Cheating and Recover 02

by Commentstory

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Drama Story: I think a very new story type after the cheating spouse the ex husband recovers from the cheating (with divorce, revenge and newer woman or sometime with reconciliation) story type. The official HIGH LITERATURE avoids this genre. So we amateur Authors had to discover this genre. I am a fan of this brand new story genre as this Anonymous comment author.

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Cheating   Revenge   .

My Pen Name is Duna in SOL. This story is not mine. I found on other story collection. Not published story only an Anonymous comment contained this story. Because of being an Anonym comment I think this story is as the folklor it is for everyone. Thank you Anonym author fellow! I am a cheating wife-fiancée and ex-husband-fiancé recovers story fan, so I published this Anonymous Recover from Cheating story.

My own wasn't quite as sad, although close. Back before my wife and I married, we went out for a couple years. Then, with no reason, she wanted to 'see other people' and maybe get back together later. I was destroyed and while she went out with boy after boy, I didn't go out without anyone else at all. I threw myself in to my work instead. I hoped she'd come back to me, she swore she would be a virgin on her wedding night and I hoped that would be me in her bed.

A year later and she was begin banged by the guy she traded me in on, like drum. Then he cheated on her and they broke up, she contacted me but I refused to talk with her. She went back to him and they stayed together for a couple more months and he cheated again. This time, they parted for good and she attempted to contact me yet again and for a second time, I refused to speak to her. She had wounded me deeply and I couldn't forget it. She went on to another guy and they were together for 6 months or so before he began to become pretty physical with her, leaving bruises.

Unfortunately, I went to a party and ended up hammered and her and I somehow ended up back together. I'm not saying all was as it was before, far from it. I still loved her but I have to admit, I didn't trust her totally. With good reason it seems. We married and she moved in with me, my house was free and clear, my grandparents had given it to me as a gift when I graduated from college. It was small, but it was a rental of theirs and out of the way, about 10 miles from town on a dusty old road. Perfect for me!

And then it happened again. Instead of leaving me though, she brought in someone else. Without my approval which I'm sure she knew. It was Valentines day and I got off work after a half day, bought flowers and a nice card and headed on home, to find a car sitting there I knew. I knew it because it was the same car her old boyfriend she'd dropped me for drove. I parked a distance from my house and walked the rest of the way. The front door was locked, understandably and I went around to the back where we had a key hidden and went in the back door. Through the kitchen and down the hall I went after making sure no one was in the living room and I heard them before I opened the door, the springs squeaking and the moans.

I opened the door just enough to look in and make sure it was my wife. Hey, anything can happen and I needed to see with my own eyes. Yep, there she was, on her back under the covers with Tom between her legs and the covers moved up and down with his pounding ass driving his cock into MY wife. Her eyes were scrunched up and closed while she held tight around his torso and her legs were locked behind his back. It looked ... natural ... because they had done it for so long before we got back together. My beautiful young wife, lean, tight and so full of love, for someone else.

It never dawned on me to kill them, I wanted her gone from my life. When I heard him begin to grunt and become erratic, I knew he was unloading his sperm in my soon to be ex-wife. She began keening and thrusting her cunt up to take every inch and drop of what he had to offer. Nothing any different than she did me, but to see her offer everything that was mine to someone else was painful beyond what I could imagine.

Before I could walk in, he rolled off and they began to talk. He wanted to do it again and Annie told him never again, it was a mistake she'd never repeat. There was nothing he offered that was remotely as good as what she already had. WTF? Then why fuck an old boyfriend? She even mentioned my cock was bigger than his. None of it made any sense, but what the hell, I had to break up the party and walked in.

Annie saw me first and shrieked, pulling the covers over her face. Christ, what did that do for her? Tom jumped out of bed and I could see his wet cock swinging as he began to pull his clothes on. I just watched quietly. The room was silent except for the sobs coming from under the covers. When he finished dressing, Tom looked at me, hoping I'd get out of the way, but I continued to block the doorway, even though he was substantially larger than me. Then I broke the silence.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" He looked around in confusion and back to me. I looked at him like he was an idiot. "The whore. Take the whore with you. Get her up and dressed and the two of you get out of here." Wow, did that get a response! The whore started screaming!

By the time it was over, I made him drag her from bed, forcibly put the clothes on she'd already worn that day and he dragged her from the house, screaming at the top of her lungs. Tom had moved back to town and I told him over the next few days I would be dropping her stuff off at his house. Throughout all of this, he never uttered a word. Outside of being a well known man whore, he was a likeable guy. Unfortunately for my wife, a little too likeable. I could see him forcibly holding her in the car as they drove away.

True to my word I dumped off everything of hers I could find in Tom's yard. No one came out and I didn't knock on the door, I just threw it out. It wasn't until a few days later, I found out she wouldn't go to his place, he took her home to her parents about sixty miles away. She had been calling the home phone and my cell so often, I'd finally unplugged the house phone and changed the number on my cell phone. I had nothing to say to her.

A few days after I dropped her stuff off at Tom's, her parents drove to my house. Annie was in the car but I told her dad when he came to the door, if Annie got out of that car, they all needed to leave. He told her to stay, where I could see her begin crying again, then George and Sue came in. First, they apologized for her, but I told them it wasn't their fault. Then they wanted to know what they could do to make it better, to help us get around it. By their reaction to my answer, I guessed it never entered their mind.

I told them nothing. There was nothing they could do. Annie was damaged goods and I had no desire to have her back in my life. She cheated on me. I told them all this in a calm even voice, yet a very firm voice, leaving little opportunity for argument. Then I told them everything from back when we were first going out and how she dumped me, then after having always promised she'd go to her bed a virgin, she was being pounded by Tom on a regular basis. That surprised them both, for some stupid reason they thought she was a virgin when we married. Huh, I guess she lies to everyone, not just me.

Sue tried to explain how devastated Annie was. That got a snort out of me and I told them she wasn't nearly as devasted as me. She got fucked, but I was not only fucked, I lost the woman I'd planned to having children with, raise them and grow old with our grandchildren around. Throughout this, I was crying and so were both of them. But I let them know, it wasn't something to be fixed. Annie needed to move on and find someone else and I mentioned Tom's name which earned me a dirty look. Sue let me know Annie swore she would never even look at Tom again, let alone take him as her man. Of course, I told them too late, she'd already taken Tom. She'd chosen him over me and that was that.

When they left, they made me promise I would stay in phone contact with them. They were worried about Annie and how hard she was taking the whole thing. That just made me shake my head, how hard this was for HER?

I think it was the next week, George called and asked if I would talk to Annie, and I refused. Apparently she hadn't eaten since I booted her, or at least very little. She wasn't a big girl and as lean as she was, there was little weight she had to lose. George and Sue both begged me, something that was more painful for me to hear than them to do it. It was their baby and they were concerned she might do something harmful to herself.

I had her served the next week. In the papers I'd had drawn up, we each took out of the marriage what we brought in, which was very little. But I offered half our saving, which was substantial for two youngsters, almost $30,000, from before we were married too. When George called me again, he was sobbing as hard as Annie was when Tom dragged her from my house. He asked if I would put it on hold, give us both a chance to cool off. He said Sue and Annie both were even more devastated and Annie had begun throwing up the instant she was served and still hadn't. They ended up calling an ambulance and she was admitted to the hospital after we hung up.

I left town. Yep, I just left. Quit my job, gave a power of attorney to my folks to make all my decisions and also rent out my home. The I left. The first year was spent in Alaska, working on a fishing boat. During that time, I contacted no one. The second year, I was working on another fishing boat out of California catching tuna. The next three years were spent in Alaska in Prudhoe Bay, working in the oil fields. In five years, spending no money, banking it all, I made a huge sum of money, made bigger yet by investing wisely, something my Prudhoe Bay employer made available to us all. Not that I was filthy rich, but I had enough money to retire on, if only a small stipend was taken out each year. If I were to live on $50,000 per year, I would still be increasing my investments, not taking it all away. I also had part interest in a couple oil wells, three natural gas wells and half a small fleet of tuna boats. The yearly income on the wells alone was over $100K.

We had an accident in Prudhoe that made me question my mortality and I ended up quitting. My folks were shocked when I showed up on their doorstep one evening. Our conversations had been limited, I didn't want to be reminded what I had lost. But my homecoming was fantastic and the next morning, they had called all our family and a big party was planned for that afternoon, a Saturday.

They caught me up on Annie. After I left, she had to be hospitalized for quite some time, she refused to eat and finally slit her wrists, trying to commit suicide. After a few tests, they found out why, she was pregnant. George and Sue contacted my folks, hoping to get in touch with me and to let me know I was going to be a father, ostensibly to force a reconciliation. My dad however, after letting him know they couldn't get in contact with me, I had left town, asked George as nicely as possible for a DNA test. As happy as George was, he agreed. During the final trimester, when it was safe enough, they did the test and it came back that I was not the father. George and Sue were nearly catatonic over the results.

I did find out I was divorced though. Annie refused to take half the money and it was still sitting in the bank. After the baby was born, it had a full head of black hair exactly like Tom, he manned up and married Annie after finding out he was a father. They had been married almost four years and had two more kids too. They still lived in his house and he still worked at the local mill, making a decent living. Annie stayed at home with the kids and the few times my folks saw her, she seemed happy enough.

At the party, I was shocked to see George and Sue stop by. They had been invited by my folks and wanted to see me. I had a nice talk with them both, they said Annie was happy enough with her kids, but not so much with Tom. He still stepped out on her, he just couldn't keep it in his pants and had brought home a few surprises for her. She had to be treated for crabs, the clap and she also had something that couldn't be cured, just held in check. It sounded as if she wasn't going to leave Tom over it, after all, just like I had told her folks, she was damaged goods and who else would take her? They were both happy to hear how well I'd done while gone, although I didn't tell them I was, by our standards, rich. Not wealthy, just very well off. They were sad and both admitted they wished they were still my in-laws.

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