Chuck Retires

by Vfalcon29

Copyright© 2019 by Vfalcon29

Mystery Sex Story: A truck jockey finally gives up.

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Group Sex   .

Chuck was a truck driver. He had married his wife barely after graduating high school, when she got pregnant. Chuck and Mary had two kids and they weren’t the happiest of couples.

They were both glad he spent so much time on the road. Mary lived a life centered on the kids, mostly. She’d been a friend of a friend. That was how she and Chuck had met one night. They fucked and she caught. Fortunately (?) she had managed to learn his name and got his phone number when she gave him hers.

Chuck had placed his family in a kind of box in his mind. His true home was the cab of his Peterbilt. It was his very own mobile “man cave”. When he finished a run and went to the house where his wife and kids lived, well, that was sort of just another stop for Chuck.

His work pretty much kept Chuck in shape (he didn’t balk at helping the guys load and unload his truck. The faster he could get to the next pickup or delivery, the more bucks he’d make.

Mary was not the ‘gym and spa’ type. Nor did keeping house and raising two kids practically single-handedly leave much energy for fitness pursuits. So she put on weight. Not a great deal, she did pass on dessert most times and she kept a squinted eye on the scale. When she married Chuck, she was nineteen and weighed about 125. These days she was watching the number turn to 145, then to 152. When she looked in the mirror after stripping down, she could see that it had accumulated mostly around her belly, hips and butt. She had also gained two cup sizes in her bra and and four inches in her tits.

She wasn’t twenty one any more, she was thirty six. She was horny as hell most days and when Chuck came home he really wasn’t interested. She had to practically beg him to fuck her. When he did, it was short and not so sweet. He would send his slimy cum up her cunt, give her a little kiss and roll over.

At first, she had sneaked off to finish herself off, but lately she had stopped giving a fuck whether he heard or watched (which he did sometimes, and then it was better: they would play a while) as she rubbed herself to orgasm. Sometimes he even got the vibrator out and used it on her.

Chuck’s sex life was only partially based on his wife. There were several waitresses, cashiers, and desk clerks across the western U.S. that Chuck visited when he was in their vicinity and they were not busy. If he didn’t have a woman living near where he had to stop for a night, he also had a “little black book” that he used.

This book was sold to Chuck about two years before. It listed all the addresses and phone numbers for all the ‘trucker approved’ bordellos and whorehouses from the Mississippi to the Pacific. Well, not all of them probably, but there were over five hundred listings.

On one particular run, he had to overnight near a small town in New Mexico. He’d never been there, or even on the branch of highway that brought him there before. He was horny. He had left his wife two days before and he’d fucked her out of duty. It was hot for him when she would masturbate afterward, even though he felt a twinge of guilt that he didn’t care enough to get her off when they fucked.

Still, he liked it better when he got to watch her fuck herself with her dildo. Two nights ago, he even stayed awake and joined in with her. He got another hard on and fucked her again. She came that time, hard, he thought. Still, sometimes her fat turned him off.

So this one night in New Mexico he parked his rig and checked his little book. Nothing. Well, he had seen a café and a bar around the block. His belly growled. He locked up and took a hike.

The café was fairly clean. The waitress was about a hundred years old. The food was good, but he had to ask for fries instead of beans. “You’re not from around here, are ya’ stranger.” Yeah, that was the attitude. But he ate, paid and walked next door.

The bar was strange. Chuck got a beer and sat at a table. There were, maybe, a dozen others in the place. He sipped and watched, seeing some obvious couples and what seemed like eight or ten singles. Watching, Chuck homed in on two women who were together at a table when they weren’t dancing or playing pool with one of the guys.

He watched them brush off several guys but they didn’t seem to be a couple themselves. They were just having fun. Chuck debated whether he should give them a try. Either one would do, one was blonde and one a redhead, both slender and young, but not too young. Chuck’s dick got a little hard as he watched them move.

Well, he decided, nothing ventured ... Chuck drained his bottle and went to the bar when the redhead was standing there waiting for her drinks. “Hi,” was Chuck’s opening.

“Oh, Hi,” the woman returned, smiling widely. When I say ‘widely’, I mean it. Chuck was mesmerized by her mouth and lips. She had thick lips and her mouth looked wider than normal.

“Nice place,” he said.

“Well, it’s the only place in town.” She gave him a wink and elbowed him gently. Chuck gave her his best grin and she laughed.

“I was sitting back there.” He indicated the table. “I was watching you and your girlfriend. You’re both very pretty. Did you know that?”

She laughed hard at that. She laid a hand on Chuck’s arm and when she recovered, she said, “Well, thank you, sir. I’ll tell Kimmy when I go back to the table. Or, if you’re alone, maybe you could join us?”

“Why, that would be my pleasure, ma’am,” Chuck said, adopting the same bantering way of speaking as she had. They both laughed and she winked at him again. The drinks came and Chuck insisted on paying for all three. They went back to the table where Kimmy was sitting.

“Kimmy, I met this wonderful man, meet ... Wait! I forgot your name! Hahahaha!” She collapsed in a chair while Chuck introduced himself to Kimmy -- Kim Hardwick.

“Nice to meet you, Chuck, and that,” Kimmy said, pointing at the redhead, “is Claire Winston.”

Over the next two hours, Chuck learned a lot about this little town. The three had several more drinks and when the bartender yelled out, “Last call!”, they ordered two more each.

The ‘girls’ worked in town. Kimmy worked at the bank and Claire was a real estate agent. They got very friendly toward Chuck. The women both did their share of arm grabbing, and hip bumping when they shot some pool.

When Claire was shooting, Kimmy stood in front of Chuck and leaned against him. His dick got semi-hard, feeling her hot ass pressed against it. How could she have made it clearer?

Chuck shot and won the game, feeling his cock rubbing against his jeans. They played another game and when it was Kimmy’s shot, Claire sat on a high stool. She pulled Chuck in, backwards, spreading her legs around him, her feet pulling against his knees. She was pressing her cunt against his back.

‘Could it be?’ Chuck thought. Both these hot broads wanted him? He smiled and pressed against the crotch being offered to him, his hand squeezing one of her thighs. Kimmy was having a good run on the table, so Chuck turned around to face Claire. He looked at her and leaned into her. He kissed her. It was a simple pressing of lips. His hands found both her thighs, hips, and ass, where they stayed as they kissed. Chuck was hard by then but Claire’s stool was too high for him to shove it against her.

“Hey, you two!” Kimmy’s voice caused a shifting of positions. Chuck turned back around and Claire dropped to her feet. There in the little huddle, Kimmy found Chuck’s dick bulge and caressed it before she gave it a squeeze. “I want to play too!” she said quietly as she rose up to give Chuck a kiss too.

“Let’s take this guy home, Kimmy. I want to ride him.”

“Ooh! Me too! We’ll flip a coin to see who goes first.”

“Wait a second, ladies,” Chuck said -- the first he’d spoken in the last few minutes.

“None of us is sober enough to drive. I have my rig parked about a block away and it has all the comforts of home.”

“Oh, wow, you’re a truck driver?” Kimmy asked, seeming amazed.

“Can we see it?” Claire asked with the same seeming excitement.

“Sure! That was what I was tryin’ to suggest,” Chuck said, an arm around each of them. They hugged him back and they played their hands over his body. Chuck was in hog heaven. This was one of his favorite fantasies coming true!

The group wandered out to the street and Chuck got an idea of the geography and firmness of their asses as they stumbled to his truck. After some fumbling, Chuck unlocked the door and helped the girls inside to the sleeper area behind his seat.

Once they were all inside and comfortable, Claire turned her back to Kim and asked her to ‘do the honors’. Kimmy slipped her hand under Claire’s top and Claire wriggled around and her hand reached up into one of the sleeves, emerging with her light blue bra. She returned the favor for Kimmy and Chuck just sat and smiled.

He had locked them in and pulled the little curtain across, isolating them visibly from anyone outside. He laughed and opened a compartment. He pulled out a few plastic cups. He asked Claire to slide to her left and he opened the refrigerator he’d had installed. From it he pulled out a bottle of tequila (the women applauded). They all had a shot -- after Chuck produced some salt and a real lime (!) from another compartment.

Claire exhaled with a whoosh and used her hands to fluff her red mane around. “It is warm in here!” she exclaimed. “Isn’t it? Is it just me?”

“Aw, shit, Claire, just go ahead and get naked. You know we’re all gonna do that anyway!” Kimmy said, laughing. In the space of about six minutes they were all naked and playing with each other. Chuck noticed -- and got off on -- the fact that the girls were as interested in playing and kissing each other as much as they were with him. Kissing, sucking and licking, they spent a good time in foreplay.

Both girls trimmed their pubic hair. But while Claire’s short ‘carpet matched the drapes’ (as Chuck thought of it), being the same hue as the hair on her head, Kimmy’s trimmed bush was a simple dark brown strip, pointing to her cunt.

At any time, one or the other would move down and take Chuck’s stiff cock into their mouth and give him a few licks and sucks. By the same token, Chuck became familiar with the scents and tastes available to him.

He was absolutely in love with Claire’s dark brown nipples. They were large, the same way her mouth seemed too large. He sucked them and they poked out at least an inch. No wonder she wanted out of that bra!

Finally, Kimmy mounted him and sank down. God, she was tight! And hot? Jesus, she was like a furnace! She pumped up and down. She moved side to side. She wiggled her hips forward and back, pounding her G-spot with the cock she was riding. Chuck squirted his load, but Kimmy wanted more.

All through this, Claire was not idle. She took turns loving on both Chuck and Claire. She spent some wonderful (for all of them) time with her face shoved down between them where they were joined. She was slurping up their fluids and licking them both deliciously.

After Chuck came and Kimmy got herself off, she slipped off to the side and groaned. Claire, however, went to work licking her girlfriend clean. Chuck watched her large mouth open and her long tongue slip out to slide over all the tender flesh of Kimmy’s drenched pussy.

She turned around and dropped her crotch over Chuck’s face. “Eat me, Chuckie boy!” she commanded as she proceeded to clean his spent (but still tingling and a bit inflated) cock. He obediently dove in. Claire had a taste that was similar to every woman he’d ever tasted. But she had, as most do, a little different flavor. He guessed the difference was from their diets or medications or some shit. But he found them all tasty, and Claire’s was delicious.

He tongued her and licked. He nibbled and flicked her clit and she moaned. He tongued her ass and she let out a small shriek but pressed down for more. He gladly obliged. Thinking of fucking this ass he was snacking on, combined with her work on his own equipment, gave Chuck another hard on.

Claire giggled and rose off Chuck’s face. She turned around. Kimmy leaned down and gave Chuck a deep tongue kiss and licked all of Claire’s juices off his cheeks and chin. The girl had leaked a lot of juice!

“Do you have anything we can use for lube?” Claire asked as she snuggled into their little tete-a-tete.

“I do,” Chuck replied, opening the first compartment where he’d gotten the cups. He pulled out a small box which he opened so they couldn’t see. He handed Claire a tube of lube and closed the box.

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