Dude, Never Again

by Millie 90 lbs of Dynamite

Copyright© 2015 by Millie 90 lbs of Dynamite

Cuckold Sex Story: A man becomes a Cuckold in one terrible night! Well terrible for him!

Caution: This Cuckold Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Wife Watching   .

It was a few years ago and my team made it to the Super Bowl. With great anticipation, I made big plans for the day. Several friends came over, the wives retired to one part of the house, to watch chick flicks in our home theater. The guys had to make do with only a Fifty-inch screen in my man cave. The game was dreadful, total blow out and not in a good way. My team left the field totally emasculated. Everyone left but my best friend, Jim. The two of us stayed to the bitter end. We watched the whole damn spectacle.

We had been drinking all day and worse the game got the more we drank. Sherlyn, my wife, joined Jim and me down in the man cave after the last of friends with wives left. She quickly noted how drunk we were and gave us the lecture. She ordered Jim to give her his keys and disappeared returning a short time later. Sherlyn told us she was turning in and the guest room was ready for Jim.

At two in the morning, we decided to call it a night. He was a bit steadier on his feet than I was. Once we were on the main level, I told him I was going to crash on the couch. I couldn't face another flight of stairs. I dropped to the couch and he said he could help me to bed. Jim's not a tall guy he is only about five feet six or seven inches tall, but he is a strong man. How he had stayed single, I had no idea but he managed to keep his freedom. I had been married since I was twenty-one and I was going on my twelfth year of slavery.

Now that is not saying that Sherlyn is a bad wife. She is, however, quite stingy with sex. But the slavery isn't even about that, though if I got fucked more it would help. The worst thing is, I see a fine honey in a bar and I can't even put the moves on her. You can bet that Jim does though. We had been friends since high school where he had the nickname "Big Rod." You ask me how the dude can have the nickname Big Rod when his name is Jim. He was never shy and when we had our community showers back in school, everyone saw his big fuck stick. When he was fourteen, it was a least nine inches. By the time we were seniors, he was packing at least a foot of thick meat.

Sherlyn had seen it by accident while we were all on a camping trip, or perhaps not an accident. He and his lady of the moment and Sherlyn and I. She wondered off on a hike just enjoying the cool mountain air. On her way back she saw them. His bitch on her hands and knees and him hammering his big tool into her. She watched them for a bit and she said the woman seemed in both agony and ecstasy. At one point she screamed out in pain, "Too deep, too deep." He didn't break stride Sherlyn told me. "He just hammered away like he didn't care he was hurting her." She said she far preferred a sweet tender lover to an animal like him. Then she added how she would be terrified to fuck his monster cock. She went on to say how four and a half inches was just so perfect for her. I know she was trying to make me feel better about my size, it didn't work. Still, I liked that she was afraid of his cock. Made me feel very safe. Okay back to the story.

So I lean down on him and he hauls me up the stairs. He softly knocks on the door to Sherlyn's and my bedroom telling her that her husband needed to be poured into bed. She assisted him in laying me down on the bed and I just go out like a light. From that point on it seems surreal. It is all brilliant flashes of events for what appeared to be a few minutes. Then, without warning time slowed down and everything sharpened to a crystalline clarity that reduced my world to rubble.

I see them talking in one flash. Then another moment of consciousness I see her move her hand to her hair and brush it off of her face then she flipped her head a little. This was a habit she had when she flirted with me. Lights go out again and I'm dead to the world. My head swims back to reality and I see her touching his chest, patting it and running her hand over his arm still chatting, about what I don't know, I can't hear. Out like a light again.

When I regain awareness again, I can't move, I can't speak, and I feel as if I was drugged. I have to just lay there and watch this horrible sight. His hand moved to her face caressing it not tenderly but clutching her roughly, hungrily. He touched her lips with his fingers and she kissed them. Then he plunged them deep in her mouth way back down in her throat, she gagged and spit. He then drug them from her mouth and spittle clung to them falling on her pink nighty. She whispers in his ear and kisses it, shit she kissed his ear. What the fuck is going on?

"Let's go to the guest room," I hear her say. I'm halfway back now but still can't move. His spit covered hand grabs one of her massive breast through the thin material. He mashes it harshly and she gasp out half in pain, half in passion.

"No," he cooed in her ear, "right here baby. I doped him good, besides it is time. He will be in out for a bit then won't be able to move." She laughed and hugged him.

"What the hell? He disgust me, he is such a pussy," she told him. "Not a man like you." She ran a hand over his bulging jeans. Their lips met in a deep passionate kiss. I could tell their tongues were intertwined – FUCK! He bit her tongue. They break their kiss and she smiles at him. I tried to move but couldn't. His hands roamed over her body roughly as he pinched and squeezed her. She responded with moans and groans of passion. All the while he manhandles her like she was a cheep whore.

My heart started to beat forcefully I thought it was going to explode. A felt a tear run down my face while Sherlyn moaned louder as his hands brutalized her body. I was frozen try as I might I couldn't move. I shouldn't be subjected to this. My heart was ripped out and laying on the floor, Sherlyn was stepping on it. That was what it felt like a spiked heal shoved into my heart! I wished this wasn't happening, but sadly I realized it was. I heard him whisper in her ear and couldn't believe what the fucker said.

"Oh, good the booze is wearing off. Faggot boy can't move but he can see us now." He winked at me and in a loud, clear voice, "Going to show you how to fuck your wife, Faggot." He reached under her nighty and finger fucked her vigorously. She fell against him screaming out with a passion I had never heard from her.

"It won't do him any good he has no real cock to fuck with. Just itty bitty tally whacker like a 12-year-old has." Her laughter filled the air, not her regular laughter but an evil sounded laughter. Shit, I couldn't breathe, as she fished his massive pecker out and pulled his pants off him Jim yanked his t-shirt over his head. She ran her small hands over his flat six-pack belly as her long tongue slithered out and licked his semi-hard cock. He looked at me with hateful eyes and his prick sprang up standing nearly straight out. I was amazed he had enough blood to lift that bastard!

I wanted to say something but couldn't, Sherlyn pointed at my cock. I glanced down and realized it was rock hard. I couldn't believe it. He sat down on the chair grabbed her roughly and tore the nighty from her body. Her thick red beaver stared at me as she spread her legs apart and moved back over his lap. She was over his snake touching it unable to get her fingers around the bastard. At the same time, she hatefully teased me about my small cock. She straddled Jim who grabbed her hips guiding her down to his cock. Once he started his monster into her snatch he bucked upward, in the same motion he lurched her down onto his prick. He impaled her on his tool as he let out a guttural grunt of primordial pleasure.

She threw her head back, letting out such a sound, an animalistic scream, the likes of which I had never heard her make before. Putting her hands on her knees she started bouncing up and down on his massive cock. I couldn't believe it was all going into her. She took every colossal inch of his engorged pecker inside her tiny body.

"See his little dick it's hard as a rock, Faggot likes to watch a real man fuck me with a real cock." She bounced on him so hard and fast she had never fucked me with such passion. His hands covered her big tits mashing them, pinching her nipples pulling them like he was milking her. Then he moved his hands down to her small waist and helped her bounce on him. Every time she came down he thrust up. Her big buoyant boobs bounced more than I had ever seen them. His gigantic prick split her wide open, while these sloshing gushing sounds were accentuated by deep cunt farts filling my ears. I felt deep shame well up in me. If I felt bad in the beginning I felt even worse, more humiliated. I felt like a child watching a porn movie, amazed that a man could have a cock like that. More than that I was shamed by the fact he actually knew how to use it to make her happy.

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