Cheating and Recover 05

by Commentstory

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Drama Story: The comment part of other story collection contains small stories from Anonymous. When I met cheater wife recovering husband with newer wife or woman story I publish it. These stories are as the folklore for everyone.

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Cheating   Revenge   Violent   .

My Pen Name is Duna here. I am a fan and author of Cheating wife- Consequence-Recover with other woman stories. But I publish these stories on other Pen Name, because one or more Anonymous posters wrote in the comment section of another story collection. When I find a Cheating wife-Consequence/BTB(Burn The Bitch)-The husband Recover after divorce story I save then I publish. Such stories as this is similar to the folklore they belong to everyone.

I caught my own wife in bed with her boss too. His name was, is, Tom. I would have never known they were doing the horizontal tango, except I came home from work with the flu one day. Walking into our bedroom, they didn't hear me on the carpeted hall floor, I walked into our bedroom with Tom hammering away. My wife's legs were spread wide and she was grunting and urging him on. They both damn near had a heart attack when I walked in. Of course I did too, but didn't let on.

Instead, I walked on in and grabbed the pillow from under my wife and turned to the living room. By the time Tom snuck past me I was already asleep, having taking a half bottle of flu medicine on the way home. I was for the most part, unconscious. That evening, my wife woke me up and urged me to move to the bedroom, she'd figured out I was sick, but I glared at her, rolled over and went to sleep. Waking the next morning, I still felt bad but was about to die, needing to piss. I used the main bathroom, I swore to my self I would only enter the master bedroom to clean it out and that would be it.

How could my wife do that to me, is what I continued to wonder but also swore I'd never ask. We'd been married 7 years and were talking about starting our family. We lived in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath farmhouse rented from my parents neighbors. The thing was, we'd never got around to buying bedroom furniture for the other rooms. I rectified that problem that very day. My boss knew I wasn't going to be in so I headed out, still sick and in my work clothes from the day before. It was a Tuesday so I figured my wife must have went on in to work.

I went to my folks house and out to their barn where there was a mouse proof room they stored things. There, I found my old bed from when I grew up and took only the mattress home and put it in a spare bedroom. On the way home I bought a lock set and installed it on the bedroom door before passing out again on my old mattress. I suppose my wife figured out I was in there but didn't particularly care and didn't get up until the next morning. She was in the living room waiting when I stepped out of my room. Ignoring her I made a bee-line to the bathroom. From there I went into the laundry room and found enough clothes to head into work. When I came out, dressed for work, she, Jolinne, was waiting for me.

She wanted to talk. Ignoring her I left and went to work. There, I asked for a meeting with my boss. We had a heckuva session and I learned he had went through a bad divorce and as gently as he could, he let me know he'd help me out however I needed. It was a breath of fresh air to know I had someone on my side.

I stopped on my way home and had dinner. When I got home, there she was, again wanting to talk. Ignoring her, I unlocked the door to my room and after entering, locked it behind me. She knocked but I didn't answer the door and stayed there, playing on the computer until it was time for bed. The next day was Friday and was a repeat of the day before. My goal was to never speak with her again, eventually she would go away.

Saturday morning Jo was waiting for me, although I had risen early in hopes of missing her. Realizing I wasn't going to talk with her, she started talking. It about two minutes she told me how sorry she was, how much she loved me (she broke into tears at the look I gave her after that statement) and how she didn't want a divorce. Then she told me how she had quit her job and that Tom was terrified I was going to tell him wife. She swore she would never do it again and would do anything I wanted her to, to make it up. A family with me was her biggest dream. She tried not to cry when I looked at her again after that statement.

I left without a word, heading for my favorite fishing hole to do some thinking and planning. Already I had cleaned out our savings account and transferred it into a new account. Jo's family were wealthy and I wasn't worried about her financially. My parents were monetarily poor but were wealthy in land. The more I thought about it, the better I like the idea of just running her off and letting her divorce me. It wasn't like we had anything of value together, outside of what I considered true love. When I went home that night, I found Jo waiting with a nice dinner, but I ignored it. Instead, I fried the fish I had caught and had some vegetables to go with it. During the whole episode, I ignored Jo.

Life went on like that for the next month or so. It was interesting to find how quickly we became accustomed to it. No longer did we sit on the couch together, nice and close while we watched our favorite TV shows. Jo might have watched TV but I didn't. The internet and my room is where I spent my time. If I wasn't at work, working outside, eating or using the bathroom, I could be found in my room with the door locked. Sometimes I went out with a few friends.

One interesting thing did happen. I cleaned out my stuff from the master bedroom. Jo looked up with surprise when she saw me head toward our bedroom and watched from the hallway. When she saw I was moving my clothes and belongings out, she began to cry, cry harder than I'd seen before in my life. Afterward, you could see she had broken blood vessels in her eyes and a few in her face around her eyes. I guess that's when she realized it was over. She hung on for about four months and finally one day I came home and she was gone. I didn't bother to even call for her anywhere. I wasn't happy, but satisfied she was gone.

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