Anna's Car Breaks Down

by AnnaTartyWife

Copyright© 2015 by AnnaTartyWife

Fan Fiction Sex Story: My car breaks down and i end up having fun with old men and their dog!

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   High Fantasy   Fan Fiction   Cheating   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Squirting   .

I'd been to a meeting in Glasgow and was driving back over the moors, and although it was only 7.30pm it was pitch black and pouring with rain.

I still had quite away to go according to the sat nav which had taken me this route, which I didn't know as opposed to the main roads which were longer.

All of a sudden the car engine started to cough and splutter, then lost power and I came to a halt, shit!

I tried and tried but the car wouldn't re start, I got my phone out of my bag to ring Mike, bollocks, the battery was flat! I'd been in a meeting nearly all day and hadn't had the phone on charge.

I remembered that just before I stopped I'd seen a sign for a village one mile ahead, I couldn't stay in the car, no engine, no heat.

I got out the car and started to walk, I had a light coat so within a few minutes I was truly soaked.

Luckily, I saw a light in front which looked like a house, as I approached I could see that it was a small pub. I went in as was desperate for shelter from the rain.

As I walked in I was greeted by a small bar with two old blokes leaning on it having a drink talking to an old guy who looked like the landlord, the two blokes looked like farmers and one had a dog curled up near his feet.

As I walked in they made room for me and looked concerned, I explained my car had broken down and I'd had to walk, without asking the barman gave me a large Brandy and said here love, warm yourself up.

They told me that the village garage didn't open to 9am next morning but the pub had rooms and I could stay there. I asked to use the phone and rang Mike and explained the situation, Mike said the weather was even worse at home so no problem, get the car fixed in the morning and I'd see him when I returned.

I had another Brandy and then the landlord showed me to the room, as I had no change of clothes I left my jacket to dry, and smoothed my hair and clothes as much as possible.

As I'd been to a meeting, I was wearing a dark red blouse with grey skirt just above the knee, medium heels, copper coloured stockings, red bra, suspender belt and see through knickers!

I went back down to the bar and they all made me welcome, I had another drink and asked for something to eat, the pub didn't do food, but the landlord said he'd see what he had in the back for me.

As he went into the back, the two old blokes Tom and Harry introduced themselves and I sat down at a small table and we started talking, principally they were asking me questions about what I did and where I lived etc.

They both were looking me up and down all the time, looking at the place, I thought there hadn't been a woman alone in there for years.

They bought me another couple of drinks and I could feel the effect, they were very complimentary to me and said I looked like a model- they were old, about 70 I'm guessing.

I love flattery and teased them, I stood up and turned a full circle, think so do you I said as I sat down again after showing my curves! 'Wow, ' was there comment, as I sat down again I crossed my legs giving them a good expanse of thigh, I was starting to feel horny, the Brandy and flirting was having it's effect.

The landlord then came back with a plate of sandwiches and fruit, Tom said to the landlord Dave, "She could be a model what do you think?", Dave looked at my legs and deliberately I uncrossed and re-crossed my legs again, this time my skirt rode up even further and they could all see my stocking tops.

Dave agreed with them, "Definitely love, you could be a model with legs like them!" he said his eyes burning holes in me.

I feigned surprise as I looked down and saw my stocking tops, I pulled my skirt down and said 'oops!' really my cunt was as wet as fuck but I didn't want to appear too much of a slag.

The conversation continued suggestively while I ate my sandwich and drank another Brandy, I'm not a big drinker and now I was getting well pissed.

I had let my legs fall apart so they could see up my skirt, they kept on about how good I looked and I made sure that gradually my skirt was riding up and my legs getting further apart.

I knew they could see my knickers, and am sure that as they were completely see through and my gash was dripping, they must have seen my crack. I noticed that Harry had a hard on, Tom I couldn't tell as he had baggy trousers on.

Dave then asked could he take a picture of me and produced a camera, without me answering, he took a picture.

"You cheeky sod!" I said.

"Well love you can have the room for free if you want, wejust want a few pics!"

I let my legs open more so they could definitely see my knickers.

"You want to take pics of me like this?" I asked as Dave took more pics. "Or like this?" as I pulled my skirt up round my waist and spread my legs, my knickers were right up my crack, by now.

"That's it love!" said Dave as he took more pics.

"Fuckin' hell!" I heard Harry say, he was openly rubbing his prick through his trousers. "I knew you were a slag the minute you walked in."

My cunt was now on fire, I wanted it filling and didn't care what with!

"Slag!" I said. "You've seen fuck all yet you dirty old fucker!" I pulled my knickers to one side showing off my wet gash. One of the fruits the Dave had brought me was a banana.

"You all watch this!" I said as I shoved all 7 inch into my fanny and started to wank myself.

Dave was taking pics as I slid the banana in and out, making sure that my fanny was gaping when I pulled it out.

"Brilliant love," Dave was saying.

Then Tom said, "Can I have a pic with you?" and sat down beside me, I instinctively put my stocking clad leg over his and continued ramming the banana up me as Dave took pics.

Tom then put his arm round me and asked for a kiss, within a minute we were tonguing each other, my cunt was making squelching noises as I shoved the banana in up to the stalk!

Tom then grabbed my free hand and moved it towards his crotch, I hadn't noticed but he'd already got his prick out, fuckin' hell, he put my hand on his bell end and I couldn't get my hand round it!

I broke off the kiss and looked at his knob, fuck me, it was about 10inch long and thin, but had the biggest fattest bell end I'd seen, he must have been deformed.

His prick looked like a massive toffee apple.

I rubbed my hand all over his bell end which was wet, I couldn't take my eyes off it, Tom was tonguing my ear and I looked down to see Harry on his knees and he started to fuck my cunt with is tongue.

I looked at Dave who was taking pics when he walked round from behind the bar, he had on a t-shirt, the dirty bastard had already got his trousers off, he walked towards my with a 7 inch pole of a knob sticking out.

He stood beside me and I started to suck on his prick. Harry was sucking my clit, I love this and started to cum, cunt juice was spraying out my hole, Harry was covered in it but there was a fuckin puddle on the floor!

Harry stood up and him and Dave changed positions, I sucked on Harry's cock as Dave fucked me and I continued wanking Tom's dick.

"Take it slut!" Dave said.

"Fucking shove more in and fuck me silly you dirty old bastards!" I said.

Harry's knob started to twitch, the dirty talk was getting to him, as he pulled his prick from my mouth I said.

"Go on, plaster me with spunk!" he then shot the biggest load of spunk all over me, there must have been 3 or 4 squirts, it was all over my face, in my hair and on my tits!

Harry then picked up Dave's camera and took pics of me covered in spunk, being fucked and wanking another prick.

Although Dave prick was only 7 inch, he was fucking the life out of me and I was creaming all over him.

"Fuck me harder you bastard," I shouted.

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