Vanessa's First Business Trip

by Dsimp

Copyright© 2015 by Dsimp

Dramatic Sex Story: Vanessa, a devout worker at a Christian foster agency, finally gets to go on her first business trip. What she finds isn't anything like what she expected.

Caution: This Dramatic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Workplace   .

Vanessa had worked at a Christian foster agency for 5 long years when she was finally asked to go on a business trip. She'd dreamed of getting to travel around as part of her job but had stayed with the agency so long because she loved her job and loved helping people. Time and time again she'd been denied chances to go to conferences, but when the agency was trying to merge with another her boss finally relented and allowed her to go. It would be her first week away from her husband of three years whom she adored, but she really thought this could be a stepping stone in her career.

Her first day there she felt quite a bit out of place. She was the only woman at the meetings, and people kept assuming she was a secretary. Additionally, she felt some of the men in the room staring at her. She was 5'6, with long straight brown hair, pale skin, deep brown eyes and a curvy, top-heavy body. Her chest was a 36 DD and while she'd thought the tight business top she had chosen would be "cute" it was working out more as "slutty."

After they were done everyone retired to their hotel rooms and Vanessa changed into some comfortable yoga pants and a black spaghetti strap and settled in to watch some TV. She was on the phone with her husband when there was a knock at the door. She told him it was getting late anyway so she told him she loved him, blew him a kiss, and went to see why room service was bothering her at night.

One of the men from the meeting, still wearing his suit and smelling of alcohol, greeted her on the other side.

"Hi there. Vanessa, wasn't it?" He held a bottle of wine toward her. "I thought we could celebrate a little early, things seem to be going well." He smiled at the wide eyed little brunette in front of him.

"I'm ... I'm married," she stammered, taking a step back out of the doorway and putting one hand on the door.

"They said you came alone, so what does that matter?" Vanessa felt the man starting to get aggressive so she slammed the door, nearly hitting him in the face. He pounded on it a few times before yelling and calling her a bitch and then leaving.

Vanessa was badly shaken. She prayed on whether or not to call her husband and tell him what had happened, but decided that he would get understandably upset and demand she leave right then. She had trouble sleeping that night and tossed and turned, nightmares of that man waiting for her whenever she opened the door rushing through her head.

The next morning Vanessa tried to call her boss but couldn't reach him. She rushed to the conference room early, hoping she could talk with her boss before the man showed up. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw just her boss setting up the projector.

"Peter," she said breathlessly. "I need to talk to you about something." He looked up at her, annoyed.

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Do you remember one of the guys from the meeting yesterday? Purple shirt and tie?" Peter shook his head and muttered to himself.

"Are you asking me if I remember Don, the President of the group we're trying to merge with?" Her face turned red from embarrassment.

"Yes, yeah, that was him. Well last night he came to my hotel room with wine. I think he was trying to proposition me or something." Peter paused and looked up.

"Well did you make him happy?" Vanessa's face lost all of it's red color and turned ghost white. "He's very much against the merger, if you can get him on board then it should go through with no problem."

"But sir, I'm married! We're a Christian agency! That wouldn't be right at all!" Vanessa pleaded. She couldn't believe what she was being asked. It went aganist everything she stood for and everything she thought her agency stood for.

"We're a money making agency. We make money by helping kids, and that's great and I know you love that. Think of it this way, with us taking them over we'll be able to help the kids in their agency way more. You know how much better we are at managing cases than them." Vanessa shook her head and bit her lip.

"Peter, you can't be serious!"

"Look Vanessa, I'd fuck him if it got this thing through. My job more or less depends on it, and now it sounds like yours does too." He walked over to her. "Look, I know, you're married and this is hard on you, but this is how things work sometimes."

They heard footsteps approaching through the hallway and Peter turned to get everything set up. Vanessa sat down, still in a bit of a shock. Don sat down directly across from her and stared her down through most of the meeting. He was an older man, in his 50s, and was a little out of shape. He had a grey and brown beard to go along with his thinning hair on top. The thought of cheating on her husband made Vanessa sick to her stomach, but just the thought of sleeping with the man unapologetically eyeballing her right then almost made her violently ill.

The meeting was long and tough. Things had gone somewhat well the previous day but the mood had clearly turned. Of the four that were representing the other agency three were now clearly against the merger, and the last was noncommittal. They finally finished for the day and Peter motioned for Vanessa to stay behind.

"I'm going to find out Don's hotel number and text it to you. I'm not telling you to do anything, but just realize that we're all going to be screwed if we head back empty handed." Vanessa was left speechless and sat in the room by herself for a few minutes. She went back to her hotel room and prayed hard for an answer. Nothing came though. Her phone buzzed twice. One was her husband, telling her he loved her and that he hoped she was having fun. The other was simply a four digit room number. She brushed some tears out of her eyes and memorized the number. Her wedding ring made a clink against the counter. Her job depended on this, and it would help a lot of children...

Walking to Don's floor Vanessa's heart began to pound. She knew what she was doing was terribly wrong. She knew that if her husband found out he would be furious. He might even leave her, and she'd deserve it. She almost turned around but she loved her job, and she really thought she was helping people when she worked. Her husband never had to find out, and maybe God would forgive her since she was doing it for a good reason.

She knocked on the door and tried to put on a smile. Her lips were quivering though and she mostly just looked scared. Don opened the door and looked her up and down.

"No wedding ring today, huh?" he said, stepping back and motioning her in. She walked in silently and stood by his bed, her head hung and her finger fidgeting.

"I'm glad you figured out why you were brought here though," he said, walking around her, checking out every inch of her. She was wearing another tight fitting blouse, this one yellow. Her black pencil skirt gave her figure an amazing hourglass shape. He cupped her ass in his hand. "You better not make me think you're not enjoying this though." He motioned for her to sit down.

"It's not that I'm not," she said quietly, though she wasn't. "I've just ... I'm married..."

"He's not here." Don sat down next to her. She looked down at her ring finger; he really wasn't here. "How many men have you been with?" Vanessa looked down and closed her eyes.

"Only my husband." Don laughed loudly.

"How do you know if the sex is good if he's the only one you've been with?"

"I love him, and I love having sex with him," she said tersely. "My life with him is perfect."

"Then why are you here?" Vanessa hung her head again.

"Because I have to be." Don stood up and gave her a light slap across the face.

"Bad answer. You're here because you want to be. Nobody put a gun to your head. Nobody is forcing you." She recoiled from the slap; it was the first time she'd ever been struck. She rubbed her face and looked up, scared. "Now I'm not hitting you to make you stay. You can leave whenever you like. You're staying because you want to." He ran his finger across her cheek and let it fall between her lips, against her tongue. "You're staying because you want to feel a real man inside you."

The world was spinning around Vanessa and her heart was racing. She didn't want this, at all. He pushed his finger into her mouth and pulled it out several times, locking eyes with her. Tears rolled down both her cheeks. Don smiled and slipped a second finger into her mouth.

Vanessa gurgled a little. Saliva was running down her neck and getting on her blouse. Her makeup began to run and joined it, making tan and black smudges on her yellow top. Don unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out. Vanessa winced when she saw it was larger than her husband's. She felt the fingers slip out of her mouth.

"Do you give your husband oral?" he asked, taking her head and guiding her down to her knees. She nodded. They didn't get creative often but she did give him oral occasionally. "Open up."

She felt his cock hit her tongue and gagged immediately. Don pulled it out and looked down at her, smiling. He began to push it back in, more slowly this time. She still gagged a little but he held it in her mouth this time, watching her pale face turn red.

Vanessa felt a the greatest shame of her life as the unfamiliar head passed her lips and ran against her cheek. She looked up at him, eyes wide, praying for him to change his mind and stop but knowing that he wouldn't. She fought the urge to throw up as he pushed it deeper and deeper, developing a rhythm. Suddenly he pulled out and stepped back.

"Strip for me," he said, sitting back on the bed, fully erect. Vanessa began to undo a button on her shirt when he raised his voice, "No, STRIP for me."

"I don't know how," she said, crying, on the verge of breaking down.

"Make it sexy, like you would for your husband." But her husband made her feel sexy. This man just made her feel like a piece of meat.

She stood up and wiped the tears from her face. Turning her back toward him she did her best to move her hips as her shaky hands unbuttoned her top. As she felt hands against her hips she closed her eyes. The hands searched up her body, settling on her chest. Once the shirt was unbuttoned enough he slipped a hand inside and into her bra, squeezing her breast roughly.

Don smiled to himself; this girl had no shame. He took her hand and rubbed her ring finger, and felt her shudder. She turned toward him and he admired her young body. It was curvy and very sexy, an extra pound or two on the midsection but plenty up top to make up for it. Her shirt fell to the ground and soon her bra did as well. He reached out and squeezed her nipple between his fingers until she yelped.

"Now the skirt," he said when she slowed down, waving his fingers toward her. She unzipped the side of the skirt and pulled it off, revealing a thong bottom. "A thong? You little harlot." Vanessa turned red again as she pulled off that as well. Her ass was quite nice and Don gave it a hard smack. "And a shaved pussy as well," he said, reaching out and petting it.

Vanessa was mortified as she stood nude in front of this disgusting older man. His hands on her body felt just as bad as his cock had felt in her mouth. His hands on her waist he pulled her closer until his cock was brushing against the outside of her pussy.

"Aren't you going to wear a condom?" Vanessa asked, suddenly panicked.

"I know you're clean," Don said, shaking his head.

"But ... my husband and I, we're trying..." Now Don really smiled. He ran his hand against her face.

"Maybe he's just not man enough to get you pregnant. Maybe you need a man like me."

Vanessa was furious but tried not to show it. "Please, please just wear a condom."

He shook his head again and pulled her waist toward him, more forcefully this time. Vanessa tried to struggle away but when he pulled her down onto his lap his cock found its way into her pussy. Feeling like the battle was already lost she stopped struggling. Don muscled her body up and down a few times before smacking her on the ass, letting her know to pick up the slack.

Her back to Don, Vanessa pushed up with her legs, letting his cock almost fall out of her before letting her pussy fall back down. Don moaned and ran his hands from her hips up to her chest again, squeezing as he kissed on her neck. His moans got louder and Vanessa felt him start to swell inside her. She planned to pull him out but suddenly she felt his hands push her down onto his lap, holding her waist in place as he filled her full of cum.

"No, no no no no no," she cried softly to herself. Don just smiled and laughed. She tried to tear herself away again but he wouldn't let her leave until she'd taken every drop. Finally he let go and she ran to the bathroom.

The second she got into the bathroom she threw up into the toilet in shame and disgust, but quickly moved to trying to scoop as much cum as she could out of her pussy. She knew it was futile; she'd read enough books on getting pregnant over the last year to understand how it worked. Her mind wasn't rational at the moment though. She got out what she could and washed out her mouth and walked back into the bedroom. Her clothes were nowhere to be found.

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