Cheating and Recover 04

by Commentstory

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Drama Story: A newer after cheating wife the ex-husband recovers with other woman story.

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Fiction   Cheating   Revenge   .

My Pen Name is Duna here. I am a fan and author of Cheating wife- Consequence-Recover with other woman stories. But I publish these stories on other Pen Name, because one or more Anonymous posters wrote in the comment section of another story collection. When I find a Cheating wife-Consequence/BTB(Burn The Bitch)-The husband Recover after divorce story I save then I publish. Such stories as this is similar to the folklore they belong to everyone.

My own wife of 5 years decided to have 'supposedly' a one time fling. She told me one day she wanted a separation and moved out. I was devastated as were our two tiny children. Thankfully, I had her mom to help me with them. Neither of us could figure out what was going on with Julie.

Then one day I happened to stop by her apartment, she'd gotten a little one bedroom place, very close to work. I was in the parking lot when she whipped in and not seeing me, got out with a man and walked toward her place. They were very touchy feeling and I almost threw up, knowing why my wife wanted this 'separation'.

I couldn't help it and after about a 1/2 hour, peeked in the window. They were having sex on the couch and I ended up throwing up right there. Thankfully I had the presence of mind to pull out my telephone, take a series of pictures where they could both be plainly seen. I went home, printed them off and then blew up the best of the bunch. She was supposed to stop by the next day, Saturday, and discuss reconciliation.

When Julie walked in the front door, I supposed expecting me to grovel at her feet for her presence, I ignored her and the screams. All over the house, I'd glued the pictures to the wall. Not taped them, glued them. She tried to rip them down but couldn't without damaging the walls. I didn't give a shit and acted like she wasn't even there. Our kids, 2 and 3 1/2 came running from their room and to their mommy. She had to calm herself to not upset them but the didn't care, their mommy was home.

I ignored her. No matter what she said, I ignored her like she didn't exist and walked off to do other chores, Saturday was for catching up. She was in a fever, trying to explain but each time she did, I walked away. I never said one word to her. Eventually she left, telling me she wanted to move home, and saying she didn't want to have anything to do with Tom, the guy I watched her fuck. I never said a word and ignored her.

She must have been getting a farewell fuck on Saturday night, but I couldn't care less. Early Sunday morning she began to move things back in and I ignored her, not helping at all, truthfully, I didn't' give a shit. When she tried to move things into our bedroom, the master bedroom, she found the door locked and started to scream, waking up the kids from their nap, forcing me to ignore her even easier while I took care of them.

That evening, after her trying to talk to me, following me when I walked away, when I was ready for bed, I found all of her stuff stacked outside the bedroom door and her right behind me. I unlocked it, walked in and closed it behind, locking it. I could hear her crying, but I have to admit, the stories are right when what used to be painful, you come to not really give a shit.

The next morning when I got up to go to work, everything was still stacked there in the hallway but she was sleeping in the spare bedroom. I locked the door behind me and left for work after getting the kids up and dropping them by her moms. It was still funny to me, the pictures, though damaged, were still stuck to the walls! It didn't matter, I had a lot of glue and a stack of photos!

When I stopped by to pick up the kids after work, my MIL informed me a very distraught daughter of hers had picked up the kids, not understanding why I took them over there. When I got home, I found she had torn every picture down, and much of the sheetrock paper with it. She lit into me and never stopped until finally I turned up and roared into her face, "SHUT UP YOU CHEATING CUNT". I'd never cursed at her and for once, she shut up.

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