Cheating and Recover 03

by Commentstory

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Drama Story: A newer after cheating wife ex-husband recovers story.

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Fiction   Cheating   Revenge   .

My Penn Name is Duna. These stories are not mine. I found them in another story collection, but they were not among the stories. The Anonymous commenting wrote into the comments section! I a cheating wife, exactly cheating wives with consequence or BTB, more exactly cheating wife with consequence or BTB and recover with other woman for the ex-husband story fan ... and an author. So these without sad ex-husband COMMENT stories are according to my taste. Because of the writer of the stories is Anonymous and it was among the comments so the stories is same as the folklore they are for everyone.

I have my own 'Jackie' story. My Jackie, in this case Jonni, was very much the same. I heard rumblings that although we were about to be married in less than 60 days, Jonni was doing things she wouldn't do if I were there. What? The love of my life not being quite as in love as me? Truthfully, the idea never crossed my mind and when I heard the first few reports, I never gave them a second thought.

Then I happened to stop by their watering hole, I'd misplaced our house key and needed to get in. Walking in, I looked around and didn't see Jonni so I had a seat and ordered a beer while I watched for her. Soon enough, I saw her walking off the dance floor and the way she was being held and the way she was looking up into his face, I suddenly understood what everyone was saying. Before they sat, she lifted her mouth and the kiss they shared was not unlike her and I together. Stunned, I just sat and watched.

Over the next few hours, I watched them dance/fuck, swap more spit than her and I ever did and saw her allow his hands inside her shirt where her boobs hung unencumbered by a bra. By watching her face I saw each time he twisted her nipples and watched as she did something I thought she did for only me, let her nipples be stimulated enough to make her orgasm. He laughed while she came, enjoying what she let him do. I was able to see it over and over since I first took photos with my cell phone and then video. I wanted there to be no mistake why we were no longer 'we'.

Our house was a rental and we paid it month to month. Leaving the bar, I headed home where I pried open our bedroom window and made it inside. Downloading the incriminating pictures and video to my laptop, I proceeded to run off a copy of each picture and laid them on our bed. Then I packed up my few possessions, I wanted nothing that was 'ours', and headed to a buddies house. After I showed him the video, he just said, "I told you, man." He told me I could stay as long as I wanted.

My cell phone started ringing nonstop at about 2am. I'd forgotten to turn it off and after it woke me up, I took the time to shut it off and went back to sleep. You know how people will tell you it's impossible to shut love off? Maybe there is something wrong with me, but after I witnessed what I did, I hardly even thought of her again. Oh, there would be some explaining to friends and family, but other than that, we were done.

Listening to the 73 messages the next morning, they started out hysterical after she found the pictures, then went wild when she found I'd moved out. She actually begged and pleaded for another chance, it meant nothing, she'd never do it again, we were meant for each other, she loved me like no one else, etc. I deleted them all, then went to work, where I run a front end loader in a gravel pit. It's a huge machine, able to load a dump truck with one single scoop, right at 9 yards of rock. Suffice to say, when running equipment like that, capable of destroying anything if you aren't paying attention, I never thought of my ex again.

At lunch time while I was eating my lunch, after deleting 26 more messages without listening, I had what seemed like a good idea then. I sent most of the pictures and the entire video to Jonni's parents house with a caption reading, "THIS IS WHY THE WEDDING IS OFF." I worked the rest of the day and when we shut down for the day, I checked my phone again and found where her parents not only called me, but Jonni called me more, screaming about 'how could you do that to me'?

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