George's Dilemma

by Pars001

Copyright© 2015 by Pars001

Historical Sex Story: This story is a fictional account of Washington before the revolutionary war. I tried to use as many factual items as I could. This was an idea I got from reading all the facts and certain behaviors (sexually) of Washington and his wife.

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Historical   Cheating   Wimp Husband   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Rough   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Slow   Violent   Military   War   Politics   .

The darkness covered the land like a sheet of black, obscuring almost everything that lay before the man as he trudged his way to the cabin. He was thankful he'd traversed this way so many times, had he not he'd surely fallen and broken something more than once. It had been hell getting out of the house the last few weeks, what with the Torys keeping a watchful eye out for anything suspicious. Plus now he was hearing of a redcoat build up in Alexandria a nearby city, the bastards were also making it harder for him to see her.

Finally, he was close enough to see the dim light from the window of the little cabin at the back of his property. Giving his usual bird call announcement, he waited for her response, when he heard nothing he quietly and quickly moved as close as he dared. Lightly making his way to a window he watched in horror as the woman he was to meet tonight was spread eagled, being roughly screwed by a British officer. The man was about to draw his sword and

cut the throat of the guards and the officer when he heard her speak, "Oh Howe, you know how to plow your fertile fields don't you!" she breathlessly whispered, "oh my god, you're so big, you fill me up so much, faster! faster! harder please!" the grunting grew louder as the two bodies started slapping together harder and faster.

Moving away the man was seething with rage, fuck around on him? With a damned redcoat? He'd slit her throat for this, no one would miss the little slut, well, no one but her ass of a husband. Finally an hour later he saw the men leaving the cabin, waiting a sufficient amount of time he burst through the door sword drawn, ready to end the life of the treacherous bitch that he thought was his and his alone. The man could hardly look at her, the bite marks on her breasts and shoulders, the cum leaking from her vagina, the bruises around her throat and face the ... what?

In a tight, low and angry voice he asked, "What were you doing? I should end you! Cavorting with the enemy?"

Crying, she backed as far away from him as she could, "George! You think I wanted this? He choked me to near unconsciousness, the bloody bastard was looking for you! Had I not let him have his way with me he said he would kill me!"

George dropped the sword at this new development, for once in his life he felt ashamed that he'd let his temper get the best of him. Looking at the woman he loved with all his heart, her crying face soon melted his cold heart as he moved to tend to her. "Sally, when I saw you and it sounded like you wanted him on top of you, all I saw was red, I should have killed the redcoat bastard when I had the chance!"

"No George, had you done that there would have been more out here looking for you," turning away her tears fell anew, "that's why I let him, to protect you, I love you George, as I know you love me. Arrgh! Curse our parents for making these arranged marriages when we were just children!" George could only hold her close, already in his mind he was trying to think of ways to make those redcoat dogs pay for what they'd done to his Sally.

The next day he was approached near the main house by a Colonel Howe, it seemed that they had heard of unusual activity on George's property. Oh? George replied he hadn't but he'd increase his guards to make sure, George could feel the bile starting to rise in his throat, he hoped that they moved on soon he was disgusted playing a tory. His wife came out about that time, "May I offer you some refreshment Colonel?"

The Colonel looked at Martha's full figure, George could swear that the Colonel was salivating just looking at her breasts. "No, thank you my good lady, may I return tonight to discuss further protection of your estate?" Howe said never taking his eyes off Martha's chest.

"Why yes, it would be our extreme pleasure," George replied the bile now threating to flow up his throat with unexpected pressure. As they watched the man leave Martha whispered to George, "going to see your little whore tonight?" George only nodded, "Good it'll be good to have a real man in me for a change, be it, he's even a redcoat."

The night came quickly, Howe arrived early with 2 of his aides, after semi pleasant conversation over dinner both George and Howe retired to have brandy and cigars. "I've been tracking a criminal to the crown," Howe started, "It seems he has been attacking supply lines for his majesty's troops, I've trailed him to the edge of your property."

George could see that Howe was waiting to see how he reacted, to throw him off George suddenly got angry, "you mean the traitorous blackguard has been hiding out on my property! Kill that bastard! How dare he use our good name to protect his self!"

Howe was startled for a moment his eyes growing large, hhmmm he thought, maybe I was wrong about this one. His aides nearby both yawned, "Ah! It appears we need to return to command headquarters," Howe said yawning his self.

George saw a chance here, "You and your men could stay here tonight, we have more than enough room," George hoped that Howe would take the bait, plus he knew his whore of a wife would keep him busy for quite a while. Howe eyed George for a minute wondering what the man was up to, "I have to make sure the men keep a more open eye out for anyone that doesn't belong on the land, care to join me? I have to go to every corner of the property to alert all my men." George said.

Howe wasn't really up for another night out in the night air looking for traitors. "No, I'll leave you to it, be careful this man is dangerous and might have a small army with him. Take your weapons, at last we heard they were armed." George nodded walking past Howe and his men to the parlor to tell his wife.

Howe was watching as George was talking to his wife, strange he noticed that Martha had a sly almost giddy smile on her face. Martha was ecstatic, she'd been horny all day in anticipation, just the thought of fresh new meat had her vagina moist to the point her underthings were now soaked. George kissed her in a false show of affection before we grabbed a rifle and headed out the door for his rendezvous with Sally. George took a different route longer than any other he'd used before, actually stopping off to talk to a few of his guards. George hoped that it would sway

suspicion as he made a bee line for the shack at the back of his property. Sally was waiting when he walked into the shack, throwing her self at him they embraced feeling the body heat between them.

Back at the mansion Martha had shown Howe and his aides their rooms, Martha made double sure that Howe had the adjoining room next to hers, the doors between the rooms unlocked and slightly ajar. Howe had taken his bath and was just starting to get dressed when he heard Martha in the next room talking to her house slave. "Alright Jean, good night, I am going to finish my bath then get in bed, I don't expect the master will be in till late if at all tonight, he has to cover the entire property. I have to go to bed alone again," here Martha sighed rather loudly, "I will miss the master next to me tonight, I need a man."

Her house slave just smirked, she'd heard this many, many times and knew that her mistress was hornier than a lot of animals when they were in heat. Bowing she replied, "yes mam, I lock the door when I leave, sleep well mistress," Jean knew that her horny mistress would be having sex within the hour, she was sure of it.

Howe walked to the dividing door and peaked through seeing Martha half undressed he rather large breasts spilling out of her bodice. Howe's 7 1/2 cock rose, his breathing increasing as he reached in his drawers slowly stroking it to its full length. Martha could sence that she was being watched and was even more excited as she deliberately began removing the rest of her clothes as slow as she could. Martha swore that she could hear Howe breathing hard near the door, she was finally down to just her shift, walking to the bath she bent very low, low enough to briefly expose her arse, reaching her hand out to test the water. She then removed the shift stepping slowly into the bath, spreading her legs in the tub she began to slowly slowly rub first her clit then her labia with

increasing speed. Howe now had a raging hardon, he was ready to literally burst through the door and sink into her as hard and fast as he could.

Martha decided she was tired of waiting, looking straight at the door she crooked her finger and motioned Howe to enter. Walking in, his cock and hand tenting his drawers, Martha smiled sly and sexily, "why Mr. Howe, what a pleasent surprise to see you "up" at this hour," Martha chuckled at her joke, "Oh my! Is that for me?" she said in a little girl's voice, "May I play with it?"

Howe still unable to speak just shook his head as Martha reached up and pulled his drawers down realeasing his cock. Taking ahold of Howe's member she licked her lips then the mushroom head, opened her mouth taking every inch of it down her throat. Both groaned in pleasure Martha bobbing back and forth, Howe groaned feeling the extra sensitive underside of the head passing past Martha's tongue over and over. Martha reached between her legs rubbing her clit,

Howe's cock was the best she'd had in quite some time.

Howe finally awakened from his stupor, grabbing Martha's head he began to drive his cock as hard and fast as he could down her throat, Martha squealed in delight this was the way she liked it! The harder Howe smacked her face with his groin, the more she liked it. Finally Howe had reached his limit and began to blast his cum deep in her throat, Martha swallowed as fast as she could, groaning louder in the pleasure of Howe's cock emptying his largest load ever down her throat. Martha released him, a huge smile on her face, Howe now fully excited pulled Martha from the bath throwing her on the bed. Crawling up her body he began to bite his way to her large breasts, Martha began to

shiver as each bite sent shock waves through her body centering around her vagina. Reaching her breasts Howe began to feast on them biting and sucking every inch he could reach.

Even more excited, Martha began to wrap her legs around Howe's ass pulling him up, her vagina now seeping liquid as fast as her body could produce it. "Howe stop teasing me put it in, I want all of you!" Martha yelled about to orgasm. Howe was finally fully rigid again moving between her legs her thrust into her as hard and fast as he could, Martha let loose a screaming howl pushing back as hard as Howe was pounding into her. Finally she thought, a man who

knows how to make sex as hard as she loved it. Neither was prepared for how hard Howe started to cum driving his member as deep as he could get it, feeling his balls empty a forceful stream of sperm deep in her washing her cervix and beyond. Grabbing her throat he started to choke her, Martha was in heaven never had a man made her feel so good! Her orgasm was so powerful Howe had to hang on like a bronc buster being thrown to and fro in the saddle hanging on for dear life.

They both laid there exhausted, both more satisfied than either had ever been. Martha looked at Howe and his rapidly shrinking cock. I have to have this man again and soon she thought, with a sigh she snuggled next to Howe and slept.

George gently laid sally down on the bed, there he began to disrobe her till her magnificent body was laid bare to his eyes. "My dear, you are as lovely now as you were when I first agreed to marry Martha," George spread her legs and inhaled the scent that was emanating from her sex. The heady aroma never failed to excite him, his member began to stiffen, delving between her legs he began to lick and suck on her clitirous. Sally began to shake almost convulsing, the feelings rippling through her whole body, Sally thought George may not be a lot of things but he knew

what to do to please her. Sally was reaching for George's pants trying to get them off, finally succeeding she turned to george's cock to try and please him as much as he was her.

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