Expanding Nancy's Boundaries

by Babyboomer

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Romantic Sex Story: George has a problem. Edward has the key to her happiness. But Nancy is her best friend! But will Edward help her save her marriage?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   Fiction   Historical   Cheating   Swinging   Pregnancy   .

{p}Chapter 1

Nancy sometimes had a tough time believing the love she felt for Edward. True, it had only been three years since their marriage. They now had two children, one boy and one girl. But her best friend, George, had not gotten pregnant with her husband Samuel. It was apparent from her actions that she was becoming anxious. It probably didn't help that Samuel adopted a 'whatever willl be will be' attitude. Then Nancy saw her friend's behavior change. George became more determined and more mysterious in her behaviour.

George still loved Samuel but there seemed to be something that wouldn't allow her to get pregnant from Samuel. That Nancy had two children already from Edward had made her envious of her best friend. That made her uncomfortable and less willing to talk with Nancy. She knew that she had gotten pregnant before and had thought that it had been her boy friend when they had returned north. But that boy friend had been Samuel! Gradually she became convinced that when they had lost their maidenheads they had also gotten pregnant. Further George began to believe that Edward had done both of them wrong. She decided that she would confront Edward.

"Edward, I need to talk with you ... alone."

"George, is there something wrong? If you need my services, I will not charge you."

"Yes, Edward I think I do need your services but I need to talk with you about something that can not be talked about even with Nancy."

"O.K., she knows that as a lawyer, my client can expect me to not talk to anyone about what they tell me. So if you give me a dollar then my lips will be sealed."

George gave him a dollar and then began to tell him of her suspisions.

"So Nancy and I were pregnant when we got back from the south. We had thought that we had both gotten knocked up by our boy friends in the north but we knew that we had lost our maidenheads before we returned! Now I think that that wasn't the only thing that happened there!

No, I think a very devious boy nailed both of us. We had to give up our babies to a relative of Nancy's."

"I see, let me tell you right now I will never tell Nancy or anyone else what you've told me.

But what has this to do with me?"

"Edward, you were the naughty boy that did the deed to us! Yes, I admit you have come back and did the right thing to Nancy but what about me?"

"Assuming what you say is true, what can I do about you? I am married already and so are you!"

"True, I know you and Nancy love each other as do Samuel and I. However, Samuel and I can not conceive. You and I have conceived!"

"Uh ... this does not sound good. Let me be sure I understand what you want. Please tell me directly."

"You owe me a baby I can keep! If we are careful, then nobody gets hurt, in fact Samuel and I will be forever grateful."

"Wow, you must be desperate. This is quite a ... conclusion to come to about what I did to you and Nancy. I guess you haven't talked with her about ... what I owe you ... have you?"

"No, I can't take the chance that she would say no. Frankly, I think she would say do it but if you just get it done quickly then voila everyone is happy."

"Look George, you're a beautiful girl and I should just jump on your bones and do the deed.

However, I am not a teenager anymore. I have a commitment to my wife and you have one to your husband. I guess I have to say no. I wouldn't feel right about deceiving Samuel either."

{p}Chapter 2

Nancy was waiting for Edward after he returned from his office that night. The kids had been put to bed and always slept soundly. After brushing hie teeth Edward settled down next to his wife. After the conversation with George this morning he couldn't get the idea of laying her out of his mind. So he planned to lay his wife and pretend it was George. But Nancy wasn't ready for that ... yet.

"Edward, you remember George and I used to be detectives from time to time?"

"Certainly darling, if I ever find the need to ask you in that regard I wouldn't hesitate."

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