The Promotion

by Lostlady

Copyright© 2015 by Lostlady

Erotica Sex Story: Claire's husband wants a promotion, his boss wants Claire. What's a girl to do?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Oral Sex   .

Claire sat by the phone looking at Fred's card, thinking of the events of last weekend. Her husband was up for a promotion at his office; Fred was the head of the firm and the one who would decide whether or not he would get it. He had invited them to his cottage at the lake for the weekend to attend a party he was giving. He said it was a chance to get to know them better, something he liked to do when he had to decide who to promote. It had been a nice weekend with nothing out of the ordinary until late Sunday afternoon. She went into the kitchen and found Fred standing by himself.

She thanked him for having them for the weekend, telling him how enjoyable it had been. He explained that he liked to get to know his prospective staff members and their families before deciding on whom to promote. He liked to surround himself with people he considered friends at work and that extended to their families. She told him that she understood.

"Do you?" She felt his hand on her ass. He patted it lightly. "Do you really? And do you want to be my friend?"

Now she understood. She hid her shock and surprise as he told her not to decide too quickly. That's when he handed her the card with his office phone number and extension on it. He told her to think it over and call him during the week if she was agreeable. That was the end of it. That night she heard her husband rave about the possibility of the promotion, she made up her mind; she would do whatever it took to make it happen.

So at nine Tuesday morning she sat looking at the card, trying to steady herself for what she was about to do. Taking a deep breath, she picked up the phone and made the call. She listened to the ring tone nervously, then it stopped as someone picked up.

"Hello." She recognized Fred's voice.

She told him she'd thought it over and wanted to be his friend.

"Very good, I'm glad to hear that." His voice sounded professional, she realized he wanted anybody in the office who might over hear him think it was a business call. "Are you available for a meeting this morning?"

"Yes," she hadn't expected it to happen this quickly. "Where will we meet?"

"At your place, if that's all right."

"That's OK, I'm here alone."

"I'll be there in about an hour and a half. See you then." When she agreed he hung up.

Claire was dumbfounded, it was all so matter of fact. She had expected something more, although she wasn't exactly sure what. How was she supposed to dress for something like this? A nightgown, a sexy dress, in her underwear, she rejected all of these. Fred seemed to be into housewives, so she would dress like a housewife: slacks and a t-shirt. Time seemed to pass slowly as she waited nervously for him to show up. She sat watching TV, glancing at her watch every few minutes. She was having serious doubts about what she was about to do and the wait was giving her too much time to think about it.

Hearing a car pull up out front, she went to the window and looked out. Fred was getting out of his vehicle; he went the trunk and got out a briefcase and started towards her front door. He was playing the business man role to the hilt. She waited until he rang the bell before opening the door. When he came in, she went to take his briefcase but he waved her off and put it down by the door.

"It's nothing important, I just brought it so it looks like I'm here on business. If it's here, I won't forget it on the way out."

Claire was struck by the casualness of it all. She hadn't known what to expect; passionate kisses at the door, being dragged off to the bedroom, or shoved into a corner and fucked standing up. But Fred's nonchalance surprised her and oddly gave her some kind of reassurance. It felt as if she wasn't doing anything all that much out of the ordinary and that helped calm her.

As they went into the living room, he told her how glad he was to hear that she'd decided to be his "friend". He pointed out that he liked to take care of his good friends and that her husband was assured of the promotion. He told her to try and act surprised when he came home from work tonight with the news. Claire was beginning to feel better about the whole thing. Not that she liked the idea of cheating on her husband, but she was now looking at Fred as a close friend and friends did things for each other. Women have gone astray under worse circumstances. Besides, her husband did want this promotion.

In the living room, Fred sat in a chair; she had somehow expected him to sit on the couch with her. But she figured since this was the first time she'd done anything like this, maybe she just didn't understand the protocol, if there was such a thing for extramarital affairs.

"I know it's early," he said looking at his watch, "not even 11 yet, but I wouldn't mind a drink if you have anything."

"Sure, beer, wine, whiskey, brandy, you name it." She thought she could use one too.

"Whiskey works for me, with soda if you have it, if not water will do."

"Ginger ale?' He gave her a thumbs up and winked at her.

She was in the kitchen mixing the drinks when she heard the doorbell ring. A wave of fear shot through her: she didn't know who it could be, but for her to be drinking this early in the day with a man who wasn't her husband didn't look good. When she opened the door, she was in for an even bigger shock; Fred's wife Ruth was standing there.

"Hi, dearie. Mind if I come in?" With that Ruth brushed past her.

Claire stood there close to fainting, heart beating rapidly, hands clasped in front of her chest. Caught, the only time she ever did anything remotely like this and she'd been caught. There goes the promotion along with the job and her marriage, all gone. She stood there trembling as she watched Ruth walk casually to the living room.

"Hey, hon, didn't start without me, did you?"

"No," she heard Fred reply, "wouldn't think of it."

Confusion was now added to fear. Claire didn't have a clue as to what was happening. All she did know was that she wished she were someplace else. How did she manage to get herself into this mess? Ruth looked back at her for a moment before speaking.

"Oh, Claire, Claire honey, relax. It's all right. Fred, this poor girl is terrified. We've scared the piss out of her." That wasn't far from the truth; she was on the verge of peeing her pants.

"Well see if you can calm her down long enough for her to get that drink she was fixing." His voice was jovial.

Ruth walked towards her smiling and shaking her head. "Come on dear, show me where the booze is, I'll fix the drinks. You look like you need one more than him."

In the kitchen, Ruth spotted the whiskey and soda and headed for them. Lifting the liquor bottle she handed it to Claire who took a large swallow. The alcohol burned her mouth and throat and she knew it wasn't going to set well on her stomach. Ruth handed her the bottle of ginger ale.

"Most folks mix it in the glass first and then drink it, but if you have the soda now and jump up and down, I guess it will work out." Actually the soda did help settle her stomach.

When the drinks were mixed, Ruth led Clair back into the living room and gestured with her glass for her to sit on the couch. Handing Fred his drink, she sat down next to Claire; drink in one hand the other hand resting on the back of the couch.

"I guess we gave you quite a start." Her hand slid from the back of the sofa to Claire's shoulder. "I hope you've calmed down now, everything's OK."

Claire nodded, Ruth moved her hand. Claire felt her fingertips lightly go from the base of her ear down her neck to her collarbone and back up again finishing up by brushing back her hair. It suddenly became clear to her what this was about; a three way. Claire had never seriously considered have sex with another woman, let alone a couple. But she was so relieved that her world wasn't about to end she was willing to do anything. Besides she could feel herself becoming aroused. She looked at Ruth, though she was twenty years older than Claire, she was an attractive woman and that helped.

Encouraged by Claire's silence, Ruth moved closer to her putting her arm around her shoulders while her other hand stroked the side of Claire's face. Then she leaned over and kissed her. To Claire this feminine touch was something entirely new: the softer, tender lips, the tongue smaller, seemingly more articulate, hands that were also smaller and more gentle. Ruth's hand went up Claire's shirt caressing her bare skin while the other went down her back and expertly unhooked her bra. Pushing the cups up Ruth began to stroke the younger woman's breasts. Claire marveled at the difference between a woman and a man; she had the feeling Ruth was trying to give pleasure rather than derive it. She figured that since Ruth had tits of her own, she knew what felt good. All she knew for sure was she was getting hot. It was then that Fred interrupted.

"Come on girls, why don't we go into the bedroom and get comfortable?"

Ruth stood up and helped Claire to her feet. They walked arm in arm to the bedroom, Fred followed happily behind, closing the door after they entered the room. Claire went to the window and pulled the drapes together. When she turned around, she saw that Ruth had already disrobed. In the nude, Ruth was striking. Gazing at the older woman she hoped she looked that good in twenty years.

Following her example, Claire pulled the t-shirt over her head and brushed the open bra off of her shoulders. Ruth stepped close, embraced her, then kissed her again. It was a heavy passionate kiss; Ruth's tongue probing her mouth. Her hands slid down Claire's back and followed the waistband of her slacks to the front were she undid them. When her pants suddenly loosened, Claire felt the soft, delicate hands push past the waistband of her underwear and slip around behind her and begin stroking her ass. When the kiss ended, both women rested their heads on the others shoulder; Ruth still holding Claire's ass while Claire hugged her tightly. She loved the feel of Ruth's tits pressed against her own. Claire wasn't about to give up men to go lesbian, but she was enjoying the experience. Enjoying it? No, it was more than mere enjoyment. The dampness in her cunt, the tightness in her nipples as they hardened, the heavy breathing; she was fully aroused and wanting more. Ruth was about to provide it.

Easing Claire over to the bed, Ruth slid her pants down over her ass as she sat her down. Then kneeling in front, she finished removing them. Claire felt her stomach tighten when Ruth leaned forward and tickled her navel with the tip of her tongue. Moving lower she gently pushed Claire's thighs farther apart while the younger woman lay back on the bed, staring at the ceiling. First kissing, and then licking the outer cunt lips, Ruth deftly spread Claire's pussy open and began to softly lap the inner lips and clitoris. Once again Claire marveled at Ruth's expertise. But, once again, a woman knows what feels good in these matters and is able to pass it on.

Concentrating as she was on Ruth's lap job, she had forgotten about Fred. Then he suddenly lay down next to her, sliding one arm behind her neck. She noticed for the first time that he had undressed while watch the two women. She also noticed his cock was fully erect, she felt a shiver of anticipation run through her. He then leaned over and began to kiss her, while his other hand began to fondle her breasts. Claire was now lost in a world of lust; Ruth giving head while Fred took care of her upper body. Fred's masculine approach was more familiar to her, she liked it; she still preferred men, but Ruth's feminine ways were more exotic and pleasurable.

Fred moved down and began kissing her tits and sucking on her nipples while Ruth pushed a finger into her twat and began finger fucking her. Claire lay on the bed moaning softly but repeatedly, not capable at this point of doing much else. Her thighs involuntarily pressed tightly on the sides of Ruth's head as she came, but Ruth ignored it and kept stroking Claire's clitoris with her tongue, prolonging the orgasm. One hand went to the young woman's abdomen, feeling her muscles contracting as she came.

When Claire's orgasm subsided, Ruth and Fred moved like a well-rehearsed machine. Without a word, Ruth got up off the floor and moved to the bed while Fred positioned himself between Claire's legs. She felt Fred's cock poking and prodding her cunt until it found its way into her. Then, hooking his arms under her knees and lifting her legs upwards, he pushed the swollen member all the way in. As the stiff prick began jabbing back and forth inside her soaking pussy, Ruth leaned over and began to kiss her while one hand began to pet her tits. Claire lay helpless, gasping for breath as the two had their way with her.

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