The Business

by Babyboomer

Copyright© 2015 by Babyboomer

Erotic Sex Story: A talented newspaperman and his new wife are seduced by the boss and his wife. Despite her intentions wife leads her mother and two younger sisters into a den of sexual predators.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Niece   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Voyeurism   Double Penetration   .

Chapter 1

"Aren't you ready yet, Bett?"

"Jack, this is the first time I am meeting the boss and his family! Don't you want me to make a good impression?"

"Sorry dear, of course I do. I guess I'm just very nervous about it. You know he is going to announce the winner for the best newsstory for the paper and one of mine is nominated for the award."

"Darling Jack, you have only told me four times before. Thank you for telling me again. I have such a poor memory. Maybe I'll forget I'm married to an idiot and remember the nice guy I thought I married!"

"I love you! I apologize for being an idiot. I guess I'll sit down and wait instead."

Ten minutes later, Elisabeth Heissfrau Dolan, the beautiful petitte blond was ready. She had pony tails and a hot pink dress with high heels. Jack looked at her and couldn't bear to tell her that it made her look like a hooker that is only fourteen. He sighed. He only hoped he won because the reward would give them enough money to start the family they both wanted so much. Besides he hated the damned condoms.

Chapter 2

"So you're Jack Dolan! Goodness I am such a fan of yours! My husband is so lucky to have you on one of his newspapers. May I hold your arm and introduce you to the rest of my family?"

"Uh, yes but first let me introduce you to my wife Elisabeth. She so wanted to meet you and my boss."

'Damn! I thought he brought a hooker with him or she was a daughter! Now I get it! That bastard of a husband of mine has the hots for the wife! Well it wasn't like I was going to leave Jack alone. Now he'll have a reason to pump me! Revenge!'

"My goodness you are so darling! Yet I have found that it is often the woman who is behind the man. So my name is Mandy, may I call you Elisabeth?"

"Please call me Betty instead. It is so much easier to say."

Mandy linked arms with Betty and said, "Please join us Jack and I'll take you on a tour of our home. Then we'll come back for the party. Peter is already getting things warmed up. I hope you like to dance, drink and have fun because that is what we have tonight."

At least a half hour later the three arrived back just in time for the announcement of the winner. When it wasn't Jack's name that was announced Mandy might have been more stunned than either Jack or Betty. She left them for awhile to find her husband.

"What the hell Peter are you doing? His article was by far the best! Everyone here knows it!"

"Easy Mandy, I know it too. I'm going to offer him a better paying job. Besides It's going to win a pulitzer prize. Now you need to console him. I'll take care of the wifey."

"I'll do it you bastard. But remember I know too much for you to get rid of me for a new trophy wife."

"Relax babe, she needs a drink or two to warm up and then - it's room four." Mandy, his admittedly trophy wife, was a tall big breasted blond. He had traded in on a new wife a couple of years earlier. His first wife had wanted a family. After two children she seemed to lose interest in sex. When she wouldn't try swapping to spice up their sex life he divorced her. Of course it was after he set her up and got pictures of her 'adultry'. It didn't cost him nearly as much to pay some child support than have to split his assets fifty-fifty. With Mandy, he not only took her 'cherry', he quickly introduced her to the 'joys' of swapping. He found out that she only needed some reassurance that he wasn't going to get rid of her if she went along. Yet sometime soon he thought that nature would start to lure her into motherhood. When that happened he would ease her out the same way his first wife had gone.

Chapter 3

"Sorry Jack, Ken's story was just the right type for the newspaper readership. It was a well written feel- good piece. There was alot of positive reports and an up swing in advertising. Now I did submit your article to the pulitzer prize people. They have different criteria. However they also judge articles from across the nation. But I thought it was good enough to represent all of our newspapers."

"Thank you sir. That is a big honor to know that you think so highly of me."

'Jack! You know how much that money meant to us! I am so pissed at your asskissing!' Thought Betty as she clenched and unclenched her hands several times.

Peter noticed her flushed cheeks and fleetingly grim face as Jack spoke. 'It's time to move!'

"Jack, let me dance with your beautiful bride. I'm sure Mandy won't mind dancing with you."

"Come on Jack, if you dance like you write I will be gliding on air!"

"Betty, I hope you won't mind dancing with an old man."

Betty's jaw almost dropped. He looked far from old. In fact he looked far more fit and almost the same age as her husband. As she began to dance a slow dance with Peter she also noticed that his equipment was at least the equal if not bigger than her husband's. That added to the anger and confusion she already had. Soon the two couples had to stop for a band break. They had some drinks and talked about decor and how nice the party was. For the next set of dances, the lighting had dropped to encourage a more romantic ambiance. It was far easier for Betty to be more comfortable with her husband's boss. There was no doubt that Peter was well endowed! Whether it was the drinks, her anger at her husband or hergrowing need to be a mother she was losing her self control. It felt like she was releasing her will to him. Then Peter kissed her neck under her ear. Betty's legs almost collapsed under her.

Peter had guided them into a darker area toward the back of the house. He was still able to see how Mandy was doing with Jack. She already had his stiff prick out of his pants. Since Jack seemed to be in a daze, she had guided him toward the backroom area. All of their other guests had departed soon after the award had been announced. Now the band was packing up and Betty and Jack were in no condition to even realize that they were alone with Peter and Mandy. Peter made a motion to Mandy and she quickly led Jack down the dark hall to bedroom four. Peter made sure that Betty didn't see them while Mandy was careful with Jack that he didn't see Peter necking with his wife.

Peter hadn't been sure but he soon confirmed that Betty had no bra. A quick unzip in the back of her dress and a deft touch also confirmed the lack of any type of panty. He upped his assault on her neck and ears while touching some uncovered areas of her skin. Then he slowly led her to the doorway of bedroom four. While just in front of the doorway he unzipped his pants. He lifted her dress above her waist and slipped the head of his penis into the moist slit of Betty's sex.

"Uh-- no! Peter I'm married! You're married! We can't do this."

"Shhh now please don't say anything. I need for you to see what is happening but you can't say anything."

Peter turned her around and bent her over as if to give her a view of what was happening in the bedroom. In reality it gave him the easiest access to the very lubricated and previously chaste cunt of his employee's wife. He could feel her astonishment as she tensed. Then something else took over and he could feel her relax against him. He caressed her breasts and gently pressed his penis into her opening. He didn't stop pushing until he was solidly up to hills balls in her soaking cunt. Then, being a bit of a voyeur too, he moved slightly so he could watch Jack fucking his wife as he fucked Jack's wife. Several softly lit lights illuminated the scene. Mandy's heels were locked around Jack's back as his cock jackhammered into her cunt. She still had her garters and stockings on which glistened as she tried to pull Jack's cock off with her sucking cunt muscles.

Peter then began to pump into Betty with a bit more urgency. She responded by pushing back into him. When she began to moan, Mandy started to moan herself. After a number of minutes a remarkable thing occurred. All four of them orgasmed at the same time. Betty slipped forward onto the floor while Peter went along with her. She had passed out for a few seconds. Peter's fall had disconnected him from Betty's hole full of sperm. So when he fell atop her his still stiffy poked its way into a virgin anus. Since it was so slimy and she so relaxed he went in up to the hilt. Peter still had a squirt or two left which bubbled into her impaled rectum. Peter had wanted to fuck her asshole but with her a willing participant. For this reason he pulled out of her and nudged it back into her slimy pit.

Peter quietly guided Betty back out of the room. He picked up her clothes and his after he had placed her on another bed. Awake when he got back, Betty didn't say another word as he lay beside her and kissed her breasts. Soon she had her heels wrapped sround his hips as he pumped another load of very fertile sperm into her eager womb.

Somewhat later, a thoroughly bedraggled Betty met her very unkempt husband in the livingroom. Jack and Mandy were drinking. Peter and Betty joined them.

"Silly me Peter I forgot to show Jack where the little boys room was. When we got back you two were gone."

Peter could feel Betty's back arch and knew she would make a scene.

"Hah, you also forgot to show them the gazebo! I corrected that but we got turned around in the dark out there. I didn't know we had so many paths!"

"Goodness dear we need to make this up to them. Let's invite them to the club! With the new job you are giving Jack, they'll be able to afford it. There are so many things to do and so many nice people to meet."

"Mandy! I was going to tell him later! Oh well, I guess now is jsut as good as later. Jack, if you want it, I have a job as a roving reporter for you. You will get your articles published in all of my newspapers. Of course your wages will be quite a bit higher too. It amounts to about double what you earn now."

Jack and Betty looked at each other. Neither gave a thought to the adulterous things that had just happened. Betty jumped into her husband's arms and kissed him deeply. Mandy had gotten a flash of her bare bottom as Betty's legs wrapped around her husband's waist. Mandy pretended to be thoughtful and jostled them before Betty could pull her husband's prick out of his pants.

"Uh, thank you soo much Peter! This means os much to us. Now we can start--"

"Betty! I think they realize that it is important to us. Maybe we should leave now before the sun rises so they can get some sleep."

Chapter 4

Jack fucked Betty like a madman that night. Betty had seen him unload into Mandy and was secretly but happily surprised when he dumped so much semen into her already soggy cunt. The next morning Betty woke with a start. Yes, Jack had his stiff cock back into her cunt but it was the realization that she had not only gotten fucked by Peter but he may have gotten her pregnant instead of Jack! It was worrisome but she still loved Jack, even if he had fucked Peter's wife. The trouble was she worried that even if Jack had not been in the bedroom fucking Mandy, she might have ended up with Peter's cock buried in her cheating cunt anyway!

The next day, while Jack was in the office getting the paperwork done so he could begin his new job, Mandy called Betty.

"Betty this is Mandy Peter's wife."

'Oh God! She must have seen Peter and I fucking! What do I do if she is mad at me?'

"Good grief Mandy, I may be blond but I do remember important things like the name of my husband's boss's wife! Also I admit I had plenty to drink but I'm O.K. now. Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Well, yes. You see the exclusive club Peter and I belong to would be a perfect match for smart, good looking people like yourselves. Many contacts can be made there which could make Jack's job easier to cope with. I know how the business can eat people up and spit them out. So Peter has made membership free for the top families in the company. Of course Jack is one of those and you are his wife! For example, the mayor and his family belong, the D.A. and his family, and almost all of the top political and businessmen in our community! Peter and I would like to invite you all over and introduce you to everyone."

"My goodness Mandy this is a very pleasant surprise. I think I can answer for Jack and say a definite yes. When would you like us to meet and go over to the club?"

"How about tonight?"

"Let me think about what I have to wear."

"Betty, with your figure, you don't have to wear anything at all! No, humor aside, just something nice like last night. I know that outfit stunned my Peter. He told me that if we hadn't been married he would have gone after you in a flash!"

'He did go after me and he sure got me! I'm hoping he didn't knock me up!'

"I have to admit Mandy, when we slow danced I certainly knew he admired me!"

"Ha, ha, that's my Peter! But I have to say your husband is quite the stud, too! There was no doubt that if I didn't keep to my womanly wiles your hubby would have stuffed my little wazoo!"

"Peter was the same way. Although I haven't had much experience I bet most men behave just like ours did last night."

"We certainly know they aren't gay!"

"Ha, ha, that is so true!" Betty laughed as she remembered her cunt being filled by quarts of semen from both men. That probably happened to Mandy hot box too.

"So we'll see you around six, ride over to the club, introduce you, have dinner and ride back. Sound good?"

"Great Mandy! You and Peter have been so special to us. Thank you again!"

Chapter 5

"Boss, this has been such an incredible last few days! So much has happend in that time to us!"

'Obviously she didn't tell him I fucked her while watching you fuck my wife! After I found out that she wanted to start a family, I realized I needed to sow some oats in her little garden. Yet some things need to proceed before some eyes are opened.'

"Do not be surprised Jack but this will be more the norm than how things went previously. Mandy and I are on a wild ride and loving it!"

"We sure are babe! I do like a wild ride! Ha, Ha, ha!"

Jack and Betty had enjoyed themselves and determined that they should be members of the club. They were accepted within two weeks of filing for membership. They made plans to join Peter and Mandy at the club that following Friday night. The Monday of that week Jack found out he had to go to a secret location out of town for at least a week! Since Betty's mother was visiting, Jack suggested she take his place and have some fun at the club. Betty thought it was an excellent idea. Her mother, Emily, suggested that they get a cab and both have a good time drinking and dancing.

Chapter 6

"Mom! What is the matter this time? You should have been ready a half-hour ago!"

"This is no call to be in such a rush Betty. It's j ust this dress seems to be so tight! And no, I do not want to find something else!"

"OH! Good Grief I can see your panty lines! And your bralines too!"

"That does it, I'm going commando!"

"Yes that is much nicer mom. No lines, just like my dress."


"Yep, Just keep you legs tight together motherand nobody will know!"

"O.K. let's call that cabbie now!"

The cab pulled up in front of the club. There were a couple of lights near the doorway but it was otherwise dark. Betty got out and went to the door of the club. A note explained that emergency repairs had to be done over the weekend and the club could not open. A couple of other cars had arrived. A man had gotten out from each of them and, seconds after she had begun to read the notice, began to read it themselves.

"Hey Betty, it isn't easy to recognise people in this light. This is not what we were looking forward to!"

"Peter? This is Don. I had hoped to dine with you tonight and talk some politics."

"Sorry Don but we were going to have some fun with Betty and Jack Dolan. Betty this is Don Haskell, the mayor of the city."

"Nice to meet you Mr. Mayor. I'm here with my mother -"

"Emily? You haven't changed a bit! How are you?"

"Uh- My name is Elisabeth Heissfrau Dolan. My mother's name is -"

"Emily Heissfrau? She's here with you her daughter?" Without another word the mayor turned and strode toward the waiting cab.

"What the hell do you think-"

"Betty! Wait a second. I think Don must have known your mother at some time. Maybe you look alot like she did when he knew her. Frankly he appeared to be in a dream. He didn't seem to hear you at all."

"Is he – all there Peter? He won't hurt my mother will he?"

"Oh no, there isn't a mean bone in that guy's body! He's a lover not a fighter." And if my guess is right her mother has been a recipient of that love! I wonder how the old babe looks?

As if he had commanded her to appear, Emily, holding hands with Don no less, walked up to greet him. Peter noticed a slightly taller slightly wider woman having one cup size bigger breasts. She could easily be an older sister. 'Where Betty looks like jailbait, Emily looks she's barely legal drinking age.'

"Peter, let me introduce Emily Heissfrau nee Peach. She was a cheerleader while I was the quarterback. Unfortunately for me, she loved another. Fortunately for me I found another cheerleader my wife! It's been about twenty some odd years since then and we haven't seen each other. I swear she hasn't changed at all!"

"Hi, my name is Peter Packer. My wife Mandy is waiting in our car probably wondering what is happening. Listen, let's all go over to my place. I have plenty to drink. We'll order some take out and do some slow dancing."

"As long as I get to chip in for some of the food! My son is here with me and you know Chip can definitely eat."

"Sure Mr. Mayor I've seen that kid eat and I couldn't afford him!"

"Emily, why don't we send the cab away so you don't have to pay additionally to get to Peter's place. Then you can pick up the cab from his place."

"That sounds good to me."

"How about you sit in the front with me and Betty can sit in the back with Chip."

Chapter 7

Betty found herself in the backseat with a wellbuilt guy that was no teenager. He was confident, interesting, not afraid to just talk with a girl, yet not afraid to be very interested in her if she let her guard down. This was the second man other than her husband to be obviously willing to be a lover if she so wished. One had succeeded will this one called Chip find a way to her less than virtuous soul?

In the front seat, her mother sat talking with Don Haskell. The star quarterback had passed himself off as a forlorn lover having looked from afar but not gotten to firstbase. However Emily knew better. He had not only gotten to firstbase but had hit a grandslam! Her husband Fred had been the first one to kiss her. Don had been the first one to kiss her nipples, kiss her cunt, fuck her cunt and impregnate her. She never told him what had happened. She had never told another person what had happened. She had fooled Fred into thinking he had taken her cherry and knocked her up. She had never forgotten what she had done to him. She had been true to him since then. Now here was Don talking and she was definitely enjoying it! He was a lot of fun!

The party was so much fun! Peter, Chip and Don switched dance partners often. Betty, Emily and Mandy were having a blast from all of that attention. All of the guys couldn't hide the fact that they were very aroused! The drinks flowed and soon couples were pairing off for more exciting fun. Emily and Don were backed against a far wall. He had his tongue dancing in her mouth and she was rapidly finding out that her will to resist anything he had in mind was 'Gone with the Wind.' Peter had Betty pressed against another wall, not only French kissing her but using ths middle finger of his right hand to probe in and out of her cunt by having pulled up the back of her short dress and inserting it from behind. Chip hadn't wasted his time with those nicities. He had his large 'schlong' banging in and out of Mandy's wide open cunt.

Both Don and Peter obtained easy access to their real objectives when Emily and Betty began to observe Chip's cute rearend with his balls banging against Mandy's pink winking anus. Sounds of their copulation added to heightening the ladies desire. Soon three writhing couples were engaged in a rather wanton display of adultry. If it had been compared with the usual porn movie then there woulld have been one major difference. None of the men pulled out at the last instance and ejaculated upon an ass, breast or face. All of them deposited their sperm inside of their willing partners. Not one woman had asked her partner to pull out. All of them had been in the throes of extreme coitus. However, two of them were feeling very guilty soon after the event.

But being good hosts, Mandy and Peter with the help of Don and Chip began to get the party rolling again. This time clothes were not used. Betty and Emily never got the chance to step back and think about what had happened and what was happening. Soon every dance had a new partner. Peter switched with Don. So Don got a chance when the slow dance began to ease his erection into Betty's still well lubricated hole. Peter did the same to Emily while Chip turned Mandy to the front and penetrated her from behind. It gradually became apparent to Emily and Betty that Chip had buried his schlong up Mandy's cheating ass. Their senses were becoming overwhelmed with such shocking displays. Watching a DVD is one thing but seeing and doing those things was collapsing their entire moral upbringing. Soon Chip was fucking Emily while Don fucked Mandy. Peter finally nailed the cute little tush of Betty. Then Peter fucked his wife while Don nailed Emily's ass. Chip got to screw Betty.

The last part of the orgy was the trio of men doing all of the holes of each woman, one woman at a time. First Emily, then Betty and finally Mandy were sexually sated that night. Each ended up with a man in a bed to sleep the rest of the short night away.

When Emily woke up with Don poking his erection into her snatch, she realized that she hadn't had a nightmare. It had all been real including the seduction of her daughter too! She shook from a tingling that went through her as Don ejaculated into her less than chaste body. Don had not been the only man to fuck her. No, she had gotten her cunt and previously virgin ass reamed by Peter and Chip too. If she got pregnant who the hell was the father? If she was to keep her marriage Fred would need to fuck her without a condom. And SOON! Another thing was after what happened last night she was pretty certain that Fred would need to tap her rear every once in a while. It became – interesting last night.

Betty was almost certain that she was pregnant. It might have been Jack, more likely Peter but possibly Don or even Chip! Her ass was still sore from the reaming she got last night but the pounding that Peter was giving her cunt was pleasantly distracting. She didn't realize that this time she hadn't had the guilt that had been clinging to her even though she had witnessed her own husband Jack, fucking Mandy while her snatch was claimed by Peter.

Mandy had enjoyed watching the two cute cunts get reamed by her man. Of course any time she got a chance to try someone else especially in front of Peter she took it. She knew he liked to watch her get nailed just as much as she liked watching him fuck. Now Chip was finishing off inside her. Maybe one of these days she would get 'anxious' to have a baby. Not today however, and her birthcontrol pills would keep her safe. She wondered if the other two girls had protection! Ha, ha, ha, maybe not!

Chapter 8

"Mom told us that you and Jack belonged to a wonderful club. I'd love to see it!"

"Mom has a big mouth! 'And after what was in her the other day, an even bigger kitty.' I don't know Elle. Did she tell you it was O.K. to go?"

"Good grief, Betty, I'm almost nineteen! I know I can't have alcoholic drinks but I can vote! Besides Mom did tell me that I could go." She did say 'Only in the daytime' but I don't want to give Betty any excuse for me not to go.

"Well, I do know there is a lot of things to do at the club, even in the daytime. Since this is your springbreak from college, I'll introduce you and see if you can get a pass for the week."

As expected there was no trouble for Elle to get a pass for the week. Betty left her at the club and told her to call her before 4 p.m ... Elle assured her sister that she would call her. They hugged and Betty went off to her appointment with her doctor.

Chip Haskell had been about to call out to Betty when he saw the sisters hug. Suddenly he saw an opportunity. He wasn't his father's son without inheriting his dad's nose for getting into the pants of a good looking woman. Now his dad liked them a bit older but Chip had no such problem. He was a real cunt hound. Older, younger, it didn't bother him. He had even gone below the 'legal line' a few times. The one that got pregnant had been tough to smooth over but his dad had helped by seducing the mother. She had moved the family out of town. Of course the girl's father had no idea anything was wrong. The girl in front of him now was an obvious siter of Betty. If she was even half as hot then he was certain to have a tremendously good time with her.

"Hello, my name is Chip Haskell. I just saw you hug Betty! Are you her sister?"

"Why yes, I am! My name is Elle Heisfrau. I'm glad to meet you."

As they politely shook hands Chip mentioned, "My dad met your mother, Emily, the other day at the club. I can see from where you inherit your beauty! I was there too. I was glad my mother wasn't there at the time because he went on about how he would have gone after her in highschool if she hadn't been in love with her husband to be. So how about I show you around the club. If you have a bathing suit we can swim. Or maybe we could try the tennis courts. Or if you like golf we could play a round."

"Wow, that all sounds good. Let's go look around first."

Everybody seemed very friendly. A couple of guys Chip knew were obviously interested in seeing more of her. They played tennis. Had a shower. Lunched. Then they played a mean round of puut-putt( or minature golf). Then she was treated to a casual stroll through the gardens.

"Oh Chip these flowers are so beautiful!"

"Your beauty is far more than the flowers. It's not just skin deep."

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