment was an important part of my life and I know I wouldn’t have wanted your dad to be deprived. I was very concerned that men wouldn’t find me attractive with my big saggy breasts and belly not as flat as it used to be. Dad always said that didn’t matter, it was my enthusiasm that was most important. I sure was, and I still am.”

She saw the look on her daughter’s face and said, “Hasn’t that become more important to the two of you as you’ve gotten older?” Rhonda had to admit that her outlook had changed. She’d had one boyfriend who got in her pants before she met Brian. There were also a few that copped some feels and got blowjobs. They’d been mostly interested in the physical stuff and eager to satisfy themselves. Brian’s interest had gone a lot deeper, and not just with his nice male organ, and that’s what brought and kept them together.

Rhonda’s curiosity was going wild and she had to ask, “Do these men know about each other?”

Mom smiled as she answered, “They should. They’re twins and live together. One’s divorced and one’s widowed.” She smirked, “They’re ‘hard’ to tell apart if you know what I mean. I’m not doing them together yet but I think that’s ‘coming’.”

Rhonda’s face was red and she tried to change the subject. Mom asked, “Did you do some experimenting in college before you met your husband? I sure did. Your dad wasn’t the first or the second or even the third. I was dating another guy when I met him and kept on for a while until I was pretty sure he was the one for me. Back then, just like now, when I say I am dating somebody it means I’ll get naked with them.”

That was all her daughter could take and she excused herself, wild thoughts running through her mind. Her feelings were in an uproar and Brian got more attention in bed than he had in a while but he ascribed that to the holidays.

Now that the door had been opened, she was intensely curious about her mother’s experiences. Her own latent curiosity was no longer subject to parental judgement. Was she being encouraged to explore things without waiting until too late in life? How would Brian react if she wanted to go outside their marriage? He didn’t know about her premarital experience but he’d clearly had more, she figured, being a somewhat older guy and pretty good even the first time they’d screwed.

Mom wasn’t much help there because she’d never pushed boundaries while Dad was alive. She’d ask her new men to get the male viewpoint. She was going to visit them that evening.

Too anxious to wait any longer, Rhonda invited her mother for lunch. “Did you talk to them?” she inquired.

Mom smiled, a dreamy look on her face, “I raised the issue with each of them when they couldn’t raise anything else.”

Rhonda interrupted, “You ‘did’ both of them last night?”

“Sure. Why not? It’s a lot easier for women to do two than a man. Anyway, they weren’t much help except offering to teach you some new tricks themselves. That didn’t surprise me, those old horndogs.”

Rhonda had a wild thought, “Maybe I should ask them directly? I’ve never had two in a row!”

Her mom must be a mindreader because that’s exactly what she suggested and said she’d even arrange it. A Saturday would be best because Brian often golfed and the weather prediction was good. In any case, going to “do things with mom” would be the best possible cover. Mom would take her to their house and introduce everyone.

The twins were in pretty good shape and had fixed a nice lunch with wine so they could get acquainted. After finishing that, Mom led her to one of the bedrooms and the thought ran through Rhonda’s mind “Oh my God, my mom has been fucked in this bed and now I’m going to be.” Mom gave her a hug and said she’d be back in a couple hours. Rhonda got under the covers after she undressed, shaking with both anxiety and anticipation. It had been an awfully long time since she’d been naked with anybody but her husband. Another stray thought, “How would she know which one she was with? Did it didn’t really matter.”

The door opened and one of them dressed in only a robe came in. He sat on the bed and reached for her hand, then said “I’m Tom and I look forward to meeting you.” Was that a double entendre? Meet or meat?

He was slow and patient and her nervous energy was soon transforming to arousal. When she got her hands on it, his penis was similar to Brian’s and it seemed that way when it got inside. Of course, he did things differently and seemed almost fixated on her breasts as she rode him, which position he indicated he preferred. He must be a “tit man”. Like her mother, she was full bosomed but they didn’t sag nearly as much and he sure knew how to make them feel real good. His tit play brought her to a nice orgasm and then she concentrated on getting his. She heard and felt when he let go, painting his wigglers all over her insides.

She laid on his chest for little bit and then rolled off to the side. He put on his robe and left the door ajar and the other one, must be Terry, was wearing an identical robe and sat on the other side of the bed. She’d had plenty of foreplay and he knew it, so he also had her sit on his love tool and she wasn’t surprised that it felt the same. The loving wasn’t though. He also loved her breasts but kissed and touched and moved differently. She came again just before he flooded her with a second hot gift.

She sat on the toilet, peeing and trying to squeeze out the man cream so her husband wouldn’t notice it if it was one of those days he came home from golfing horny. When she had asked him about that, he said that some of the women golfers dressed pretty provocatively, he thought. Whatever got him riled up didn’t matter, she got to take advantage of it.

It was a good call, as was her idea to give her mother her shopping list and credit card to do while she was getting laid. As soon as he put his clubs away, he came after her and she hoped she cleaned herself out well enough. He didn’t seem to notice so she just relaxed and had a good time.

She showed him what she had bought that day and asked about his golf game. He said it was just average and didn’t offer any details like he usually did. That was a little puzzling.

That night on retiring, she was getting the fourth fuck of her day, a new record certainly. Was she radiating some kind of sexual aura or something? If this is what being a wicked wife resulted in, it was a good thing!

Her mom reported that the guys had really enjoyed their time with her and their ardor with Mom hadn’t been diminished at all. Did she want to try it again? She shared that she had a lot to think about and wouldn’t say yes or no right now. It had been a great experience though.

Her sex life tapered down over the next two weeks and then it was another good golf day for her husband so she called the twins directly and they invited her for lunch once more. This time was even better since she was more relaxed and the guys had shared her hot buttons with each other. They each did her in two different positions and their order was reversed, as if she could even tell the difference.

She took a quick shower before she left and made a fast run through the store, barely arriving home before her husband got there. Just like two weeks earlier, he was horny and came up behind her, unbuttoning her blouse and undoing her bra so he could cup her tits as he began kissing her shoulders and the back of her neck. She pushed her ass back against him but he wasn’t erect yet. She stood still as he reached around to undo her slacks and pulled them down, still behind her. He kissed her buns and indicated he wanted her to lean forward so he could lick her pussy. Wow! He hadn’t tried that for years.

Concerned what he might taste there, she said she had to go pee and she’d made him in the bedroom. She did a quick douche and went after his now firmer pecker with her mouth. The easiest thing was for her to mount him and she knew he’d like that because she’d stick her nipples one after the other into his mouth. She couldn’t resist a comment, “Boy, I wish you played golf more often. I guess this makes me the 19th hole!” That made them laugh and he thrust his cock up when she came down. That made her clit tingle. She wasn’t sure if she could get off anymore because her new cocksmen had done a good job, but she did manage one before she once again got three brands of seed planted.

Visiting with Mom, she observed that she still didn’t have a solution and jokingly added, “He’s always loved my tits. I bet he’d like yours too.”

“I’d fuck him in a minute. I haven’t had a young cock since your father’s was.” Older and younger were relative, after all.

Grinning, Rhonda said, “It’s not a bad idea at all. Only fair too, I guess. How could we pull this off?” Mom thought for a minute, “Don’t you have a business trip coming up next week. I could come over to ‘take care’ of him in your absence. I bet I could seduce him, the way he ogles my tits.” Rhonda agreed it was worth a try.

So it was arranged that Mom would stay for the week Rhonda was away. On the second day she told Brian she wanted to work on her suntan and she could get a better one here because there was more privacy than at her place. Could he find her some very mild sunscreen so she wouldn’t soak up the rays too fast? He went looking and she stripped down.

Brian found her face down on a cushion on the deck. She raised up and said to him, noticing that his eyes were riveted on her hangers, “Please rub it all over me.” Her pussy tingled as she felt his strong hands starting at her neck and shoulders and working their way down to the bottoms of her feet. She thanked him and he settled down under an umbrella with a book but he’d set it up so he could eyeball her body while appearing to read. She took some glances too and it looked like his shorts had a bit of a bulge.

She looked damn good for her age. In spite of her unhappiness with her rounded belly, the rest of her was trim and she didn’t even have much gray in her hair, either place.

After a while she raised up on one arm, her tits pointing right at him, and asked if he could do the other side just as well as he had done the first one. “Don’t skip any place because I don’t want to tan unevenly,” she admonished. It was even more delightful on this side as he made sure that her breasts and thighs were properly coated. He’d almost but not quite gotten to her pussy. When he got done fondling her toes, which was one erogenous zone she hadn’t realized, she told him he had missed a part and spread her thighs wider. That seemed to paralyze him so she reached over and grabbed the obvious hard shaft in his shorts.

Putting one hand on her pussy she said, “I think this part need some lotion on the inside and you’ve got just the right tool to administer it.” She was afraid the tanning lotion wouldn’t taste very good when she pulled him to the tits that were sagging off to each side a bit. He didn’t seem to mind at all and worked on them harder as she fished out the meat that her daughter had been enjoying for so long. As much as she liked to suck cock, neither he nor she needed that extra stimulation.

Knowing from Rhonda that he loved being on the bottom, she quickly put him on his back and made a real production out of mounting him with her tits swaying in front of his face, forcing him to bend his head up to try capturing them with his mouth. He was totally under her control.

They enjoyed a leisurely fuck this way for quite a while and then she got on her hands and knees and he took her from behind, delighting and cupping her swinging tits as he reached around her. He filled her even better than her twins and she let him know how much she was enjoying his attentions. When he shot in her twat it was a lot more vigorous than her other men and that was enough to set her off once more.

She was in his bed again that night and got to taste his tool before he buried it between her legs. The next day was Monday and he went after her tits as soon as he got home from work and his dick was drained once more. That was the pattern through the week and she reported it to her daughter as the days went by.

He pounded a big load into her just before departing for a golf match. Mom admonished him that this was to be kept just between them as she headed for the airport to pick up Rhonda. The two women had quite a lively visit, as you might imagine.

Rhonda was horny. She had never fooled around on these trips even though there was plenty of opportunity. That might be worth a reassessment in her “new life”.

Brian returned home to find her waiting in bed, naked and ready. She had some difficulty getting him hard enough to have fun with them which was a bit puzzling. Sure, he’d banged her mom that morning but there’d been plenty of time for him to recover.

Brian had the same golf buddy for several years but they hadn’t done much else together. Rhonda had met George’s wife Stef at a golf club party but they’d never gotten really acquainted. The petite redhead called her out of the blue one day and wanted to have a drink after work. Hmmm.

When they settled into a quiet corner, Rhonda let Stef take the lead. “The guys have been talking on the golf course about something that I want to share with you. First of all a question. Did you ever have fantasies about having sex with another man? I do and so did most of the older women I’ve ever asked about it.” Rhonda nodded without comment. “I’m sure you know guys do too. We decided to try it as a couple and I’ve explored this a couple of times with my husband’s knowledge and with great care in accepting the man. I can tell you firsthand that it’s pretty damned awesome and my husband loves it even though he has only watched.”

Rhonda interrupted, “Sure I’ve thought about it but why are you telling me about this.”

Stef smiled, “It’s is been a topic of conversation on the golf course and George figures your husband might be on board to exploring the idea with us. I’d like to know if you’re interested in trying out your fantasy with my husband.”

Rhonda figured that’s where this was going and, sure, in the past she’d talked it over with Brian and they’d had some good sex over it. It hadn’t come up for a while now and she thought maybe the idea was dead. They just never found a couple that might be attractive and discreet enough to try it with. Was this them? Why hadn’t Brian mentioned it to her? Maybe he figured it would be better to hear it from another woman.

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