Allie's Story

by Red Tempest

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Fiction Sex Story: Reading St. Patrick's Parade first will help in understanding Allie's Story. It is her side of what happened.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Revenge   Pregnancy   .

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This is a work of fiction, names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or used fictitiously, and resemblance to any actual person, living or dead, business establishments, events or locals is entirely coincidental.

Many thanks to my fine editor Barney R for making this story flow better with less spelling mistakes.

Red Tempest

You will need to read St Patrick's Day Parade first, or Allie's Story will be hard to follow

Chapter 1

I remember meeting AJ at a party that his fraternity was putting on. He stepped into a situation where some creep of a guy is hitting on me, and would not take no for an answer. It was not long and we were dating. I found it odd that he came from Bay County like I did. We lived in different parts of the county, but only twenty minutes apart.

A few months later I was not dating anyone else. I remember the first time that we made love. It was three months after we had met. He took me to a very nice restaurant, and we went dancing afterwards. We were making out in his car, and I was half undressed.

I whispered in his ear to take me some place private. We ended up going to a Motel 6, and we made love for the first time.

We entered the room, and his lips found mine, hungrily, then desperately, as I continued to touch him and bring him to the edge with just the skillful caress of my fingertips. I wanted to undress him, but he was too impatient. Pushing me away, he began to undress me instead. He unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my bra, pulling both off at the same time. Then he pushed my pants and panties down my legs, leaving me standing there naked in front of God and anyone else who cared to look through the window. Good thing that it is dark outside. I reached for him too, but he stilled my hands, imprisoning them behind my back.

His mouth caressed my lips, my neck, and my breasts while all I could do was enjoy the pleasure he is giving me.

"Oh, AJ," I breathed and moaned more than once.

I felt him lift me, and gently, he laid me on the bed by the window. I am now floating. My arms went up and around AJ's neck. I began to run my fingers through his hair as AJ, in return, kissed his way down my front, stopping to pay special attention to my belly button. I responded by arching my back and moaning. I am very hot now.

When his right hand slid up my left leg from my knee, ending on my hip, my knees quivered, and I spread my legs, wider and wider. I knew he would be between them in a matter of seconds, and that's exactly what I wanted. I am now horizontal on the bed, with my legs spread wide.

"Oh AJ, please, please, please," I whispered to my lover. I shivered and groaned, and put both of my hands on his head. I pulled his face to my face. We kissed for a long time as his hand slid up toward my pussy to make sure I was ready for him. I am so wet that his hand slid instantly between my lips. He dragged his fingers across my entrance, and then he reached for his cock and guided it into place. With both of his feet on the floor, AJ easily slid into place. I hadn't even realized he'd pushed his jeans out of the way until I felt him prodding at my entrance

I let out a gasp and groaned, "God, yes, AJ, push it inside me, just like that."

I heard myself make little sobbing noises as he began to move inside me, steady and slow. I used my vagina muscles to pull on AJ's cock and he pushed back.

Finally, grunting in my ear, he pushed hard, and I put both hands on the back of his hips, and pushed up with my pussy. He is fully inside of me now, and then he froze in place.

He didn't move for what is seemed like a full minute. "What's wrong?" I said. AJ didn't say anything. He seemed to be struggling for a moment, so I didn't move. Finally, he started pulling back slowly, and then he pushed deeper inside of me, causing me to whisper, "Oooohhh, I love you. I'm so full. Please AJ, please keep make love to me." After several minutes of rocking back and forth, I began panting. On the next stroke, AJ stopped again and then he began to rotate his hips. "Oh, Unh ... Oooh." or something like that came out of my mouth.

After a few more minutes of this, I began to come. AJ finally went back to stroking his cock inside me, but with fast hard strokes. He is grunting, trying to make it last, but I am ready for him to take his pleasure.

Wrapping my legs around him, I leaned up and whispered in his ear, "Come inside me, baby. Please. I love you so much."

That was all AJ could take, and I felt him tense, then hold tight against me as he groaned and let himself go. It is a wonderful feeling.

We became exclusive after that, and planned on getting married as soon as he got his master degree. A year after he got his master degree we got married. A couple years later Amanda came into our lives. Two years after Amanda, Andrew joined our lives. We both love our two children very much and can=t imagine life without them.

I am having a great time at the company's St. Pats day party. We have a great location in which to view the parade. My husband AJ usually has his car in the parade, but this year his car in not working properly. He is riding in a friend's car. He will call me to come get him as soon as he reaches the end of the parade route. There is a parking lot a couple blocks from the end of the parade route that I will pick him up at. Then we will come back and rejoin the party. My folks are watching our two children so we can enjoy the party.

The party is casual, and I am wearing a slack/top combination that is not to sexy, but still shows off my assets. My boss Don Johnson is flirting with me outrageously, and I am returning his flirting. His wife could not come to the party; she is not feeling to well. You know what they say, while the cat is away, the mice will play.

Don is a very good looking guy, about six feet tall, maybe 200 pounds. He works out a lot and he has a dream boat build. He has been putting the moves on me since I got to the party. For some reason, I have been receptive to them.

We watched as the classic cars came by our location. I could not find AJ in any of the cars. Hmm wonder where he is at?

I went back inside of the house to get another drink.

"Hey lets go upstairs to the balcony, nobody is up there now," Don said to me.

I followed him upstairs to the balcony. For some reason when we got there, Don gave me a kiss, and I responded to his kiss. Soon it turned into a hot passionate kiss with some tongue action. Next thing I know he has his hand up my blouse feeling my breast. I felt myself on fire from his touching me.

I broke the kiss, and removed his hand, and shaking my fingers at him, "no no no someone might see us," I said.

He removes his hand and puts both hands on my ass, pulling into him for another kiss. I put my arms around his neck, as we kiss passionately, with him massaging my butt cheeks. I can feel myself starting to get wet in my pussy.

Suddenly my cell phone rings, and I pull it out of my pocket. It is only AJ calling me, so I send it to voice mail, and turn off my phone. I go back to kissing Don, until we hear someone coming up the stairs. We break the kiss, and return to the party.

I am having a good time flirting with Don and a couple of the partners. It is starting to get dark outside, and all thoughts of going to get AJ have disappeared from my head.

The next thing I know, I am upstairs in a bedroom naked lying in bed with Don. Oh my god he is so well hung, he seems to be a lot bigger than AJ. Four times he takes me to the top of the mountain, with fireworks exploding as my orgasms are intense. Three times I have sucked his cock to get it hard for another round of mountain climbing. We are both so tired from our love making that we fall asleep.

The next thing I know it is 10:00 p.m., and we are the only ones left in the house. We took a quick shower, and got dressed in a hurry, with a quick kiss we left the house and get into our cars. I begin to feel guilty for cheating on AJ. I have never cheated on him before. I raced to my parent's house to get the kids, they have school tomorrow, and I should have been there much earlier to pick them up. I know that I will get the third degree from my mother.

I pull into my parents' driveway at 10:30 p.m., and notice that there are no lights on in the kitchen. I knock on the door, and finally my dad turns on the light over the porch to see who is out there. He opens the door, and both he and my mother are standing there with puzzled looks on their faces.

"Why are you here," my dad asked me.

"I came to get the kids and take them home."

My mother pushes dad out of the way, and starts to give me the third degree. I finally get away from them, and get back into my car to go home. I am pissed that AJ did not call me and let me know that he already got the kids. I had to listen to my mother for ten minutes ream me a new asshole. I stewed about it all the way home. I never once checked out my cell phone.

I pulled into our driveway around 11:00 p.m. I parked my car in the garage, and walked into the house. I found AJ in the living room watching the news. I did not give him a chance to explain, I lite right into him.

AYou are a dirty rotten fucking son of a bitch. Why the fuck didn=t you call me and tell that you already picked the kids up from my mom=s house, you bastard. I stopped there, and had to listen to her give me the third degree. Why are you here? I though AJ told you he is getting the children. Are you two having marriage problems? Are you running around on him? Why wasn=t he with you at the party? Jesus fucking Christ my mother can drive me fucking nuts sometimes," I seethed.

"And you you fucking bastard, you could have at least fucking called me. Pray tell fuck head, just why weren=t you at the fucking party? Are we too good for you? You are just a plain fucking asshole for doing this to me," I continued to rant

AIf you looked at your phone, or had it turned on, you would have noticed that I left a message that I am at the house, and I am going to go pick up the kids at your folk=s house," AJ said.

ABullshit I didn=t see any fucking messages on my phone.@

ADid you even look? I also called you four times to tell you that I am at the parking lot, wait for you to come get me, I even texted you a few times also."

AI never saw any fucking messages or texts on my phone. You probably had the wrong fucking number asshole. Why didn=t you walk or get a ride to the party?@

ATwo is company, but three is a crowd," he said.

AWhat the fuck did you say you fucking asshole? Are you insinuating that I am doing something wrong? Well fuck you! You fucking asshole, you can kiss my fucking ass you bastard. You fucking think that I did something wrong?"

Then he said, Aif the shoe fits, then wear it.@

I could almost feel the steam come out of my ears. Boy was I ever pissed at him.

AWell fuck you asshole, don=t bother coming up stairs to MY bedroom. You can sleep fucking down here.@

I stomped up the stairs, never once did I check on the kids, I am way too pissed to think straight. I got to my bedroom and slammed the door shut behind me, and locked the door to keep him out.

I don't know why I went off on AJ like that he did nothing wrong, it must be my guilty conscience from cheating on him that caused my outburst. I didn't sleep worth a shit that night, and in the morning I did check my cell phone. I noticed it was turned off.

When I turned it back on, I had a bunch of phone messages and a few text messages from AJ. Damn he was right, he did call, and I sure fucked this all up.

For the next six weeks we avoided each other, almost like two cats on a hot tin roof. I was starting to get over the guilty feel, even though I am still fucking Don at the office. Sometimes our boss Dan Fielding would join us for a three some. It did not seem to bother me any more that I was cheating on AJ; I knew that my law firm would protect me.

Things started to calm down in May. AJ is back sleeping in my bed, but I still won't have any sex with him. I really don't why I am punishing him by withholding sex. I guess I am still some what pissed at him. There again I don't know why I am still mad at him.

Memorial weekend my mom and dad were taking the kids up to their cabin on Higgins Lake, for the long weekend. Mom told me it was time for me to reconnect with my husband. AJ took me out for a real nice dinner Friday night. We went dancing afterwards. It felt like we were a married couple again. When we got home, I let him have sex with me. I even participated a little bit. Saturday morning AJ made a nice breakfast, and when we finished cleaning up the kitchen, he told me he wanted to talk with me.

We went into the living room, and he explained about his company conference in Florida.

I started to get excited, until he told the dates. It took place over the same weekend that my company has a dinner/dance. There is no way that I am going to miss my company's function. We ended up having a major blow up over the dates and functions. Sometimes AJ can be a major asshole.

He went out to cut the grass, and I left to spend money on me for the dinner dance. I got home around 5:00 p.m., and AJ is sleeping on the couch. I sneaked up the stairs with my packages, and hid them in my closet. The rest of the weekend we did not speak to each other.

We had another fight as he and the kids were leaving for his conference. God he can piss me off at times. What an asshole he can be.

Well I have the house to myself for the rest of week and weekend. This should be a very restful week. The next three days just flew by. I realized that I never missed the kids or AJ. I never gave them a call, and they never called me. So we are even.

Chapter 2

Saturday finally arrived, and I spent the whole day in the beauty salon getting ready for the party. I had the works done, hair, make up, finger nails and toe nails painted. I went home and got dressed. The party started at 6:00 p.m., and I arrived twenty minutes late to make an entrance. I knew that I looked fabulous.

I am sitting at a table with my boss Don and his wife, and our senior partner Dan Fielding and his wife. They had a single junior lawyer as my date. A junior partner and his wife rounded out our table. I did not know that they had some bedrooms upstairs at the Country Club.

I had a great time drinking wine and dancing. Oh yes and I fucked Dan twice and the three partners once each. I even fucked my date twice. I got home around 3:00 a.m. sore all over. My feet hurt from dancing so much. My pussy hurt from all the fucking that I did. Thank god that AJ is not home, I don't think I could fuck another man. I shed my clothes and crawled into bed.

I got up at noon and took a nice long bath. I cleaned the house and got the clothes all washed. I knew that the kids should be home around 5:00 p.m. Right on queue they drove into the driveway. I completely ignored AJ, and hugged my two kids, and asked them all about their vacation. I knew that pissed AJ off, but so what fuck him.

A couple of weeks after the fourth of the July, Don started talking about the lawyers conference at the Grand Traverse Resort in Traverse City. He told me, "Allie you are going to this conference, but not your husband. We don't bring our spouses to this conference. The three partners will be there, and they expect a repeat of the dinner/dance we had last month."

I am excited about going to the conference. When I told AJ about it, he just shrugged, prick. He couldn't bring down my good mood though. I even gave him a couple of mercy fucks to keep him happy. It's finally Sunday, the day we are supposed to leave. I am packed and ready to go. We are all meeting at the office, where we will divide up into cars and head north.

It was an unbelievable conference. I hardly ever left the room. There seemed to be always one of the guys there to fuck me silly. For six days I sucked and fucked each of the four guys, and maybe some other guys. By the time I got home Saturday I was whipped and fucked out.

I spent Friday night with Don, and I could not believe what he said to me.

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